Nikki Ace


Nikki Ace holds a Clear California Credential with almost a decade of teaching experience. She enthusiastically accepted an elementary school teaching position soon after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Child Development. Her experience working in South Central Los Angeles with families of low socioeconomic status taught her many things, such as: 1) Students expectations individually and collectively have changed since she was growing up, 2) How strong and consistent leadership has a strong effect on student achievement and morale, and 3) How creating a positive school culture has a positive impact on all staff and student productivity.

Nikki Ace is currently serving in the capacity of full time Stay-At-Home Mom to two 'knee-slapping funny' children. Her 8-year old son Wesley and her 4-year old daughter Dani is like carbonation in a soda pop - bubbly all over. She has been joyfully married to her buddy, Wesley Ace, for 9 years. Wesley Ace also works in education and his experience and insight helped to inspire the BE A WINNER MOVEMENT in which Nikki is Co-founder.

Nikki Ace defines her purpose as this: " To help individuals realize their innate value - and through this, build enough confidence to achieve what they have been uniquely designed to achieve".  She plans on doing this via the BE A WINNER MOVEMENT.

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