John Robinson

Practice and Learning Expert.

My name is John Robinson. I teach music to students of all ages who want control, mastery and fame in life. 

To me, fulfillment is seeing people experience happiness because of what I've shown them. As a teacher I witness this daily and the best thing is, these experiences have the power to shape an individual over time.

My students soon become happier with increased self-esteem, expanded cognitive range and greater social and emotional intelligence. Which equips them for success in the business world as well as their personal lives.

I have a vision of a world where personalised learning helps every people discover their innate talents. 

This is already starting to happen and 20 years of drumming, 6 years of teaching, a lifetime of novel experiences, a thirst for knowledge and a naturally theoretical mind makes me an ideal person to help make this shift in the world.

In 2017 one of my students got the highest exam result in the entire country.

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