Davor Cuvalo

Everything is possible

I am Internet Entrepreneur and a private trader with more than 20 years of experience.

I have been involved in Internet business since it was considered just a hobby and not a valid profession. I have built many Internet startups and sold some to Int'l corporations.

Along way I learned what works, and what doesn't (most of the things). I have read countless magazines and a alot of business books, some of them lately proved to be wrong. Also learned alot, from managing risk, Laws of probability, Pareto principle to other funny things that actually work.

Last couple of years I have been involved in designing AI & NLP algorithms, since I humbly think AI is definitely our (bright) future. In this fast paced World where AI will lead the way, we need to find out new methods to pass ever changing knowledge to humans in a simple and engaging way. 

As the skills people need for their jobs are changing so fast, the gap between what people already know and new practical skills they need will continue to grow.

Making video courses by using 'filmic' methods may be the best approach so far. I think new knowledge teaching methods will involve mixture between knowledge passing packed in an attractive and engaging presentation. Think hybrid between action movie and a lecture.

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