Lauren Stewart

Highly sensitive & struggling? I can help!

Hi there!

I'm Lauren. Nice to meet you.
I am a highly sensitive person!

Ever since I was a kid, I felt different. A little lost at times. As an adult, I realized a lot of this stems from being a highly sensitive person. I also realized that I'm not alone.

Then one day I had an ah-ha moment! I wanted to help others who felt the same. I wanted to connect with them. I wanted to help them heal and be happy.

More about me...

I love dogs. Nature walks with music or an inspirational podcast are my favorite. I also freelance and do work for some amazing companies. I live in Michigan and love it here (anyone else?). If I were ever brave enough to do karaoke, I'd probably rap. I'm into all things natural and holistic. I love inspirational quotes, baking & my cute boyfriend to name a few more.

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