David Shepherd

Creator of Let's Automate Your Money: Modern Personal Finance for Millennials

I'm David Shepherd, creator of Let's Automate Your Money.

I've struggled with money too. I left our college system in over $80,000 of debt. I was raising two small children and living off a tiny salary. It wasn't the best way to start my adult life. I took that bad situation and used it to my advantage. I learned how to handle my money. I learned how to escape debt. I learned how to invest my money.

By the time I was thirty. I had escaped debt. Owned multiple rental properties and my home. I built well over $100,000 dollars in stock investments and had learned how to automate the entire process!

It didn't happen immediately and took lots of trial and error, but I eventually got it right! That's what I'm going to show you in this course. What I eventually discovered over years of testing and discovery. I'm your personal test dummy.

I've lived the ups and downs and I'm going to take you from where you are today to where I finally reached after years and years of learning and testing. This course is your shortcut to living a rich life by automating your money.

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