Upwork Freelancer: How I Got My First Project In 24 Hours
4.2 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Upwork Freelancer: How I Got My First Project In 24 Hours

Become an active Upwork freelancer, and learn the techniques I use to win projects quicker than all other freelancers!
4.2 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
107 students enrolled
Created by Ravinder Deol
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Become an active Upwork freelancer, understanding what makes a freelancer stand out on Upwork during the application process, all in the aim of securing you more projects.
  • Know the exact covering letter structure you should be using to apply to every potential project on Upwork, allowing you to apply with confidence.
  • Kickstart your Upwork freelancing career, and gain your first project quicker than someone who goes into the Upwork platform blind with no knowledge on how it works.
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  • You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of how Upwork operates in order to become a freelancer. As long as you have an idea of the service you would like to offer, that is enough.
  • Students must be aware that everything in this course helped me to gain my first project within 24 hours, so all the steps mentioned in the course must be followed.
  • I want all potential students to be aware that even though I secured my first project within 24 hours, that may differ for you depending on your niche, but you will gain it quicker than others.

Looking to become an Upwork freelancer working from home?

Having trouble securing that all important first project on Upwork?

Maybe you just want help refining your profile and application process?

Whatever your motivation to become an active Upwork freelancer, you’ve come to the right place to get started on your journey.

Upwork Freelancer: How I Got My First Project In 24 Hours, is the most focused Upwork freelancing course on the web focusing on what brings in revenue, projects.

It’s the one place with everything you need to start your Upwork freelancing career, and win those all important projects quicker than all other freelancers who enter the site blind.

This is an effective and practical course that will take you from zero insider knowledge on how to win projects, to an active Upwork freelancer who can win projects with confidence.

While there are plenty of theoretical freelancing courses on the web, it’s hard to find a focused Upwork freelancing course like this one, which is instructed by someone who has achieved what is mentioned, and helps others achieve it through sharing the strategies used.

Nothing is kept a secret. I reveal everything about how to win projects quicker than other freelancers on Upwork. I will also be adding new lectures to this course at no extra cost!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become an active Upwork freelancer, and a freelancer who is regularly winning projects. So if you’re a complete newbie, or someone who has been freelancing for a while but not having success on Upwork, you’re in the right place.

Who is the target audience?
  • The first ideal student for this course is someone who is a newbie to the freelancing world, and wants to succeed on the biggest freelancing platform of all, Upwork.
  • The second ideal student for this course is someone who is an established freelancer but doesn’t seem to be having success on the Upwork platform.
  • As Upwork is a globally used platform you can be based in any country, be of any age and ability to gain maximum value from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
49 Lectures
Let Me Introduce You To The Upwork Freelancing Journey I’ll Be Taking You On
6 Lectures 21:14

First and foremost, thank you for joining me on this course. I’m teaching this course directly from my experience of joining Upwork, and successfully securing my first project within 24 hours, and the value of that project was $300. Now it might not seem a lot to some of you, and it may seem a huge amount to others, but, that first project within such a short frame of time validated my approach to the platform. Perhaps even more appealing was, it then clicked in my mind, that if I ever needed to raise some funds for a project, or I just wanted to some extra funds, I could turn to Upwork, apply my approach and get those funds I need. I mean it could turn into a full time gig if I want it to.

Preview 04:03

In this lecture I want to show the first project I gained on Upwork, which I mentioned in the last lecture. I gained the project within 24 hours of joining Upwork, and it was valued at $300. Now you might be thinking, why did you join Upwork and look for freelance work? Did you really need to start freelancing?

The fact of the matter is I’ve been freelancing on and off for several years, whenever I felt I could offer to a project in my niche I put forward my proposal. I’ve never been one for actively seeking freelance work, and I’m still not.

Preview 03:16

In this lecture I really want to reassure you as to why freelancing on Upwork, especially when starting on your freelancing journey, even as a current freelancer with a client base is a good move. Especially for your income potential.

The fact is this, people who post a project that needs completing on Upwork are actively looking to hire someone. There not just putting this project out there for the sake of it, they are looking for someone who can complete this project for them and bring home the results. So already you’re at an advantage when sending in your proposal, because that person has the funds ready to give someone to complete the job.

Preview 03:44

One Upwork power tip that I hope makes this course worth it!

Before we get started on the nitty gritty of becoming an Upwork freelancing superstar, you need to get into the right frame of mind to make the most of this course and succeed on your new, or existing freelancing journey. I’m going to be walking you a fresh approach on this course, so I want you to be in the right frame of mind for when we do.

Preview 03:24
Let Me Give You An Overview Of How The Freelancer Marketplace Upwork Operates
4 Lectures 11:11

So now we move onto section two, where I’m going to give you an overview of how the Upwork website works. In this specific lecture I just want to tell you what Upwork is, and give you a brief introduction to how it works, then in the following lectures we’ll go into a lot more detail.

So if you’re a newbie in this area, you may be thinking what exactly is Upwork? Well, in its simplest form Upwork is a website that matches people with skills such as ourselves, to let’s call them employers who want their projects completed. Simple as that.

So For Those Of You Who Are Newbies, Let Me Tell You Exactly What Upwork Is

In this lecture I just want to give you a clear route map of how the Upwork websites works, not just for freelancers, but also for employers.

So myself, I’m both on the site, an employer and a freelancer. Let me start off with how it works for freelancers. So as you can see this is my dashboard, very simple, you have various pages you can visit to learn about your statistics on the site, any current or past projects you’re completing and so on.

This Is Exactly How The Upwork Freelancer Marketplace Works

I’m going to kick this lecture off with a bang. Forget other freelancing marketplaces, don’t think about them, you are going to start with Upwork. I don’t want to sound controlling, or like a narcissist, but Upwork has the most opportunities for freelancers getting started, and even established freelancers looking to tap into the mighty power of the Upwork marketplace.

I Want You To Be Aware Of Why You Should Be Focussing On Upwork As A Freelancer

Now this lecture can be looked at in more general perspective as well, people tend to think is it risky putting all my efforts into one marketplace, when essentially they could turn off the lights tomorrow and I’d have no business left.

The Longevity Of The Upwork Platform Is Something That Has Been Asked By People
Let Me Now Show You How To Craft A Pitch Perfect Profile As An Upwork Freelancer
11 Lectures 28:57

Welcome to the third section in this course, this is where we’re really going to step things up a gear and get you closer to going live on Upwork, and getting your first project as a freelancer on the site.

Many courses will treat viewers of the course like they’ve never been on the internet before, not me, so I’m not going to go through step-by-step how to fill in your email address on the Upwork site to set up an account. I’m going to discuss in this section how to optimize that account, well profile you make for success.

In This Section We’re Going To Focus On Optimizing Your Upwork Profile

Welcome to my Upwork profile, in this lecture I really want to hone in on the point of positioning your profile towards a certain skill-set. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades on Upwork, simply because the competition is fierce, you want to become specialist, and the go-to person for a specific niche. So that’s what your skills need to reflect.

To Start With You Need To Position Your Profile Towards Your Skills

In this lecture I want to ensure you craft an engaging overview of your profile, skills, and general personality. People love working with great people, and the overview is your place to sell yourself to potential employers.

Writing An Engaging Overview Sells Your Profile, Take Inspiration From Mine

For this lecture I want you to be focussing up here. Because I want to re-touch on the point I mentioned earlier with focussing on a specific niche, rather than being a jack of all trades.

Something I Need To Mention Here Is Make Sure You Focus On A Niche

Tests are a fairly important part of your Upwork profile, by completing and passing even one, it helps you to rise up the Upwork rankings pretty quick. Now personally, I’ve not done any test, simply because there wasn’t one that was strictly related to Udemy course creation, or just course creation in general. Plus, I had and have job proposals coming in regularly now, so like I said it’s fairly important, but not the be all or end all.

Remember To Take As Many Upwork Tests As Are Relevant

In this lecture I want to show you how to create a portfolio as I’ve done right here. If you have various pieces of work to show within your portfolio I strongly suggest that instead of including every piece, create a portfolio for you profile, a PDF portfolio, something employers can view and be dazzled, rather than odd bits of bobs of your work displayed to them. 

Creating A Portfolio As I’ve Done Here Is Key, Let Me Show You How To Do This

Now here comes an interesting question for all of you I’m sure. What should your hourly rate which can be seen here, be on Upwork. Of course for some that’s great, they can put any price they want on their time. But, it also gets people thinking a lot about what their hourly rate should be over just getting started. So in this lecture I’m going to help you stop procrastinating about what your hourly rate should be, and help you set it. Ready?

Now Comes The Question Of How Much Your Hourly Rate Should Be

Now here comes an interesting point for all of you I’m sure. When should you raise your hourly rate, because on Upwork you can set this yourself.

This Is When You Should Raise Your Hourly Rate On Upwork

This lecture links back to the last two lectures where I discuss hourly rates, because of course the more projects you’re awarded, the more reviews you’re going to get by completing them. One thing you can’t afford to have on your profile, especially as a newbie, is a bad review. Stay away from them, well do anything in your control to avoid them.

You Should Focus On Building Reviews On Your Profile Fast

See this little bar here with a percentage within it. I want you to ensure that you’ve got this as close as possible to 100%. Why you may ask? Because it’ll rise you further in the Upwork search function. So basically once an employer posts a job, they can invite freelancers to bid, and if you’re close to 100% your profile will pop up.

I Want You To Make Sure Your Profile Is As Close To 100% As Possible

As I’m sure you’ve probably well guessed, this lecture is all about setting you up with an assignment to complete, as it helps get you started on your Upwork freelancing journey. So what I want you to do, if you haven’t already, is create your Upwork profile.

I want you to follow all the advice I went over in this section, I want you to follow it step-by-step simply because it has worked for me, and it has extremely high chances of working for you if applied correctly as I show and explain.

Assignment 1 - Craft A Pitch Perfect Upwork Freelancer Profile
This Is How To Apply For Jobs Like A Professional Freelancer On The Upwork Site
7 Lectures 22:59

In this section I want to show you how to apply for projects on Upwork, and get them awarded to you, not somebody else, you. You really need to master the art of applying for a project on Upwork, because by doing so you’ll not only see the response rate of employers getting back to you increase, but on top of that and of course more importantly, you’ll gain more project which means more income, which is of course what I want for you.

Before You Apply For Jobs You Need To Be Aware Of The Jobs Available

Here comes a question you should know the answer to, what jobs should be applying for? Of course I mentioned in the last lecture when starting out on Upwork focus mainly on fixed price jobs, then as your profile builds perhaps take on hourly projects.

Now Comes The Question What Jobs Should You Be Applying For

Now it should come as no surprise that when applying for jobs on Upwork you have to basically submit a cover letter, like an application of why you are the best possible person for that project and why the employer should hire you over all others. You’re going to be competing with people from countries where it’s actually profitable for them to offer very low rates, so your cover letter needs to stand out from all the others.

Now the good thing is, most people applying will be using templates for all the projects, and to be honest, talking as an employer here you can spot these a mile off. So you have a good chance of winning the project if your covering letter is ace. The good thing is I’m going to show you how to do just that.

Use This Application Script, As It Provides Me The Best Hire Rate Over Others

I can’t stress the importance of this lecture enough, offering to jump on a skype call with your potential employer. What this does is remove that element of fear from the employer’s side by feeling like there simply talking to a computer, it helps them make a human connection with you.

Make Yourself Seem Human And Offer To Jump On Skype To Discuss Further

We need to be super serious with ourselves for just a moment now. I want you to ask yourself this question. Can you really complete the job, well, that you’re applying for? Can you do that?

I Want You To Really Ask Yourself The Question, If You Can Complete The Job Well

Here’s an interesting lecture for you, this is a technique you actually may never have thought of using. It does require some let’s say trust development, but it works, and it can work for you to expand the range of service you can offer, yet not offer if that makes sense. I’ll explain in just a moment anyway.

Have You Thought Of Using The Fiverr Marketplace To Help You Complete Jobs

Here we have assignment two on this course. So by now you should have crafted your brilliant Upwork profile, which was assignment one. And now we have assignment two, where I want you to use the template I showed you earlier to craft your own specific to the project you’re going to apply to, and then, apply for it.

I want you to apply for your first project on Upwork, the only way to really make things stick, is to apply what you learn. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do here.

Assignment 2 - Apply For Your First Project Like A Professional Freelancer
Let Me Show You How To Deal With Difficult Clients As A Freelancer On Upwork
3 Lectures 07:25

It should come as no surprise that as a freelancer you’re not going to be always working with the perfect client, now this may be due to an issue on your side or even the clients. Let’s face it, no one is perfect. The freelancer might have caught you on a bad day, or vice versa. So let’s just get that set in stone now, you won’t always be working with perfect clients.

Before I Jump Into Dealing With Difficult Clients, This Is Why You May Get Them

I’m talking from experience here, sorry if any clients are listening, but sometimes it can be frustrating dealing with them, it really can. They have caught me at a bad moment, or there just really annoying to work with. Like I said, sorry if any clients are listening, this isn’t about you.

Let Me Show You Exactly How Not To Respond To Difficult Clients

Here comes the part you really to pay attention to. How to respond to those difficult clients. Now you do remember in the last lecture I said don’t be sarcastic, or even try to outwit the client, don’t do it, it’s simply not worth it.

This Is Exactly How You Should Be Dealing With Difficult Clients
Let Me Briefly Touch On The Ways To Expand Your Freelancing Career
7 Lectures 15:44

I know so far this course has been focussed on earning an income, getting that all important first project under your belt on Upwork. I mean that’s what this course is all about. But I do want to help you in this section think about your expansion plan once you’ve made a name for yourself on Upwork, so basically, what other platforms you can utilize to expand your freelance earnings further than what they currently are. It’s always good to be thinking about other future revenue streams.

So anyway. In this lecture I want to highlight five other platforms you can potentially use once you have a fair few projects under your profile on Upwork.

Utilize The Power Of These Platforms, They May Contain Further Customers

In this lecture I want to introduce you to this very powerful, and free to use graphic design tool, Canva. It’s perfect for freelancers who perhaps don’t have expensive design programs, yet want to get started earning an income on freelancer sites doing very lucrative design work.

Remember To Use This Free Powerful Graphic Design Tool To Offer More Services

In this lecture, like the last, I want to introduce you to another program which you can use, of course very simple to use as well, to gain further jobs as a freelancer and expand your reach. Now there is a little cost to this program, but for the potential clients you could gain by having this software, it is a worthwhile investment in my opinion once you feel comfortable offering more services.

I Do Recommend You Use This Inexpensive Video Editing Program To Gain More Jobs

In this lecture I want to just briefly to touch on the point of becoming a lifelong learner and offering your new learned skills on Upwork and other sites. So with the rise of online education sites such as Udemy which you’re on now, you can practically learn any skill you want. Perhaps you want to learn Facebook marketing and offer this as a service to clients, you can do that. Perhaps you want to learn how to optimize Google AdWords campaigns you can do that. And best of all, you can do it for a very cost effective price, so return on investment will be very handsome.

Have You Ever Thought Of Learning A New Craft And Offering That Service

I know that in the past few lectures I’ve been introducing you to other marketplaces, and generally places and things you can do to gain more projects from freelancing sites as well as Upwork.

I Want You To Be Aware That You Should Master One Marketplace First

I touched on this in the last lecture, and this has to be one of the key reasons why I want you to solely focus on Upwork as you begin your freelancing journey. Because as you niche your profile down, as we did earlier in this course, and you undertake projects, even just your first one. Upwork will then start sending potential employers to your profile automatically without you applying for them, which is just fantastic. As it put you at an advantage with the employer coming to you, over the other way around.

As You Complete More Jobs You'll Automatically Get Offers On Upwork For Work

Welcome to the third assignment in this course, this assignment is more targeted towards thinking about how you can more services on Upwork initially and expand your earnings potential on there, so essentially offering more services that you already do.

Assignment 3 - Map Out Ways In Which You Can Expand Your Freelancing Career
It’s Now Time To Take Action And Land Your Very First Job On Upwork
4 Lectures 11:10

So here we are, the final section of this course. Specifically, in this lecture I am officially, truly, honestly, setting you a challenge. You can probably guess what it is – find that all important first client on Upwork.

I Am Officially Challenging You To Get Your First Client On Upwork

I’m a strong believer in practicing what I preach, not just with this course but with all my courses on the Udemy platform. I like to put something back into the course’s community.

So this is my way of doing that with this course. Now I do pretty often hire people on Upwork to undertake projects for me. They range from design projects, editing, proof reading, writing, I mean the list goes on.

I Practice What I Preach, So If You're On Upwork I Will Hire You Myself For Jobs

I’ve got one piece of advice here for you before I give you a round-up of this entire course, and it’s the following, be persistent.

I Really Want You Take In This Piece Of Advice When Starting As A Freelancer

I’ve got to say, a massive well done on getting to this stage of the course and completing it. You now have everything you need to go forth and become an income earning freelancer on Upwork, because that’s what this course is all about, helping you generate income as a freelancer on Upwork, as well as showing you how I gained my first client on Upwork within 24 hours, which of course you can replicate to gain your own client.

Now Let Me Give You A Course Round-Up Before Setting You Free
What I have learned hiring hundreds of freelancers on Upwork.
6 Lectures 25:34
Inside my Upwork client profile with over 200 hires.

Working with the same freelancer over time is better than hiring many.

You do not need a lot of clients to hire you. Just a few good ones is enough.

Jobs that need ongoing work provide the biggest opportunities.

People that make a video for me impress me the most.

How do you feel about your chance to level up your Upwork profile?
1 Lecture 03:31

Thank you for enrolling on my course, and if you are multiple student, thank you again. I can only create great courses with the support of yourselves.

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