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Published 7/2013 English

Course Description

This Course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.


Udemy Course Design is an Art not a Science - Discover how you can create amazing Udemy Courses today!

Course Update: Please note that I have deleted the Audio files in this course to comply with Udemy's new policies on allowable lecture formats. 

Course Update: 6 Jan 2016: Two sections added covering the Marketing of Udemy Coruses - Now 21.5 hours of content!


This Udemy Course is NOT a "how" to produce a Udemy Course - this course teaches you how to create a successful Udemy Course based Online Business focused around creating amazing Udemy Courses!

How can you set up your own an Online Business around Teaching Udemy Courses?

Do you want to know what the Udemy Course Design Secrets of the most successful Udemy Instructors?

Have you considered the Competition from Other Udemy Courses in Your Niche?

Do you know how to Structure and Price your Udemy Course based on what is actually happening with Udemy Sales?

I have made over $31,000 from my Udemy Courses and Made my First $1,000 in my First Three Months - Now I am Using this Data to create MORE UDEMY COURSES and MORE UDEMY COURSES = MORE UDEMY $ALES!


If you want to have your own a Udemy Course Based Online Business selling information products like I do, you need to know how to set up a business online, not just publish a Udemy Course

Discover the Key Stages of Producing a Udemy Course

I share with you EXACTLY How my online, Udemy Course focused business, is set up and how I run it, with specific actionable strategies

With this Udemy Course I share with you exactly what I do and how I do it

  • How my online business is set up, with specific objectives and strategies
  • The key aspects of planning your Udemy course, including an exclusive (free) data management tool for researching the Udemy Course Marketplace
  • The key things you need to know when producing your course
  • What you have to do when you publish your Udemy Course
  • The importance of establishing proof and credibility for your Udemy Course
  • Why promotion of your Udemy Course is so critical and strategies for successful promotion
  • How to exploit other platforms to monetise your existing Udemy Courses on other Course Platforms and which ones to focus on


"Let me be clear, this course should be commissioned by Udemy and given to all instructors. I am convinced this would serve the students as well as the instructors. If you are an Instructor this will jump start your numbers be it dollars or pupils. This course is like Google Analytics for a web site and without it you are blind. Statistics in graphic form has been very successfully used by Professor Hans Rosling,you can see his presentations on TED. The presentation style is crisp,clear and to the point. Clear statements are made when "opinions" of the presenter are present. Simply brilliant Mr. Colley."

Carl Spira


Take a Detailed Review of the Udemy Course Landscape - Download Every Spreadsheet to do your own analysis!

STOP PRESS: New Database Added at October 2014 with over 9700 Udemy courses


"John, We are blown away by your Udemy Course, Well Done!"

Alex Mozes, Instructor Liaison, Udemy


If you want to be more advanced, I have provided the data, with pre-formated tabs, in a file which you can use opening a Free Visokio Omniscope Player and you can do more in depth analysis

This Udemy Course contains over 80 lectures and over 8 hours of Content, with more being added regularly


"A Must For All Udemy Instructors - In this course John answered every question I had about pricing and positioning my course on Udemy along with a lot of questions I hadn't even thought of in the areas of number of lectures, length of individual lectures, course sub-categorization and much more. For example, I learned that courses priced just $2 more than what I have priced my course at, generate almost double the amount of total revenue on average. That is what I would call an important piece of actionable information. If you are an active Udemy instructor or are considering building a course for this platform, I highly recommend this course to you."

Frank Felker, 5 Stars


You will learn...

  • How to run an Online Business based around Udemy Courses
  • How to Plan your Udemy Courses
  • How to Produce exceptional Udemy Courses
  • How to Publish your Udemy Courses
  • How to establish Social Proof for your Udemy Course
  • How to Promote your Udemy Courses
  • How to monetise other Platforms using your Udemy Course content

If you are creating a Udemy Course, this Udemy Course takes you beyond just the Udemy Course itself and into the Online Course Business


"Very impressive course, and amount of work from John Colley (i.e data collection and analysis). This course is very valuable for instructors or instructors-to-be, in order to understand the Udemy landscape of all other courses, to pinpoint the perfect category for your course and price it wisely. I started John's course yesterday and already finished it and watched the key lectures several times."

Patricia Brun Torre


This is one of my Flagship Udemy Courses where I share everything that works for me with you to save you making all the mistakes I have made and to get you to success and sales faster.

I made over $1,000 in my first 10 weeks as a Udemy Instructor...you can too!

I am currently making over $2500 a month from my Udemy Courses and this is increasing every month!


"Best "How To Do Udemy" course I've Taken

I've taken several Udemy courses that help instructors become more successful and in my opinion this is the most helpful yet. John gives excellent resources and an in depth look at analyzing your market opportunities. I highly recommend the course. John is very clear and also to the point so doesn't drone on repeating himself to make the point. He uses good"

Mark Gregory, 5 Stars


Get it right first time to give yourself the best chance of being successful on Udemy!

Have I missed a topic you would like covered in this Udemy Course?

Have a question relating to this Udemy Course?

Message me here on Udemy!

Please don't forget to leave me a comment and a rating if you think it is appropriate to do so. :)

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Knowledge of Excel
  • Download Free Visokio Omniscope Viewer and learn its basic use (Optional)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the four stages of creating your Udemy Course
  • Discover how I structure and plan my Udemy Course Based Online Business
  • Plan your Udemy Course using my Database of Udemy Courses and exclusive Data Visualisation Software, for Free
  • Answer Key Questions relating to Udemy Course Design
  • Learn how to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes
  • Discover the Optimal Udemy Course Length and Number of Lectures
  • Discover the Six Lectures Every Udemy Course Should Have
  • Uncover the Secret of Choosing the Right Category for Your Udemy Course
  • Evaluate the Correct Pricing Strategy for Your Udemy Course to Optimise your Udemy Course Sales
  • Discover How to Price and Sell Your Udemy Course in the Udemy Marketplace
  • Discover How to Create a Lead Magnet Sales Funnel for your Udemy Course and WHY you MUST have this
  • Optimise your Udemy Course Sales by using Images and Automation in your Udemy Course Marketing
  • How to List Your Udemy Course on Coupon Sites
  • How to use Canva, Instagram and Flipagram in your Udemy Course Marketing
  • Why you need a Black Friday Marketing Strategy for your Udemy Course Sales

Who is the target audience?

  • Udemy Course Creators
  • Potential Udemy Course Creators
  • Any Online ELearning Course Creators
  • Instructors needing Udemy Course Video Training
  • Instructors seeking to improve their Udemy Course Sales
  • Instructors seeking to uncover my Udemy Course Design Secrets

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Master Udemy Course Creation - Introduction

I have extensively revised and reorganised this course to keep it up to date with changes on the Udemy platform itself and to bring you the benefit of my experience of creating courses on the Udemy Platform. I hope it offers you even more value and to help you, I have made a significant portion of the course previewable. Please leave a rating and a review for this course if you enjoy it.


I asked a question recently in the Udemy Studio to find out what other instructors were struggling with during the course creation process. The response fascinated me and inspired me to turn many of the issues into a video so that you can discover what other instructors are struggling with - realise you are not alone - and I also suggest some solutions and remedies to the issues raised.


In this Lecture I briefly introduce myself. I explain why I created this Course and Why my primary objective is your success


It would be great if you would introduce yourself in the discussions. Where are you from? what are your objectives for the course? What challenges are you facing? Join in with the community here and lets all work together for our mutual success.

Do welcome new members and answer questions if you can!

How to Contact John Colley
2 pages
Section 2: PLANNING: Plan Your Udemy Course with the Udemy Database

In this Lecture I show you how I created my database of the Udemy Courses so that you can do the same at a future date should you wish to conduct your own analysis.

If You don't have Excel (and now only on PC) you may wish to move further down this section to where I provide you with a database which you can open with the Visokio Omniscope Viewer. For more Udemy data, check out my Udemy Directory Lite - free course which you may also find helpful. -Thanks to Dennis for pointing this out!

0:00: Introduction
0:20: Open the first Category Page and sort on Newest
 0:45: Open an Excel Spreadsheet and sort out your columns
1:33: Back to the Udemy Site and collect the first set of data, copy and paste it into the Spreadsheet.  This has to be done for all the data in this Category
2:09: Technology Category completed.  Then I show you how to write a Macro to parse the data
5:12: Once the data for this Category has been parsed, it is important to capture the "time" ranking of this Category
7:27: Then the Category Column is filled for all records
7:45: Then I show you how to separate out the Price and Attendees data which are in one column, using the Text to Columns function
10:05:  Finally I put the formula into the Value Column to calculate the value of Price x Attendees
 10:45: Once the Technology Category was complete, I then repeated the process for each Category and then combined the data into one Spreadsheet to create my database of Udemy Courses

At the request of a Rob, a student on this course, I have made a short video to show you how to get the information you want from the Udemy web page to Excel in a format that you can use. A straight copy and paste results in formatted data, links and images which is impossible to work with. By using the Paste-Special-Text option from the menu you can avoid this problem. I also highlight a potential pitfall/bug in Excel which is to be found in the Text to Column option in the Data menu and how to fix that before you start. My thanks to Rob for asking the question.

9 pages

This is a PDF of my list of Sub Categories along with the main Udemy Categories in which they occur. This PDF is sorted by Category so you can see all the Sub-Categories within the Main Category. The next Bonus Lecture contains the same data but this time sorted by Sub-Category so that you can see where a Sub-Category occurs in more than one Category and you can decide therefore where your course might fit best.

9 pages

This is a PDF of my list of Sub Categories along with the main Udemy Categories in which they occur. This PDF is sorted by Sub Category so that you can see where a Sub-Category occurs in more than one Category and you can decide therefore where your course might fit best.


The Excel File attached to this Lecture contains my Sub-Classification of the Udemy Categories and is intended to help you to decide how to categorise your course. I have made this a freely available download for anyone who is considering taking my course to help you, whether or not you subsequently decide to enroll in this Course. Good Luck with your Course creation!

In this Lecture I introduce the Visokio Omniscope which is the data visualisation software that I use extensively throughout the course.  I have included the full data file in .zip format so that you can do your own analysis using the Visokio Omniscope Player.

0:00 Introduction
0:21: Download the free player from www.visokio.com
1:10: Affiliate disclosure
1:35: The objective of providing the data and showing you where to download the data from is so that you can do your own analysis
1:56: A short tutorial on some of the key aspects of using the Omniscope
2:20: How to change the view
2:50: How to sort and select data using the sliders on the right hand side
3:25: Selecting a segment enables you to select it and either keep it or move it out of the data set.  If you keep it, the rest of the data is moved out
4:00: Full tutorials are available from www.visokio.com/video-tutorials
4:20:  Next Lecture...

This is an update of my Udemy Course Database which contains over 5500 unique courses. Please be aware that there are not as many sub-categorisations but you have the Course ID, the URL and the Image URL included too.

I have attached a zip file of the information in .iok format which you can open and "read" in the Visokio Omniscope which is discussed in this course. The Omniscope can be downloaded from www.visokio.com.

I hope you will be able to take a closer look at the current state of your competition with this data, as well as learning more about the other instructors, what they are charging and how many students they have attracted.

Be aware that many students obtain courses for free or through Udemy or Instructor Discounts. The only way to learn about how these work is to spend time on the Udemy site. In my experience, the strategies that work today, may not work tomorrow and you need to be experimenting.

I would add (writing in March 2014) that I think that the current sweet spot for course pricing is between $49 and $99 which was not true several months ago. That having been said, Udemy has between 1m and 2m students now and this is growing all the time.

Best of luck with your course and please message me if you have any questions.

Best regards



This is a further update of the Udemy Database for you to use with the Visokio Omniscope. There are now 9,706 courses in the database. This includes:

  • the new Sub Category classifications,
  • course titles,
  • price,
  • number of reviews,
  • average of reviews,
  • number of students
  • instructor name
  • page (an indication of Udemy SEO ranking)

The .IOK file is attached in zip format as a downloadable material with this lecture.


This video walks you through a simple database project to identify the courses which compete in Udemy for a course about selling on Amazon. I show you how to use the Omniscope to identify and then filter the results and how to use different views to gain insights into the information.

I cover Course Promotion and Marketing later in the Course in a lot more detail from Section 12 Onwards.

Section 3: PLANNING: Understanding Your Competitors
This is a two part introduction to the Udemy Course Landscape.  In June 2013 I downloaded the all the current Udemy courses to create a database which I could use for my analysis.  This Lecture and the one that follows introduces you to the Udemy Platform from a high level.  

For this Lecture and for each of the Category Lectures, I have attached my Excel Spreadsheet so that you can do your own analysis of the Udemy Landscape when considering the strategy you wish to adopt for your Udemy Course.

0:00 Introduction
0:23 A Snapshot in Time (June 2013) and my Subjective Evaluation
1:08 An Overview of the Database that I have created: Categories, Sub Categories, Title, Time Rank, Price, Author, Attendees, Value (Price x Attendees), No of Lectures, Time, Average Time per Lectures (subject to the fact that lectures come in a wide range of formats and only videos are timed), No of Reviews
2:50 Key Statistics: number of Categories, number of Categories, number and % of free courses, number of authors, average price per course, total attendance, total course value
4:10 We move into the Visokio Omniscope (a data visualisation software tool) and look at the overall landscape of Udemy
5:30  A look, using Omniscope of the Sub Categorisation of Udemy Categories that I have created to enable a more granular review of Udemy Courses.
6:30 A review of the most popular subjects covered by the wide range of Udemy Courses
7:10 Lead into the next Lecture

    This is a two part introduction to the Udemy Course Landscape.  In June 2013 I downloaded the all the current Udemy courses to create a database which I could use for my analysis.  This Lecture and the one that follows introduces you to the Udemy Platform from a high level.  

    For this Lecture and for each of the Category Lectures, I have attached my Excel Spreadsheet so that you can do your own analysis of the Udemy Landscape when considering the strategy you wish to adopt for your Udemy Course.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:18 A review of the Authors who have created courses on Udemy
    1:01 The pricing strategies adopted by Authors, taking a high level look at prices and then drilling down into one Author who has created multiple courses on Udemy to see how they have priced their range of courses.
    2:07 Pricing - an overview of the whole range of prices on Udemy.  This enables us to identify outliers and we can also look at the prices within Categories and Sub Categories to ensure you remain competitive
    3:00 The Price Structure across Udemy - showing the key price points.  The view in Omniscope enables us to see where the main price points are when considering how to price your own course.
    3:36  The Relationship between Price and Students (Course Attendees): The graph immediately throws up the Outliers, including high priced courses which are often Course Portals.  Eliminating outliers enables us to see the remaining data more clearly.
     5:45 Value - calculated simply by multiplying attendees by price.  I accept that this is not a precise number because of discount codes but does enable us to make some comparisons between courses and gain some insights.  The balance between price and attendees enables us to gain insights into how to create a financially successful strategy for your course.
    7:35 A review of the Free Courses on Udemy.  In my analysis this amounted to 284 courses.  It is possible to see which Categories have the most free courses and the number of attendees of these courses. You need to check that there is not great free course which covers the material you wish to create a paid course for.
    8:40 Ranking by Date - As I sorted the courses by "newest first" I have a ranking which approximates to how long a course has been on Udemy compared to other courses in the same category.  Does time on the Udemy platform have a significant relationship to the take up of the course by Students.
    10:10 Lead into the next Lecture

    This two part lecture shows you how to undertake effective competitor analysis on Udemy by comparing the key characteristics of competing courses. This should help you to identify your own USP as well learn to position your course more effectively in relation to your competition on Udemy

    When you have finished you should also have some great ideas for new lecture topics which you can create to improve your course, reinforce your USP and further stand out from the crowd.


    This two part lecture shows you how to undertake effective competitor analysis on Udemy by comparing the key characteristics of competing courses. This should help you to identify your own USP as well learn to position your course more effectively in relation to your competition on Udemy

    When you have finished you should also have some great ideas for new lecture topics which you can create to improve your course, reinforce your USP and further stand out from the crowd.

    In this Lecture I address some of the key questions you need to consider when designing your Udemy Course.

    0:00: Introduction
    0:18: What is your Skillset?
    0:38: What Need are you addressing?
    0:53: Is this a Large Market?
    1:08: How will you reach your Market?  Marketing Strategies are important but not part of this Course
    1:36: Discounts and Coupon Codes - A tool for selling your Course which will impact your Pricing Strategy
    2:03: Udemy Specific Issues
    2:13: Which Category will your Course fit into?
    2:36: What Sub Category will your Course fit into?
    2:48: What already exists?
    3.00:  What Free Courses are already provided?
    3:22: Take a look at your close Competition
    3:36: Now consider Content, Structure, Lectures, Course Materials and Length
    4:35: How can you Differentiate your Course from the Competition? 
    5:11: Start Planning...
    44 pages

    This PDF contains a structured list of equipment and resources which may provide a helpful guide to an instructor seeking to set up. This includes:

    • Microphones
    • POP Filters and Cables
    • Software
    • Cameras
    • Lighting Equipment

    For the record I use;

    • iMac (High Spec: 32MB RAM, 3GB HD)
    • Blue Yeti + Pop Filter USB
    • Logitech C920 Webcam/iPhone 5s
    • 2 Desk Lamps (Quick & Simple)
    • Logitech Wireless Presenter
    • Screenflow
    • Audacity/Garage Band
      Many of these items are recommended by other instructors but I have not used them all myself. Prices may vary and I have tried to quote both US and UK Prices as a guide.
    Section 5: PRODUCTION: Create Lectures in under 30 min

    The secret to producing good quality courses in quick time is all about creating systems and standardisation. In this section, I will show you how I set up my presentations, the equipment that I use, the structure of my presentations, walk you through the Screenflow editing process I follow and show you the Keynote process as well.

    This is not the ultimate answer but I now produced over 250 lectures and I am honing my process all the time.


    This lecture covers some of the main principles and settings that I use when creating my Lectures.

    I show you the outline structure for all my presentations and provide you with an example of my standard presentation template.

    I explain the key settings I use for my recording in Screenflow and the settings I use when exporting from Screenflow.

    There is also a brief discussion of microphone technique.


    Good equipment is the key to productivity. I have reinvested a significant proportion of my online earnings into making sure I have good, but not necessarily the best or most expensive, equipment to work with

    I explain how I combine my iMac with a Logitech Webcam, a Blue Yeti Microphone and Keynote and Screenflow. You can use Powerpoint and Camtasia if you use a PC.


    Editing can be a real challenge but if you can master the basics of Screenflow/Camtasia, you should not find it too daunting.

    When I started it took me forever to edit a video. Now I am much faster and just try to keep things as standardised as possible.

    One trick, not mentioned in the video, is that it is fine to do several takes of a slide if you are not happy with the result but just keep the recording going and then cut out the stuff you don’t want.

    I walk you through how I edited the introduction to this lecture group and hopefully this will help you to get more acquainted with the simple way to do things with Screenflow.


    This video summarises what is covered.

    I explained the key processes that need to be systematised

    In the Overview, I explained the key principles and settings I use

    The Equipment lecture walks you through my simple equipment set up

    Finally the Editing lecture shows you step by step how I actually put it all together.


    In today's Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, Film Maker and Online Instructor, Paul Jenkins returns to the Online Learning Podcast to share his Time Management Strategies for Udemy Instructors. He applies all his film making experience to producing high quality courses which provide real benefits and value to his students and he explains many of the techniques and tricks he uses to produce these courses very fast! I nearly call this episode the Paul Jenkins guide to creating really great courses really quickly! Time Management Strategies seemed to have a better ring to it!

    In this Episode we discuss:

    • What Paul thinks of Udemy's current competitive position
    • Why Udemy can be compared to Amazon and why Udemy Courses can be compared to the Kindle
    • What is a Minimum Viable Course?
    • The importance of delivering insights that jump start students learning experience
    • Why its important to retain the student perspective when creating courses
    • What is an expert?
    • Why a new instructor has to understand the market place
    • How Paul uses the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list when making his Udemy Courses
    • How Paul sells Udemy Courses off Udemy
    • Pauls approach to Time Management Strategies when creating Udemy Courses
    • Paul's technique for rapidly outlining valuable courses
    • How Paul uses mindmaps when creating his courses
    • Why Paul thinks the Hero's Journey can be adapted to course creation
    • The importance of creating systems and processes for as part of his Time Management Strategies
    • Why Paul takes an organic approach to his course creation and why he does not believe in publishing complete courses to start with
    • Paul's perspective on the Udemy search algorithm
    • Why Paul believes in the KISS principle when making courses
    • Paul's recommendations for simple promotion strategies

    These are just the highlights of the interview. This is one of my longest episodes but it was so full of great thinking and ideas I did not want to cut him short. I am sure this is going to be one of my most listened to episodes! Find out for yourself!


    In today's Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, James Burchill shares his perceptive advice on Course Creation, Email Signups and List Building. A self confessed, lazy marketer, James likes to find quick and efficient way of working. In this fascinating interview he shares his tips and tactics on the fast way to create courses, the effective way to get high converting sign ups to his email lists and how to convert your prospects with autoresponder sequences.

    1 page

    How are you enjoying the Course?

    I hope it is everything you expected.

    If not, please email me to let me know at john@jbdcolley.com or message me through Udemy.

    If you are enjoying it, please leave a positive comment and a rating which you can do at the top right hand corner of this page. It takes less than a minute and its a huge help to other students and to me too.

    Plus it will help the Course rank higher in Udemy Search.

    Don't forget you can edit your Review at any time.

    Thank you very much for your help with this. Best regards, John

    Now, on with the Course...

    Section 6: PRODUCTION: Udemy Course Length & Lectures Nos
    In this Lecture, I consider Course Structure and some of the alternatives.  I want to encourage you to look at the successful competitors to your Lecture to see what they are doing and what you can learn from them.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:12: Number of Lectures does not take into account Lecture Format
    0.26: Time in minutes is only from the Video Format
    0:32: The average length of each lecture is at best an approximation
    0:45: Reviews and Stars: an important part of the Udemy algorithm
    1:15: Omniscope Data: A sample of all Udemy Courses only: 159 Courses.  Some long courses with large numbers of lectures: Some long courses have few lectures.  Depends on the style of the Course. You need to work out which style works best for you and your Course material
    3:35: Summarise: when you design your Course, take a look at the approach taken by your Competitors and work out how to make a better Course
    4:22: Next Lecture...

    While Udemy provides guidelines for course structure and length, I have interviewed over 70 other instructors and been making teaching videos for over a year. These recommendations are based on my conclusions and the current set of Udemy rules

    In this lecture I cover my recommendations for free and paid courses, debunk the myth that there is any connection between course length and price, reiterate my belief in a progressive pricing strategy, discuss ideal lecture length and encourage you to interact with your students.

    9 pages

    Download this PDF to keep as a handy aide memoire of these recommendations.

    Section 7: PRODUCTION: Promotional Video Optimisation

    This shows you how to follow my 13 Step Formula to create a high converting Promotional Video that sells.

    The standard format I believe results in rather dull and certainly not commercially attractive videos.

    The Promotional Video is a really important aspect of your Course marketing and you simply cannot afford to let this opportunity slip. As I show there are other places where you can cover most of the other points without wasting these two precious minutes talking about yourself!


    This shows you an example of a Promotional video made for another one of my courses using my approach

    Udemy Course Promotional Video Slide Deck
    24 pages
    2 pages

    I have provided you with a Check List to help you create your High Converting Promotional Video Script, one sentence at time.

    Section 8: PRODUCTION: Six Essential Udemy Lectures

    In this Lecture I briefly introduce myself. I explain why I created this Course and why my primary objective is your success.

    2 pages

    A Document similar to this should be a standard part of your introductory course materials so that you have an opportunity to introduce yourself to your new student.

    Make sure you keep the document totally generic so that you can upload the PDF once for each new course you create.

    1 page

    This is a single slide PDF which you can use to encourage Students to leave a positive comment and rating at the half way point in your course and just before the end. It should encourage students to add positive comments and ratings which are essential to SEO in Udemy but should not be too much of a distraction from the Course.

    This is the Lecture Heading I use:

    Got a Minute? Please Leave a Positive Rating and a Comment for this Course

    And then in the Description I write...

    How are you enjoying the Course?

    I hope it is everything you expected.

    If not, please email me to let me know at john@jbdcolley.com or message me through Udemy.

    If you are enjoying it, please leave a positive comment and a rating which you can do at the top right hand corner of this page. It takes less than a minute and its a huge help to other students and to me too.

    Plus it will help the Course rank higher in Udemy Search.

    Don't forget you can edit your Review at any time.

    Thank you very much for your help with this. Best regards, John

    Now, on with the Course...

    1 page

    If you have a new paid course, you can include, for a limited time, a lecture like this to briefly introduce your course and encourage them to buy it at an introductory price. Consider too including the Promo Video for your new course here to make it even more interesting. Alternatively you might choose to create a PDF in Keynote or Powerpoint to improve the visual appeal of the document.


    This shows you a video example of how you might promote the Udemy Affiliate Programme in Your Courses

    Section 9: PUBLICATION: Choosing Your Category
    In this Lecture I take a closer look at the second largest Category, Business.  I have attached the Excel Spreadsheet for you to use for your own analysis should you be considering creating a course in this Category.
    0:00 Introduction
    0:15 Key Statistics: Sub Categories, Courses, Free Courses, Authors, Average Prices, Total Attendance, Total Value
    1:17 The Data in Omniscope
    1:32 Sub Categories;  A complex category with over 50 Sub Categories; worth having a closer look at some potentially competing Sub Categories
    2:23 Authors: A look at some of the Authors who have produced Courses in this Category, including Authors of multiple Courses
    2:58 Pricing:  Significant number of Courses over $100 which contributes to the high average price of Courses in this Category
    3:23: Author Pricing:  Interesting to pick out the high priced outliers on the graph.  Worth looking to see the prices of Courses which may compete with your own.
    3:57: Pricing Structure: Can see which price points are dominant.  Important to understand the key pricing points in the Category
    4:30: Price vs Attendance:  Important to understand which courses do well at which price points and try to understand how you can emulate this.  A lower price to attract more students may be a more effective strategy for making money than very high priced courses
    5:35: Value: Confirms the picture that pricing impacts the number of attendees
    5:55: Free Courses: Takes a look at which Sub Categories have the most free Courses
    6:07: Ranking by Date:  A flat curve suggests that time on Udemy is not a very significant factor in the number of Attendees
    6:43: The Next Lecture...
    In this Lecture, I take a detailed look at the Technology Category and show you how to use the data in the Omniscope Player to do your own strategic analysis when designing your next course.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:15: Key Statistics: Sub Categories, Courses, Free Courses, Authors, Average Prices, Total Attendance and Total Value
    1:05: Omniscope Data: The Technology Category is the largest Sector.  There are a large number of Sub Categories - 103.
    2:03:  I take a look at the Pricing Structure in the Technology Category
    2:43: A more detailed look at the price points over $100.  Next is a more detailed look at the courses by Value Created and Attendees.  The Omniscope data enables you to look at potentially competing courses
    4:40: A brief look at the Free Courses, illustrating the wide range of subjects covered
    5:00: A look at the Authors who have produced courses.  It can be helpful to look at Courses created by succcessful authors
    5:33: A brief discussion of Course structure, particularly numbers of lectures and total time.
    6:45: Encourage you to use the data I provide and the Visokio Omniscope to do your own analysis
    7:10: Next Lecture...
    In this Lecture, I review the Key Statistics of the other Categories in Udemy.  I have provided individual Excel Spreadsheets for each category in the Supplementary Materials to this Lecture to enable you to do your own analysis.

    0:00: Introduction
    0:41: Arts and Photography
    1:40: Crafts and Hobbies
    2:04: Design
    2:55: Education
    3:36: Games
    3:58: Health and Fitness
    4:28 Humanities
    4:54: Languages
    5:24: Lifestyle
    5:59: Math and Science
    6:40: Music
    7:02: Other
    7:25: Social Sciences
    8:08: Sports
    8:38: The Data is made available in Excel Spreadsheets for each Category

    At the beginning of July 2014, Udemy revised its Categories and brought in Sub Categories for the first time. Here is an update of their new taxonomy.


    Choosing the right Sub Category has become a crucial element in your competitive positioning on Udemy and in this lecture I show you how to choose the right category for your course to give you the best chance of getting your course to the first page of organic search for your sub-category. This strategy does not guarantee this on its own but without doing what I suggest here, you will definitely handicap yourself going forward.

    If you have already published your courses, watch this lecture and then go back, apply the technique I show you and if you conclude that you should be in a different sub-category, then email Udemy and ask them to change your course to the optimal sub category.

    Section 10: PUBLICATION: Evaluating Udemy Pricing Strategies

    Udemy has announced a radical change to the way they are going to allow instructors to price their courses. This gives you a heads up on what is happening. There is a link to the announcement in the Additional Resources section of this video.

    In this Lecture I take a look at the critical issue of Pricing Strategy and take a look at the implications of adopting a Low Price Strategy.  The Spreadsheet with the Price Analysis is included in the Supplementary Materials to this Lecture.

    0:00: Introduction
    0:17: Key Pricing Points using the Omniscope Data
    2:09: Low Pricing Strategy examined using both the Omniscope Data and the Pricing Comparison Spreadsheet
    3:08 Courses under $49 in Price and the implications for the total return to the Course Creator and the numbers of Attendees - a good way to build an audience but not a good way to make a return
    4:06: A look at the Spreadsheet data shows that lower priced Courses have low returns to the Course Creators
    4:41: The Next Lecture...A High Pricing Strategy
    In this Lecture, I take a look at the implications for adopting a High Price Strategy for your Udemy Course.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:15: High Pricing Strategy using both Omniscope and Spreadsheet Data
    0:27: Courses above $500 - only 18 Courses on Udemy
    1:24: You can make some substantial returns but the figures do not take into account the discounts offered
    2:00: The Spreadsheet data confirms that the values are good but better values are created below this level
    2:31: Next Lecture...Mid Price Strategy
    Udemy Course Pricing Strategy - Mid Pricing
    In this Lecture I look specifically at the Attendance of Courses - the numbers of Students who have subscribed to each Course and how this variable can affect your Pricing Strategy

    0:00 Introduction
    0:34: A look at the Omniscope Data.  The Category Analysis shows where the large audiences are for each Category - so you need to consider where you are going to create your Course.  The Omniscope Data also enables you to see how large the audiences are by Sub Category
    2:08: Take a closer look at the core data after removing some outliers.  The Graph maps attendees vs Courses and shows that Attendance is price sensitive.  Look carefully at your potential Competitors
    3:43: Next Lecture...
    In this Lecture I take a look at what strategy should you adopt to optimise your potential financial return from your Course

    0:00: Introduction
    0:15 Financial Return using both Omniscope and Spreadsheet Data
    0:25: Omniscope, free Courses out.  Need to be in the larger Categories to make a good return. Your Sub Category Strategy is just as important and you can use the Omniscope to identify and review competing Courses
    1:27: Price vs Value Graph: The graph shows that high priced courses do not necessarily earn the highest returns.
    2:30: Spilt by Categories to see where the Value has been created.
    3:40: Spreadsheet Data: Values above $1m - most of the price points which create the highest value are shown:  this is also shown in terms of average returns per Course at each price point.
    4:42: Next Lecture...

    Udemy updated its whole pricing structure on 4th April 2016. This lecture summarises the new structure and also shares some insights from my data on the Udemy Market place.  I have attached a screenshot from this data in the additional resources section of this lecture to help you consider your pricing.

    Section 11: PROMOTION - Marketing Introduction
    Introduction to Marketing for Udemy Instructors

    The 4Ps Model is one of the most basic but most important marketing models which you need to understand from the outset. Use this to conceptualise all your marketing strategies and campaigns going forward.


    Discover the difference between Push and Pull marketing. As an online course creator and digital marketer, you will spend most of your time working with Pull marketing strategies.


    There are three types of marketing campaigns and you will become familiar with all three. In this lecture I want to introduce them to you. When you consider setting up a marketing campaign, think carefully from the outset which type of campaign it is going to be.


    Do you know who your customer is? If you don't how can you address their pains and problems? They want to know What Is In It For Them? If your course does not address this issue, if they cannot see the benefit of taking your course, then they won't buy it.


    This is not a copywriting course, but knowing how to write effective copy that sells is a key skill of the marketer. This lecture introduces the key components every marketing message must contain. You can check out my Copywriting courses on my instructor profile if you want to get into this subject in more depth.


    The old adage that half my marketing is working but I don't know what half should no longer apply to your online marketing. If you are going to be effect marketing your courses, you need to start tracking, recording and measuring the results of your online marketing. This lecture explains why this is important.

    Section 12: PROMOTION - Marketing Channels and Strategies for Udemy Instructors

    This lecture will help you consider the wide range of Online Marketing channels which are available to you. You must ask yourself the key question: Where are my audience? You need to connect with them on the channels they inhabit.


    While this course is primarily concerned with Online Marketing, I do not want to you completely ignore the Offline Marketing opportunities that may come your way. Here are some suggestions to think about.


    Search Engine Marketing is the process by which you bring traffic to your website either by free or paid means. Understanding how SEM works is a key component to any online marketer's strategy and you need to have at least an initial understanding of what this is and how it works


    Content Marketing is the creation of content which delivers value to your reader, relevance to google and the two are connected by your choice of keywords. This lecture explains some of the key tenets of Content Marketing to ensure you get off on the right foot!


    This lecture provides a simple seven step Content Marketing Strategy - a framework on which you can start to prepare your content marketing strategy.


    With Video set to take a 70% share of internet traffic within two years, we cannot afford to ignore it. This lecture explains what you need to know about video marketing to get started.


    It is not enough just to produce a video and post it to Youtube - you must do it in a way which will further your marketing campaign objectives and in this lecture I explain the detail of the important steps you need to take to ensure your video marketing is effective.


    Let me inspire you with 15 different ways you can create video content that will wow your audience and enhance your online marketing. How many of these are you going to try?


    Email marketing is one of the key strategies you must adopt as part of your online marketing campaign. The money is in the list and you need to grow your email list - these are people who have given you permission to email them great content on a regular basis and they are likely to become some your best customers.


    This lecture provides a check list of key points to ensure that your Social Media marketing is effective. Ensure your campaigns align with these points to life your Social Media marketing effectiveness.


    Your Course Links are one of the most important keys to success in your Online Marketing. They are the final step that brings your students/customers to your courses prior to them enrolling and making a purchase. You need to use them strategically to ensure that they have the greatest impact. If they are not out there, how will new students find your courses?

    Marketing Section Summary
    Bonus: Effective Online Marketing Audio Book
    Section 13: PUBLICATION: How to Price and Sell Your Courses
    Udemy Course Selling Strategy in the Udemy Course Marketplace

    This video explains my progressive pricing strategy. You have to compete with a pervasive discounting culture in Udemy and the way to do this is to train your students to expect your courses to go up in price on a regular and predictable curve.

    Of course, they can wait for a Udemy discount to come along or they can pay the full price or use one of your coupon codes to get a great deal now.


    Udemy has no "Pay What You Want" mechanism but with a little bit of creativity it is possible to give your students this option. With thanks to Tom Cassidy who showed me this approach.


    Lets take a time out - I would love to get your feedback on the course - start a discussion or message me.

    This would also be a great time for you to help out other students by telling them what you think about the course - why not leave a rating and review now? You can always go back and edit it at any time later if you wish.

    Section 14: PROMOTION: Promotion Strategies
    Udemy Course Marketing - Why Giving Free Coupons Can Work

    I recently interviewed Frank Visciano from Udemy for the Online Learning Podcast (which you can find here on Udemy) and he made some very helpful comments about what Instructors can do to improve their Students' experiences and how this would reflect on them within the Udemy Marketplace. This lecture brings you upto date with that thinking and I hope will help you to take a more proactive approach to your courses.


    Udemy is strongly promoting the excellence of the Student experience and have made it clear that you will benefit from working with them to that aim. Happy and engaged students are more likely to buy more courses, including yours. If Udemy's data shows that you are achieving this, you will be rewarded with greater exposure in the market place so it is worth taking this very seriously.

    Section 15: PROMOTION: Create a Lead Funnel

    Creating a Lead Magnet Funnel to Grow Your Email List

    One of the most important aspects of promoting and selling your Online Courses is to have an email list to whom you can offer your online products. This can be for Udemy Courses or any other products/courses you decide to sell from your website or other course platforms. While Udemy, rightly, guards the emails of their students, you should be actively collecting email addresses from your own marketing.

    These are the future customers who will come to know, like and trust you. Udemy knows the money is in the list, its about time you did too!

    I must stress that there a no links (affiliate or otherwise) to aWeber or Lead Pages in this module. These are simply the two tools I use to create my lead funnels. You can use other email service providers and other page templates or create your own.


    The Lead Funnel Process Explained Diagrammatically

    Getting the process and system set up correctly is a little bit tricky and complicated. I thought it would be helpful to create a process diagram and talk you through it which is what I do in this video.

    I have added the PDF of the slide deck for you to download so that you have a copy of the diagram to work with.


    How to Create Your Lead Magnet

    Understanding how simple it is to create a Lead Magnet - something a prospective customer will exchange his or her email address for - is a really important step. This does not need to be complicated or difficult but it must be relevant both to the content they are consuming from you at the time and your over all content strategy.


    How to Create a Promo Video for Your Lead Magnet

    Video is a very powerful form of media and if you are promoting anything online, I believe it is worth creating a short video to reinforce the message you want to convey. This video explains what you need to do if you decide to take this step.


    How to Create a Sign Up Page with a Promo Video

    This takes you through the steps of setting up and configuring your Sign Up/Landing Page with your Promo Video embedded.

    The key here is to make sure you get your message across, tempt your read with your Lead Magnet or “Sign Up Bribe” and get them to click on the Download Now button.


    How to Create a Sign Up Page without a Promo Video

    This takes you through an alternative form of Sign Up page which does not involve a Video. The page will have to do more work for you as the video is absent.

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