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Published 12/2015 English

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This Course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

June 2016 - This Course is reduced to $20 from $50 for the Month of June!


This Course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

Update: I have removed the audio files from this course to conform with Udemy's new policies on course content and formats.


Are YOU a Serious Udemy Course Instructor?


Course Update 6 Jan 2016: More lectures added covering mistakes which Udemy instructors should avoid! Plus a whole Mini Course on creating Audio Books from your Udemy Courses!

This Course now contains over 14 hours of content!


Do You Want to Be Successful On Udemy? Yes or No?

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This Course is the Culmination of my Experience Planning and Producing Courses

I could have split this content into Half a Dozen Courses, but all this is available in just ONE Course! Are you glad I did? Yes or No?

In OVER 100 Lectures...You Will Discover...

  1. How to Position Yourself as an Expert - Become Recognised as an Authority!
  2. Understand the Udemy Market Place - Align Your Strategic Objectives!
  3. Understand the Competitive Landscape - Discover How To Be The BEST!
  4. Master Topic Selection - Create Compelling Courses!
  5. Master Course Creation Tactics - Secrets of Course Creation Mastery!
  6. Avoid Novice Course Creation Mistakes - Don't Waste Precious Time!
  7. Master Essential Copywriting Skills - Make Immediate Impact!
  8. Kill It With Lecture Titles And Descriptions - Communicate and Convert!
  9. Create Amazing Promo Videos - Sell More Courses!
  10. Master Udemy Search Engine Optimisation - Rank and Be Found!
  11. Secret Strategies of Successful Instructors - Be Outstanding!
  12. What No One Has Ever Told You About Revenues And Pricing - Shhh Secret!!!
  13. Serious About Udemy? Good Create a Business - Systems, Scalability, Models!

Grab These Bonuses Too!

  • 25 Tips to Create Great Online Courses
  • Passion to Profits Audio Book (Download)
  • Discover the Secrets of Course Optimisation!
  • Four Amazing Online Learning Podcast Episodes

But It Doesn't Stop There....

  • Checklists
  • Activities
  • Unique Data from my Udemy Course Directory and access to the Amazing Visokio Omniscope Viewer to do your own research and analysis!

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  • Has created over 700 instructional Videos

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What are the requirements?

  • All materials and information are provided

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Master the Complex Process of Planning and Producing Amazing Online Courses
  • Discover how to position and promote yourself as an Expert and an Authority
  • Deepen your understanding of Udemy's Strategy and Objectives so that you can design your strategy and objectives in alignment with Udemy
  • Discover how to conduct informative and instructive Micro and Macro Competitive Analysis
  • Become a Master of Topic Selection so that you create Compelling Courses that Students want to buy!
  • Discover the Course Creation Tactics which Experienced Instructors know but rarely share!
  • Discover how to Plan Your Courses so that You set yourself up for Success from the outset!
  • Master the Key Copywriting Skills you need to present and sell your Udemy Courses with Titles, Descriptions and Keywords!
  • Discover why Lecture Titles and Descriptions are critical to sales and how to get the most out of them
  • Become a Promo Video Ninja!
  • Understand and Discover the Importance of Search Engine Optimisation in Udemy and how to master it to improve your Course Rankings
  • Discover the Secret Strategies of Successful Udemy Instructors - Shhh Secrets!
  • Discover what my Udemy Course Directory Analysis has enabled me to discover about Revenues and Pricing on Udemy - No One Else Can Do This - Well Udemy Can but they are not telling!
  • Serious About Udemy - Great, you will discover how to treat it like a business not a side Gig!
  • Lots and Lots of Bonuses, Checklists, Activities and Data!!!

Who is the target audience?

  • Any Udemy Instructor who is Serious About Udemy
  • Any Udemy Instructor who wants to create even more amazing Courses!
  • Any Udemy Instructor who really wants to make a difference to the lives of his or her students
  • If you are just starting out, then don't start with this course but check out my Level 1 and Level 2 courses first and work your way up to this Course!

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Introduction to this Udemy Masterclass - Level 3 Planning and Production

Welcome to this Udemy Masterclass! Discover whether this course is right for, the core content of the course and find out why I am the right instructor to work with to become a Udemy Masterclass Instructor!


This is my most advanced Udemy Course and I have spent several months planning and researching this to make sure it really delivers for you.

In this lecture I explain what you can expect to get from this Course so that you plan and produce the best possible course that you can.

As Udemy becomes more and more competitive, quality is everything! You will discover masses of great actionable advice that will catapult you towards being a successful Udemy Instructor!


Lets hit the ground running. Here are my five top tips for Success in this Course!


Welcome to the Course - Please take a minute to introduce yourself in the Discussions on the Course Page. Why have you joined the Course? What is your biggest Challenge? What questions do you have for me about Planning udemy courses?


I want to share how I came to be a successful Udemy Instructor and to inspire you to become one too!

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.

Section 2: Positioning Yourself As An Expert

In this lecture, I briefly introduce what you can expect to discover in this section.


The starting point for every instructor has to be getting a clear idea of his or her own expertise. This section is all about getting that focus before you start.

3 pages

Download the attached PDF and complete the Activity by brainstorming your personal areas of Expertise following the headings given in the document. These follow the previous lecture.


When choosing your area of expertise/authority, it really helps if you are passionate about the subject. Malcolm Gladwell speaks about the 10,000 hour rule as time required to study a subject to become an expert - thats a long time to be doing something if you don't like it!


Who is your Audience? This lecture does not talk about Avatars and how to construct them. This is about knowing who your audience are and where you can find them online. Once you know that, you can go and listen to them moaning and complaining! That information is pure gold!


Understanding what students want in a course can be the difference between creating a great course and a poor course. Its not so much about the topic or content but the approach that you take to the subject matter. All is explained here.


Focus on identifying problems. Pain sells. Prevention does not sell! I explain in this lecture the importance of this focus and you should have this in mind when designing your course.


You can save a lot of time and trouble by not making these common Topic Selection Mistakes so don't miss this lecture out!


You need to find ways to differentiate yourself and your courses from your competition. You can do this by assessing your competitors and working out their strengths and weaknesses. You can also design this into your course and I share some ways to do this in this lecture.


Congratulations, you are now in a great position to understand how to position yourself as an Expert. Next up, we are going to take a closer look at Udemy!

Section 3: What do you Know About Udemy?

In this section I want to introduce you to Udemy and give you some clear strategic guidance on how to become a successful instructor. This lecture introduces what you can expect to discover in this section.


If you need any convincing, let me share some real benefits of online courses. If you are going to create a serious course for your audience, then I want you to be convinced of its benefits.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.


Timing is everything and I am completely convinced this is a great time to be starting as a Udemy Instructor. I explain why in this lecture!

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.


Turn your expertise into cash - join the 21st Century Gold Rush (and sell the picks and shovels)! This lecture explains why you can make a huge difference to your life by becoming a Udemy Online Instructor


Turn your expertise into cash - join the 21st Century Gold Rush (and sell the picks and shovels)! This lecture explains why you can make a huge difference to your life by becoming a Udemy Online Instructor


This explains my three key reasons for using the Udemy platform and why I think its a great place to start your online courses business.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.


There are three core strategies for making money using Udemy courses and I explain all three, including their variants and options in this lecture. You can in time adopt all three as part of your longer term monetisation strategy on Udemy.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.


Here I want to highlight six specific habits of successful Udemy instructors that will have a positive impact on both your students and your standing with Udemy.

Brief lecture notes are included with this lecture which you can down load for reference.

  • One of the best ways to learn how to market your courses is to see what other instructors are doing. This is not just relevant to how they market their courses on the internet, but how they create and present them in Udemy. Adopt and adapt from the best instructors to lift the effectiveness of your in-Udemy marketing. Brief lecture notes have been attached to Additional Resources to help you with this topic.

This lecture is a walk through the Course production process, delivering lots of detail about the production process. Its a long video but I think as your introduction to Online Course production its helpful to have this content in one place!


This lecture summarises what we have covered together in this section and I hope you now have a much clearer idea about how to be successful on Udemy. This lecture summarises what we have covered together.

Section 4: Understanding The Competitive Landscape

Competitive analysis is very important at the Micro and Macro scale and in this section there are two activities lined up for you to do both.

Firstly the micro, where I provide you with a template for comparative analysis of courses so that you can understand what your competitors are offering.

Secondly, I provide you with my Oct 2014 Database of the Udemy Market Place and share with you how you can use the Visokio Omniscope Viewer to conduct macro search and analysis across the whole of Udemy - albeit with data from 2014.

So, roll up your sleeves, we are going to be busy in this Section!


It really helps to study your competition on Udemy to make sure that you are producing the best course possible. This lecture explains how you can do this and provides a spreadsheet so that you can conduct the analysis yourself


This lecture continues on from the previous one showing you how to conduct competitive analysis on other Udemy Instructors

2 pages

This Bonus Checklist will assist you with your Competitive Evaluation in Udemy.

  • This is a further update of the Udemy Database for you to use with the Visokio Omniscope. There are now 9,706 courses in the database. This includes:
    • the new Sub Category classifications,
    • course titles,
    • price,
    • number of reviews,
    • average of reviews,
    • number of students
    • instructor name
    • page (an indication of Udemy SEO ranking)
    The .IOK file is attached in zip format as a downloadable material with this lecture.

If you find this helpful, then check out my Udemy Course Directory which, as well as showing you how to really get the most out of the Omniscope Viewer, gives you access to my latest review of the Udemy market place with over 18,000 courses and 8,000 instructors.


In order to research and analyse the database provided with this course, you will need to download the free viewer from Visokio, This lecture explains how to do this. You can download the Visokio Omniscope Viewer from http://www.visokio.com/download Visokio also provide a very large number of tutorial videos if you want to really get stuck into the functionality of the amazing Omniscope, and the ones you need are available, courtesy of Visokio, in this course.


This lecture shows you in a detailed screencast how to download the Visokio Omniscope Viewer from the Visokio website and how to install it on your computer. You need to have downloaded the Udemy Database File from the lecture above, which is attached as a zipped downloadable resource.

Save it to your Desktop or a folder where you know where to find it and once you have installed the Visokio Omniscope Viewer you will be able to open this file and get started.


Congratulations on completing this Section! Now you have completed the Micro and Macro Competitive Analysis you should have a good understanding about how you can create a unique course and where some major opportunities may exist for you in the Udemy Market Place!

Section 5: Topic Selection Is a Process NOT a Game of Darts!

Choosing your topic is something that should be done carefully. Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. This lecture introduces this section and shares some guidance on this subject!


Every Operation has to have a mission statement, every course must have an objective. It is really important that you set this out right at the beginning of your course and deliver on the stated aim for your students!


This is a critical lecture. Which Courses do well on Udemy? Well, I am not going to take a guess!

I am going to look at the data using the information from my Udemy Course Directory and take a look at which courses actually do well. You can see in the pie charts in this lecture which Categories and Sub Categories have the most courses in them.

But I have gone further. I have taken a look at the top 300 courses, in my current dataset, by numbers of students. The pie charts in the lecture show the results for these 300 hundred courses both by Category and Sub Category. The PDF of these slides are downloadable

But I have gone further. You will find a zipped .iok file attached to this lecture. Unzip it and go to my free Udemy Course Directory (Lite) to discover how to download and use the Visokio Omniscope Viewer, there is a link to this course in the resources.

Then you can see for yourself which 300 courses are the most successful and you can do your own search and analysis to take a look at the topic areas of most interest to you.


Creating courses on evergreen topics, for which there is continued sustainable demand is a smart strategy and this lecture gives you some inspiration. I have used data from my Udemy Course Directory to prove the demand for these topics. You can enroll in the course and explore the data yourself using the Visokio Omniscope Viewer. Just check out my course page.


This Activity will take you through a process for logically selecting a group of Course topics which meet the two key criteria of matching your competences to the demand for courses on Udemy!


Topic Selection is the key to great courses. Make sure that there is demand in Udemy, that you address your audiences pains and problems and that, ideally, you create evergreen content. You will discover all this when you work through my Nine Step Topic Selection Exercise which you should do before going any further in this course.

Section 6: Master Udemy Course Creation Tactics!

In this Section you will discover some detailed tactics which will help you with your detailed course creation. This lecture provides a brief overview to the Section.


This sets out the main framework for this Course. The four key stages are: Planning Production Publication Promotion Each of these stages involves a lot of work and the temptation is to focus on the first two, launch and then rely on Udemy to deliver on Stage 4. As I hope to show you, this would be a mistake. I have structured the rest of the course around this framework to make it easy for you to find what you most need to help you with your own course.


I asked a question recently in the Udemy Studio to find out what other instructors were struggling with during the course creation process. The response fascinated me and inspired me to turn many of the issues into a video so that you can discover what other instructors are struggling with - realise you are not alone - and I also suggest some solutions and remedies to the issues raised.


Category selection is important and it is worth being strategic about it. This lecture explains how you can do this.


This lecture shows you how I design courses, step by step, using the Visokio Omniscope Viewer and my analysis of the Udemy market place to give be insights and help me to build a competitive advantage.


This lecture guides you through some of the thought processes you need to consider when designing your Online Course on Udemy. Spend the time in this planning phase, it will save you hours later and make your courses much more attractive to students!


Google analytics is a great free service provided by Google which you need to take advantage of. It will enable you to measure traffic to your course page and help you to plan your marketing. This lecture explains its benefits and how to install it.


Congratulations on completing another Section of this Course. Lets just briefly review what we have covered together before going on to look at Course Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Section 7: Course Planning: Avoid These Mistakes Before You Start

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance! What this means in the world of online courses, is that you need to plan your course portfolio strategy from the outset to make sure that you have a coherent group of courses which relate to one another. The reasons for doing this are explained in the lecture.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.


Before you create your course, you need to make sure that you are creating a course that will sell in the Online Courses Marketplace? How you do this is explained in this lecture. Watch this before you start your next course and save yourself a lot of time, trouble and missed sales!

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

6 pages

This Checklist will help you to work through the Topic Selection Process by providing you with a detailed Checklist of the things you need to consider!


Your course title is extremely important to both your potential student and the search engines. In this lecture I explain why course titles are vital and what you can do about them.

A Bonus PDF CHEAT SHEET has been included to help you to add some spice to your Course Titles.


Creating a Sub Header or a Sub Title for your course is the second most important thing that you do after the Title. It is important to potential students and its important for SEO reasons. This lecture explains the key points you need to focus on.

A Sub Title/Sub Header CHEAT SHEET has been included as a downloadable bonus with this Lecture.


A course image should be eye catching and is part of your selling process. Don't let other course instructors win sales from you because their images are more striking than yours. This lecture explains the pit falls and also helps you to understand what you can do to create images which grab attention. Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.


This is Episode 121 of my Online Learning Podcast - which is available free as a Udemy course. In this Episode, Kristen Palana and I discuss the Psychology of Colour. Don't be put off. Kristen has some amazing insights in to how to use colour to stand out in Udemy.


Course length is a difficult subject. Too short and you do not offer value or solutions to your students. Too long and you end up selling your course at a huge discount and not earning value for money from your point of view. This lecture shares with you my current thinking on optimising your course length.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.

Get Your Lecture Creation Sequence in the Right Order
12 Elements of a Highly Effective Outline

Personal photos which accompany your biography are a vital part of making a connection with your students. Don't mess them up. Here I give your clear guide lines for the sort of image you must use.

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.


Your personal biography is your chance to set out your credentials, show case your experience and establish your authority. This needs to be prepared with care and should not be just two sentences.

I have included a PDF of my Biography so that you can download it and see how I am communicating my background to my audience of students. There are also brief lecture notes to download as well.

Section 8: Master Essential Copywriting Skills

This lecture introduces this Section - my Mini Copywriting Course which I hope you are going to find helpful!


Creating captivating headlines/titles is a critical part of selling your course. Important for their impact on potential students and for SEO purposes. What you learn here about headlines you can apply to Udemy Course titles.


This lecture explains the sales process and why you have to follow that process if you are going to sell successfully. It is not enough to simply make a great course, you have to know how to sell it!


Discover Six surprisingly simple words which can accelerate your sales - can't wait to find out what they are, watch the lecture!

A POWER WORDS CHEAT SHEET has been included with this lecture to help you to become much more creative and imaginative with your copywriting.


This lecture explains the psychology behind a great promo video and why you need to push all the buttons for your video to be effective!


Discover here what NOT to do! Falling into these common pitfalls is easy to do but if you are aware of them its much easier to avoid them!

Section 9: Kill It with Lecture Titles and Descriptions

Your course description is your opportunity to communicate the value and benefits of your course to a prospective student. There is a right way and a wrong way to write these. In this lecture I provide you with the process you need to follow so that you can write engaging course descriptions that will captivate potential new students for your course.

If you want to take a look at an example, look no further than the course description for this course!

Brief lecture notes are included as additional resources to this lecture and may be downloaded.


Lecture Titles and Descriptions are important for two reasons; informing your students and Search Engine Optimisation - discover what this is all about and how to get the most out of your titles and descriptions, thereby avoiding another pitfall of the inexperienced instructor.


If you want to create a transcript of your lecture to improve SEO and make it easier for students to follow your lectures and digest and learn their contents, then a lecture transcript may be the answer. This lecture shows how you can do this using Dragon Dictate (which is a paid application). The finished transcript of the lecture shown is provided as additional resources so that you can see the result.

Section 10: Create Amazing Promotional Videos

Creating a strong promo video is an important part of your course marketing. Spend some time on it and go beyond the basics recommended by Udemy. Here are some key pointers to getting it right.

I have also attached a script from one of my Promo Videos for you to see how I do my Promo Videos. Also check out the promo video for this course for a further example.


This shows you how to follow my 13 Step Formula to create a high converting Promotional Video that sells.

The standard format I believe results in rather dull and certainly not commercially attractive videos.

The Promotional Video is a really important aspect of your Course marketing and you simply cannot afford to let this opportunity slip. As I show there are other places where you can cover most of the other points without wasting these two precious minutes talking about yourself!


This shows you an example of a Promotional video made for another one of my courses using my approach

Bonus Check List: Outline Promo (Short and Long) Script Structure
9 pages
Section 11: Master Udemy Search Engine Optimisation

The Algorithm is a complex mathematical formula which sits at the heart of search. Once you understand that it is al complex maths you can start to rationalise how it works based on the evidence you see of the results. You can also figure out what parts of its you can influence directly and which parts you cannot.


Keywords are at the heart of Search Engine Optimisation so you need to pay careful attention to them and to do your research. To miss out this step is to build a house without foundations. You do it at your peril.


Creating a perfect title is important as it can have a significant impact on your Course's ranking, both organically and in search. Furthermore, putting the SEO issues aside, you still need to have a title that appeals to your potential student!


The perfect sub title can be created by following some simple guidelines but will take a little bit of time to craft so that you balance the dual requirements of SEO and still deliver the messages you need to deliver to your potential students.


Your course description is a great place to strategically place your primary and secondary keywords. Nor should you ignore Section and Lecture, titles and descriptions.


You can only choose your URL once - so you must get it right. This lecture explains what to do.


Course sales have an impact on ranking in search. It makes a difference whether the sales are paid or free and this lecture discusses some strategies for optimising both sales and seo ranking as a result of sales.


Course Pricing is not only a factor in the Udemy Algorithm but it also can have a material impact on your sales. Find out why this is so important in this lecture.


The Student analytics can be used by you as a tool for updating and improving your course. In this lecture I explain to you how you can do this.


Udemy puts increasing emphasis on Student engagement and this should be designed into your course. I explain in this lecture why this is important for your course's ranking in Udemy.


Here are some specific actions you can take to ensure you maintain the quality of your courses.


Your competitors are doing you a great favour by publishing their courses on Udemy - they are telling you how and what they are doing. Use this information to your advantage strategically to out compete them! This lecture tells you how!


This lecture simply explains the difference between Organic and Search Ranking and helps you to understand what you can do to influence the results of these two different Search Results criteria.

6 pages

This Checklist covers in even more detail Udemy Course SEO and is downloadble so that you can study it in detail.

Section 12: Secret Strategies of Successful Udemy Instructors!
Udemy has announced a radical change to the way they are going to allow instructors to price their courses. This gives you a heads up on what is happening. There is a link to the announcement in the Resources section.

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