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Turn your information-rich website into a top-notch video course. I'll show you how.
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

If you are wondering how to rev-up your old website, then this course is for you. In it you will learn how to turn your existing website into a profitable video course to gain extra income, passively. If you have a popular website already but don't have a video course on your website's topic, you're leaving cash on the table.

I'll show you the steps I took to create my course from my existing website using my copyrighted content - and how you can do exactly the same with your website(s).

The course is divided into 15 sections, 30+ lectures, and 6 quizzes:

  • Introduction by Susan Gast
  • Choose wisely before you 'Turn Your Website into a Profitable Video Course'
  • What to Share, What to Leave - What to Add?
  • Making Sense of Your T2s and T3s
  • Reminder: Your Site MUST be Educational in Nature!
  • Create NEW Value
  • Setting Up Your Course Outline
  • Getting Organized: It's A Must!
  • Hardware You'll Need To Create Your Video Courses
  • Software You May Want to Get Prior To Starting
  • Let's Create Your Video Masterpiece Course!
  • Video Showing You My Home Set-Up
  • Close-Up View of my Camtasia Studio™ set-up
  • Navigating the Udemy Platform from a Publisher perspective
  • Thanks for Taking My Course!

If I can do it, YOU can do it... I'll have you "up and running" in no time flat with your own video course featuring your content-rich website - creating yet another income stream for you!

So, let's get going, hit the “take this course" button right now - you've got nothing to lose - and your existing website has a lot to gain!

What are the requirements?

  • Have an existing "how-to" website
  • Smartphone and/or Handycam that shoots High Definition
  • TechSmith Camtasia™ and/or PowerPoint™
  • PaintShop Pro™ or similar photo-editing software if you wish to have photos included in your course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Decide whether your existing website is a "course contender"
  • Know what software and hardware is suitable for course creation
  • Create a course from your existing "how-to" website
  • Set up your Outline in a Logical Order
  • Create Value for your course
  • Learn tips'n'tricks in TechSmith's Camtasia Studio™
  • Have an organized workspace
  • Put it ALL together

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is highly suitable for those with an existing information-rich "how-to" website
  • This course is NOT suitable for owners of "store front" websites

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction by Susan Gast

Welcome to all fellow Udemy course creators who want to “get more out of their existing website!” In this introduction, I share with you how it all 'got started' for me, and maybe you find yourself in my shoes too - and what I did to remedy the situation.


How “passive” you want your income to be, or rather the $ amount of it, depends on the initial effort you put forth as in producing a quality Udemy course, and how much time and energy you put into looking after your students by answering their questions and posting new “course updates”.

Section 2: Choose wisely before you 'Turn Your Website into a Profitable Video Course'

This is where you decide whether or not your existing website has potential for you to create informational video lectures - in a course setting - via Udemy. If you have more than one site, here's how you'll make the choice to see which ones "make the cut".

1 question
Out of the four websites Susan showed you, can you tell her why she arrived at her final choice?
Section 3: What to Share, What to Leave - What to Add?

In this video, I cover how you decide what you are going to share, for example, what content is a "keeper," and what content could and should be expanded upon as informational video lectures - in a course setting - via the Udemy platform.

Section 4: Making Sense of Your T2s and T3s

In this video, I'll show you how I go over one of the website's Tier 2 pages, and suitable Tier 3 pages. You will know how to make sense of your T2s and T3s for your students to follow along... easily.

1 question
What does Susan mean by putting your sections and lectures in a logical order?

A quick way to have a handy list of your pages from your website is to do this! But why?

There’s something to be said about having a list ON PAPER - the way you can cross it off the list easily… read our text lecture here.

Section 5: Reminder: Your Site MUST be Educational in Nature for a "Learning-type" Platform

It's important that you understand that not "any old website will do!" Your website needs to be educational in nature. You are going to be creating a course for students who want to learn from your experience, after all.

Section 6: Create NEW Value

Don't even consider using other people's content. This is your course! Use your own content whenever possible.You own your content, so USE IT!

1 question

How do you add more value to your course versus your website?

Section 7: Setting Up Your Course Outline

Before we get into the two-part video, here are a few pointers and neat things about the Udemy curriculum set-up!


In this lecture, I'll go over how I set up my course outline using Notepad where I first organize my thoughts, section titles, lecture titles, and the section and lecture descriptions - and how I apply them to the Udemy curriculum. I created a Notepad template which is included in Resources in both this lecture AND in the Section titled "Getting Organized: It's a Must!"

Section 8: Getting Organized: It's A Must!

Make sure you have a sure-fire way of keeping your course organized! It all begins with "top level" folders on your PC desktop.

1 question

How do you get organized?


I realize how lucky I am to have two monitors to work with. The reason I have two monitors came about from the days when I used to trade the Forex market and the more monitors the merrier - but the thing is - you get used to having more than one screen to look at. Here’s how I take advantage of mine.

1 page

Make sure you have a sure-fire way of keeping your course organized! This same template is also included in the Section titled "Setting Up Your Course Outline"

Section 9: Hardware You'll Need To Create Your Video Courses

You don't need to have a fancy studio - though that WOULD be great - aim for that! In this video I go over the basic necessities to create your Udemy course.

Section 10: Software You May Want to Get Prior To Starting

I recommend TechSmith Camtasia™, MS PowerPoint™; and a few others. Also a handy cut and paste program that is probably already on your PC: Notepad. A more powerful alternative for file/text organization: Scrivener.


Quick Tip! Use the same font in Scrivener as you will use in your text blocks in Camtasia.


Avoid Camtasia Crashes… Be careful what software conflicts might arise, see how I solved my microphone problem!

Section 11: Let's Create Your Video Masterpiece Course!

The all-important video size settings you need to know for Camtasia™ and Powerpoint™.

(NOTE: Coming up in the lecture AFTER this lecture, titled "Let's Create Your Udemy Masterpiece Course!", is a video which shows you my set-up, shot with my Sony Handycam™ so you could see both of my computer screens, camera set-up, and more!)


This is an update to the "Let's Create!" video - it was a case of adjusting the screen percentage size in PowerPoint to fit the 1280p x 720p Camtasia screen recording size! Voila! Find out what the magic percentage is for 13.33" x 7.5" PowerPoint Setup!

Section 12: Video Showing You My Home Set-Up

This video was shot via my Sony Handycam™ so you could see my desk work area, my two PC monitors, my camera set up (guaranteed: a chuckle or two). Also represented is TechSmith's Camtasia Studio™. REMEMBER: This is an overview. There is more detail to come in subsequent lectures on how I use the "callout" features and "animation" feature!

Section 13: Close-Up View of my Camtasia Studio™ set-up

As promised I'll show you a couple of video presentations of the Camtasia studio and how to do basic editing in it. I will go over the features I use and how to do simple edits.


How to create a template in Camtasia Studio™, this is version 8.4. As of March 5, I'm now using Camtasia 8.5. TechSmith is a really good company for providing regular FREE software updates! :-)


A short description on what callouts are and how to add Callouts in Camtasia Studio, this is version 8.4.


How to add animation to a callout in Camtasia Studio™ to a text block, or a photo - same principle applies.


Sometimes you may need to edit audio but retain the video. For instance, let’s say I was pointing to the screen and I accidentally said something wrong, but I was still moving and pointing… if I cut out my voice slip-up and the video, then there would be a jarring-jump. Here’s how to fix that!


If you have a video shot of yourself via your Smartphone and you want to use it in another video presentation but don’t want all the excess video on your left and right, here’s how to do that! The neat thing is, when importing your “clipped video” you are then able to create a dropped shadow!


Set up “hot keys” for faster editing in Camtasia Studio™. Cut down on editing time! :-)


Camtasia’s Slider Controls and keyboard shortcuts using keyboard-combinations.


When to use the “record system audio” option while using Camtasia Studio™ to record your screen.

Section 14: Navigating the Udemy Platform if you wish to create your video course for Udemy

How to Navigate the Udemy Platform from the Publisher's viewpoint, and Upload Your Files.

Section 15: Thanks for Taking My Course!

Action Steps - Let’s get going!

(I started singing "Let's Put It All Together..." - I'm sure there's a song out there with that line in it! - if you know it, post it in the Discussion panel!)

1 question

When is the best time to add your promotional video?


Put what you've learned to use RIGHT AWAY! I look forward to seeing your posts over in the Discussion panel - I'm here to help you! Thanks again for taking my course - and have a super day.

1 question
Keeping Students Engaged (and I don't mean for marriage!)

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Instructor Biography

Susan Gast, Cinemagraph Designer; Food Dehydrating Guru; Course Creator

About Susan Gast:
Born in Northern England, Susan emigrated to Florida with her parents back in 1980. She is married to a great guy, Alan, and together they adopted a fabulous Miniature Pinscher who pretty much runs the household and keeps them in check.

When she's not at the PC typing her heart out and getting cross-eyed, you can find her enjoying the sunshine and strolling the sandy beaches along Florida's Treasure Coast.

Her Courses:

Food Dehydrating Made Easy!

Would you like to learn the ins and outs of food dehydrating and make sure your food pantry is fully-stocked year 'round - ? Would you like to have peace of mind as to where your next meal is coming from if and when a national disaster strikes, be it weather-related or man-made? If so, you're at the right place!

Susan has been involved in the food dehydrating industry since 2010 and has authored three books on the topic of food dehydrating... so you're in "good hands." She looks forward to sharing her knowledge of food dehydrating with you and making sure you and your family are well-fed - especially during tough times.

Cinemagraphs the Easy Way - Create Superb 'Living Photos'!

Food dehydrating isn't her only interest though. Susan thought it was time to share her knowledge of how to create affordable Cinemagraphs. Not only are they effective at procuring clicks on your favorite social site posts, they're lots of fun to make!

Cinemagraph Short Cut by Susan Gast

This is my first FREE course and it's a lite version of the above Cinemagraphs the Easy Way - Create Superb 'Living Photos'.

Reading and Writing

Susan loves to read and write and she also offers affordable proofreading services to fellow course instructors at reduced rates. You can reach Susan by private messaging her by clicking on her profile photo.

And in her downtime?

Susan loves learning from you guys and gals and enjoys taking YOUR Udemy courses!

Keep 'em coming!

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