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Unity 3d Game Development - iOS, Android, & Web - Beginners

Want to get into making high quality games, but don't know where to start? This series is a perfect choice for you.
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Created by my bringback
Published 7/2012
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In this series we will learn how to create a variety of different games for web, iOS, and android.  We will learn the basic concepts of game development and learn about game programming using unity.

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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 18 Lectures Collapse All 18 Lectures 01:40:10
Unity 3d - The Bare Basics
5 Lectures 36:12

In this tutorial we will talk about what unity3d is, and where to download it.  I will also briefly introduce myself and what this course will cover.

Preview 05:41

In this tutorial we will talk about the basics of Unity, such as explaining different tabs of the software and what they do.  We will also set up our project folders and what platform we are developing for.

Preview 07:17

In this tutorial we will learn the basics of navigating around Unity3d's scene menu.  We will learn how to move object around in the scene, such as the player and the Main camera.

Preview 04:51

In this unity tutorial we will learn how to add some physics to our game, more specifically the Player GameObject.  The main physics feature we want is gravity, but we will also want some features like accessing and setting the velocity of our player.  This is simply done in Unity by adding the Ridgebody component to our object

Preview 07:07

In this Unity tutorial we will add velocity to our ball, or our Player GameObject.  We can accomplish by code very simply because our player object has the rigidbody component attached to it.  With the rigidbody component we can very easily access and change different phyics aspects of our object.  No previous programming experience needed, this video would also be classified as an intro to javasprict programming tutorial.

Unity Programming Via Java Script
Creating Brick Breaker
13 Lectures 01:02:59

In this unity tutorial for android, iOS, and web, we will create a very basic menu scene for our game.

6 Creating A Menu Scene

In this Unity 3d tutorial we will write the simple script for our empty GameObject that will control all the menu inputs.  We will learn about Ray and RaycastHit type of objects and how we can see if we have hit a game object by clicking on it.

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7 Simple Menu Script

#pragma strict private var ray : Ray; private var hit : RaycastHit; function Start () { } function Update () {   if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)){     ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition);     if(Physics.Raycast(ray, hit)){       if( == "BrickBreakerOption"){     …

In this unity tutorial we will learn about colliders, specifically box colliders.  Because even though we are shooting rays into the screen, we don't know if we made a hit or not, because don't have anything for our rays to hit, and that is where the box collider comes in.

8 Box Colliders And Build Settings

In this unity tutorial for iOS, Android, and Web Deployment we are going to create a simple break breaker game and get all of the game objects we will need into the scene.  We are going to add some physics materials to our ball to make it bouncy, which will increase the velocity of our ball with every bounce.  We will also test out the collision of the ball and wall, and set up the basic structure of our game.

9 Creating Brick Breaker

In this unity tutorial for iOS, Android, and Web Deployment, we will get our paddle script up and running, we will also learn a little bit about materials as well.  We will move our paddle according to the ray and the ray cast hits that we are familiar with.

10 Ray , Hits , And Paddles

private var ray : Ray; private var hit : RaycastHit; function Start () { } function Update () {   if(Input.GetMouseButton(0)){     ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition);     if(Physics.Raycast(ray, hit)){        transform.position.x = hit.point.x;     } } }

In this unity tutorial we will learn about a variety of parameters we can set for our game.  From setting the bounciness of game object to constricting certain axises to eliminating friction, we will do it all in this tutorial.

11 Physics Settings Parameters

In this Unity tutorial we will learn how to destroy objects if a specific collision is made.  What I mean is, if our ball collides with a Brick object destroy the Brick and add 10 to the score, if it collides with a rock, do nothing.  The other part of this tutorial involves adding public variables to our script that we can link up in unity.  We will learn how to interact with a gameObject of the type GUIText.

12 Gui Text , Collisions , And Scores

#pragma strict private var score : int = 0; var guiScore : GUIText; function Start () {   guiScore.text = "Score: 0"; } function Awake(){   rigidbody.velocity.x = 10;   rigidbody.velocity.y = 10; } function Update () { } function OnCollisionEnter(col : Collision){   if( == "Brick"){…

In this unity tutorial for android, iOS, and Web game development, we will learn about an awesome feature in Unity that is called a prefab, which means a prefabricated object.  With prefabs we can easily put objects into multiple scenes, make adjustments to multiple objects easily, and it will make our life a whole lot easier.

13 Prefabs In Unity 3d

In this unity game development tutorial we will be swift and to the point, we need our game to end.  So, all we are going to do is set up a simple Game Over function.  We will also add a 3d text game object to our menu screen which will show us the high scores of our brick breaker game.

14 Game Over

In this Unity 3D tutorial for Android, iOS, and Web we will learn how to store and save data to our application.  This is essential for storing high scores, the user's name, stats, and all sorts of stuff.  Unity makes the process incredibly easy with the use of the PlayerPrefs class.  Saving is as simple as "Set" and retrieving is as simple as "Get".  Hope you enjoy!

-Love Trav

15 Player Prefs ( Storing Data )
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