Ultimate Time Management for Teens and Students
4.1 (16 ratings)
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Ultimate Time Management for Teens and Students

Get massively more productive in high school with time management tips from a pro SAT tutor and top-10 college graduate.
4.1 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,080 students enrolled
Created by Christian Heath
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Organize your time to handle the demands of high school academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and social life.
  • Create space in your schedule to work on college applications, scholarships, and SAT / ACT test prep.
  • Prep for college with better personal scheduling and the confidence to set independent goals.
  • Uncover additional free time in your days and weeks to relax amidst today's hectic high-school lifestyle.
  • Learn the tricks that have helped me organize my entrepreneurship, personal life, and favorite hobbies into a productive, fun, and sustainable rhythm that anyone can copy in high school, college, and beyond.
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  • No additional materials are required to start this course and begin managing your time and productivity right away!
  • In several lectures I make book recommendations for supplemental reading I'm sure you'll find valuable.

Are you a BUSY TEENAGER ready to stop fumbling around in high school and become a top student?

Or, are you the PARENT of a teenager, who wants your kid to transform their HECTIC lifestyle into a SUCCESSFUL one?

And, do personal fulfillment and happiness matter to you as much or more than keeping up with the Joneses?


If any one of the points above applies to you, then pay attention to what I'm about to tell you (even MORE so if two of the previous descriptions fit you!)

Teens and high schoolers can take this course to experience a whole-life transformation - to find new purpose in their high school lifestyle as WELL as uncover more free time and ditch stress - ALL while actually improving your college resume!

Transform from being tossed around by events in high school to charting your own path in life.


Wanted to include just a few testimonials from my time as a teacher:

"Just a short note to tell you WHAT a FABULOUS job that you are doing with the class. Luke has really appreciated your teaching manner & not complained about going! WOW – credit to you!! Best," - Jennifer N. (Mom of one of my students)


"By the way, thank you for the added bonus of guiding Alia in her future. She said you were an excellent SAT teacher, but more importantly a remarkable life coach! ;-))" - Jinous R (Mom of one of my students)


"Love the SAT has been a lifesaver for my SAT score! I came into it thinking it was just another SAT class, but after just one class I felt an improvement. My attitude has changed into a more positive one because of the teacher, Christian. His enthusiasm and tips and tricks made a huge difference! After a lot of practice with the skills I've learned at Love the SAT, my score improved by 400 points. I'm very satisfied with my score, and I highly recommend Love the SAT!" - Kasmira M., high school student


It's not hard to help a smart teenager TRANSFORM their life in high school, but it DOES require an exceptionally talented, empathetic and experienced teacher who students can relate to.

Sometimes it's hard for parents and students to make the connection, since it's such an INTENSE relationship during high school and you're both under so much pressure.

That's where I come in! As a tutor, entrepreneur, and a bit of a difficult case myself in high school, I have a rare talent for helping teens go from a constant state of rushing panic (or a state of aimless laziness!) to a calm, measured and successful approach to life that's more FUN and more SUCCESSFUL than the old ways...

And best of all this transformation will help you have a BIGGER and MORE AUTHENTIC IMPACT on the world.


My favorite "testimonial" ever, from one of my students in China:

I met a teacher, his name was Christian. He always smiled, everytime had a happy look in his face. He was also really energetic, he went from one side to the other side of the classroom. Every single class Christian told us that we need to have motivation in order to be good at anything in this world. After hearing these words for a week. I finally got some motivation. I closed everything, every electronic device that would bother me. I spent just 20 minutes everyday after school memorizing vocabs. After few months I figured out that I had learned more then 500 words perfectly. I realized that it wasn't me who was bad at memorizing things. It was myself who didn't have motivation to do things. I was going the easy, lazy way. Although it was a short time being with Christian, I had learn alot of things from him. He was the engine that started me to get going. If I meet him again I really want to thank him. I wish i could eventually meet him again.


This is the ULTIMATE course on Time Management for teens and it contains EVERY essential lesson, quiz, and reading we could pack in.

Complete the entire course from start to finish (6+ hours of material) or pick and choose from the well-organized lecture titles.

Since the students who need this course are already busy, it's designed in easily-digestible bite-sized sections.

You can study this course for a weekend or you can study it for years. The choice is completely up to you.


Sections of this course:

  1. Intro to the Course and Instructor
  2. Timeless Time Management Principles
  3. High School Time Management
  4. Conclusions, Review, and Action Steps


Key lessons in the course:

  • How teens can identify their life passions
  • The top 3 timeless rules of time management
  • How to create rhythm in your schedule
  • Advanced high-school homework tactics
  • Making space for SAT / ACT test prep
  • Planning for college apps and deadlines
  • Managing social life and peer pressure
  • How to use study groups to win big
  • How to use weekends and vacations in high school
  • A preview of college-level time management
  • ... and much, much more that couldn't possibly fit here!


Additional features:

  • 5x comprehension quizzes to enhance your experience
  • Personal access to ask questions of the instructor
  • Access to the complete Course Discussion forum
  • Hi-Definition video and audio for clean and crisp content delivery
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to course and updates


Right now, the price for enrollment in the course is set at a level I know EVERYONE can afford.

Of course, there's actually no risk to enrollment (since you've got the 30-day money back guarantee to decide if you love it or not)...

But... the price for the course MAY go up in the future. In the right hands, I think the information in this course is tremendously underpriced.

I encourage you to enroll in the course today to become a TRULY GREAT high school student and a more fulfilled human being - to take you not only to admittance to your top-choice colleges and scholarships but also to live a life you don't even dare to dream of yet.


Important information before you enroll:

  • This course comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!
  • Ask the instructor questions DIRECTLY inside and get personal responses.
  • Once enrolled, receive unlimited lifetime access to the course!
  • Instant and free access to all future course updates.
  • Direct personal support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.


Be sure to check out the curriculum and PREVIEW your FREE lectures:

  • Check out the curriculum and course contents below.
  • PREVIEW several free and VALUABLE lectures from the course below.

Now, it's time to take the Ultimate Time Management Course for Teens to discover your true abilities and to reach your next level-up in life.

Your personal search and suffering is over.. take action!

Enroll now... And I'll see you on the inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • This online course was made for teens who feel overwhelmed by the demands on their time and energy made by high school, college apps, and extracurricular activities.
  • It's great for every busy teen who could do a better job of organizing their time and focus in high school.
  • PARENTS of teens can take this course themselves or give it to their busy teenagers.
  • This video course is NOT for you if you already "have it all together" on a daily basis. If you don't need any advice on staying focused and productive, you can skip this course.
  • Preview the course contents below and decide if it's right for you!
Students Who Viewed This Course Also Viewed
Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
Intro to Time Management for High School Students
2 Lectures 14:55

Get to know your instructor - pro SAT tutor, author, and startup entrepreneur Christian Heath!

Learn why Christian needs to know SO much about:

  • Developing great time management skills
  • Working with teens and high schoolers
  • Excelling in high school
  • Getting into a GREAT college
  • Discovering your purpose in life

And, find out WHY he wanted to make this course for you!

Preview 10:21

An overview of the complete course by section and lecture.

After this video you'll be much more familiar with WHAT you will learn and HOW you will learn it.

Discover the high-definition videos, comprehension quizzes, and additional PDF articles that are included with the course.

Don't forget to use the Course Discussion feature at the end of each lesson or WHENEVER you have a question for me!

Preview 04:34

Review and test yourself on the details of the Introduction!

Review of the Introduction
7 questions
Timeless Rules of Time Management
8 Lectures 01:09:57

These are the TOP 3 TIMELESS LAWS of time management that we ALL must follow, whether we're 17 years old or 70.

Once you understand how these timeless rules work, the rest of the course will make MUCH more sense.

The Top 3 Timeless Rules of Time Management

It's all well and good to say "Follow your passion in life," but the truth is, most teens DON'T know yet what they want to do.

As an extremely self-directed entrepreneur and musician, I've gotten REALLY good at helping my students and friends uncover this absolutely-crucial info about themselves.

WHAT do you want to DO with your life?

Use the exercises in this lecture to make progress towards CONFIDENTLY identifying the top 1-5 things that will matter to you throughout your life.

How to Identify YOUR Top 1-5 Priorities In Life

JOURNALING is one of the best ways to LEARN about yourself and LEARN how to become a better person and to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

The level of personal insight I've reached through DAILY JOURNALING continues to astound me.

It really takes VERY LITTLE time and effort (think 30 seconds per day) to maintain this incredibly valuable habit.

In this lecture I'll give my top tips for journaling as well as key info about WHY I'm so keen on having high school students keep a daily journal for a variety of topics.

Tracking Your Days and Journaling

Life operates in CYCLES - at various RHYTHMS, speeds, and energy levels.

This might sound a little STRANGE right now, but in this lecture I'll explain what I mean and HOW you can use this unusual insight to HELP yourself.

(Part 1 of 2 - look for Part 2 in the next section of the course)

Creating Rhythm in Your Life (Part 1)

Whenever friends or family stop by my house or office, they remark on my crazy but amazing use of CALENDARS! In fact, several of them have recently started COPYING my style! XD

I'm basically a professional when it comes to having MULTIPLE wall calendars, digital calendars, alarm clocks, and reminders. I HAVE to be, in order to keep multiple businesses running and all the elements of my busy life spinning!

In this lecture I'll give my first set of tips on becoming a calendar-management wizard. Soon YOUR friends will be copying YOUR organizational systems too!

(Part 1 of 2 - look for Part 2 in the next section of the course)

Physical Planners and Multi-Calendar Tricks (Part 1)

For many of us, health, sleep, and fitness START getting pushed aside in high school.

It just gets WORSE through college, and then by the time working life starts we have TERRIBLE habits - and the long-term consequences can be dire.

In this lecture we'll cover why you simply can't afford NOT to spend time on your health and how it ACTUALLY makes you a more effective human being.

Don't worry - you don't have to become a professional athlete or a superhero. Let's talk about REALISTIC ways to get this square filled starting from an early age.

Health, Fitness, Sleep, and Time Management

In which we look closely at a few of my very favorite quotations on time management from famous and successful people :)

Preview 08:00

Did you know that if you read and learn from the TOP THREE books on a subject, you'll be in the TOP 10% of global experts in that field?

This lecture gives SIX of the best-ever time management books for readers of all ages.

It's important to remain a lifelong learner. Pick up ONE or MORE of the books on this list for additional reading and new insights into this subject matter.

The Best Books on Time Management (Part 1)

Review and test yourself on the details of section 2 of the course!

Review of Section 2: Timeless Time Management
8 questions
Time Management for High School Students
19 Lectures 03:49:44

Now that you're an expert in overall time management, the lessons about HIGH SCHOOL are going to make a lot more sense.

Once you know your top 1-5 priorities in life, or at least a clearer idea about them from the exercises in the previous section, you'll be ready to POWER UP your time in high school.

Some teens just DRIFT through high school, while others get WAY AHEAD during 9th-12th grade.

Everyone has the same four years in high school... what are you going to make out of YOURS?

Use Your Life Priorities to Power-Up Your Time in High School

(Part 2 of 2 - look for Part 1 in the previous section of the course)

In Part 1 of this lecture we covered my theories about cycles of life and levels of energy from the HOURLY to the YEARLY and LIFELONG levels.

Your high school years have a particular rhythm to their cycles - and the GOOD news is, these cycles are fairly PREDICTABLE and well-planned-out.

We'll cover HOW to use those predictable cycles to your advantage and dominate your academic competition while making life EASIER for yourself at the same time.

Creating Rhythm in Your Life (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2 - look for Part 1 in the previous section of the course)

In Part 1 I covered timeless approaches to using multiple planners and calendars to plan, monitor, and control your schedule.

Now we'll follow up that preliminary lesson and re-open the topic for the specific rhythms of HIGH SCHOOL.

Physical Planners and Multi-Calendar Tricks (Part 2)

Many high schoolers are AFRAID of taking notes, INTIMIDATED by how much work they seem like, or UNAWARE of how easy and helpful it is to take some simple notes on your readings and lectures.

Since going through college learned a lot about taking good notes to save myself time - and I STARTED as someone who HATED taking notes in high school!

Now I CONSTANTLY preach about the incredible uses of notes for my students and I take them myself as well.

These are my tips on using written notes to become a massively more impressive student in high school, college, and beyond.

Note-Taking and High School Time-Management

Flashcards may be OLD-SCHOOL, but when it comes to learning massive amounts of key information in a short time, they are better than anything else I've ever encountered.

I'm a pro with flashcards, so these are my tips on how you can make flashcards work for YOU.

The Art of Using Flashcards to Save Yourself Time

Over the years, I've developed a variety of big AND small homework tips for myself and my students.

This lecture has eight quick tips on managing your assignments that might not deserve their own complete lecture, but definitely belong in the course.

Advanced High-School Homework Tricks

One of the most important facets of your ability to WORK is the organization and setup of your WORKSPACE.

These are my pro tips on personalizing a flexible and effective work area that HELPS you get your homework and studying done, rather than hindering you.

Creating Your Physical Workspace

Technology is the ultimate double-edged sword of modern time management. It helps, it hurts, and everything in between.

In this lecture we cover the whole spectrum of technology usage in high school:

From the distractions and power of social media, to the ways high schoolers can use cheap hi-definition audio/video equipment, we talk about it all! No stone is left unturned as we break open the pros and cons of our personal technology use in the modern era.

Technology and Time Management for Students

When it comes to time management in school, there's virtually nothing that dominates the calendar more than end of term finals, major exams, and your biggest projects.

Your ability to predict and plan for these events, budget your energy, and make backup plans for disaster will see you SINK or SWIM in school!

In this lecture we cover strategies and tactics to get better grades and make major-assignment anxiety a distant memory.

Major Projects, Tests, and Finals

Review and test yourself on the first half of Section 3!

Section 3: Mid-Section Quiz
10 questions

SAT and ACT prep is subject near to my heart - after all, I'm a professional SAT tutor, with a perfect score, my own tutoring company, and invitations to teach worldwide. I've also produced two blogs, over three hundred articles, and five textbooks on the subject.

I can comfortably say there's NO ONE that can tell you more about SAT / ACT prep and planning than I can.

And, if you dominate your SAT/ACT testing, you'll have access to the BEST colleges and scholarships.

I'm not joking AT ALL when I say the info in this lecture has a lifetime value of $100,000 or more if you apply it. That's WHY I teach test prep; I know of the immense value that education holds to the families and students I work with.

In this lecture I'll share some of my BEST condensed advice for all high schoolers to find time for test prep, and specific approaches and strategies that will put you WAY ahead of your competition.

Preview 14:46

Getting into the best colleges and universities is, for many students, the WHOLE POINT of high school.

I don't disagree - your personal performance, attitude, activities, and choices in high school will LARGELY determine what colleges you can attend.

The college application process is TOUGH and the competition is FIERCE.

The college-application strategy and tactics in this lecture will put you FAR ahead of the competition, AND give you the crucial time you need in your schedule to do a great job.

If you do things right, you'll even have time to WIN SCHOLARSHIPS that massively reduce the cost of attending college.

I attended one of the top-10 most selective private colleges in the U.S. (Pomona College) so this advice is HARD-WON, direct, and honest!

Planning For College Apps and Deadlines

In many ways, the best parts of 9th-12th grade (and college) are what you do OUTSIDE of school!

Do you want to know how to pick activities that are FUN, COOL, and CHALLENGING?

Do you want to know how to win AUTHENTIC leadership positions in your clubs and teams?

Sports, fine arts, student government... we cover all this and more.

This lecture comes from a place of serious personal honesty - I failed to win leadership positions in high school (and I'll tell you exactly WHY in this lecture), but I easily succeeded in many leadership roles in college and after college.

So, I put a LOT of my personal experience and observations into this lecture and I know it will help you beef up your resume and find fulfilling pastimes, teams, and hobbies as a student and teenager.

Athletics, Extracurriculars and Leadership Positions

It's nothing personal, but teenagers are VERY susceptible to peer pressure and to changing the way they act based on their friends.

It's a normal part of growing up, but that DOESN'T mean you can afford to let it get out of control.

This lecture covers how to maintain a fun social life without letting peer pressure and dumb decisions get out of hand in a way that would hurt your college and career chances.

Social Life, Peer Pressure, and Time Management

Do study groups and partner study really work in high school?

What are the pros and cons of team studying, from a pro tutor's eyes?

There is definitely MERIT to group study, but there are just as many RISKS. Get the details in this lecture!

Study Partners and Study Groups: Do They Really Help?

How you spend your weekends is one of those things that separates TOP performers in school and life.

EVERYONE is at school Monday through Friday... but do you kick your feet up and relax as soon as school ends on Friday, and not think about school again until Monday morning?

Or, do you have a specific plan each weekend to have fun AND make progress towards your biggest goals?

This lecture covers what to do with your weekends in high school - theory AND practice.

What to Do With Your Weekends in High School

Amidst the busy rhythms of high school, break time and vacations are absolutely precious.

EACH school year, your breaks have different MEANING.

Spring break is VERY different for a Senior than for a Junior... same with Summer, Winter Break, and all the rest.

Sometimes you can relax, other times you MUST work to stay afloat - and sometimes it's a mix of work and play.

Get the details on how to spend your breaks and vacations to make sure you get closer to college with every holiday!

Making the Most of Your Breaks and Vacations

This lecture is for PARENTS who want to help their kids succeed (although students should watch it too!)

Where is the line drawn between being HELPFUL and being OVERBEARING?

How can you share your maturity and EXPERIENCE without sounding PREACHY or OLD-FASHIONED?

As an experienced tutor, I've found that almost every family WANTS to get along better, but miscommunications and competing priorities, along with a HUGE dose of stress from work and school, often cause tension throughout 9th-12th grade and beyond.

This lecture is all about being empathetic and understanding how we can AID our kids without CONTROLLING them.

How Parents Can Help High Schoolers Manage Time

(Part 2 of 2 - look for Part 1 in the previous section of the course)

In Part 1 I covered the top six timeless books by great authors on time management.

Now we'll follow up those six books with three more great books for time management aimed squarely towards teens and students!

The Best Books on Time Management (Part 2)

This incredibly-informative lecture is my attempt to pull back the curtain and give you a HUGE open window into college time management, studies, and lifestyle.

As a top student in high school and again at one of the BEST and most-selective colleges in the world, I've learned a TON of first-hand info about being a great student in college.

Use this lecture for a critical head start into the college race!

A Preview of College-Level Time Management

Review and test yourself on the details of the second half to Section 3!

Review of Section 3: Time Management for High School Students
9 questions
Conclusions and Course Review
3 Lectures 16:31

We've almost finished the complete course.

In this lecture, we'll carefully review the main themes and lessons of the course and make sure you didn't miss any key information.

WOW - almost done!

Review of Main Themes for High Schoolers

In this lecture, you'll learn exactly what to do next, now that this course is at an end.

Review your notes, take the quizzes, and complete the additional readings. Then, take action TODAY on your life goals, dreams, schoolwork, and time management strategies.

And... whether you're a teenager or parent, high schooler or college student... Be sure to find my other online courses and books, and sign up for more studies with me in the future!

Action Steps: What To Do Next

Now that you've finished the course, please make sure to leave a review and honest feedback in Udemy, and then contact me directly with your questions, comments, and suggestions for new courses!

Here are your options:

- Web (www.LovetheSAT.com)

- Email (Help@LovetheSAT.com)

- Facebook (www.Facebook.com/LovetheSAT)

- Twitter (@LovetheSAT)

Leave a Review / Contact Me!

Review and test yourself on the details of the Conclusion!

Review of Section 4: Conclusions
5 questions
About the Instructor
Christian Heath
4.0 Average rating
33 Reviews
3,383 Students
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Professional SAT / ACT Tutor and Educator

My name is Christian Heath - tutor, entrepreneur, and educator! Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about me and how my company and I might be able to help you.

I am a professional SAT and ACT prep tutor and founder and current manager of Love the SAT! Test Prep and College Consulting.

To tell you a quick bit about my background. Don't worry, I'll keep it relevant to you :)

After earning top-1% test scores on the SAT in high school, earning acceptance to and graduating with awards in 2009 from the highly-selective Pomona College (Claremont, CA) with a degree in Music, I became an AmeriCorps member and classroom teacher.

From there I took a chance and went solo - I taught myself to be an independent educator and entrepreneur by founding Love the SAT! as an SAT/ACT-specialized tutoring company in early 2011.

Our students, mostly high-school-aged, have earned hundreds of extra points on critical standardized tests by studying with us, and won acceptances into the most selective colleges and universities.

I'm very proud of the SAT, ACT, and college-acceptance results our local tutoring team has achieved, based on our intensive study of student and parent needs.

In response to requests and new ideas from customers and employees, our company has expanded from just SAT and ACT prep to include increasingly-popular services such as College Application Prep, College Counseling, Scholarship Counseling, and Life Coaching.

At all levels, I coach our tutoring team to focus attention on the difficult and stressful transition that families and students make from high school to college, and on to career and real-life success beyond school. That is our mission!

I am excited to use Udemy to offer premium-level expert instruction to a worldwide audience. This website provides a very powerful and useful platform for learning and teaching that I deeply admire and am excited to be a part of.