Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed In 30 Days
4.6 (89 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,263 students enrolled
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Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed In 30 Days

Learn The Strategies I Used To Double My Reading Speed In 30 Days, Practicing Just 15 Minutes A Day
4.6 (89 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,263 students enrolled
Created by Brandon Hakim
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to double or triple your reading speed in the next 30 days
  • Learn why we read slowly and what to do about it
  • Understand the difference between reading and practicing speed reading and when to do each
  • Be able to understand everything you read
  • Remember and memorize things you read
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  • A willingness to read every day
  • A deep desire to read a lot more books

QUESTION: Do you want to DOUBLE, even TRIPLE your reading speed in the next 30 days?

A month and a half ago, I created a reading course on How to Read 300 Non-Fiction Books This Year. I was blown away by the response. But there was one question I kept getting...

What about fiction?

Because that course is all about going through books to extract information from non-fiction books you can use in your life -- which means sometimes you'll be reading every word, sometimes you won't. But what about reading fiction books, or textbooks, or books you need to read every word in? Is there a system that works for that just as well as my system for non-fiction books?

So I spent a month going through every speed reading book, video and article to answer that question for my students. And in the process, after going through a lot of fluff in most other courses, came up with what I believe to be the simplest, most direct system to permanently doubling or tripling your reading speed in the next 30 days.

Although, you can take the techniques and instantly read more quickly, this is no magic pill. Because I'm more interested in teaching you the skill of speed reading which can last a lifetime, than teaching you to read just a little bit more quickly.

Inside, I'll show you why we read slowly, and exactly what to do about it. And if you really want to reach your maximum reading speed, it will take 15 minutes of practice every day. For that reason, this is not for everybody.

But if you are willing to put in a little bit of time every day for a month to benefit for years, here's exactly what we'll cover...

1. How to make sure you read every day

2. The 5 causes of slow reading we learned in school (and still do to this day)

3. How to cure all 5 causes of slow reading

4. The difference between reading and practicing speed reading -- and when to do each

5. The 4 stages of reading you'll have to go through from learning to read to becoming a speed reader

6. Four techniques you can use to reach your maximum reading potential

7. The secret to understanding everything you read

8. The two tools you can use to use to learn to read even faster in your spare time

9. And more...

There's no skill more valuable than reading. To learn to double, or even triple your reading speed in the next 30 days, click the "Take This Course" button in the top right. There's a 30 day money back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose, but a lifetime of faster reading to gain.

To your success,


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who sees the immense value of reading quickly
  • Anyone who is willing to put in 15 minutes a day for 30 days to master this skill
  • If you're looking for a quick trick to instantly become a speed reader, this course is NOT for you
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
The Double Your Reading Speed Framework
5 Lectures 19:40

In this lecture, we'll talk about how to get the most out of this course so you can double or triple your reading speed in the next 30 days. I wanted to keep this course as simple as possible so that it's easy for you to go through because that way you can spend more time practicing the techniques. In this video, I'll break down for you exactly how to go through it.

Preview 04:56

In this lecture, we talk about why a reading ritual is the key to practicing the techniques in this course and doubling or tripling your reading speed. You'll also learn about the 10/5/35 Solution, which you should do during your ritual to get the results.

The Most Important Reading Factor

In this lecture, we talk the 5 reasons we read slowly -- all of which are habits we learn in school. We then go into how to fix each one. In later lectures, you'll also see how each technique we talk about is specifically solving 3 or 4 of these at a time.

Preview 05:21

From the time we first learn to read to when we become a speed reader, we go through 4 specific stages. If you're reading in your native language, you are probably in stage 2. This course is about getting to stages 3 and 4. Knowing these stages takes off the pressure of just eliminating the voice in your head, which is the basis of fast reading.

From Beginner To Master Speed Reader

In this lecture, we talk about how to divide up your time reading and practicing speed reading. You'll see what the difference is between the two, why you need to do both, and when to do each.

It's All About Practice
The Double Your Reading Speed Action Plan
5 Lectures 10:45

This is the first technique to become faster reader. Using it will immediately make you a faster reader. But practice it for a week straight exactly how we talked about in earlier videos, and see what happens!

The First Technique to Faster Reading

This is the second technique to become a faster reader. Like all the other techniques in this course, it builds on the last. Practice it for a week, after doing technique 1 for a week, and you'll see you're already reading significantly faster than you were before!

The Second Technique to Faster Reading

This is the third technique to become a faster reader, and practicing it will give you another significant boost in your reading speed. I prove it to you in this video.

The Third Technique to Faster Reading

This is the fourth technique to faster reading. This technique instantly eliminates the tendency to re-read things unnecessarily and keeps you extra focused.

The Fourth Technique to Faster Reading

In this lecture, we kill the myth that it's impossible to understand certain things. We talk about why everything can be understood, and the one thing you should to do understand everything you read (and become a better reader at the same time).

The Secret To Understanding Everything You Read
Final Thoughts
1 Lecture 04:27

To me, reading isn't just something important. It's a vehicle to making our lives better, and ultimately, the world better. In this video I'll show you why, and I'll show you how to keep building on what you've already accomplished.

The Most Important Thing
Bonus 1: More Tools and Techniques to Read Even Faster
4 Lectures 09:40

If you want to take your speed to an even greater level, use this technique to get across each line and down the page in the most efficient way. This is the "ultimate" form of speed reading.

The Fifth Technique to Faster Reading

In this lecture, I'll share with you an eleven and half minute reading drill that is extremely powerful and will simultaneously make you a faster reader, and better at understanding what you read. I used to think it wasn't possible to do both at the same time, but this drill really covers both.

Try This Out

Tools aren't a substitute for practicing like we talk about in earlier lectures. But they can help.

In this lecture, we talk about two tools you can during your free time to fully reach your reading potential. Best part is...they're both free.

Resources for Faster Reading

The ultimate level of reading is to be able to see words as symbols that trigger images in your mind. In this lecture, we'll come full circle and talk about how you can develop this skill even more.

Visual Reading
Bonus 2: Become a Master Reader and Learner (and memorize anything)
4 Lectures 05:37

In this lecture, I share with you a simple thing you can do that takes all the pressure off reading, makes it more fun, and more importantly, makes it easier and faster. Make sure you do this every time before you start reading!

Make Reading Anything At Least Twice as Easy

In the above lectures, we've helped you get closer to your maximum reading speed. But the thing is, you shouldn't always use it. In this lecture we talk about what to do instead, and why.

Don't Speed Read Everything...Do This Instead

It blows my mind we're never taught how to learn in school. This is the simple secret to making learning effortless...

How To Learn Anything

In this lecture, we'll talk about how you can make anything -- even something you think you have no interest in -- interesting.

How To Make Anything You're Learning Interesting
Bonus 3: Videos from Become A Learing Machine for Nonfiction Reading
6 Lectures 14:01
Access The Read 300 Books Course

In this lecture, we'll talk about why reading isn't just a nicety, it's a must. I'll show you why reading is the key to your success, share with you what some of the world's most successful people say about the importance of reading (and how much they read) and show you one of my favorite videos about reading by Will Smith.

Why You Need to Become A Reading Machine

I used to think reading was just about getting smarter. But then, I started seeing a huge difference in my life that had nothing to do with the specifics of what I was reading, and I discovered that I couldn't be more wrong.

Reading isn't just about getting smarter -- it's also about "altitude" as Donald Trump calls it. And I think this benefit of reading is even more important than what you'll learn from the books you read.

The Hidden Benefit of Reading Most People Completely Miss

In school, we're taught to read so we can have an intelligent conversation about what we read. This couldn't be more wrong. You want your learning to lead to action. In this lecture, we'll talk about the huge difference between the two, and how to make sure you take advantage of this principle.

Change THIS...And Change How You Read Forever

In this lecture, we'll talk about why reading is like an interview, and why this will completely change how you read (and re-read) books.

The Interview

In this lecture, I'll share with you the specific advice I got that completely changed how I read overnight. It's another huge mindset shift you need to apply that I learned from a multi-millionaire guest speaker in one of my classes in college. I'm so lucky I went to class that night. It changed my life.

The Critical Mindset Shift
About the Instructor
Brandon Hakim
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7,016 Reviews
70,662 Students
11 Courses
Founder of InsiderSchool.com

I'm On A Quest To Give You The Education You'll Never Get In School.

The things that the world's highest achievers spent their entire lives discovering, that no professor or teacher will ever tell you.

Because when I was in college, I was mad. I’d just read a book and everything inside was the opposite of what I was learning in all my classes.

So I ran into the dean’s office and said "I'm literally learning more from the books I get on Amazon for five bucks than these classes that cost thousands of dollars each!"

And all she had to tell me is...they're working on it!

So when I walked out that day, I swore I’d teach myself the things I should have learned in school. And I started reading LOTS of books….now over a thousand on everything from meditation to making money. And I realized ONE BIG THING…

Everyone who’s excelled in any area of life knew things we’re never taught in school.

They were Insiders.

They discovered the truth about finding their purpose and creating a perfect vision to work towards. Or about motivation and productivity, financial freedom, having authentic relationships, changing the world, persuading people, learning incredibly quickly or celebrating their hundredth birthday still in perfect health.

Meanwhile in college we didn’t learn any of this stuff. Instead we’re forced to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to memorize facts so we could write them on a piece of paper.

So if you want to live a life miles beyond the “regular” life, you'll have to learn less from a classroom, and more from the people who have actually gotten the things you want.

And my goal on Udemy is to share with you how you can also Become A Learning Machine and to condense tens of thousands of pages of reading in different subjects to help you become way more productive and make a lasting impact on the world.