Ultimate Entrepreneurship Guide - Entrepreneurship Explained
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Ultimate Entrepreneurship Guide - Entrepreneurship Explained

The #1 Course for Entrepreneurs, Startup Secrets, Startup Pitches, Entrepreneurs Interviewed & Industry Spreadsheets
4.9 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,100 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • know how to write great business plans
  • market their products via top-down and bottom-up marketing approaches
  • pitch their startup properly in front of venture capitalists
  • be able to manage their own legal issues
  • know how to consult a lawyer
  • apply for venture capital
  • analyze and structure financial data
  • hire employees and acquire interns from universities
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Brian was a student of this class in 2016, he now built his own startup which received 700.000 USD in venture capital and is already selling products to China, India, Germany, Italy, Russia, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. Brian learned from this course how to build a startup company (consumer data generation, prototyping & mvp development, sales funnel management, top-down & bottom-up marketing channels etc.). Brian and I are now working together on a new venture. „Thank you so so much! This course changed my life - It was exactly what I needed!!! The course gave me the tools, knowledge, and motivation to make my dreams come true. And, guess what, my dreams came true! I normally don’t like buying Udemy courses but this course was seriously worth it! I can just recommend this course to anyone! Again, thank you so much for turning my life around“ (- Brian G., California, USA) 

„For years I wanted to build a startup but I just did not know how to... Leon’s course gave me the KNOWLEDGE & MOTIVATION to do so! I couldn’t be more thankful!!“

  • (Garbiele C., Rome, Italy) 


Leon Chaudhari is a 7-figure entrepreneur and award-winning inventor. He built import/export businesses, marketing businesses, other b2b and b2c businesses, an educational institute, a tablet computer business, a yoga company, a customer services business, and is currently managing a company worth 4.100.000USD

Chaudhari advised startup companies globally and helped them grow. In 2016, he made a 700% increase in sales for his clients and became one of the top selling single online entrepreneurs.

In this course, he will share with you all his knowledge. „It's my brain on paper“, as he calls his course! Together with Mr. Chaudhari, we are offering a free 24/7/365 support to all of your questions!

We will be your mentors for life, advising you on startup development, marketing, hiring, and many other aspects of entrepreneurship.


This course covers the following aspects of entrepreneurship: business development, hiring of interns + co-workers, b2b business opportunties, b2c business opportunities, low capital startups, top-down + bottom-up marketing approaches (Facebook, Snapchat, Quora, websites, Linkedin), mentality of startup founders, hustle & hard work, structuring financial data, generating and evaluating consumer data, supervising work, cheap office opportunities, venture capital and how to apply for it, startup pitching, writing business plans, profit sharing, hiring employees, legal issues, contracting, and many other aspects! 

This course is from beginner level - expert level. This is your chance to change your life like many of his other students did!

If you don’t like this course, YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK! 

Taking this course is 100% risk free! 

Who is the target audience?
  • hard-working people who are willing to give their best
  • people who believe in hustle and are not afraid of wanting to win
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Curriculum For This Course
113 Lectures
4 Lectures 06:31

Welcome to this course!


In this video, I will give you some information about who I am. 

Personal Information - Leon Chaudhari

How you can reach me. 

Free 24/7/365 Support
Entrepreneur Mindset
17 Lectures 51:46

In this video I will define business risk properly. 

Preview 02:51

How important is winning, what happens if you lose?

The Win/Loss Ratio

In this video, I am talking about the new startup generation and what's so wrong about it. 

The Startup Generation

Being self-aware is incredibly important if you want to become successful in business. 

Self-Awareness & Its Importance

No pain no gain - it's true for business as well. In this video, I will tell you what I mean by that. 

The Grinding Process

7 valuable advice for startup founders. 

Preview 03:37

You should be changing your environment, the environment should not change you. 

Changing Your Environment

I talked to many people over the years. Here is the one advice which I think is the most important one. 

The Most Important Business Advice Ever

99 out of 100 startups fail - here is why! 

The #1 Reason Why Most Startups Fail

Why should you build a startup? What does it mean to build a startup company? 

The Bottom Line of Building A Startup

There is nothing wrong about wanting to become rich. Let's talk about! 

Wanting To Become Rich & What's So Right About It

I lived in a poor and rich family - here is what I learned!

Poor Family, Rich Family

Personal failure can make you grow. Business failure will make you poor. 

Business Failure

Hustle is outdated. Here's the new bottom line of hard work. 

Working Hard & Smart - A New Approach

Users vs. Money - this article will help you understand how the startup industry currently works. 
Making Money vs. Users - And What Chronology Has To Do With It

Why is a business like a plant? In this video, I will show you what I mean. 

A Business Is Like A Plant

One question for the rest of your life...

One Question For The Rest Of Your Life
10 Secrets For Starting Off With Your First Startup
10 Lectures 30:28

Why you should build a low capital startup, and then a high risk startup. 

The Low Capital Startup Idea

The #1 reason why most startups are not being build. 

Starting Off - The Difference Between Your Success & Failure

Why should you go for venture capital? How can you use it? 

Basic Idea of Venture Capital

Your age is your weapon. Here is why. 

Using Your Age As Your Weapon

What is profit sharing? In this video we will cover the basics. 

Basics of Profit Sharing

You need to build a money making machine if you want to become successful in the startup industry. The earlier you build that money making machine, the better. 

The Money Making Machine

You need to make money - there is no way around that. Here is how to make money from day 1. 

Scaling Your Idea Or How To Make Money From Day 1

If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room. 

The Smartest Person In The Room

What is an accelerator? - let's talk about the basics! 

Using Accelerator Programs To Grow

Should you go for a mentor or just try to make it on your own? 

Startup Idea Generation - The Ultimate Guide
7 Lectures 24:42

What is a great startup idea? How is it being determined? 

What Makes A Great Startup Idea?

Here is how to come up with great ideas for your startup. 

How To Come Up With Great Startups Ideas

The 1% vs. 99%, here is which profitability models they are using. 

Understanding An Idea's Profitability Model

Here is how to determine your company's share in the sector. 

Market Sector Analysis - The Proper Way!

In this video, I am talking about the idea of scaling/expanding (with) your startup business. 

The Idea of Scaling

CASE EXAMPLE - Institute of Applied Education

Case Example: Institute of Applied Education

How to build an agency! 

Building Agencies
Evaluating Your Business Success/Failure Logically
7 Lectures 21:47

Why is honesty so important for businesses? 


What is the fundamental truth about your business - here is how it will help your business grow! 

The Fundamental Truth In Business

I had to make some harsh decisions over the years. This was probably one of the hardest ones...

Firing Your Business Partner

At some point it is time to stop. In this video I will talk about when to stop. 

Stopping When It's Time To Stop

"Never give up" is wrong. Here is why. 

"Never Give Up" - A Comment From The Instructor!

If you want to learn how to evaluate future risk properly, then watch this video. 

Evaluating Future Risk Properly

Failure is not a good thing. Don't let anyone tell you that. Here's how you should look at failure. 

Approaching Failure With The Right Attitude
Startup Pitching Masterclass
13 Lectures 38:17

How does a startup pitch work? 

The Procedure of A Startup Pitch

The first slide of a startup pitch. 


The second slide of a startup pitch. 

Defining The Problem

The third slide of a startup pitch. 

Finding A Solution To The Problem

The fourth slide of a startup pitch. 

Describing Your Product

The fifth slide of a startup pitch.

The Underlying Business Model

The sixth slide of a startup pitch. 

Product Marketing & Distribution

The seventh slide of a startup pitch. 

Competitive Analysis

The eight slide of a startup pitch. 

Team Management

The ninth slide of a startup pitch. 

Bottom Up Analysis

The tenth slide of a startup pitch. 

Achievements, State of Project & Usage of Venture Capital

How to find business angels on angels.co

Finding Business Angles With angel.co

Here are 10 secrets to give great speeches. 

FREE COURSE: 10 Secrets In Giving Great Speeches
Defining Your Business Success
4 Lectures 22:22

Here is how to define your business success.

Defining Business Success

Here is how to define your personal success.

Defining Your Personal Success

Success must be your obsession. Here is why. 

Success Must Be Your Obsession

Winning is very important - here is why. 

The Importance of Winning
Generating Consumer Data In Order To Validate Your Business Idea
8 Lectures 01:03:34

You need to know whether your product sells before you create it. 

Generating One-to-one Consumer Data

Here are 5 strategies to generate meaningful consumer data. 

Strategies #1 to #5 to Generate Meaningful Consumer Data

Here are 3 strategies to generate meaningful consumer data. 

Strategies #6 to #8 to Generate Meaningful Consumer Data

Here are 5 questions you should never ask when wanting to generate consumer data. 

5 Questions You Should Never Ask


Example #1 Mac Book Pro

Consumer data must be evaluated. Here's how to do it. 

Finding Conclusions From Generated Consumer Data (Part 1)

Consumer data must be evaluated. Here's how to do it. (Part 2)

Finding Conclusions From Generated Consumer Data (Part 2)

You should find the following conclusions from your consumer data. 

How To Structure Consumer Data Properly
Types of Businesses & Some Advice On Legal Issues
8 Lectures 27:05

In this video I am talking about how to build this type of business. 

Sole proprietorship

In this video I am talking about how to build this type of business.

General Partnership

In this video I am talking about how to build this type of business.

Limited Partnership

In this video I am talking about how to build this type of business.

Limited Liability Partnership

I want to look with you together at the website of the IRS in order to do some tax work. 

Help With Taxes

You will need money for your business. Here is how to come up with it. 

Coming Up With Sources of Money (Low Risk)

You want to build a startup? You will need money. Here's how to get it. 

Coming Up With Sources of Money (High Risk)

In this video, I want to share a couple of free business ideas with you!

Businesses That Don't Require Any Capital
Financial Data - Impress Venture Capitalists
5 Lectures 10:03

Showing financial data is extremely important if you want to get serious about applying for venture capital. 

Why Financial Data Is Important

Here are the kinds of financial data you should pay attention to. 

Which Kind of Financial Data You Should Show To Venture Capitalists

In this course we got two spreadsheets included. 

Spreadsheets Included In This Course - Instructor's Comment!

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