Ultimate Core Strength Made Easy
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Ultimate Core Strength Made Easy

Learn the proper way to strenghten your core without injury and as efficiently and effectively as possible.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
9 students enrolled
Created by Noah Krisch
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Strengthen and stabilize your core muscles from the inside out. The core is much more than just the "abs". We will show you amazing movements to strengthen and stabilize in all the right places safely and effectively.
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  • There is nothing else to download or learn prior to taking this course. We take you step by step through the process. A current physical is always recomended prior to starting any new exercise/movement routine.
  • Hello,

I am so excited to share with you these amazing techniques on strengthening your core all the way around the body. My goal is to help as meany people with these movements and principles and to help YOU have a super strong core from the inside out.

We are not just working "abs", this is a total body core strength course that will change the way you see your core and the way you workout.

You can expect to get results very quickly (2-4 weeks depending on the frequency of your core workouts) following the protocols and demos in the video. Using these techniques I have helped hundreds of clients get stronger in their core all around, improve posture, reduce or eliminate back pain, and increase proper posture and quality of life.

I have used these techniques with student athletes all the way up to 80 plus year young clients. If you are looking for movements that create stability, strength and a better quality of life, you have found it.

This is NOT a "lose weight quick" or "Get a 6-pack in 6 days" program. We are taking you through a very thorough program to build core strength from the inside out so you can live your life to the maximum and be as injury free as possibly in all your daily activities. Each workout can be added to our current routine or if you are just getting started use it as a stand alone workout.

This course is perfect to build a foundation starting from scratch and informative and challenging enough for verteran gym goers. Every client I have worked with using these movements and techniques has improved their workouts, running, posture, has had a reduction in joint, back, and knee pain, or if they were just getting started, build a super stable foundation for future goals such as losing weight, building more muscle, or even starting to compete for events such as running marathons.

The movements are very basic and easy enough for anyone to learn and do. We have made the videos as user friendly and professional as we can so getting going is simple yet effective.

I look forward to sharing this course with you and hearing how it has improved your life.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for newbies as well as those who have been around the gym for a while. You will learn new movements for strengthening your core 360 degrees around the body. If you have been around the gym for a while I this will help and add a valuable element to your current program and give you a perspective on what your routine should include to stay strong and injury free. This course is NOT for those who think they know it all. If you think you know it all and are fine with what you are doing, this course is not for you. If you are ready and willing to learn, to apply these amazing principles and movements to your life, we welcome you into the Ultimate Core Strength Made Easy family!
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Curriculum For This Course
30 Lectures
Introduction to Ultimate Core Strength Made Easy
2 Lectures 01:47

Intro to this amazing course! So glad you are with us!

Preview 01:33

Getting Started
2 Lectures 02:25

Always consult your physician or any other medical profeesional that you are working with before starting or changing any fitness routine. We want you to be as safe and healthy as possible.

Preview 00:31

There are a minimal amount of equipment needed for this. You can get these few items online for very nominal pricing.

Exercise Ball

Go Fit trigget point ball or "The Orb" trigger pint ball

Foam Roller

A band with enough resistance to do a proper row

Preview 01:54
Warm Ups
3 Lectures 15:02

Welcome to the program! It is imperitive that stretching is done prior to every workout. We are starting with these stretches because you are already on your feet. We are working from the top down.

Every stretch and foam rolling move should be held for 20-30 seconds. 30 seconds being optimal and preferred. Take your time. Taking time for stretching and rolling will serve you well during the workouts while also keeping your body flexible and mobile.


I heard another trainer say one time "foam rolling saved my life" - how true that is.

Foam rolling is an amazing way to help release tight muscles and correct muscle imbalances. If your Quads are a lot tighter than your I.T. Band then spend more time rolling out the tight spots in the quads. That goes for any muscle group that seems tighter than the others. These roller movements are the proper way to foam roll prior to and after the workout. You will be amazed at the difference in how you feel on a daily basis after releiving some of these tight areas.


Two more upper body stretches and we are almost there!

12 Lectures 27:45

Proper push up to add stability to the shoulders and strength to the chest muscles and total body work. To perform this properly you MUST activate the glutes, quads, and internal ab muscles by pulling the belly toward the spine as you exhale. those three areas should be engaged prior to bending the elbows and dong the push up.

For stability and muscle strength/endurance we use a 4 count.

4 second down (on the negative)

2 second hold at bottom position (eccentric)

1 second pushing up (concentric)

To get to the optimum number of push ups, our goal is 20 consecutive "slow" push ups. If you cannot complete one push up, just hold the push up position, squeeze the glutes, quads and pull the belly button in on the exhale. Hold that position for 4- 10 solid breaths.

Start with what you CAN do. If its one perfectly executed push up, that is great! Just do one and come back and do another later. Then another and so on until after a couple weeks you can do 10 or 15 proper push ups until you get to 20.

You can do it!

Preview 01:54

This plank is amazing. It only works properly if you activate (squeeze) the glutes, flex the quads, and pull the belly button in toward the spine activating the internal abs as you exhale. If you active those 3 mmuscle groups you will perform the plank properly keeping everything in line.


The side plank is one of the best exercises to help strengthen your core when done properly. lift the body up fast, hold for 2 sedonds and then lower the body down for a 4 second count. aim for 4-6 if you are just starting. If you are more advanced go for 12-15 slow count.


The Cobra is an excellent posture movement that needs to be done with precision. One mistake that a lot of my clients make initially is lifting their chest off the ground too far causing the low back to arch too much.

There should be minimal lift off the ground and the movement and contraction is at the shoulder blades in the upper back and the triceps. Always keeping the neck in a neutral position. Not lifting the head, and also not letting your head push forward to the floor. The spine should be in a nice neutral and natural relaxed (not tensed) position.


I love this exercise. It is great for shoulder stability and a true test of shoulder strength and endurance. This is also really great for improving and maintaining proper posture. This will also be a 4-2-1 count. one second on the way out hold for two with arms extended. Then lastly bring arms back to 90 degrees for the 4 count. You will be amazed at how many muscle groups this works when done properly. Love it!

Same with the Cobra- your neck should be in a natural, neutral position (not tense) and lined up properly with your spine. face is parallel to the floor not lifting the head up or letting it drop towards the floor either. Right i the middle neutral postion.

Preview 01:50

For this movement you want your palms directly below your shoulders, and knees directly below your hips. with a few inches in between your knees when they are both on the ground.

Raise the leg and arm at the same time and hold at the top for 2 seconds. Initially you might be a bit unsteady, but that is why we are doing this exercise - to work the stabilizer muscles along the spine and the internal abs as we exhale and hold the position. Do not hold your breath. Keep breathing throughout the exercise.

4-2-1 count is up for 1 second, hold at the top for 2, then down slow 4 seconds to resting position (hands and knees).


For this exercise we want to make sure we activate the back glute in the stagger stance position. When doing the more advanced movement on one leg - ensure you activate (squeeze) the quad, the glute muscle (that are planted on the floor), and pull the belly button in towards the spine on the exhale.


For this very technial movement, ensure you are squeezing the quad and glute in the resting position when the lifted leg is back to the neutral position.

We want to make sure that we turn on the hip and not just open the leg up. It is very challenging to get this right, but when you do it is very, very effective. You can do it! Follow the video for proper movement and to get it perfect for maximum effect on stability and hip/glute activation. When you do it right, you will feel it!


The ball curl movement is amazing as it works the low back, hip stability, leg stability, and hamstring strength/endurance.

The 4-2-1 count on this is 1 second curling the ball toward you. 2 second hold in the curl position. and 4 seconds releasing also known as the eccentric movement (straightening our legs back out so your body is straight and legs are not bent).


The simpleest and easiest is a simple hip thrust movement with both feet on the ground. If you can accomplish 20-25 of these easily, move on to the more advanced single leg hip thrust.

For the single leg hip thrust our goal is to do 12 each side perfectly. This will be an excellent low back strengthening and stabilizing move.


Toe (knee or shin) touches are amazing for leg, knee, hip, and ankle stability. This move should help you prevent many knee and ankle injuries over the long term.

The 4-2-1 count on this is 4 seconds on the way down, 2 second hold when knee is bend and one second on the way up.

Start with 8-12 reps on the same leg and then switch legs. the ultimate goal is to get to 20 on each leg with the slow 4-2-1 count.

Make sure that the hip move FIRST. the knee should not bend until right after your hips start to move out. it is just like you are going to sit in a chair leading with the hips followed by bending the knee, not allowing your knee to go over your toes...ever on this toe touch or any squat or lunge.


The Workouts
3 Lectures 11:12


4 Lectures 06:38



1 Lecture 01:20

I cannot express enough my gratitude for you participating in this series. My goal is to share this information with you to help you live a more stable, flexible, and mobile life in and outside of the gym.

Have a great day! Thank you!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns email me: trainwithpassion@gmail.com

Individual workouts for each day.
3 Lectures 02:50

This lecture will give you a 3 day plan for your movements in a way that works all muscle groups each day with a bit different focus each day.

Preview 00:39

This program is not primarily a lose weight program, but if you do want to lose a few pounds (of fat - not muscle) during the process the following is my recommendations.

What should I eat?

Here we go! Adding cardio - you can do a 21 day shred doing cardio in between the the sets of 4 movements from the videos. Do this program 4-6 times a week for 3-4 weeks and you should get amazing results.

3 day workout plan

Day 1:

Planks - 12

Single Leg Hip Thrust - 12

Push ups - 15-20

Toe Touches - 12

Cardio (Squats, Sumo Squats, Jump Squats, Forward Jumps, Lateral Jumps, Lunges, Jumping Lunges)

Pick one of the above and do 15-45 seconds depending on your fitness level.

Repeat the exercises and do the cardio in between the 4 movements and repeat 2-4 times. This will give you an amazing workout unparalleled to anything else you have ever done and it will create stability and flexibility all throughout the entire body.

Day 2:

Cobra - 12

Superman - 10-20 (We want perfect form - so only do as many as your proper form will allow).

Ball Curl -12-20 (20 is the end goal)

Single Leg Rotation - 12 - 15

Cardio (Squats, Sumo Squats, Jump Squats, Forward Jumps, Lateral Jumps, Lunges, Jumping Lunges)

Pick one of the above and do 15-45 seconds depending on your fitness level.

Day 3:

Side Plank - 12

Single Arm Single Leg Raise - 12

Perfect Squat - 15-20

Row - 12-20

Cardio (Squats, Sumo Squats, Jump Squats, Forward Jumps, Lateral Jumps, Lunges, Jumping Lunges)

Pick one of the above and do 15-45 seconds depending on your fitness level.

To workout 4, 5, or 6 days a week just rotate through the workouts above. So for a 6 day workout do day 1, 2, and 3 and then repeat.

21 Day Shred!
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Noah Krisch
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Noah has had a love for health, wellness, and fitness since 1996, and has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2007. Noah's fitness programs integrate the latest training science with personal experience which leads to creative and fun training sessions.

He is one of the elite trainers who understands not just the physical aspect of training, but also the mental and emotional dynamics behind the action. He works on the physical but also helps his clients break down those emotional walls that hold them back from being their best every day.

Noah is amazing at setting people at ease and is able to create a special balance of motivation, fun, and hard work to get his clients to their goals.

Noah has worked with a wide range of clients including pre-natal, stay at home moms, men who want to build strength and muscle, weekend warriors, teenage athletes, and pre and post surgery rehabilitation.

Noah specializes in joint mobility and joint pain relief by diagnosing and correcting muscle imbalances. He enjoys seeing those who train with him get the results they deserve safely and effectively.