Yoga Lifestyle Diet As Seen in VOGUE
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Yoga Lifestyle Diet As Seen in VOGUE

From Stressed to Relaxed in Less than 5 Min Daily
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6 students enrolled
Created by Jasmina Paul
Last updated 7/2015
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  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 16 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn your unique body type & predominant energy (“on the go”, fire / ambitious or stable / inert)
  • Learn how to balance your diet according to your body type
  • Gain a basic understanding of Auyrveda, the 5 Elements and Role of Each Element
  • Take a test to discover your dosha (body type)
  • Shed pounds with power flow yoga live studio practice with Jasmina Paul
  • Learn 3 powerful rejuvenation rituals that will improve health and overall body balance
  • Learn the link between Dosha imbalances and various types of health issues
  • Support your training with 30 easy and tasty vegetarian recipes
  • Learn 5 powerful Yoga routines that are going to balance each of your body's elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Space)
  • Release tension, headache and stress with 5 different breathing techniques
  • Combat any imbalance with 7 powerful detox tools
  • Learn essential tools for energy detox; learn how to get rid of negativity and dragging negative thoughts
  • Learn what is emotional intelligence and why it is important for mind-body balancing
  • Take a comprehensive test to evaluate your level of emotional intelligence
  • Use practical tools to boost your emotional quotient
  • Learn simple skills to enhance emotional intelligence and gain emotional health
  • Create your 1 hour day-to-day yoga lifestyle diet on the go plan
View Curriculum
  • You only need a mat (carpet will do!), comfi clothes, screen and relatively good speakers to follow the 5-module Yoga program. Effects in the videos cannot be compared to anything else available on the market. Our program is designed to engage all your senses, and this might be hard to achieve with other products you may have come across. Whilst any exercise program is excellent for body health, the uniqueness of our program is in its editing. All your senses will feel rejuvenated with nature sounds and special effects. Unlike any other video program this Ultimate Rejuvenation System targets your energetic centers directly, which will have a profound and lasting effect on your wellbeing and health.


Yoga Lifestyle is "inspirational wellbeing course" (Vogue Magazine 2015). It's like having "a celebrity health guru in your pocket!" (Cosmopolitan 2015).

Interested in all-inclusive mind body health approach? Here is the fact: when you increase your prana (or life force), you increase your manifestation, success and health power. Yoga Lifestyle with Jasmina Paul is creative, easy to use and effective tool for energy detox, emotional health & anti-aging.

What will you learn that will increase your life energy?

Are you putting out a lot of energy but not getting much in return? Your body needs movement of energy, especially if you are feeling tired, stuck, low or anxious more often than you'd like to admit to. This Program includes 5 Parts with 5 powerful wellbeing tools PLUS FREE BONUS books and videos that are created for your revitalization:

- Tool 1: Discover your unique body type with self-diagnosis questionnaire and learn Ayurveda essentials, and how this ancient medicine science can help you detox, boost your energy levels, and improve your health.

- Tool 2: Diet designed for your body type: adopt a balanced diet and learn simple, tasty recipes, suited for your body type. You will get Jasmina's downloadable book with 30 Mediterranean recipes Ayurveda style to support your training, along with daily calories intake.

- Tool 3: Energize with Yoga: Learn 5 powerful Yoga routines that are going to balance each of your body's elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space) by using movement and enhanced visual nature effects, taking you into the state of relaxation and positive energy.

- Tool 4: Breathing to calm your mind: take 5 different 3 min breaths to calm your mind and de-stress on a daily basis whenever you feel exhausted and need to slow down.

- Tool 5: Lifestyle for mind body health: learn simple daily rituals to detox your body and re-energize with ancient rejuvenation secrets.


- Energy Detox easy download book to get rid of old relationships debris and learn how to cleanse your energy on a daily basis

-Emotional Intelligence Test Book - learn 20 effective practical tools for improving your EQ and emotional health. Jasmina's tools are based on the method acting relaxation techniques, visualisations and research science.

- Jasmina's Live Studio Power Flow Yoga - exclusive link available to the Program members only.

How is the course structured?


  • You will discover your unique body type and the root behind many of the health imbalances you might be facing such as tiredness, skin problems, high/low blood pressure, arthritis, anxiety, depression, diabetes, back pain or digestion problems.
  • You will learn the secret of maintaining perfect balance of your body's elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space.
  • You have unique body energy that defines who you really are - on the go / calm; hyperactive / low energy; ambitious / couch potato; anxious / angry etc.
  • Take the quiz to pinpoint your body type and gain better self-awareness


  • Learn how to choose the right foods for your body type
  • Access 30 quick, easy and tasty Mediterranean-style Ayurveda recipes
  • BONUS: Additional 10 Tridoshic recipes, suitable for all body types


Why creative? This part will surprise you as Jasmina has introduced special visual effects to take you into the healing power of nature, with sounds, images and guided visualisation. You can take the entire practice in one go or do it daily, whatever feels good in your body:

Monday Workout: Power Yoga for Firm Legs & Thighs (10 min)

Tuesday Workout: Flow Yoga for Back Flexibility (10 min)

Wednesday Workout: Dynamic Pilates for Strong Abs (15 min)

Thursday Workout: Flow Yoga for Total Body Toning (10 min)

Friday Workout: Yoga Inversions for Stretching and Flexibility (15 min)

Plus Guided Relaxation Video for Saturday & Sunday.


Learn how to quickly calm your tensed body and mind with brief 3 min breaths:

1 Monday: Grounding Breath to Balance Your Energy

2 Tuesday: Alternate Nostril Breath to Balance Your Mind

3 Wednesday: Fire Breath to Remove Toxins and Improve Digestion

4 Thursday: Open Your Heart Breath for Love & Relationships

5 Friday: Cosmic Breath for Life Purpose and Connection


You need to make some lifestyle changes if you want to see results. This section will give you access to daily rituals you can easily use on the go.

  • Identify your toxin levels and learn 7 powerful detox tools
  • You will access ancient detox & rejuvenation daily rituals that you can easily do at your own home.



Why take this course?

Have you ever noticed how Universe doesn't understand word "try"? Energetically, when we are trying it's like saying oh I don't really mind in which direction my life, success or health goes. If you REALLY want to achieve health and success, in your heart you know that you need to apply a conscious effort and express firm desire. So why not show up for your health and energy? Jasmina's tools are easy to use on the go, all you need to do is choose 15-60 min workout for your day and select recipe / daily ritual to feel relaxed and energized.

Jasmina has literally worked with thousands of clients, while perfecting the Program. Most of her clients have reported clearing of old physical, emotional and/or energetic blockages, along with significant improvement in their overall health. Some didn't, it's true. But did they just "try" or did they actually implement the tools they've learnt? As you know, it takes conscious effort and commitment to achieve success. Don't just try, be committed. Why not take the first step to become co-creator of your own reality?

Jasmina is wholeheartedly committed to provide constant support and immediate feedback through direct email communication. You will also become part of a supportive community, where you will find a plethora of supporting materials - weekly free newsletters, special natural health product discounts, webinars, workshops, and other resources, meant to complement this course, and enhance your well-being.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for people of all ages looking to boost their health in a natural way, feel lighter with detox, tone their body, calm their mind, reverse aging, or simply feel energized. This course is especially suitable for you if you are a spiritual seeker wanting to feel closer to your life purpose and bring your mind, body & spirit into harmony.
  • Female entrepreneurs who wish to have easy to use, quick and effective natural tools to feel beautiful and healthy on the go
  • If you want to feel younger, healthier, more flexible, and entirely rejuvenated look no further. This course includes a full anti-aging and rejuvenation guide, as well as a 5-module Yoga course and a 5-part Breathing system. The combination of these gives a one-of-a-kind system that will boost your energy, naturally balance your body, reverse the effects of aging, alleviate stress, and improve any health issues you might be facing.
  • The course will benefit anyone, who often suffers from health issues like coughs, colds, back and neck pains, postural imbalances; the program can help improve the symptoms of diabetes and arthritis
  • This course is NOT suitable for someone, who wishes to be entirely reliant on pharmaceuticals to solve minor health imbalances like headaches, stress and other daily aches and pains that generally don't require medical intervention.
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
7 Lectures 10:54

Bok! (Hi in Croatian J)

Thank you for allowing me to share this course with you.

My name is Jasmina…

If you want to feel energized again, you have to remove old negative debris from your body that are no longer serving you. Your body holds memory of your old emotional hurts and traumas. I use yoga as a portal to open you up and release old habits. By shifting and moving your energy, you are then free to create and manifest your new reality.

You might be surprised to learn how many celebrities (including Jennifer Aniston and our Royal Family!) use Yoga and Ayurveda for natural detox and rejuvenation. I am not saying follow celebrities blindly but there is something about us humans that just feels right when we tap into the nature to find solutions for our mind body health, wouldn't you agree?

This Program is meant to re-establish the natural balance in your body and mind, while using easy to use natural tools that will soothe and heal you in a delicate, but profound way.

The one and only TRUTH is that your body can HEAL itself in a natural, balanced way. Let me show you how

Fire. Water. Earth. Space. Air

Believe it or not, These 5 elements are the building blocks for everything in existence. You, me and all, that surrounds us. They work in harmony to create the perfect balance. This balance is attained through varying degrees of each element. Understanding the composition, or which elements are more dominant within a person or environment is key. We are then able to determine what effect this will have and which physical or mental characteristics are likely to be exhibited. We can then work to increase the elements that will pull away from the destructive imbalance and move you into an elevated, synchronized state of being.

You Are What You Eat

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient sciences, and its methods have been proven to have powerful effects on one's body and mind. We are often driven by bad habits, formed by negligence; we've been drawn into society's common behaviours and rarely pay attention to the quality of food we consume. In reality, learning to recognize the body's signals and matching the foods we eat with our personality and emotional type will have a permanent, profound effect on our health and energy flow.

The Power Of The Breath

Breathing seems to be one of the most natural things in life, and yet most of us don't seem to do it right. Constant exposure to stress and irregular sleeping patterns have made our breathing shallow and scattered. We are totally unaware of one of our body's most important functions, which actually keeps us alive! Latest studies and research have demonstrated time and again that adopting a correct breathing pattern reduces anxiety, improves mental focus and athletic performance, helps control high blood pressure and has a positive effect on many other health problems.

Moving Your Body For Health

The positive effects of exercise have been demonstrated in a large number of studies. The mere construction of our bodies (muscles, joints, ligaments) is made for the purpose of being used on a regular basis. There are special movements that can help your body re-establish its inner balance and heal the destructive effects that you may have cause yourself from too much sitting, bad posture, or even overworking your muscles and joints with intense exercise.

The Ultimate Rejuvenation Program you are about to undertake covers ALL of these elements and brings you back to your natural healthy state FOR GOOD.

My Yoga Lifestyle Diet On The Go you are about to undertake covers ALL of these elements and brings you back to your natural healthy state.

Use this Program for at least 3 months on a daily basis. You know in your heart that every change requires conscious effort and commitment. However, the tools you'll be using are easy, fun and just feel good!

Send me an email to and let me know how you progress with the Program.

I'd love to hear from you!

With love,


Introduction - Welcome to the Course!

This part of the course will explain how to best use the Program in order to get the most benefits for your well-being.

The short video is meant to get you into the right state of mind, as it sets the tone of immersing yourself into the state of harmony and setting the intention to increase your health vibration

Introduction - How To Use The Awaken Your Energy Program

The lecture will set the grounds to this Ayurveda/Yoga/Pilates course, by giving you essential understanding about these ancient sciences. The 5 important facts you will learn about are:

1. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences

2. Ayurveda uses a 5-approach system to balance any body imbalances

3. Like everything in nature, our body consists of 5 elements

4. According to Ayurveda, our body has subtle energy channels, through which life-energy (prana) flows. When one of these channels is blocked, we experience physical or emotional discomfort.

5. Everything in Ayurveda revolves around digestive health.

Watch the video for a more detailed explanation of these important basic points to consider. They will be explored more profoundly in the upcoming lectures.

Preview 04:48

This lecture will give you the basic understanding of Ayurveda and its roots. It reveals my personal healing story with Ayurveda as well as covering key points as to why this ancient science has become a legit alternative to medicine treatment:

  • Why Ayurveda has been popular in the healthcare world for more than 5000 years
  • The two core principles that the Ayurvedic science is based on
  • How Ayurveda is able to treat all health issues
  • The four main Ayurvedic aspects that we must apply for living a healthy and happy life
What is Ayurveda: Ayurveda basics
9 pages

This lecture covers an introduction that will give you a good initial understanding of the 5 element theory:

  • The three phases of the lifecycle and how they relate to the 5 element theory
  • The role of each element and how it affects your body-health balance
  • The Ayurvedic concept about human composition
The 5 Elements Theory In Ayurveda
5 pages

This video elaborates on what you have just learned about the 5 elements in Ayurveda

The five elements are related to the five senses - hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell.

They also affect our vital organs.

Air element can affect lungs.

Fire can affect digestion.

Space can affect thyroid.

Earth can affect muscles and skin

The 5 Element Theory Applied To Your Health

Lecture no 3 will get you acquainted with the 3 body/dosha types. You will learn all about the three Ayurvedic Doshas and how your dietary and workout needs and personality vary with your predominant Dosha:

  • What are doshas, why they are important and how they relate to different body imbalances / health issues
  • The function of each dosha/body type
  • The role of each dosha's balance in your body
  • What an imbalance in each dosha/body type leads to in terms of health issues

You will also learn about the characteristics of each dosha type, namely:

  • Personal traits
  • Physical appearance
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Temper
  • Psychology
  • Health concerns

After you have learned all about the different dosha/body types, you should take the provided quizz to correctly determine your dosha type.

Discover Your Unique Body Element: "on the go", fire or earth
7 pages

Take this quiz as soon as you have covered Section 1 of the course. It will test your knowledge to make sure you have remembered core elements, the understanding of which is essential to enabling you to apply and enforce the knowledge provided in the next sections of the course.<br>

Ayurveda Basics & Keys To Health and Rejuvenation
18 questions
Diet for Your Body Type
6 Lectures 09:26

In this lecture you will learn about the relation between your diet and dosha (body) type. It will help you determine the right food for you for maintaining optimal health without the need of a dietitian or complicated guesswork. The lecture will cover:

  • Balanced diet for Vata

- Avoid starchy, oily and dry foods

- Include warm soups

- Vata types can eat sweet and salty foods, however foods that taste sour or bitter should be avoided.

  • Balanced diet for Pitta

- Must avoid hot spices

- Can enjoy a wide range of sweet and seasonal fruits like cherries, coconuts, oranges, melons, plums and grapes.

- Avoid wild berries and sour fruits like grapefruits

  • Balanced diet for Kapha

- Need warm food to keep their body active

- Must avoid foods that take time to digest

- Can benefit from a wide range of vegetables including cucumbers, leafy vegetables and celery

Balance Your Diet, Balance Your Body
8 pages

In this lecture, you will have an easily accessible quick list of recommended foods for every Dosha/body type. It's in table format, so that you can refer to it when planning your meals.

  • Pitta Dosha

- Prefer sweet, mild to moderate bitter and astringent foods

- Avoid extremely spicy and warm foods, salty taste and citrus acidic foods

  • Vata Dosha

- Prefer sweet, sour and salty tastes

- Avoid pungent, extremely bitter and astringent tastes

  • Kapha Dosha

- Prefer hot spicy, astringent and bitter tastes

- Avoid sweet, extremely salty and sour tastes

For each Dosha, you will also learn which types of grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy, sweeteners, oils, and spices to consume.

7 Recommended Foods For Your Body Type
7 pages

This lecture is composed of a carefully selected group of recipes that aim to help you:

  • Detox your body;
  • Nourish it; and
  • Rejuvenate its Energy.

There are a total of 30 recipes included, with 10 each for detox, nourishment, and for energy. The diet is aimed to support yoga and fitness training and all of the recipes can be done in under an hour.

The recipes are extremely useful for those who wish to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated within their bodies, and for those people who then wish to nourish their body with healthier food options in order to gain the energy they always felt was lacking. This section of the course follows a detox – nourish – energize approach to first flush the body of all harmful substances, nourish it, and then energize it to restore optimal balance.

Emphasis has been given to vegetarian diets as cleansing is faster while bodies feel greater energy as a result of consuming vegetarian food.

The recipes are quite easy to make and will yield positive results very quickly!

30 Ayurvedic Mediterranean-Style Recipes To Detox, Nourish, Energize
35 pages

In this section, you will learn some easy Ayurvedic ways to revitalize your body. The good thing about these recipes is that they are tridoshic. It means that they can provide you complete nutrition, no matter what your body Dosha is.You will learn to cook the following recipes:

  1. Chickpea Salad with Coconut Rice
  2. Seasoned Cheesy Spinach
  3. Tangy Mango Rice
  4. Nutty Date Cake
  5. Sizzling Baked Ladyfinger
  6. Baked Potato with Yogurt Gravy
  7. Lentil and Pearl Barley Soup
  8. Rice Flour Pancakes
  9. Grilled Cauliflower
  10. Tridoshic Vegetable Curry
  11. Tridoshic Ayurvedic Tea
FREE BONUS: 10 MORE Tasty Vegetarian Recipes To Support Your Training
14 pages

Having learned the principles on how to nourish your body for your body type, this lecture will provide you with simple yoga poses you can use daily in order to improve your digestion and inflame your digestive fire for effective elimination of toxins in your body.

Preview 09:26

These are your practice activity sheets for the first section of the course. They are meant to help you put your knowledge into practice by providing you with actionable items for each day of the week.

Print these sheets, log your food for each day of the week and follow the recommended recipes to start your body transformation.

Practice Activity: Print and follow these 7-day Action Plan Sheets
49 pages
Your Yoga Practice
7 Lectures 01:02:29

Use this Earth Yoga Practice on the first day of your first week of your mind/body transformation. Please refer to the Practice Sheets in the end of Section 3, which will give further detail on how to use the video for maximum results.

Balancing the Earth element will give you a new sense of strength and stability - both on the physical and mental aspects of life. Getting grounded will help you elicit the restorative elements of Earth, which will give you a new sense of support in everything you do.

Yoga Practice - Earth

Use this Water Yoga Practice on the second day of your first week of your mind/body transformation. Please refer to the Practice Sheets in the end of Section 3, which will give further detail on how to use the video for maximum results.

Balancing the water element will give you the fluidness and flexibility you need to face life's challenges. Since water is also an integral component of the creation of life, it has powerful rejuvenation and healing properties.

Fluid movements will guide you into optimising your water element. You will transition from each frame, sinuously allowing your body and its joints to move freely, without constraint or hesitation.

You will feel refreshed and tune into your creative forces. This will enable you to have more flexible approach to life and “go with the flow”. The deep waters of our consciousness have the highest healing powers and allow us to feel at peace.

Yoga Practice - Water

Use this Fire Yoga Practice on the third day of your first week of your mind/body transformation. Please refer to the Practice Sheets in the end of Section 3, which will give further detail on how to use the video for maximum results.

The fire element has a strong purifying property, which will activate a powerful detox process. This part of the program will balance your digestive fire (Ama), which will cleanse and rejuvenate the body. You will also find it easier to release negative thoughts and unnecessary emotional baggage.

The energy flow of your body will be rechanneled. Muscles that are not regularly activated will be awakened and grip towards the bones. They will be used accurately in combination with others, creating an even flow of heat throughout your whole being. Your core will be strengthened and the production of energy from inside out will engage a full diaphragmatic inhalation.

With a now balanced fire element, you will confidently take on challenges and adventures and ambitiously fight for the things you believe in. This awakened awareness will put you in touch with your inner power.

Yoga Practice - Fire

Use this Air Yoga Practice on the fourth day of your first week of your mind/body transformation. Please refer to the Practice Sheets in the end of Section 3, which will give further detail on how to use the video for maximum results.

By balancing the air element, you will restore the proper functioning of the body's energy centres (chakras), which will be experienced as a powerful mind and body revival.

There will be mindful movement that allows your body to move calmly but steadily will enter you into a balanced state. A deep mental engagement along with smooth breathing will create an air of lightness. This will increase oxygen intake and the removal of toxins.

Now with a balanced air you with will know when and how to remove yourself from situations or events that require such a response. You will feel more compassionate and open to positive, healthy relationships.

Yoga Practice - Air

Use this Space YogaPractice on the fifth day of your first week of your mind/body transformation. Please refer to the Practice Sheets in the end of Section 3, which will give further detail on how to use the video for maximum results.

Space is vital for spiritual growth, to advance mindfulness and restore ourselves. It is connected to hearing, as awareness is essentially the aptitude to recognise the voice of your body.

Mindfulness is obtained through a one very undermined movement in your practice, stillness. Your mind and body will experience moments of stillness to absorb and appreciate the present. The beauty and significance it produces. You will work to relax the neck and opening of your higher energetic centers (throat, mind's eye and crown).

With a balanced Space element you will acknowledge things as a whole and make decisive moves in line with your soul's purpose. You will have an elevated sense of intuitiveness and feel more connected with universal forces.

Yoga Practice - Space

This video is meant to calm your mind and help you slow down. It is a short chill out practice to use on your rest days.

BONUS: Relaxation

Use the printable sheets in this practice activity for one full week, in which we introduce new physical activity habits.

For each day, you will have a guided yoga practice, aimed to balance each of the body's 5 elements you learned about in Section 1 of the course. These are printable 'cheat sheets', guiding you to make the most out of them by pointing your awareness to the different body parts that need to be brought into harmony with each Earth element.

Practice Activity: Print and follow these Yoga Practice Action Sheets
9 pages
Breathing To Calm Your Mind
2 Lectures 14:34

This is a 5-part guided breathing program that will help you balance your mind through re-connecting with nature and taking control of your life. The program also includes affirmations, helping you become at one with your inner awareness while activating the inner healer and starting to burn inner toxins.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and stay away from possible distractions in order to make the most out of this video.

Complete 5-Part Breathing Program

Proceeding into the second week of your body/mind transformation, please print these practice sheets that accompany your breathing practice.Continue applying the healthy eating rules we introduced in Week 1 and
doing your daily Yoga Practice videos. Now we will be adding breathing and detox/rejuventation rituals to your daily routine to speed up your progress. For the full daily program, please print the practice sheets provided in
the end of Section 5.

Print These Practice Sheets Accompanying Your Breathing Program
6 pages
Lifestyle for Mind Body Health
4 Lectures 00:00
Ayurveda gives high importance to the presence and elimination of toxins within the body, as they hinder our inner balance. In this lecture you will learn about AGNI (digestive fire) and AMA (toxins


You will learn about

  • General signs of increased AMA levels in the body
  • How you can perform a simple detox at home

- Fasting

-Abdominal massage

- Breathing

- Triphala and more

  • Other health tips to keep a check on your AMA levels
  • Which are the food combinations to avoid
Identify your toxin levels & learn 7 new detox tools
2 pages

Towards the end of this course, you are going to master some simple Ayurvedic practices that can improve your health to a significant extent.

  • A list of pressure points in our body, which need to be massaged daily to clear blockages and ensure proper flow of energy
  • The correct technique to perform self massage
  • Daily routine for a proper functioning digestive system
  • Daily care of your sensory organs
  • Additional health tips, tailored to each dosha/body type
  • The “2 Constitutions” Theory

- Prakriti – The Basic Body Constitution

- Vikriti – The Current Body Constitution

- How to Determine Your Prakriti

Ancient Rejuvenation Rituals
6 pages

In the next 7 days, we will be adding an extra 30mins to your daily practices that will help you calm your mind, control your negative thoughts and emotions, and further improve your physical condition. The extra time you will be dedicating will certainly pay off with increased productivity, improved sleep patterns, and lowered levels of stress.

Print and follow these practice sheets in order to put into action the knowledge and materials provided in Sections 4 and 5 of the course

Print these Practice Activity Sheets for Sections 4 & 5
14 pages

This final lecture wraps up the main goal of this course - which is to provide you with a complete natural solution for all your health and diet goals and needs. It raises a few final questions to boost your motivation to stick to this program and reap its fruits through consistency and perseverance.

What is your goal?
2 pages
Your Gift Resources For Emotional Health
3 Lectures 05:49


These are some powerful practices you can add to your daily routine once you've mastered the previous sections of the course.

We will go through each step that has to be taken into account when increasing your health vibration.

Balance Your Energy Ebook
29 pages

This is a free video to complement some of the practices taught in the 'Balance Your Energy Ebook' you can find in the previous lecture.

Negative Emotions Detox

Emotional intelligence has a direct impact on a person's emotional health.

The purpose of this book is to highlight the importance of emotional intelligence as a factor that contributes significantly to personal and professional success.

  • The first chapter will focus on explaining what emotional intelligence is and why it is important.
  • The second chapter shifts focus to compare the difference between intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence. For long, the former has been considered to be the sole indicator of intelligence.
  • As you move on to the third chapter, you will get an opportunity to perform a self-test to identify your own emotional intelligence level through a practical emotional intelligence test. Identifying your EI level is the first step towards improving it.
  • Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is a characteristic that can be enhanced in an individual. The fourth chapter will explain 20 practical and effective ways to help you improve your emotional intelligence, the result of which will be quite evident in both your personal and professional lives.
Emotional Intelligence Test Ebook
41 pages
About the Instructor
Jasmina Paul
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6 Students
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CEO & Founder of Wellness TV


Jasmina is the CEO & founder of Wellness TV and creator of Yoga Lifestyle. After becoming a corporate attorney, her fast-paced life left her feeling burnt out, anxious, and unwell. A cancer scare was the “wake up call” that it took for her to finally change her lifestyle and specialize in natural health methods.

Elle Magazine describes Jasmina's Yoga Lifestyle program as having a “celebrity health expert in your pocket”.

Doctoral Researcher in Psychology - Emotional Intelligence, Jasmina authored multiple books on health and wellness topics.

Jasmina is Personal Trainer for Fortune 500 companies. Her yoga and pilates classes are featured in Vogue’s Fitness Diary – Top Classes in London, UK.

"When your body, mind & soul are healthy and harmonious, you will bring health and harmony to those around you..." B.K.S. Iyengar

Jasmina believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy, balanced body. In her words, Universe doesn't understand word TRY. Health (or anything else worth pursuing) requires conscious decision & effort.

REMEMBER: If, at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are OLD. If, at 60, you are supple and strong, you are YOUNG. Pilates J.