Ukulele 3: Intermediate
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Ukulele 3: Intermediate

Ukulele 3: Keys, Chords and songs
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4 students enrolled
Created by Michelle Daley
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have built on their chord and strumming skills to a greater level.
  • pdfs of songs that are played to sing along to in the key.
  • Websites shown to find chorded songs
  • Hopefully begin creating their own songs with the simple chord progressions.
  • Have more fun with singing songs alongside the videos
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  • Prefer to have learnt Ukulele 2 for chord shapes but they are shown here
  • Have a ukulele and tuner or tuner app to help.
  • Have a tuned ukulele
  • Must enjoy music on string instruments even if alone in their enjoyment.

This course is a growing knowledge of playing the ukulele and in various keys. This course is valuable to be able to play any song you like in the chords that suit your voice or group playing. If you would like a chord chart to stick on the back of your ukulele for quick reminding, please ask. Stick it on with artist tape. It doesn't mark your instrument. 

I have many one chord tutoring on this course as well. F, C, C7, Cmaj, Am, A7. These are easy to teach your young children how to play a song while strumming up and down or just down strokes. Have fun. You can become a tutor too. Keep it simple and try new strumming patterns.

It is to increase the knowledge of my students who have achieved Ukulele 2 and includes more songs and places to find many more. The same materials are needed for playing. Maybe a printer to download songs and play. The course can be run through quickly then taken in bites at a time.

The course is structured in the various keys of music. A, C, D, F, G. The chord of E is sometimes quite difficult for some players. The chord of Bb is easier to manage if the ukulele is held up and slightly slanted toward you so the fingers are pointing downward to achieve the first finger pressing on the two bottom strings together.   These keys of music which are groups of 3-6 such as C Dm Em F G7 Am are taught. Most use only up to 5. to transpose a song is something we will learn at another stage.  More lessons are going up in different keys in the next months. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Musicians who are familiar with a stringed instrument
  • Upskill learning for ukulele friends
  • Student musicians who want to play in their local ukulele group.
  • Maybe you want to create your own ukulele group among your friends
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Curriculum For This Course
songs for ukulele in 7 days
2 Lectures 08:39

Some of these songs are very simple that you will know, to begin with, to learn the chords and the smoothness of changing chords.

Changing chords fast is a skill that comes over time, so don't worry about the simpleness of these songs. I will interdisperse quicker changing chords in the course so you understand. More skilled songs include the faster changing of chords and other chords in the Scales of these Keys.

Then we will progress to more interesting and complicated playing.

If you have any you'd like transposed then let me know. My published Amazon book is in Ukulele 2.

Please leave a review for other students. If you have any problems please let me know and I'll try and fix it first.

Preview 02:12

Major Keys C - Pentatonic Scale
6 Lectures 20:41

Try out these two chords in this very simple song then go on to add another chord for the next song. A simple  Down Up DU strum.

Key C - C and G7 pay me

This quiz contains questions to name chords in the key of C
1 question

This is another example of playing in C & G7.  

  1. Row Row Row Your Boat
  2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  3. Buffalo Gals
  4. Banana Boat Song
  5. The More We Get Together
  6. Skip To My Lou
  7. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
  8. Simple Gifts
  9. Clementine
  10. Jambalaya
  11. Iko Iko
  12. Polly Wolly Doodle
  13. Singin' In The Rain
  14. Taps

In the key of C, the two chords would be C and G7. In the key of F, the two chords would be F and C7. 

Key of C & G7 2 chord song Laredo

This is a two chord song using the major chords of C and  G7. You can try it using G and see how you like it. Either the major G or the seventh can be used.

Lecture 3 Key of C and G7 2 chord song Jambalalya


This quiz contains questions to name notes in a chord
1 question

Key C F G7: Gospel Happy Birthday 3 chords


This quiz contains questions to name notes in a chord
1 question

This song has a quite nice progression. it's a simple 4/4 song using C G C G C ending C7 and played with a moderate beat. 

Chorus is  C F C G C  [C7 if it suits you] it does rise nicely on this chord.  The verse has an F chord. 

The sheet music is purchased at  it uses a G7 in this sheet music instead of the Gmajor. 

Key of C: G F C7 | 4 chord song Dance with you


This quiz contains questions to name notes in a chord
1 question

It says 6 chords but is only 5. Progression is seen in this song. C Am F G7 is repeated through the song. So practice these stepping patterns to make it easy to co-ordinate. Of course F will stay the first finger and move to G7, then third finger will stay put to play C, Then second finger will move up to Am which the first finger will be placed for the F chord. You can see the loop movement of these chords.  Practice this stepping movement motion. So some fingers will not move for some chord making. Enjoy and don't get confused. Just ask. Take care. God Bless

Here is a medley song book on the web with this progression.

Key C Am F G7 Dm 5 Chords including new minors - flowers


This quiz contains questions to name another chords in the key of C
1 question

Chord substitution

1 question
Major Key in G
1 Lecture 05:52

Become familiar with the Chords G and adding G7. Rule of two chords, if it doesn't sound like the one you are using, then try the other one.   Try out the Jambalaya song in this key.

Preview 05:52

Can you recognize the chords in the Key of G?

Key of G
1 question
Transposing songs made easy
2 Lectures 00:36

Learning Objective: Understand the Nashville Numbering System.  In the beginning while you are learning. You could write the Key Chart system on a post it note and place it on your song sheet to become used to it. Otherwise just print out your songs in the key you prefer.

Transposing song chord sheet.

Transpose chords in a song

1 question

It's the end of this Level 3 Congratulations: Positive Review Time. Thanks.
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