Ukulele 2 : Level 1 KEY OF C AND STRUMS
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Ukulele 2 : Level 1 KEY OF C AND STRUMS

Strumming and learning the Keys and Chords are here
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
29 students enrolled
Created by Michelle Daley
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Introduction and Topics covered
  • Fretboard and dots
  • Simple Chord Structure
  • Simple strum for C chord
  • Simple songs in Key of C with G7
  • Strumming examples
  • Chords of F & Am
  • Time Signatures
  • Rhythm
  • Calypso Strum
  • Two chord song list
  • C G7 and finger placement
  • Additional chords in the key of C
  • Stepping patterns for Chord shapes – Make your changing faster.
  • Skill Checklist
  • More songs in C.
  • Blues Backing track in C for private use.
  • Blues structure for Ukulele
  • Key Chord Chart Nashville Numbering System
  • Where to go from here.
  • Two chord songs popular, childrens and adult
  • Playing the Ukulele published e-book version.
  • Taumarunui Ukulele Club Blog post on Google
View Curriculum
  • Materials needed: a tuned ukulele, tuner. Decide what size ukulele you wish to play. Ensure it is of a good quality to ensure a reliable tuned instrument.
  • Find a song you really wish to play.
  • Post the Song lyrics and chords for any help needed.
  • “Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.” by Brain Pickings

Ukulele 2: Builds on from the Beginning Ukulele.

In this online ukulele group you will learn to play ukulele so you can feel comfortable when you join a local group or play alone or begin to learn to entertain. The person taking this course is brave to learn a new instrument or will become brave as they continue to learn. You don't have to sing but play along to music.

What the course is about.

Fretboard and Dots, Simple Chord Structure, Simple strum for C chord

Simple songs in Key of C with G7, Strumming examples, Chords of F and Am

Time Signatures, Rhythm, Calypso Strum, Two Chord song list

C G7 and finger placement, Additional chords in the key of C

Stepping patterns for Chord shapes – Make your changing faster.

SkillChecklist, More songs in C, Blues Backing track in C for private use.

Blues structure for Ukulele

The checklist is so you have something to tick off and know what you have learnt. This is to ensure that when you finish the course you are sure what you have learnt, and feel proud of your achievements.

The terminology is included as you learn that follows along regular music names such as the Key of a song, chords, notes, lyrics, fretboard, frets, strum names etc.

The materials included are many pdfs to download which involve songs and chord shapes for your resource folder.

I wouldn't hurry the course but plod along as you see fit. Don't forget you are learning so 15 minutes a day is easy enough and will ensure your fingers learn well as well as the pathways in your brain.

The course is structured in video lectures and pdfs attached. There are some websites to look at, these are no cost. The downloads are so you can print them off and keep in a resource folder for you to use when you are not on the internet. These can also be shared for educational purposes. All music is copyrighted to the public domain or the writer. The pdf's are not for sale, they are given for additional educational purposes. If you are looking for a particular song with chords, I can usually source the song, so please ask if you have a special request.

Why should you take this course: To learn ukulele and have fun. You will grow in your music literacy. There is a book available on Amazon called Playing the Ukulele by Michelle Daley, if you wish to purchase this in kindle form. This book fits with the first two courses. Good luck and happy playing. Keep on keeping on.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students need a tuned Ukulele and Tuner. The course is open for anyone with a desire to learn to play this instrument as a beginner or refresher.
  • Most new students are all fingers and thumbs, this is normal. Begin to foot tap to improve your timing
  • Those who want to benefit their brain see Anita Collins TED ED.
  • Someone starting on music and wants It's mainly practical.
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Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Introduction to Ukulele 2
1 Lecture 03:44

Ukulele 2 is about welcoming you and hoping you will share your profile with me so I can get to know you and your growth in the course. if you have achieved Ukulele 1 for the Beginner first then a big Congratulations and you have set yourself up for success. Learn simply and slowly, don't hurry it, we don't want to learn bad habits. Take it slow and do it right and you will eventually be surprised at your success. Keep on keeping on. Welcome.

this is a must watch

Anita Collins on How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins. You are on the right track for good health.Yahoo. 

Preview 03:44
2 Lectures 03:35

Learn the fretboard and the dots on the side.

The ukulele fretboard is divided and strings are tuned into the G6 tuning.

So chords are made by pressing fingers on the strings between each fret.

Download the pdf will show you the notes on the fretboard with open and closed strings.

Preview 03:35

You will learn the placement of your fingers and how to read chords for Ukulele music.

Ensure that you place your fingers in the correct positions as further on you will need easy ways to pattern music and move easily and quickly from chord to chord in sheet music.

Learning to read ukulele music
1 page
Learning Objectives: Learn Chord Structure
2 Lectures 04:56

Image of the chord placement on the fret board.

Preview 04:56

Frere Jacques copy

Section 3 songs Frere Jacques copy of above if Pdf not working
Strumming and how to play songs
5 Lectures 17:59

L4: To learn a simple lullaby and the C and Fadd9 single chord notes and strum. The simple lullbaby is frère Jacques and Brother John. This will allow you to become familiar with the C progression from C to CMajor and C7 as well as the one note Fadd9 which can be used as and alternative to the two finger F chord. Fadd9 is the beginning of color notes. The C chord uses the pinky or 3rd finger and the Fadd9 uses the first pointy finger. The double finger F chord uses the 2nd finger.

Objective: Simple Strum for C chord

This is the standard Strum. up down up down, up down, up down. this can be played at whatever speed - tempo - you feel your song is capable of.

Strumming examples

LO: To learn the Calypso Strum

DD UU DU, is the strum you need to learn for 4/4 timing. It is an adaptable and favorite strum that many players use.

Preview 02:56

Two chord song. Easy play C and G7. Enjoy.

If you don't know the song, it is on UTUBE

Banana Boat Song C and G7

Two chord song in C and G7

Skip to my Lou in C and G7
The Chords of F and Am
3 Lectures 12:47

New chords added to the first song and another added for learning

Objective: Chords of F and Am

Small fun test for you and your ukulele and identify the chords and say them as you pattern them with your fingers. Try it out first and listen to the sounds each chord makes.

Preview 1 page

Objective: Putting the Chord and Strum together.

Objective: Simple Songs in F and Am
Rhythm and Timing
3 Lectures 06:54

Time signatures for the correct beat for songs.

Preview 06:54

2/4 timing is Twinkle Twinkle litt le star. A marching beat. Hup 2 three 4.
Rhythm 3/4, 2/4 and 4/4 Strum
2 pages

Take a Break and write a Review.
1 page
Two Chord Songs getting ready for Ukulele 3
5 Lectures 01:21

Frere Jacques, I hear thunder,

Two chord song Frere
1 page

Key C: F G7. Clementine and Tom Dooley - chorus and 1 verse attached.

Two, Three and Four chord songs. these can be found on the internet and I can send websites to collect these. They are copyrighted but many are in the public domain.

Two and Three Chord Songs Clementine Tom Dooley
1 page

Lullaby song in C and G7

Hush Little Baby

Two chord song in C and G. G7 will be fine to use instead of Gmajor. It's your choice for your voice. Enjoy

I'll Fly Away in C and G

This PDF - Stepping Patterns will help you move from one chord to another in easy moves. This encourages you to leave your fingers on the string instead of taking them all off and finding their way back again. It's like walking one step at a time with your fingers.

Stepping Patterns for Chord Shapes
1 page

What are the chords in the Key of C

Names of the Open Strings

What are the benefits of a ukulele

Types of Ukulele

1 question
List of skills - Check List.
1 Lecture 00:00

This has a pdf which gives direction on the achievements in this Beginners Ukulele 1 Course.

I can ....

Preview 1 page
Bonus Section
2 Lectures 00:06 a song generator link.
Bonus: Specal Download of E-book. More Songs in C and Glossary
2 pages

Key Chord Chart
See Ukulele Course 3
2 Lectures 00:00
Blues backing track in C for private use.
1 page

i have added this Utube I discovered on the power of music to our minds. It's called the 'Distraction Dilemma 2 - Opus. It is Christian based but you may find the scientific  information very interesting on your choices of music.   It is free and has a few sessions of them. Please enjoy.

It's the end Congratulations - It's critiquing time.
1 page
About the Instructor
Michelle Daley
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My life has been full of learning in many areas.

I live in a small bi-cultural town in a 1960s home. I spent many years in a big city which became too busy for me.

My interests are studying other Udemy courses, lots of reading, crochet, ukulele, freelance writing, ballroom and line dancing. I am a parish secretary and a Charitable Trust secretary and on a Victim Support committee.

I have a BA majoring in English, accounting, Nutritional diploma in alternative medicine. I am now doing a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Grad Diploma in alternative Clinical Nutrition. Primary Teaching training, Diploma in Management.

I ran my own home business for small business owners accounting for more than 10 years. I also ran a nutritional clinic prior to accounting. I had articles published in alternative health magazines

I play and teach ukulele for fun and laughter. Music warms the heart and makes friends.

I have grown children and four grandchildren.

I enjoy helping students with answers to their questions. I hope your enjoy my courses like I enjoy learning. Let me know what other courses you might like me to teach. Ukulele for Christians, children.

kind regards

Michelle D