Victor Bastos

Web Developer, Online Instructor


Hi, my name is Victor and I'm a Web Developer and Online Instructor. For the last 4 years I've been teaching online and developing incredible projects with amazing skillful people. My goal now is to help students understand how the web works and how to become top notch developers in order to get a job in the current tech industry.

I started as a freelancer, but soon realized I could teach others through my Youtube channel with instructional videos. Soon after in 2011, Udemy scouting team invited me to upload all my Youtube videos to the Udemy platform as a complete course for students who wanted to learn Web Development from scratch. At the time the course had more than 200 video lectures and covered most of the programming languages used to create websites. Since 2012, the course "Become a Web Developer from Scratch" has been updated with new lectures and chapters providing a total of 270 video lectures, projects and manuals. With an amazing community of more than 50.000 subscribers all over the world, this course is now one of the top-seller courses on Udemy. The course has been also translated into Spanish, Brazilian and Japanese, all available on Udemy.

Currently I'm working on my new project called Onclick Academy, an online platform where students can take their learning experience one step further with amazing cool features. I'm also the CEO of Web Labs, where we create awesome web apps for the Ed Tech Industry.

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