Jared Waxman

The Marketer's Mythbuster: A/B Testing & beyond

Jared Waxman works for Adobe in San Jose CA, where he serves as Group Manager for Online Optimization & Analytics for Adobe. Adobe.com is a top 30 website in the US. Adobe is also the parent company of Omniture.

He was previously VP of Monetization at a profitable cloud video company. Prior to this, he led the web analytics and optimization team Intuit in Mountain View CA. He has pioneered techniques that integrate voice of customer with on-site relevant content and multivariate testing.

In his fourteen years of experience in website optimization and web analytics, he has been on both the tools-side and the client-side, beginning as Director of Product Management for Alexa Internet's web measurement division, before moving to the analyst-side at Amazon.com, Xilinx, Mercury (HP), and then Intuit. He holds a Bachelors of Science from Yale University.

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