Amir Khella Design-trepreneur

Amir is a user experience designer and startup advisor. Over the past 3 years, he has designed more than 12 startup products, including DocVerse (Acquired by Google), Delve Networks (Acquired by LimeLight networks), TalentSpring (acquired by TalentTech), UStream, blist, and several others.

He is also the creator of Keynotopia user interface prototyping libraries for Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Prior to his work in user experience, Amir worked as a software engineer, a program manager, and conducted research in human computer interaction and information visualization.

Here's what some entrepreneurs who collaborated with Amir say about his work:

“Amir is an expert in the area of crafting product UI to be easy to use, easy to understand, and have high conversion rates. He is a pro to work with and I would always enjoy working with him.”

- Bryan Starbuck, Founder & CEO, TalentSpring (Acquired by TalentTech)

"We hired Amir to create a full Interaction and Graphical design for an application we are launching. It was a big, complex project on a startup timeline, requiring the design of web-facing and client side components, to be built fast. Amir delivered beautiful, outstanding work. Most of all, Amir ended up doing a better job of managing our timeline than even we did."

- Shan Sinha, CEO, DocVerse (Acquired by Google)

"Amir is a phenomenal interaction designer and information architect. He's a rare talent who has both the visual graphic design skills and a strong technology foundation. He has great business instinct and is an unwavering advocate for the end customer who will use the software he helps design."

- Kevin Merritt, Founder & CEO, Blist (now Socrata)