Twitter Marketing Domination--Get 350K Targeted Followers
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Twitter Marketing Domination--Get 350K Targeted Followers

Twitter Marketing That Gets Me 100,000 Extra Blog Visitors Every Year
4.0 (32 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,934 students enrolled
Created by Marc Guberti
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Discover the 15 minute per day strategy that lets you gain hundreds of Twitter followers in a matter of hours
  • Learn how your tweets can lead to more blog traffic and sales
  • Boost your engagement tenfold so your tweets get the attention they deserve
  • As an added bonus, I'll throw in a big sample of my book How To Be Successful On Twitter
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  • You can use this course with any level of previous experience with Twitter

Powerful Twitter marketing will allow you to grow a massive targeted audience, but only if you know how to promote yourself on the social network.

You tweet awesome content, but you wish your tweets got more attention. You wish more people retweeted your tweets and that you could gain hundreds of followers every day.

You have no problem putting in the work, but you just want better results. You want more blog traffic, a larger audience, and sales from Twitter. The mission of this course is to show you how to get those results.

After being stuck at 1,667 Twitter followers for three months and putting in the same work, I asked myself if this was it. I am happy I continued learning. Now I have over 250,000 targeted Twitter followers, and in this course, I will show you how I achieved rapid growth.

I understand many people are pressed with time. My belief is that a lack of time shouldn't stand in your way! That's why I discovered a process that lets you massively grow your Twitter audience in just 15 minutes per day. Once you master the system, you can even put your Twitter growth on autopilot.

Now I gain hundreds of followers every day without putting in any work for my Twitter account. I literally gain hundreds of Twitter followers while doing my homework.

Do you want to transform your business and get the targeted audience that you have always wanted? I reveal it all in my Twitter Domination course. I hope to see you in the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to transform your business with Twitter in 15 minutes or less per day, then you might benefit greatly by taking this course
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Curriculum For This Course
67 Lectures
Getting Started
7 Lectures 28:49

I just want to take the time to congratulate you for being here. You are taking steps towards transforming your business by using Twitter. We are going to have a lot of fun in this training course. I will show you how to get a targeted following, have that targeted following engage with you on Twitter through a variety of methods, and extras as well. If you have any questions about the Twitter Domination Training Course, I will answer them in a matter of hours.

Preview 02:47

I used the information in this training course to gain almost 30K Twitter followers in one month. You can get the same results by going through the training course and consistently implementing the methods over a long period of time.

Preview 3 pages

In order to become successful on Twitter, you need to identify your niche. By identifying your niche, you automatically identify your target audiences and your best sources.

Identifying Your Niche And Target Audience

People always judge each other based on first appearance. People judge Twitter users based on bios, background images, and more. In this lecture, I will show you how to make your first appearance look nice and spiffy.

How To Make Your First Appearance On Twitter Look Better

Examples Of Twitter Accounts With Great First Appearances

Statistics are essential towards tracking your growth on Twitter. With statistics, you can see which of your methods are consistently working and which methods aren't working. In this lecture, I will show you the three places where I check for statistics daily.

The Twitter tools that I talk about are Bitly, TwitterCounter, and Tweriod. Bitly is a URL shortener that shows the statistics for all of your links. TwitterCounter allows you to see statistics for the increase or decrease of followers and people you are following. You can also see statistics for the number of tweets you sent out. More options are available for paid users. Tweriod allows you to see when your followers are using Twitter. All users get to see when their most recent 1,000 followers are on Twitter on weekdays, Sundays, and Mondays for free. More options are available for paid users.

Preview 06:42

There are millions of sources out there, but some sources are better than others. In this lecture, I will show you how to find your top sources so you can easily find content to tweet about.

How To Find Good Sources To Tweet About
Building A Targeted Following
8 Lectures 49:43

Getting your first 2,000 Twitter followers sets you up for future success because the limit of following no more than 2,000 people won't apply anymore. Learn the five methods I use to get all of my new accounts past 2,000 Twitter followers within 30 days.

How To Get Your First 2,000 Twitter Followers

There is a distinct difference between having a following and a targeted following. By having a targeted following, you will be able to connect with like-minded people. Some of these people will visit your blog and buy your products. In this lecture video, I will show you how to build the targeted following that you need to take your Twitter account to the next level.

In this vide, I will talk about Tweepi and ManageFlitter. I will explain how you can use Tweepi to find your targeted audience. When you are following too many people, you can unfollow the people who aren't following you with ManageFlitter.

How To Build A Targeted Folllowing

Tweepi came out with a new update that is absolutely massive. You get to create a specific filter that makes it easier for you to find targeted followers who are likely to follow back. In this lecture, I will discuss how I use the updated Tweepi to get more Twitter followers.

The Updated Tweepi

Have you ever thought of having 100,000 followers without following a single person? That is very unlikely to happen because people don't know who you are yet. By following other people, you will become known and people will remember who you are. In this lecture, I will tell you why following others is essential towards success.

Why Following Others Is Essential Towards Success

Tweepi Review
2 questions

Twellow helps out towards connecting with like-minded people. You can also use Twellow to find someone of your niche with 100,000 followers and put their username into Tweepi. In this lecture, I will tell you everything you need to know about Twellow.

The Power Of Twellow

When your ratio gets out of control, many people go on unfollowing frenzies and unfollow numerous people. When you unfollow others, you want to unfollow the accounts that fit into specific subsets. Learn what those subsets are in the lecture.

How To Properly Unfollow People

The trending topics are traditionally known as a way to procrastinate on Twitter. Although trending topics can cause you to procrastinate, some trending topics can help you grow your business and connect with more people in your targeted audience. In this lecture, learn how looking at trending topics and engaging in the right ones allows me to reach a new audience of targeted people.

Why Look At Trending Topics

Getting those first thousand followers doesn't have to take a long time. In this lecture, I will show you how to quickly get your first thousand followers.

How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers
Twitter Engagement
16 Lectures 01:31:09

By starting more conversations, you will be able to get more retweets, clicks, favorites, and other forms of engagement. In this lecture, I show you how to increase your engagement on Twitter.

How To Get More Engagement On Twitter

There are a lot of different factors that go into whether a tweet gets retweeted or not. In this lecture, I will tell you 10 easy ways to get more retweets on Twitter.

10 Ways To Get More Retweets On Twitter

Twitter's picture previewer feature has made it easier for us to see other people's pictures. By adding pictures in some of your tweets, you will dramatically increase the number of retweets, favorites, and clicks those tweets get. In this lecture, I will tell you why pictures are important and some of the statistics about tweets with pictures vs tweets without pictures.

Preview 04:27

By using hashtags, you will increase your Twitter SEO and get more retweets. In this lecture, I will talk in detail about how using hashtags can have an impact on your Twitter strategy.

The Impact Of Hashtags

This one method requires more work on your part, but a larger percentage of your followers will see your tweets. I used this one method to generate hundreds of free downloads for two of my Kindle books in five days. Several people who downloaded the books for free also left reviews on them (which is great for getting paid sales in the long-term).

One Easy Way To Get Your Tweets Seen By More Of Your Followers

In this lecture, I will discuss which tweets you need to pin and show you how to easily pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter feed.

Pinning Tweets

Having long conversations with your followers allows you to build stronger relationships with your followers that may lead to blog traffic, subscribers, and customers. In this lecture, I will show you how to have longer conversations with your followers.

How To Have Longer Conversations With Your Twitter Followers

This is one of the methods I use to nurture relationships on Twitter that few experts use.

Stay In Touch List

Giveaways can dramatically increase engagement because they create attention for a product that you are giving away for free. In this lecture, I will show you how to host a successful giveaway so a lot of people know about it.

How To Host A Successful Giveaway On Twitter

In this lecture, I discuss the Esurance giveaway, one of the most intriguing giveaways ever done on social media. I mention some of the lessons we must takeaway from the Esurance giveaway.

Takeaways From The Esurance Giveaway

By hosting a Twitter Q&A and answering a lot of questions, you will establish yourself as an expert of your niche. By establishing yourself as an expert of your niche, you will get more followers. In this lecture, I will tell you why you need to host your own Q&A on Twitter, and after that, I will tell you how to host your own Q&A on Twitter.

Why And How To Host A Twitter Q&A

I have tweeted at varying frequencies throughout my time on Twitter. At one point, I was inconsistent. Now, I send numerous tweets every day. In this lecture, I will tell you how many tweets I send per day and the number of tweets you should be sending per day.

How Many Times To Tweet In A Given Day

Emails that welcome new subscribers work, but automated DMs that welcome your new followers don't work. In this lecture, I will explain why automated DMs are ineffective and actually do a better job at making you lose followers than nurture the relationship between you and your new followers.

Why Automated DMs Do Not Work

Although DMs are commonly viewed as spam messages, it is important to check your DMs every day. I'll reveal why that is the case in this lecture.

Why You Must Check Your DMs Every Day

Your blog can send people to Twitter and get you more followers. In this lecture, I will show you how your blog can do that in the most effective way possible.

How To Promote Twitter On Your Blog

Twitter can become a major source of your blog's traffic, but it all starts with tweets about your blog posts. In the lecture, I will teach you how to effectively promote your blog posts on Twitter.

Effectively Promoting Blog Posts On Twitter
Making Money On Twitter
3 Lectures 23:45

You have a product, and just like anyone with a product, you want more sales. In this lecture, I will share with you how you can effectively use Twitter to boost your sales.

How To Get More Sales With Twitter

In this lecture, I will share with you the methods you can use to make your product spread on Twitter in a meaningful way (HINT: simply tweeting about the product isn't enough).

How To Make A Product Spread On Twitter

Learn some of the methods you can use to make money on Twitter before you have your own product.

How To Make Money On Twitter
Clever Ways To Use Twitter
4 Lectures 29:41

If you attempt to send a tweet with 141 written characters, Twitter won't let you. In this lecture, I'll show you some of the tactics I use to get around that rule.

How To Make Your Tweets Over 140 Characters

Want to see a quick example of how you can use a picture to get past the 140 character limit? If so, then this lecture is for you.

Example Of A Tweet Exceeding 140 Characters

The Twitter Advanced Search is one of Twitter's most valuable tools. It allows you to find specific accounts and tweets based on a very specific search. In this lecture, I will discuss how you can use the Twitter Advanced Search for your brand's growth.

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter lists are great ways to organize information. In this lecture, I will tell you about some of the clever ways to use Twitter lists.

Clever Ways To Use Twitter Lists
5 Lectures 37:50

In this lecture, I discuss how you use the HootSuite bulk scheduler and what files you need to use so you can properly schedule your prewritten tweets.

How To Use The HootSuite Bulk Scheduler

Even the best of us forget to schedule tweets at some point. In this lecture, I will discuss what you need to do if you forget to schedule tweets.

What To Do If You Forget To Schedule Your Tweets

Do you want to tweet about the same blog post, landing page, or YouTube video multiple times throughout the day so that particular piece of content gets more traffic? In this lecture, I will show you how to do this and why it is okay (and why many marketers do this).

How To Create Multiple Tweets For The Same Webpage

HootSuite is well-known as a tool for scheduling social media posts, but HootSuite's dashboard also allows you to use social media in a way like never before. Learn how I use the HootSuite dashboard to boost my productivity and how you can optimize the dashboard to boost your productivity as well.

How To Use HootSuite's Dashboard To Boost Productivity

A revolutionary idea that few social media experts advocate. In this lecture, I will share with you the benefits of creating multiple Twitter accounts and how to properly get started.

Creating Multiple Twitter Accounts
My Journey To 10,000 Twitter Followers For A New Account In 6 Months
2 Lectures 13:38

I will show you the video of me creating my newest Twitter account (@Pro_Motivator) so you can see that I am starting with no followers, no tweets, no avatar, and no profile. I will occasionally add updates to this section to let you know how I am doing and some of the tactics I use to boost my followers.

Preview 03:25

Discover how I quickly got my new account past 1,000 Twitter followers, hardships I have faced, and my goal moving forward. I also reveal some tips to growing a large Twitter audience. What are those tips? I won't spoil them.

@Pro_Motivator Approaching 2,000 Twitter Followers
2 Lectures 01:11

I want to congratulate you for completing the Twitter Domination Training Course. All you need to do in order to dominate Twitter is to implement these tactics consistently. Overtime, as you continue to implement these tactics, you will begin to see a dramatic change. You will gain thousands of targeted followers and get more retweets, favorites, and clicks than ever before!

Conclusion Of The Twitter Domination Training Course

This is a mini version of my book, How To Be Successful On Twitter which is $2.99 on Amazon. This book reveals some of the tactics that I have learned on Twitter over the years. Some of the tactics in this book are in the Twitter Domination training course while others are not.

How To Be Successful On Twitter Sample
58 pages
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Retired Lectures
2 Lectures 07:56

I have used the free version of Twiends for many years, but recently, I decided to pay for extra exposure. The amount of Twitter followers I gained from this extra exposure were massive. Learn more about using Twiends for your Twitter account in the lecture.

Preview 03:39

DMs on Twitter are like the untidy draws of a desk: you never know what you are going to get. Some of the DMs you get may be questions from your followers, praise for a blog post, or an opportunity for your business. In this lecture, I will tell you why you should read the DMs that you have received.

Why You Need To Read The DMs You Have Received
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