Using the Docker Toolbox

Gourav Shah
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Lecture description

Docker toolbox installs VirtualBox, creates a linux VM and automated the process of setting up the environment. If you wish not to run Docker as a native service, or want to run more than one docker instances, do more advanced configurations, this is the option for you. Also, if you are running version of windows, this is the best option you have as Docker for Windows may not be compatible. 

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Mastering Docker the devops way by School of Devops®

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16:55:26 of on-demand video • Updated July 2020

  • Launch and operate containers
  • Manage and control resource limits and container properties
  • Dockerfiles: Package a software application, build docker images, and publish on registry
  • Docker Compose: Deploy micro services stack with interconnected services, Automate Development Environments
  • Docker Swarm: Orchestrate docker deployments at scale in Production Setup
  • Architect fault tolerant, high available systems and achieve zero downtime deployments
  • How to incorporate Docker into devops workflows
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