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English [Auto] The Big Bang Theory one video can set you up for massive success on YouTube. This was my big bang. This happened in May 2016 just a few months ago. I had been working and working and working on bringing out videos and videos after videos across all of these months. Yet all I managed to do in a year and a half is get two thousand subscribers 2000 across this massive period. I had been trying to figure out what works and then suddenly boom there was a glimmer of light. This was the small bag the small bang was my then TDM sings his intro song. This was the first this was where I realized that what you need to do is you need to do really good edits of a gamers. This is the thing that will get people to pay attention to me because I am using a finger in this case is an idiom a very popular you keep finger as the subject of my videos. Now initially what it was I used to do minecraft videos GTA 5 videos I did some how to videos like how to get loads of subscribers on YouTube how to become famous on YouTube. These were the videos I was bringing out to try and make my channel go viral. And it just didn't work until this happened. And then I realized the person that I should make the center of attention on my YouTube videos is a real life popular YouTube. That was the small bang I needed to give me inspiration to create these two. I could see that then TDMA with 12 million subscribers had a lot of fans but I could see there was a massive opportunity to cover little Caylee because nobody was. And that was my big bang this kind of maroon color that's this one here the purple color the top five sad moments as this one here. So I created this one initially and then the top five sad moments compounded it to create so many views. Look at the views. That was the big bang. If we gave it to the subscribers of that period there's the Big Bang in subscribers and ferry is not uncommon. The Big Bang Theory is the reason why you Cheever's make it big. They finally find the formula after a long time of searching some of them don't take a long time to find the formula but they take all this time of searching searching. What is that thing that will make people want to subscribe. That will make people want to view my channel. And this after Alfons time of searching was where I found that Big Bang it went from the double figures to easily in the triple figures to nearly in the figures. Now let's have a look at other Cheevers that did exactly the same generation D.I.Y. she has one point to seven million subscribers in a hundred and twenty videos. That's insane. There are so many people that have taken thousands of videos to get even half way to this point. But 120 videos is all it took and let me show you how this one here was her big bang. This what if we have a plug social play. We can see she put that video out the beginning of 2014 and look what happened as a result. She was getting thousands upon thousands of subscribers a month thousands and she kept the momentum going. She found what works and she kept it going. That's what you need to do when you find what works you need to keep it going a bit like I did. I made a video that was insanely popular. I made another one that compounded it. This is what you need to do. The Big Bang once that Big Bang hits you've got to make it last as long as possible. So look at the views. Look at the subscribers. Now let's look at Dennis. Dennis only started his channel in March of this year. And in just seven months he's got seven hundred and 27000 subscribers. That is incredible. He has done triple the amount of videos that generation D.I.Y. has. However that has exacerbated the growth that has increased the growth in such a small space of time. So what made Dennis so popular this video here that he made five months ago had nearly a million views. And if we have a look we can see we can shout it back to May 2016. There's the big bang. And look at the monthly subs 177 thousand subs in one month. Hundred eighty five. The next month and it was because this is where it started and then he realized it works so he did another dating video and another dating really. He does these dating videos and you can see they get so many views or a million views 1.5 million views two million views 2.7 million views and all started with this so the dating works and this is how he's been able to maximize on the Big Bang because he found what works and he carried on doing. Let's go to Ty Lopez. This was his massive video. He had been on YouTube for ages at this point. He'd been on it for a long time. He's been on since August 2013. He brought this out in September 2015. Look at these monthly views. He was virtually unheard of until the point of hair in my garage and then boom. Look at that ninety five point seven million views. And then there came the subs 64000 subs in one month. Fifty nine thousand subs in one month. This video was his big bang Pudi pie. How can you explain 49 million subscribers. I'll show you how. Because Pudi pi has made 3000 videos so whereas you've got Dennis he's made three hundred videos to get to this stage. Puti pi has made 3000 videos. And the thing with puti pi is that when he got the big bang he kept making all these videos just to make the subs just go up and up and up and up. He makes so many videos to keep the snowball effect going so the snowball started small. And then look at this from 2012. He was getting 81000 subs too. In January 2014 2.4 8 million subs a month. This is insane. So this video here was the one that made him he made it in January 2012. Like you can see down here this was where it started. And this is why it started purely Pi really got going because he was the one that founded the games. He was the one that started playing games and showing his face. But this one where he shows real emotion. He shows you how scared he is in this video. And this is why it became so insanely popular. See shows human emotion he shows that he's scared. Now if we go back to the actual thumbnail look at the thumbnails that he made he made thumbnails showing his face and showing this kind of shining parody picture here and there you can see his face screaming. So that was purely Pye's big bang and he continued he saw it worked. He continued it going he made a whole series of videos on that particular game. And he was getting 2.5 million subscribers a month at his peak. Let me show you another example. This is a kid game called Ethan gamer. Now he does gaming videos and look at how many subscribers he's got. This boy is 10 years old and he's got 1.2 million subscribers. I'm not even sure he should even be on YouTube because YouTube is for 13 and above. But my son's on YouTube so I can hardly comment. A 1.2 million views. Now let's have a look at Ethan's big bang. Ethan's big bang came here July 2015. He got a hundred and thirty one thousand subscribers in this month alone after basically getting in the thousands at one point thirteen thousand thirty four thousand and then boom 130 one thousand. A whole hundred thousand more. And how. Because he made this video here where he met Dan TDMA mine on 2050. This was the video that made him July 8th 2015. That was his big bang. So the whole point of showing you this video is to tell you that you need the big bang and that big bang will tell you that you are on the road to creating a viral channel. You need to find that subject that you are passionate about. The viewers love when you've made a load of videos starring yourself and it finally goes viral that is the point where you know you've hit the big bang. And at that point that is when you scale it up you keep making similar videos you keep the Big Bang going and make it last. You need the big bang when you have the big bang. It tells you that this is the content your audience likes and that your subscribers want to see more of the Big Bang is your indication that you're on to a massive successful channel. So this is what you need to search for. This is what you need to upload videos on YouTube for you need to find your big bang because once you find it you're going to be laughing. I hope this video has been inspirational to you and I'll see you in the next video.