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English [Auto] We are creating a YouTube art channel which is this picture here is the main picture. The first impression of the VC or of all your viewers your subscribers on YouTube when they go to your YouTube channel this is the first E much they see so you'll be creating an amazing free match here for you. I'll show you how to do it step by step. OK. Are you ready to star. Wow that's great. OK. Let's go to Google and here we type Kanva dotcom conveys a great Web so you can see here this Lalan is empowering the world for the sun. So basically they make your life easier. Your your work easier when you need to sign anything like Facebook Kolber converse Facebook post or a cover for your book or anything like that and I'll show you how to do it. Step by step. In this video specifically we are we are focusing on your use of our channel. So in this case when you are on canvas let's let's go back to the first screen you you see here the top create at the sign. Click on more here on the corner and here you can see all the presets that Kanva offers you. So you have people of the same types social media posts document blogging on e-books. So basically you can have an album cover if you have a CD you have a blog graphic ablock title book you if you have an ebook or a Kindle cover you can sign it here too. This is great. It's a great tool. What we are doing now we are doing today is the social media and email headers. So here you can see the fourth element here is YouTube channel. Art click on that. It already has the right size the right configuration for your YouTube channel so it will generate the perfect match for you. So basically before we start in the left side here we have the menu search layout elements text background and uploads in Insightly out. You can find pre-designed ready to use templates. Of course you can click on any of these templates and you can modify you can change the background image or anything like that. The only problem here is that most of these templates pre-made templates are page so you need to pay around $1 for each. So in you one. This one with the bread you will need to pay $1. But I'll show you in a minute how you can use you can use this template if you like one of them without paying the dollar. Basically what we are doing we will be removing the paid elements. For example if these one with the bread you can see here may be the bread they eat much of the bread is the one that cost $1. Maybe the tax which is what we like we don't need to pay for that because he's already inside of Canada. OK. And these background image we can show I'll show you in the next video next video after this. I'll show you how you can you can get unlimited royalty free images for your website for you to sign for any project that you have. And you can use even commercially. So Ali we will talk about that in the next week. For now let's concentrate on this. This part of the design. So basically here you have all the other options the pretty the templates the one that said free here on the corner means that they're free so this one you can use 100 percent free on offer. Also you have elements here. Let's say you're one icons so you can put icons here you click on the icons you can resize These So basically the penny of what the one you can sign your perfect canvas here. Also you having the tax menu here you have all that tax option. You see all the tests are free. Most of them are free. You also have pre-made called tax ladies so you basically you can remove this this tax and put your specific your company name your YouTube channel name or anything you want on the background you can change Sollee backgrounds. So you have all the back rooms here that you can change on in the bloats you can basically send any files to your Kanva account which is free and you can use this file for your design. Let's say let's remove this guy here. The one I just add. OK. This went to wonderful. So if I click on this let's say I want the all engaged bridge here. So basically what I did is just click and drag here to the main area and it will open for you. OK. So let's start building your great YouTube channel. Let's go to you and use the layouts and let's start from the beginning here. I'll click on the elements and click on delete so we can have a clear canvas here to war with the lead and that takes the lead. So we have two cameras. So let's take a look on one lay out and I'll show you how you can get the page layouts for free by removing the the the copyright elements OK game. In this case let's see what they will like. Let's see some Francisco one. So you see back from San Francisco. Nice picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. So I like these because my YouTube channel let's say for example is about travel to San Francisco or a restaurant on San Francisco or something like that. So how do we know. You see that you have the the the watermark here from. Because it's a paid item. So how do we know what islands we need to pay for. If they if if we need to pay for the fonts or is the picture that is paid so to in order to figure that out we need to go to download and click on emet high quality N-G is saving the site. And here you see that they are trying to charge you for the Golden Gate picture. OK $1. This is the name of the author and basically the line that is here and the phones are free. So if we remove the goal engage big tour here for. Or the sign. We don't need to pay the $1 but we still have the grade pre-made design that comes with it with this template. So let's remove the background image. Click on that. This is the font of let's see. Click on that image here at the top and click on the trashcan to the to Trast. OK it's gone. We don't see anything now because the text is still here but it's white. OK. So now all we need to do is we need to upload your image. If you don't have any image you can take a look at the next video where I show you how how to get unlimited professional high resolution images for free. But I already have an image. So what I can do is go to my desktop and I'll use this image of the Garling Golden Gate Bridge. So basically I go here and I just drag and drop that picture here on my design and it's uploading here. You can see it's uploading the image OK emerges ready to use. What we need to do is click drag and drop here. Wonderful fall and just expand your image to cover the whole area here. OK. This is bandies. And when you covered the whole area the tax will show up for you. We will rearrange the tax position because sometimes when people are watching your channel from a smartphone for a while or from the TV you have different sizes. So if we put the tags and this is a property if you put try to concentrate all the text that you have all of this in the middle of your are Chano here. OK. So let's do that basically click on any in all the elements and just move it down. Let's see San Francisco wonderful. Back from and of course you can customize the text here you can write whatever you want that is related with your company with your channel to change the tags all you need to do is click double click on the text here and type the the text you want. In this case I leave San Francisco for example if you want to change the color you can come here on the wide circle and you have other colors that you can choose. And if you're one specific color you can click on the plus sign here and choose the color you want on you and you can use a color code in here. OK. I leave it to white for this example. Also if you want to change the fun you can come here and choose the form you like. Also you can upload your own form and click on learn more on it. The system will show you how to do that. OK. So that's basically how to do it. If the last thing I want to show you is to how to apply filters to this image. You click on that image here at the top you see filtered the first option and in here we have a few pre-designed filter. So by changing these you see that the main image change with the new filter. So you have a few filters here that you can try see how works for you this case I live in normal bad because my my the color of my text is white and the background is a little bit clear. I don't see it very well so I one more contrast and less brightness here. So I can I can change that in here already I can go to advanced options and I have more options to change. So let's change this a little bit. Contrast this is good. See saturation I like this one a little bit. Sixty. You can blur the emotion a little bit if you want. So that's your choose your choice and also Ned It adds. Leave little shallow on the corners. I like these so I'll add these for sure. Wonderful. So my much is ready. What I need to do now is go to download and click on the second option which is high quality and gee I remember the last time we did this the system asked us for to pay $1 for the sign and now will be totally free. See saving your sign is ready is downloading here as you see. Wonderful. And now let's go to they are YouTube channel. Let's open the YouTube channel here. When you're in your channel you can click on this pencil on the top run right hand corner and click on edit our channel click on select from your computer and you can just drag and drop the picture here. That's why I'm doing it right now uploading that emerge and you'll see a preview of how your image looks like on the different the different devices like TV people watching on Apple TV on Google on Comcast or in smart TVs on cell phones and also on laptops. So let's take a look here. Wonderful. So you see here in the TV wonderful image here the TV there are China which looks like these are the mobile will look like this and stuff like these. That's why it's important to put to concentrate all the tags you have on the center of the image. OK. You can also adjust and crop. So he's loading the image here for me like this. I live like it is right now. But if you want you can also change these Canso. OK click on select. So you see that we just upload and we set up. They are China but it's not showing here. So what's the problem. The problem is that the file that we have is bigger than four megabytes. The max file size is four megabytes for you to our channel in this case what you can do now is go back to Canada that can go to download and download the GBG version. OK. Of course I always recommend you to download and try for the PNB version which is high quality. If your image is too big you can try the GBG and will work for sure. OK. OK. Stone is preparing the design OK downloading that's great let's put that on the desktop and go back to the YouTube channel. And now let's check the file size just to make sure we are good. Great. 2.8 megabytes. OK let's try again. And it's our channel uploading it's great looks good select. Yes here we are back from San Francisco. You can see the picture on the back and this is your profile pictures are these you can change if you want to. My goal as instructor is to make sure that you have real results and to make sure this course is a five star course for you and for all students after this lecture you to me will ask you for a review to review this course if you are ready to review if you like this course if you are happy with what you are learning. Please leave your review here after this video if you are not ready that's totally fine. And if you want to learn more watch more content before you leave your review. You can click on Ask me later so you will have other chances to leave your review here on Yuden. Your review is super important because it helps the course to grow and especially to reach more people more. Trepanned are done. You are looking for ways to grow their business and improve their life. With this strategy with this content so that's why you review is important. And you can help me and have the course to grow by leaving your review here on utility. If you have any suggestion if you don't like the course for any reason that's fine and I like that because you can help me also to improve the course. So if you have any suggestions go to a Q&A session and send me your message with your suggestions. I will be happy to implement Ryan. I'll wait on the cars OK to make it better for you and for future students. After that we are ready to continue with the course.