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English [Auto] OK so let's talk about the next step in the process which is not that I'm going to share with you how to approach these video creators but first I want to share with you how you must stay organized before you start implementing this method. Now look when you approach a lot of video creators on a daily basis it's crucial that you stay organized because if you're not you might you know contact someone maybe twice or even more and this can be annoying for that person. OK. So we want to avoid this at all cost. That's why I recommend you to use a spreadsheet I'm gonna zoom in a little bit. Let me quickly show you what I mean with this spreadsheet here. Now as you can see we have a lot of call columns here. We have the video you are all column video title et cetera. So I'm gonna give you access to this and I recommend you to use it. OK. Before you even start approaching video creators. Now first of all video your URL. This is where you want to put the video you are all from that video. You want to basically use for your you know to rent the video description. Right. Put it in there for example. This one here I just copied the URL and put it in here. The video title I just copied it. It's basically the same you know pasted it in here and that's it. The date the video has been published March 16th 2018. I put it in here as well. Next we have the channel name now with a channel name. What I recommend you doing is you can either just copy the name off the video creator or the channel but I like to just copy the linger trust because that way in case the channel name is changing you still have the right address and you know if you already contacted this person for a particular video or not. OK. So you're not losing track so you're going to copy that. The linger trust and you put it in here. Next this you want to put in here the total of use of this video in this case two point three million contact date when you contacted the person. Did the person respond or not. And also did the person agree for your offer that you're going to give them maybe 10 to 20 bucks so you can rent their video description of this video to put your link in there and if not then just you know putting an end and that's it. If he if he did or if she did then put in a Y and then you move on to the next one. OK. So that's essentially how I personally stay organized and how I recommend you to you know stay organized as well. When you use this method all right now that's it for this video. I'll see you in the next one again.