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  • How Traffic works on YouTube, and the unique way it channels traffic through to the videos.
  • To spot and grab the many opportunities that YouTube and Google give you to get free traffic.
  • To optimize your videos perfectly in order to rank on Google and YouTube page #1.
  • To place your videos in every spot that can bring you organic traffic from YouTube.
  • To understand how YouTube ranks videos, and to assess the impact of the work you are doing from Google Analytics.
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English [Auto] And now let's talk about how you can get traffic from YouTube. The first source are the subscriptions your subscribers are the people who have subscribed to your channel on YouTube. And these guys will get information about the new videos on your channel in their feed and sometimes also through email. And there is a very wonderful thing about subscribers your subscribers will give you an initial boost to the videos that you create. So whenever you create a video and then information about it is sent to the subscribers were probably the most loyal set of viewers that you have. These guys will come and see the video and they will see more of the video than a casual viewer which means the initial audience retention rates for your videos are going to be high. If you have a good subscriber base this will really help you in the rankings because for YouTube now audience retention is a very important part emitter. So if you have a good number of subscribers real subscribers you will get a big big boost in rankings. The second major traffic source for which you can actually target very aggressively is YouTube search. This is actually and this should be your primary target or your primary source of fresh visitors. If you do the optimization Well if your videos are of good quality and the audience that you're targeting they actually come in see the video the retention rates are high and there is a lot of engagement to likes and dislikes and comment and other matter you will be able to run pretty rapidly from YouTube search which means that whenever people search for the keywords you're targeting on YouTube you will be able to show them the video or they will be able to reach your video easily which will translate into very very good viewership and there is something wonderful about YouTube search. Whenever you get fresh viewers from YouTube search this is you're tapping into an untapped audience. All of the viewers that you're typing now are new and you can turn them into subscribers or you can send them to your of actions you can send them to your office and the conversion rates can be pretty good. And because these guys can be your new customers then the next important traffic source would be the suggested videos which are displayed on the right sidebar on my own channels. I've typically found that the number of people who come from the suggested videos list are second only to the number of people returned by search which means that it is a very very important traffic source. But to tap into this source there are some important points that you will have to keep in mind. The first point is Google will have to be on the side bar of popular videos. So if there is a good popular video which a lot of people are viewing and you are on the suggested video sidebar for it and if you're on the top or near the top somewhere you will get lots and lots of views. But to make that happen you have to target the same key words as that video is targeting so that you appear in the results because Google thinks your video has related to the targeted video. The second thing is it is difficult to appear on the side bar of popular videos because your video also has to have good retention rates. It has to be popular before it will appear on the sidebar of very popular videos. So Target the videos that you actually think are possible don't go all out for a top end video. That does not in your league. Instead begin with maybe a little less popular video than target and go with it. And once you are doing better and your rankings are better for your own video then target a better video. Another important traffic source can be the videos that you embed on your blog if you're running a blog on a website. It is a very good idea to embed your videos in a blog post. Maybe write an article centered around the topic that you're targeting in the videos and also embed the video there that this will actually tell Google that your video is embedding that someone is creating a back link for it and putting it on the Web site. Secondly it'll also get you some extra views which can be really handy in helping you rank better especially if your channel is nearly the next thing that you need to understand about how Google can actually send your traffic Rhodri is truly a featured section on the right side bar and two advertisements. And this is applicable only for some very very popular channels which have been running for quite a while. And once Google recognizes that these channels are creating valuable content and these channels and your channel maybe crosses a certain landmark maybe a certain number of subscribers like say 10000 subscribers and a certain number of viewers Google will automatically Racheal channel it will make your channel eligible for the special facilities that it gives to good content producers. And then you might be enrolled for special programs in which Google might feature your video especially if your videos are very popular or they might be featured on the right side bar near the top and the word feature will be written below them or Google might actually Stroh and it is meant for your channel. That's all possible but that's only possible if you create good quality content that's appreciated by a lot of people. And finally I think the most important source of fresh viewers apart from YouTube search would be a regular web search. Now everybody has seen that videos are written as a part of the web search. Typically Google will show from one to four videos on the front page depending on how popular the videos are for that particular keyword. But I found that on most of the keywords a video of return. So you can really really get a good amount of viewers if you appear in the search engines. So Target the search engines with your videos make sure you target the good keywords which can bring you views you can actually do some sort of research. You can try and find out whether a video is ranking on the front page for a certain key role. And if there is no video there is a pretty good scope that if you create a good quality video you can rank for that keyword pretty easily. And being is actually one step ahead of Google when it comes to embedding videos because Google will send your viewer to the YouTube website but they will actually embed the video right there in the search engine and it will let the viewer view the video right from the search engine which will actually motivate more people to click on videos. And finally but not any less important is social media shares. Now if you've got a good channel you will just have to make sure that it is shared on the social web. So you must have a good set up on Facebook on Twitter and definitely on Google Plus you have to get people talking about your videos. You have to create a fan page where people will actually get to see what you're sharing your latest updates your latest videos and people might be able to share it with just a click of a button. So make sure that your presence on social Web is very strong because whenever videos are shared extensively on the social web it tells you that the video is valuable. It is important enough for people to share. So that is a very very good social proof for your videos. So make sure you have a network. You have a set up on Facebook and on Google Plus at least even if you don't target Twitter that extensively in the later lessons people will focus on social Web a bit more and they will talk about all the ways that you can explore Facebook Google Plus or Twitter to give a lot of traffic to bring a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel. But that will come a little while later. So wait for that.