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English [Auto] All right so now we're going to get into the basics of the channel set up you know how can you make it look professional fill out your channel before you start uploading videos. Now I want to preface this by saying I'm going to give you some recommendations on things that I suggest that you do that will make your channel more searchable in YouTube video. It will also make your channel look more professional and generate traffic to help you get along you know stuff along those lines. None of these are musts but they will certainly help you gain you know views and subscribers because the majority of people you know if they're not on your video already subscribing or you know basically engaging the channel that way they're going to come to your YouTube home page your YouTube channel page and they're going to make that decision on whether or not to subscribe to you from your home page. Now another important thing to keep in mind is that more than 50 percent I believe the last time I checked the stats it was about 65 percent of views that YouTube has are from mobile devices meaning you know phones and stuff like that tablets iPads and so that's something to keep in mind that while it's important like it like here to you know focus on what it looks like both your videos your thumbnails as well as your channel Hetter like we're about to talk about and stuff like that. Art Art it's important to be cognisant of what they look like on a PC or Mac. Basically desktop so to speak. It's also very very vital to make sure that they look good on mobile because the majority of your traffic and views and watch time are going to come from mobile. So just wanted to give you that little caveat before we move on here. First and foremost you're going to want to get a logo. Now that's pretty simplistic obviously right. Here you can add your logo. You're going to want to logo something you know to take a little bit of time figure out what it is. Identify the niche that you want to go after and then come up with a logo that's going to stick because that is what people are going to recognize as your channel. That is what people are going to sociate when they see that logo. That little circle that's going to represent your channel. So you want to kind of take a little bit of time and make sure that you get a decent logo down whether you want to order a logo or somewhere a fiver. You can obviously come up with a business logo on fiver. If I could type I would show you. It's very very simple you could just search logo and you can get one for as cheap as five bucks all the way up to like 50. But the $5 ones can do the trick as well. Very very simple. The next thing that you're going to want to do is you're going to want to get a YouTube channel header. Now this is vital. It's important to relay the message of professionalism also convey what is it your channel is about. So when someone comes to your channel and they see your home page you know what what what are they going to get out of your channel. Why should they subscribe. So with this specific example on this channel which is my B.G. media innovation channel which is basically where I go over you know digital marketing tips e-commerce insights and really step by step how to content for all aspiring entrepreneurs. That is what the channel is based off of I do videos on all of those daily that can help you you know basically give you a step up or a leg up on the competition so to speak against other aspiring entrepreneurs. And it's a place that you can go to learn new content to improve your business and make more money online. But that's conveyed clearly here. You know it's business related. There's money in the background and it says clearly digital marketing tips e-commerce insights and then how to content for aspiring entrepreneurs. Now I plan on updating this. This is actually the very first one that I did which goes to show you that it doesn't need to for you to get a bigger channel or to grow your channel or have success on YouTube. You don't need anything crazy right off the bat. But you do want some of these things at least on a smaller scale. You know you don't need to spend 50 bucks 200 bucks to purchase anything crazy like that but it might be you know it might behoove you to invest about five bucks to get a decent Petar you know instead of creating it you're on your own. Because with that comes the air of professionalism and that you know basically that you're taking it seriously and other people should too. So that's important. So I also recommend that you go to a fiver to get one of these. It's very simple you can search for YouTube channel and fiver. As you'll see here that I've done before. Or you can simply as always and this is something we'll talk about when we go into creating thumbnails for your videos which is also something I'm going to completely walk through. When you create thumbnails you can obviously come to Kanva which is something that I recommend. That whole platform is right there for you already so if you click thumbnail it will already if you format your picture and your text to this it's already formatted for your thumb. Now when you save it which is perfect but that's also something to keep in mind because YouTube channel is also beat you can also formulate YouTube channel are on for us are not fiver on Kamba as well but I'd suggest that if you don't have any graphic design experience or you're not comfortable doing that to definitely just purchase something or five or you get it like I said for as as cheap as five or so. Well worth the investment. But those are two things that you're going to want to consider. You know when you basically start with channels so you don't need these. Like I said before but it's important because it conveys professionalism and that other people should take you seriously because you're clearly taking that seriously as well. Now something else that I want to talk about with fiber that is a little caveat right now. You know you can do it yourself but I recommend that you do it with somebody that's at an experience or some background. And that's also something I'm going to talk about later in the course but also get in in Schroen an outro which is something you know if you're not familiar with what it is right now we'll go over it later when we actually upload the video or go over the specifics of a video format. So don't worry about that. We're going to get into that just kind of wanted to touch on it so you understand what to do. So this right here is my channel you know home page essentially and I set it up and you can obviously personalize yours but this is the recommended setup that I recommend to you. Like like I said you can change things around if you want to play around with it see what convert's people you know more for you. But I always recommend that clearly you're going to want to put a good. Now this is different because I'm giving free cash away right now. Just something I do almost every month. Whoops. But the majority of you are going to want to put one of your most popular videos one of the most successful videos on your home page as your you know your channel home page of video right here that will get you more views obviously will rack up more views on that. But it's important to kind of convey that because it will start when people come to your channel. But for me specifically I have a different one right here right now. The next thing that you're going to want to do. We're going to go through all this personalization in a second so don't worry. I recommend that you that you keep popular uploads you know especially when you're starting out as the first little play bar right here. The reason for that is because your most popular uploads are the ones that you've accumulated the most views on. And so it's going to look like your channel is a little bit more successful than it is that people are watching your channel. And clearly if other people are watching your channel it's that psychological factor that social proof factor that you know other people that come your channel you know they see that you have use on your videos. They're intrigued. They think oh well if this one got 11000 views you know clearly there's some there's some value here. I should probably check it out myself. And if they're into digital marketing they're into e-commerce or they're an aspiring Ashmore or anything across the board like that and they see that you have views they're going to want to subscribe or watch a video and then make that decision. The next thing I suggest that you do and it's something it also touch on in the future is start creating playlist. The reason that you want to create playlists and I also suggest putting that as the second bar on your home page is because first and foremost accuse people watching and engaging their content longer. The reason for that that's important is because it will help you rank YouTube video wise with all the videos in the playlist as well as your channel. And you know keep people watching and engage with their content which will then you know give you more ad revenue. You know give you more opportunity to get exposure to that person or that client or potential customer. And then obviously give you more potential to get them to click your affiliate link which will make you more commission. So there's a number of different reasons there they're on top of that somebody searches for example Instagram marketing. I have way more you know potential to reach them and search results for Instagram marking this playlist not just a video will pop up this playlist will and then that's 16 potential videos that I can get landed on a search term like that not just on youtube not just on YouTube but on Google or other search engines as well. So playlist help help you rank better in search engines too not just YouTube. And that's something that that is really downplayed and not talked about enough. So play lists are vital you're going to want to start creating them and you're going to want people to kind of basically see that you know treat this as like another little YouTube channel. So I have an e-mail marketing channel I have a mini Instagram marketing channel and it mini Instagram automation channel and so on and so forth across the board within my big channel. So that's something to keep in mind just a different strategy. I highly highly recommend that you start creating playlists and then put them right here as your second bar. Then finally if you want you can just do uploads so people can see that you're you know you're obviously creating content pretty consistently and that people want to you want to create content consistently whether you can do that. You know every day like I am which is basically something that I challenge myself to do or you can do that a couple of times a week or you know just every other week is up to you. But I will tell you to be completely honest with you the more content that you put out the more you can remain on people's minds and remind them that you're there. The more essential I like to call them digital employees the more content you put out the more videos you have really to keep it simple the better chance you have to gain views followers. Subscribers wash time and so on and so forth. Basically to put it simply the better chance you have to grow your answer dear. Sorry not your Instagram. Your YouTube channel. The more videos you put out is that simple. More videos equals more potential to grow period. So if people come here and they look at my videos they can see that I pretty much will win out every single day. You'll see here that some are still burning views. You know you go back some of my accumulated a decent amount of views. Some of them don't and that's OK. But it's important to understand that consistency is key. With YouTube videos especially when you're first starting out. So finally we're going to customize that channel here and that's where you can kind of go in now you'll see here that this is where you can change your YouTube channel. This is where you can change your logo. If you didn't already changed on that past page you're going to come down and you can modify right here your home page video so right here if you click this button you can change it to four returning subscribers. I always have the latest upload but you can change that if you want. And then for New video or the new excuse me for new visitors you can basically elect any number of video that you want. For right now I have the free cash giveaway so that people come to me when people come to my channel they understand that if they comment on my videos which is something else that a little black hat that I'll talk about later which basically increases engagement and inspires me to comment. I'm giving free cash away for people that comment. It's basically you get every comment equals a potential entry so that's why I have this on the home page right now. But if I were potentially you know thinking about changing my channel trailer I might pick something that when somebody is new and comes to my channel they see something that brings a lot of value that you know might entice them to subscribe. So maybe I choose something that is you know has a lot of value. So one of the things that really blew up lately was this what Alex Becker doesn't want you to know about Shopify drop shipping in 2018. So I might change it to this and that's kind of crucial That's kind of key. So they might notice that you know this is what the majority of videos on my channel are about you know making money online. So that's just something to keep in mind. I'm actually going to keep this here for now because the drawing is almost over. But that's something even mind you can change it for returning subscribers or new subscribers or for new visitors sorry I can't speak it. Excuse me guys. It's been terrible. But yeah. And then obviously you can add a section here like you can add another playlist or your uploads you can move this around like if you want to play lists be lower you could simply hit the let down arrow and it would shift it. But like I said this is what I recommend. Popular uploads up top then play lists. Then if you want. Whatever else. But you can obviously change that and customize it however you want. So you can also add feature channels if you have a friend that you want to feature. Maybe you have a couple buddies and you all have you know content channels where you all have you know different channels based in the same niche and you want to feature each other. You can basically cross-promote that's something that you keep in mind as well. But that's pretty much the basics of getting that done on your home page then the next and final thing that you're going to want to do to set up your channel is going to you're about now right here with about you're going to want to change your description. Now this is crucial right here and something I want to take a little bit of time of our time with. You want to convey what your channel is all about. Very well with good writing but it's also very important with that good writing that reads well to stuff it full of keywords. What is your channel about. Because YouTube will take all this written copyright here and basically form an opinion of what your channel was about in your channel description on your about page Sutekh. Excuse me take some time you know come up with something that relays what your channels about and stuff it full of keywords. But make sure it reads well. So another thing that people don't know is the first 300 characters or so are extremely vital because when people hover over your channel you know on a on a desktop they're going to see those first three hundred characters pop up. They're not going to see the rest of it. So this is important when people come your channeller Reijer about ception for sure. But the 300 characters are really the most important thing. So you need to take those first 300 characters and really kind of explain really shortly what you're channels about what kind of value you're going to provide to somebody that can potentially subscribe. So you can do that and basically take into or about take you know your about section into word counter and then you can see that it counts basically or 300 characters and then you can continue going. But it's just a good way to keep track of what your first 300 characters are. So you know and you have a good idea of what you're basically relaying when you know people hover over your accounts. That's something to keep in mind little trick that people don't know. And then finally you can add your link. So whether or not we'll see here I have my free Josh of course courses on my web site that I talk about. I also do B.G. University which is where I sell all my content. I have my Instagram page links and my Facebook page link. Now I believe that there's five. Don't hold me to this because every time you add for whatever reason it lets you continue adding. But I'm fairly certain unless they changed it recently within the past month that you're only allowed to have four links or sorry five links I believe five links. So it's my understanding that you're only allowed to have five links but I could be wrong they might have changed it in the past month. I'm not positive. But that's something you can test out and obviously play it with. But yeah that's that's the basis of setting up your channel. You're going to want to you know focus on all these things take a little bit of time get your channel looking professional. And then once Finally once you have it looking professional and everything set up then you can kind of move on to uploading videos. Now you can set that up. The home page and everything like that before you even have any video so you don't need upload any videos initially when you upload videos you can kind of place them in these you know and a lot of where they go. So with that being severed and move on to the next lecture and I will see you guys there.