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In this video, you'll learn why YouTube is a great place to be for video creators, businesses, content marketers or anyone else wanting to share their story.

Here are a few things we'll look at in this lesson:

  • Video is the most engaging kind of content

  • YouTube is the best place to grow a community for video creators

  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine

You'll also learn how Phil became successful on YouTube:

  • Starting in 2012

  • Having YouTube as a side project, not a full time job

  • Uploading weekly

  • Positing search-friendly evergreen content

  • Making money on & off of YouTube

  • and more

We hope you enjoy this lesson!

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English [Auto] Why YouTube and our success stories in this lesson. I just want to go over why I think YouTube is the best platform to be on. Obviously you are in this class so you have interest in video creation and YouTube so you probably know why YouTube is a great platform. But I'll go over my reasons and then we're just going to go into a little bit more detail of our success. I'm just gonna show you our channel and talk about kind of the things in a low key manner of what I've done to have success. And of course this is just gonna be like a brief overview of all my strategies and we're going to dive deeper into all of those throughout this entire course. First though why YouTube. YouTube is great because I believe video is the most engaging form of content. It's the best way to connect with an audience. You're getting audio you're getting video it's face to face. Typically it's better than a written article. And while podcasting and audio content is great video has that engagement that's like on a next level where you can actually see and hear the person and with the new features of live streaming on YouTube you can really connect in that moment with your audience. YouTube is the best place to grow a community for video creators. That's what YouTube is all about now it's all about that connection with your viewer and that's why I'm a subscriber to all the channels that I subscribe to because I want that connection with that person. I feel that connection with that person and that's what makes most channels successful. Really figuring out how to build that connection with your viewer and then just more on a technical standpoint. YouTube is the second largest search engine. What that means is that millions of people billions are searching for things on YouTube every day. And of course Youtube is owned by Google and so results from YouTube are going to show up in google results as well which is the first ranked search engine. So if people are searching for any type of content they'll likely find some sort of result on YouTube no matter what topic your videos are on. You can find an audience that wants that kind of video on YouTube a little bit more about my success story. I started my YouTube channel in 2012. It really hasn't been a main focus of mine. So that's one thing to know about my success on YouTube is that if I had focused my full time attention on being a YouTube HR I would have had a lot more success up to this point. But like many of you I have a lot of other things going on I have a full business to run I have a family to to feed and to be with. And so YouTube is not my full life. It's really just something that's on the side. But by implementing all of the strategies that we go over in this course I've been able to have a lot of success. So don't think that you have to be spending 40 hours a week creating YouTube videos to be successful. You can also do this on the side. It's just about figuring out and using the techniques that we cover in this class so that you have the most bang for your buck so you get the most success out of anything you do on YouTube. What I basically do and it comes down to is posting weekly so I do try to post weekly videos but sometimes I'm batch recording videos so that I create a bunch of lessons in one month and then I post them and I schedule them over the next couple of months. I like to create content that is search friendly and Evergreen meaning that it's not going to be out of date the next day. So while some youtube channels are great at posting daily news Friendly's sort of on the topic videos my videos are more about how to tutorials and content that will be searchable and valid not just today but for years to come. Since I've started I've wanted to use YouTube to help make money for my business both on the platform and off the platform. So slowly my ad revenue on YouTube has grown and that grew up to over a thousand dollars per month. Now again this was just on the side so twelve thousand plus dollars a year was a pretty good amount of money made from ad revenue. Recently I started taking ads off of my videos because I felt like it was a better viewer viewing experience for my channel viewers to not have to watch ads. And so my ad revenue has decreased. I left ads on some of my most popular videos which were making the most money so I'm still making four hundred five hundred dollars a month on YouTube via their ads. And now each month I'm making thousands of dollars from my YouTube audience whether that's people finding classes through video descriptions clicking on cards or just people becoming aware of my business. YouTube going to my Web site and finding products that way. So there's lots of different ways you can make money on YouTube and we're going to cover those later in the course. So let's go ahead and look at my channel just so you can see it and feel free to subscribe to check it out. And that's one of the best ways that you can learn to is just by subscribing and following other YouTube's to see what they do. So here we are on my channel. You can see that I do have over one hundred thousand subscribers I passed out recently and it's one of the reasons I thought it's a great time to update this course because we have made a lot of changes to the channel and things on YouTube are different. I have rebranded my channel from video school online to fill Ebinger. That's a recent change that I've made and a lot of other YouTube's have made YouTube a lot of YouTube words have a lot of success with that. The branding of their channel as themself and not as their brand name. And so I followed that trend myself. You can see on my channel we're gonna go over all of this stuff but you can see popular uploads some of them are about personal finance which is kind of funny and that's I guess one mistake that I can say really quickly upfront is that to have more success I would focus your energy on creating a channel on one topic in one niche. I've created videos on all kinds of things and you can see that by clicking on my playlist you can see that I have playlists on all kinds of things photography video production teaching online WordPress personal finance and so that's why this channel has converted from more videos go online to fill out better because I use it as a place to basically create videos on whatever I'm interested in. Here you can see some of the analytics from my lifetime as a YouTube where you can see that I started on December 17th 2012. Today when I'm recording this it's February 10th 2019. I have over a hundred and thirty six videos and you can see it's kind of hard to see these graphs but I get this nice growth a couple years ago I had a couple more viral videos that did really well and so that's where you see some peaks over here. But it's amazing 34 million minutes of content watch. That's just astounding. You can see my total estimated revenue from YouTube here as well. And you can see some of my most popular videos down below. One video that has reached a million views and this is one other thing to just know is that I have had success on YouTube without viral hits. I do not make viral hits. I just make consistent content that is helpful. And over time a lot of these videos do end up getting tens hundreds of thousands of views. But it's not like you need one viral hit to have success on YouTube. Now really quickly I want to show you Mike and Lauren's channel. So here you can see their channel there almost one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. So if you're watching this go over and subscribe to their channel and I'm sure by the time you watch this they'll probably have over one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. Mike and Lauren are a husband and wife team that have made a ton of great videos on all things related to personal finance DIY. Mike does some sort of construction kind of projects that are really cool. They have some more viral hits than I have so you can see they have a couple of these kind of projects DIY project videos that have over a million views. Lately they've started doing a lot of sort of personal finance experiments. So their latest series of videos is a one hour v investments but basically they were able to retire early with through different types of investments and things like that and so they make videos on all of those kinds of videos so you can see here what they do really well is coming up with the style for their thumbnail. But you can see here that they're not the kind of channel that's posting every single day or every week they're posting about one video a month at a time. They were a little bit more consistent with their channel but now it really is just once a month or so. But you can still have success with that. And again that's one of the things it's like you don't have to be posting every single day to have success on YouTube you can do this on the side. Mike and Lauren are retired early so he doesn't want to be spending 40 hours a week posting to YouTube videos unless that was his main passion. Hopefully you can use the success you see that we've had on YouTube for inspiration for your own channels. All right. Are you ready to start your YouTube channel. We'll see you in the next lesson to get started.