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Why build a business on You Tube and how to make money on You Tube.

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YouTube Marketing - How To Create a Real YouTube Business

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English [Auto] OK so why you choose marketing why you choose marketing. Well YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet. It's owned by Google which of course is the biggest search engine. And what's interesting is that Google apply a similar kind of algorithm search algorithm you need to as they do in their main search pages their main search site Google dot com. The problem is marketers don't think to optimize it in this way they don't think to optimize YouTube in the same way so when they set a video up if a marketer or a business sets a video up they don't think to use the same kinds of tricks as they might do for their website or for a piece of content that they want to get found on the main Google dot com Web site. The thing is that YouTube works in a very similar way. So it's not just about slapping a video up there it's also about putting all the text around it as well. That's Ruport. So that's why it's good to do YouTube marketing because you can optimize it in a similar way. And the great thing is because there are many people doing it not many marketers are using it to optimize in the same way. Then there's some great opportunities to take advantage of that. So you can rant for things that you may not have a chance of ranking for in Google dot com which gives you a great opportunity to get your product to your service out there in front of the eyes of people who are interested in a way that you wouldn't have if you are doing it on google.com anyway so YouTube is also a great way to connect with audiences of all kinds. It's easy to use people build all kinds of businesses on YouTube using precisely the kinds of techniques that I'm going to be showing you in this course and all the top companies use you. You also simply because it works is a great way to connect with an audience to engage with an audience to teach them and help them to understand what it is that you do and how you can use that products or services. Businesses and consumers absolutely love it. Now businesses like I say large and small use videos to connect and engage with their target audiences because it allows them to say a lot in a very short period of time so you can say you know like one minute video a whole lot more using imagery using moving pictures or whatever it is you're doing. You can do that to communicate the message. That's that's actually quite complex and complicated. That would take you a long time if it was in text if it was a page of content on a Web site it would take a lot of text to do that. Also bear in mind that written text as an art form is actually dying. There are fewer and fewer written text forms hitting the internet simply because people don't respond to them as much anymore. In the early days the Internet and that's all we had. You know it's a very simple imagery very simple color and words. That's what we had. So as a as a form of advertising written text is actually dying and videos taking over. So text heavy web page just like home page is blogs and e-mail or maybe even a bit strongly offset that dying don't really die but they're a little less popular than they used to be. We like we like imagery we like moving pictures because they're so easy to consume far easier to consume. Reading through loads of text we don't have the appetite to read long pages anymore and sometimes even short pages anymore. They were getting lazy and simplified. We're very lazy in our Internet viewing habits and when we're looking for a proper service we're very lazy. When I see the picture once in a moving video. So video is now the best way to get your message into the minds of a buyer. It's quick it's easy to consume and it's more likely to be remembered OK so how does this whole kind of system that I going to be teaching you work. What I've done here in this section is I put together just six very very simple principles that basically summarizes the entire course of what we're going to be doing is go through each of these. So let me just read them out to you and explain very very briefly what they are. First is find a prospect business that's struggling to market digitally. That is you go on the internet and don't really be showing you how to do all this. You don't have to be concerned about how you're going to do this. I will find you. I will show you how to find a prospect business that is struggling to market digitally so they might be just ranking on page to page 3 of Google or Yahoo or wherever it is. So they're out there doing digital stuff like our Web site but they're not doing as well as they might like to the marketing that the clients in them are getting the phone calls in as much as they would like to Anisha you have to find a company like that. So then you give them something great. I wish I had to make a video for a very very simple video. There's no trickery in this. There's no fantastic art stuff in there. It's very simple to do this all you want is something that gets at that and ranks them. You upload YouTube. If you've never uploaded a video to Egypt before that's absolutely fine. A lot of people haven't. Billions of people are using it. But a lot of people still haven't done that and that's fine don't worry about that. We show you how to do that also. It's what we'll do is we'll show the business video business that we found that struggling prospect business was shown in the video. We'll send them the link to you and explain what we've done why we've done it. And this can be done in a very professional way in a way that's not threatening to them in a way that's a service to them and any way that does them a favor. So and that becomes our platform for selling it to them. So we explain the proposition to them that it's the effectiveness of the video and it's marketing for their business the effect the effectiveness of media marketing for their business. We explain that to them very very carefully and very easily with no huge obligation no demands. And then once they become convinced that we arrange payment I show you how to arrange payment to you from them and give them options as to how they can do that. Now I know that's a lot in a very short space of time. You might think might be a little skeptical thinking you how do we how does all of that actually happen and has it all work or it going to be going into all of the different aspects of that. So you'll be very very clear.