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English [Auto] Came this video we're going to do a basic overview of pretty much with social proof isn't that why you need it for a for your videos and the beat for YouTube channel in general. What social group is Lugol's or social proof. In a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of other people in an attempt like behavior in a given situation. Basically to break it down like this is saying that in a social or social dynamics if a person does something and enough people are doing it it looks like it's the right thing to do because if everyone else is doing it you should probably be doing it too. And this is where it comes down to people watching a video. For instance if a video has a hundred thousand views you're more likely to click it compared to a video that has 10000. These are not. Why. Because in your brain you like 100000 people watching this video for a reason. So you assume that that video was better just because you want to use that. So that's what social proof is social social proof that that's better because socially people as a mass as a group have have given reason to believe that this is OK. And the same thing goes down to you having YouTube subscribers when there's more subscribers on a channel like you often probably do get to resubscribe to channel you think you go look how much privacy they have. A lot. You write that. Yes. And the only way to get thousands subscribers like I don't know if I should really think about that because it's true no matter who you are. There's different levels of people that latch on to things that. So I know a lot of stuff. So this is the thing to talk about. Even for Instagram's reason to file you are an. Would you be more willing to follow this cycle up with three dozen followers following three or six people or would you be to follow my hundred ninety two. So you probably follow this one and I'm following around the same amount of people I'm all right. You call this one because what are you following that social. Is powerful. OK. So when your videos have been up use them and when you have enough subscribers on your channel it's going to help you grow faster. And the reason I'm talking about this is because it's going to show you all from it called booster box which is to walk out and you used to get. I want to I got to see this properly. I want you to get a nice starter boost gain on your channel because if you're starting with zero subscribers and zero views on things it makes it a little difficult to get a little bit of trackings winsomely does end up coming to you channel your video they are like I need to subscribe. It's no one else's. Right. So what I recommend for a starter channel is you get like you buy. Yes. I'm going to recommend you buy it in the beginning stages. You buy like 300 2000 subscribers. And I'm saying this because you are going to need them to help you gain a little traction faster is going to help you gain that trust with the views. I'm not really. I really don't think you should be buying. You don't really need to be mind. I'm not going to recommend that because there is an algorithm here and I understand the algorithm and if you falsify too much too much go into that but you just start off with the like you started a story on level 2 instead of starting. OK. So don't really go by use unless you really need to look for a music artist you want to get 10000 music video like that. That's OK because the majors do it and there's been proof across the board to them by always present when everybody. That's why you are 100 million followers and only I'm not going to do it. So I recommend you going to get about 300 subscribers. I'm not sure who's next to you. Might you recommend it because it is actually owned by a friend of mine untrustable handles any issues that happens fairly quickly. And if there's ever a problem that is right or wrong I tell me anytime anybody have a problem they tell me of course but I recommend this for his friends. Well I tell him on my game because like every other day. The other day is really easy to use. At least now you understand social proof. Don't go buying like 10000 subscribers or something you need to buy more than a thousand several thousand and then grow organically from there. OK. All right. Go and get out there. Let's go.