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English [Auto] Okay guys before we get into the actual specifics of you know the how to process of actually how to build the channel how to you know create the links and generate the traffic to the channel. I want to touch on the basics and the overview of how you can actually make money using this method. Now this actually we're on my hub for my channel right now. I have two channels currently. This is the main channel for my company that's B.G. media innovation. You can find me at YouTube slash B.G. media innovation and it's basically digital marketing tips you know obviously e-commerce insight and how to content for aspiring entrepreneurs across the board. You know I got started and I kind of am growing this channel so it's really really cool to kind of see the growth there and it's something I'm really passionate about teaching. So I genuinely enjoy it. Now I also created a new channel that I just recently started kind of generating traffic to and I've seen the marketability of how you can actually use these affiliate links and are going to go into that example after this for you. That's what you guys are going to be doing. But this will give you another good example of how to actually make money through affiliate links on YouTube. So basically first the first couple of videos that I made are were geared around Amazon. I do a lot of Amazon FBA. You know obviously dewdrops shopping as well and I do you know email marketing and digital marketing across the board you know a variety of different things throughout those the ashes but the first couple of videos that I made were actually on Amazon and what I did was I I had taken a PPC module for Kevin Davis Amazon affiliate course and I linked them in the descriptions of the YouTube of the videos that I did on basically getting more Amazon reviews. And you can see them all here all the modules linked as long as well as my arbitrage course which I just threw in there recently. And basically all I did was I generated traffic to these videos and ignore the stuff on the side. This is stuff that will be going into more in the future. This is actually my basically my secret weapon for getting you know YouTube tags and kind of figuring out where you rank. It's called too buddy. It's phenomenal. I'll actually link this in this lecture as well. As long as well as the the first lecture and I'll link the the both this and the software is in the bonus lecture and this lecture as well. In case you want to check them out. But this will really help you start you know ranking tags and generating organic growth. Basically if you don't understand tags yet it's basically what people are typing into the Emmys or the YouTube search bar. So if somebody types and how to get more Amazon reviews 2017 how to get more Amazon reviews in 2017 or anything like that. Basically don't want update go home basically I pop up as the first result now somebody types in how to get Amazon reviews I pop up as a third result. It's pretty self-explanatory. That will really kind of help you organically rank and generate traffic towards your videos. So ignore this for now that you can see here that this video has you know two hundred views roughly and it's only earned about 340. The money is not in the ad revenue. Trust me and I have a document you know my entire ad revenue journey on my channel if you want to check that out. But the money isn't the affiliate links so these affiliate links down here in this description are basically how I generate a lot of money. Being an affiliate for Kevin David's Amazon courses. So I took the PPC module but I linked them all here and believe it or not just this video alone combined with this video right here. This is actually not my video that's Center Foxe's this video right here. Amazon the FBN edge of course of view this video right here and this paperclip video which is not mine either. This one is just these four videos alone which I mean roughly what does that like. It's like 3000 4000 maybe 5000 roughly a little bit more potentially just on 5000 views. I've literally generated about $5000 in Affiliate Marketing for his course. OK so you can understand the marketing marketability and the potential power of putting the right affiliate links in the right videos targeted around the right traffic for that Aneesh. OK so I mean to give you another example before we get into the example for the actual course. Now this is not my video either. They keep going past it. This is a video I did on JMS which you know I have an email marketing and if you know affiliate marketing combined course it's called e-mail and affiliate marking mastermind. It's a great course if you want to check that out. It's a best seller and probably my best course on you to me and I have a bunch of great courses but that's probably my best ones. I put G-Mac as an affiliate link because I use G.M. in that course and it's a great service. And I actually use G.M. all my e-mails as well and I did this video on YouTube and literally just combined with this video and my course I've made about 2 grand just promoting JMS. Now G.M. is that's a lot of sales. Believe it or not because I I think I only get about 10 bucks maybe it's eight or two. It's like eight to ten bucks per G-Mac sale because they had for the lifetime of that person subscription or so on and so forth but you can imagine how many sales that is and how much traffic and how many people have actually clicked those links and purchased it because I recommend it. And I put it in the description of my youtube video and I put it you know obviously on my YouTube videos. So that's just something to keep in mind you know kind of show showcasing the market ability of putting links affiliate links in the right video descriptions of your YouTube videos. Now this is an example I'm going to use for the course. It's best of shark tank and it's center out centers around the shark technique. Knish obviously you know business entrepeneurs same thing as kind of mine but this person obviously doesn't own this content. Now you can take this and run with it however you want. You can do it with you know any any niche that you can potentially think you can do a motivation each Naish where you you know take motivation video clips and kind of rearrange them and I actually might show you that as an example for this video because I feel like that would be a good one. And us and take that and run with it because you can make a lot of money in the motivation. All right. Well we finally got that to load. What's going on with my internet there that was strange but here we are on Shark Tank again obviously. And you see other uploads and all the traffic that they get on their videos you know. Five hundred forty thousand eighty five thousand 220000 let's put this 545 thousand one right here. And I think this will be a good example of how they're actually doing their fillings. So you can see here that clearly like I talked about they don't own this content. It's you know clips of shark tank show that is shown on TV. And if you come down here and the description they you know they obviously plug a bunch of stuff. Inspector Spector software that's probably an affiliate link but really haven't been making their money. Is there linking the shark tank products Propp popular Shark Tank products as you see here and this is a great example of this because they're linked. These are all affiliate links. If you click one of these It'll take you to Amazon to a shark tank product where if you purchased this they obviously get a commission on this affiliate sale. So if you buy this through their link they make money. And the way that they do this is you can imagine. Let's just run some numbers here because I'm always you know I love running numbers and kind of calculating how much money you can make. Let's assume that there's five hundred forty five thousand let's just rough rough you know average it off there. Let's assume that only one percent of the people that actually watch this video and read the description click this link. That's five thousand four hundred and fifty people. Now let's assume that you know people click this and they and they make this purchase for 47 49. OK. Now another little caveat really fast before you you know you if you understand anything about affiliate marketing especially on Amazon the way they're doing this and grant it it will be different for each affiliate marketing you know network that you choose. But for this example specifically and a lot of the affiliate networks that you choose especially if it's a place like Amazon and they have a bunch of products they track your cookies. OK so if I click through their link and I decide that I didn't want to purchase this but maybe this cart line I purchased this instead they would still get a commission on this. OK. So that's how cookies and affiliate links work. You don't have to actually purchase the product that the link is for as long as they get you on the site and you make a purchase within the time frame. And I believe I forget the exact time frame that Amazon allots you but they still get a commission on that. Well let's run some numbers as I always think that's fun. So like I said there's five hundred forty five thousand roughly views on this let's say assume that 1 percent of those people just 1 percent read the description and click the link and they make a purchase on this. OK. What's that. And then will roughly assume that they get a low commission on this it's like 250 on 47 49 which is very very low. Five thousand four hundred fifty dollars times 250 is still 13 grand twenty five bucks just on this product alone. Just from affiliate links just from linking the affiliate links in on the right video generating the right traffic because clearly anybody that's searching for this in the right ways you know and that's five hundred forty five thousand people are all targeted that potentially are going to be interested in watching this content. And you know 10 times more likely than i just pull that number out of my mind you know out of my mind obviously they're going to be much more likely exponentially more likely to make a purchase on a shark tank product and through their affiliate link because they're already geared around Target this target Aneesh. Now another example that we can pull up really fast would be like a motivation. So with these type of motivation. And I'll actually I'm going to go in and show you we're just going to take you know let's take let's take a short one right here and we're actually going to break something apart like this to show you a good example. I feel like this would be a great example of how you can get started without you know you know too much experience needed you know kind of cutting the video apart and remembering it and I'll show you that. And then you know the first thing we'll do is create the YouTube channel she had to do that then we're going to make your video and you can just put. Then you post your affiliate links and description we'll tag out your video to buddy which is basically my secret weapon to you know generating a lot of traffic on your videos you can see here. We'll see if they ring for any tags. Airing for a couple so they could do their tags a lot better and I'll show you how to kind of manipulate those. But yeah guys so there's a lot of money to be made here if you know how to put the content in front of the right people. Taggett right so your you know your search engine optimizing YouTube wise your videos and then putting the affiliate links in you description and simply sitting back as these basically earn you money over the years to come. You put the video up you link the affiliate links. You start pushing traffic too by tagging it correctly and then you sit back and let it collect for you for the rest of your life. OK. That's the basic business model. It's really really exciting stuff. You know we're going to jump right in in the next one. And then you know we'll move on from there.