Leveraging YouTube Traffic for Affiliate Marketing Success

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery

How to Leverage the Second Largest Search Engine in the World (YouTube) to Make High Affiliate Commissions

01:20:19 of on-demand video • Updated May 2020

  • how to create a YouTube Channel
  • how to create YouTube videos fast
  • how to place affiliate links in the right place on videos
  • how combine Affiliate Marketing with YouTube properly
English [Auto] It guys I'm working with of course. Thanks for joining me today I'm going to basically teach you how to make a lot of money doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. Now this there's a lot of different ways to do affiliate marketing there's a lot of different marketing techniques that you can implement with that today. I'm just going to focus on for this course how to make money doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. Now there's a lot of money to be made. There's a lot of traffic on YouTube if you don't know anything about it. I'm assuming that you know something that you do but if you don't know the specifics on it YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine in the world behind only Google. And so we can leverage that search engine that doesn't have as much competition on it it certainly does have competition but not nearly as much as Google with you know significant traffic amounts already and comparable numbers to a site like Google. YouTube is obviously owned by Google. There are similar search engines. You know there's a bunch of different things that factor into how to get traffic to your actual youtube videos. And we're going to get into that and tie in its entirety in this course. We'll break this down into a couple of different factors. First I want to teach you how to create a YouTube channel that doesn't teach you how to create YouTube videos that you know you can actually do that actually generate traffic around a certain issue because it's important to identify. You have to pick a niche. The one that I would be going over in a second is this here which is just the best of Shark Tank videos. There's a bunch of different channels like this on YouTube. I'm assuming if they're monetizing them right. And this one looks like it is. It's a perfect example with the film then they should be making a lot of money. OK. I'm going to go into the specifics of this and how to actually do it in in the next letter. So the first thing you're going to need is obviously you're going need to critique you too. We're going to get into that. It's really simple. The second thing we need is editing software. Now there's a bunch of different eading software out there. I'll actually link the editing software that I recommend not just in this video but to the next video as well when we get into it. And to the end in the bonus lectures and if you don't know what the bonus lectures are guy. Guys it's basically just that article at the end of the at the very last lecture. It looks like a white sheet of paper with all my links on there. So if you're looking for great recommended editing software I would link those in there for both Mac users and PC users. A look. OK. So the first thing that I want to preface this by saying that you don't need any special you know expensive recording stuff to get the stuff done. And that's one thing that I like to stress lot of people think that they need to make you know all these upgrade purchases with you know mikes and and equipment and recording software and editing software and it's just simply not true. Guys I feel this all the time really don't need a lot to get started you know but you're definitely going to want to do something like that. You know as you progress and make money then you might want to reinvest. OK but you definitely don't need something that gets started. The first thing I recommend and I'll actually link this in the this lecture as well as long as was the next lecture and the bonus lecture too. And it's a free editing software. It's one of my favorites and it's called shock. I'm opening it up right now. But basically you just you can just Google shakha download and download Shaka. It's a free editing software. I still use it myself. I have a paid software it's the one that I recommend for PC users. But I'm still kind of you know working out some kinks here in there because if you don't know obviously I do youtube I do a lot of content creation and we'll get into that the specifics of my channel and kind of show you some videos on on that a little bit later potentially. But I do youtube. Are you content creation obviously in the form this course and I have a new course coming out. It's like a master course for you know to brand your own content brand for itself. I will be basically pushing on YouTube in this similar fashion. OK. So it's a lot of great stuff to learn but you don't need to be a pro to start. You don't need to be perfect start but you do need to start to be mature. Be perfect. So can someone keep in mind here's just an opening of Shaka. It's literally just this flat screen with editing software. And we're going to pull up and use this later. But it's a free editing software that you might want to check out if you're not trying to invest you know into editing software then this is your best bet because it's free. Works wonderful. And I understand Chocolat really well and I can teach you that obviously if you have any questions throughout the entirety of the Course you'll read either message me or on you to for bathroom or email me at Brian. That's Brian with a y. IDG media innovation outcome and I'd love to help you out a lot to answer your questions. I'm always here to help my students. OK. So that's the first thing that you're going to need obviously with this method. You don't need any recording software. You don't need any you know any fancy mikes because we're not going to be using any that we're simply going to be taking content that's already on line molding and shaping it to our benefit in our use and then marketing it to the right people. So that's all it is. And we're going to be utilized excuse me utilizing the marketability and the power of the Internet and leveraging that to make money with affiliate marketing. That's what this course is about. Great stuff. Hope you're excited because I'm really excited and there's a lot of money to be made and a lot of different options to make money.