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English [Auto] A winning mindset. Your mind's strongest weapon. A winning mindset is one of those trainings that a lot of people don't think that they need. They think my mindset is fine. Everything's great. You know I'm motivated I'm excited. And once they get going on things after a while this is one of those trainings that's really easy to position because the your winning mindset is your strongest weapon. It's one of the most powerful weapons that you can have in your arsenal to reach the success that you're looking for. The essay question Does every direction that you look seem to point to failure. Everywhere you look everything that you touch everything that you do it just seems to fail on you. If so this is one of those training set I believe is really going to hopefully wake you up. Another question I've got for you is what's in your mirror when you look in the mirror every time you look. You know you step in front of that mirror. What do you actually see. You know something else that I want you to think about is what kind of words do you hear yourself saying you know is this what you look in the mirror when you look in the mirror. Is this what you see. Do you see yourself as maybe grey haired aged. You know what. What have I done with my life up to this point. You know I've reached this age and you know what do I have to be you know to show for it. You know this guy here really doesn't look like he's really satisfied with what he's seeing when he's looking at in that mirror maybe it's like this young guy you know this guy he's not he's not gray haired he's not old he's young. But you know what's he seeing in there. You know he already looking at that dead end job that he's at. You know what's he see and maybe all a lost relationship whatever that's failed him regardless of what it is he's looking in that mirror and he's not liking what he's seeing at the moment not unlike this young man who's you know he's got that suit on he's ready to go he's excited. He's probably looking forward to that day. Maybe he's got a hot date right now where he's heading off to a job that he absolutely loves but he's on top of the world he's excited you know what is it that you see when you look in the mirror what is are the words What do you think the words are that these people are saying to themselves you know what do you catch yourself saying when you look into the mirror what do you see in your mirror what do you see every imperfection worry or failure or do you see your greatness. We were all created in greatness. We were created to do amazing things. But every time we look at ourselves you know we see the imperfections we see the things that we're worrying about we see the failure that's on our face you know everything that you know all of these negativity is that lead to failure and to not reach that success that we so much desire are the things that seem to be overpowering they seem to take away from that greatness that we were created to have. Now what do you hear yourself say. You know I ask you this here a few minutes ago. But do you do you hear yourself saying things that berate yourself with comments like man I am overweight I'm getting old or do you stand tall when you look inside a mirror and say Man I look great you know I'd look awesome you know what are those things that you hear yourself say I want you to really be conscious of this the next time that you take a look into the mirror and really listen to what that inner voice is saying you know a lot of the times we look into the mirror and we find ourselves criticizing the way that we look. We we criticize ourself and look at ourselves as failure and a lot of times that's because of the people that are in our lives and the what they project on us the negativity that they're projected into our life as well. A mirror reflects more than just your what your. I see a mirror really reflects your inner thoughts and your beliefs. It's a reflection into your very soul. So the next time you look into the mirror I want you to really pay attention because it really is going to reflect your inner thoughts. Listen to those inner thoughts. What are those beliefs that you really pay attention to what you're saying and what you're hearing. I challenge you the next time you're in front of a mirror to listen to the voice inside what is and say what it is saying. I think that you're probably going to be surprised. You know most people don't even stop and think about what they're saying to themselves I want you to do this. I want you to really be conscious about this. Make a conscious effort to listen to what you're saying about yourself. I really really think that a lot of you are going to be very surprised at what you hear another simple question that I need an answer to is do you expect to win or lose you know. Simple question and your answer is think about that for a second. Do you really expect to win or lose. You know the language of many suggests that when faced with an opportunity of any description description they don't even expect to win. Therefore by default they're setting themselves up to lose. Here's an example of what I'm what I'm trying to say here. Somebody you know this is some something that somebody says well the last thing I did didn't get any get me any results. So I am hoping that I've made. And that I'm not getting myself into the same situation. So you know maybe you bought a product online or whatever that you were trying to use to make money online and you used it. You didn't get any kind of results. You had a bad experience. Now you've bought something else. So what you're saying to yourself is I'm hoping that I'm not getting myself into the same situation as I did last time. I'm hoping that this is going to be different results. What you're doing is you're not really expecting anything different from what happened last time. Therefore by default you're setting yourself up to lose you know go to go into the next situation expecting to win you know. So what you had a bad experience last time you'll learn from it you grew from it what you know whatever go forward and expect a different result expect to. Maybe it takes you working harder you know maybe it's going to be with a different product owner or you know hold completely different people that are involved in the situation itself so don't go on your past experiences you know really take a look at that brand new day the brand the situation as a brand new starting point for you How is it that your words get assembled in the first place. You know first of all they have to be thought either consciously or subconsciously your words get assembled by first thinking about them the language you speak is simply a manifestation of the way your mind thinks and the belief system that it has. So we start thinking these words either consciously or subconsciously and then the language that comes out is manifested by. By the way that your mind is thinking and the belief system that it has. So really be careful you know about the the thoughts that are going on inside of your head you know either consciously you're thinking these things or subconsciously and you're not even realizing it. You know a lot of it is just from over the years you know it's just ingrained you know the way that we think in the belief system. So it's gonna be hard for some of you to change what is your language is a positive. Or is it negative. The language that you hear is it positive or is it negative if it's negative. We've got to get rid of it. And it's sometimes that's a little bit of a challenge. Maybe it's not even you know just your language it's other people's language that you're hearing but what wherever the negativity is coming from we've got to get rid of that out of our life. And you know we've got to especially get rid of it out of our own language. You know when you're standing in front of that mirror and you hear nothing coming back except negativity there's a problem there the success formula millionaire coach times proven system equals success. It's not enough to make money even if you have the best millionaire coach and our following his proven system. You can have the best coach out there you can be following a very proven system that no matter how hard you try it's not going to fail. This does not mean that you're going to start making money just because you're following this great coach and his proven system. It takes more than that unless you understand it and have confidence in it and confidence in yourself and the same winning mindset as your millionaire coach you will never win. So the system you've got to have confidence in the system you've got to be able to understand it. You have to have confidence in yourself that you're going to be able to make it happen. You've got to have that same winning mindset as your millionaire coach. He got to be that millionaire. She got to be that millionaire because of the mindset that they have. They've got a different kind of mindset than most people they've either they worked hard at it you know they were born with it whatever you want to say but they've got a different mindset they understand it you're never going to win unless you can find yourself into that same position you can follow a million dollar guru and his best proven system and still continue to come out on the losing end your mind traffic or your mindset. You know I call it the mind traffic because we got a lot of things going on up stairs. You know it's just like a busy highway you know. Things are just coming and going in and out of our mind all the time. But your mind traffic is going to determine what direction you see more clearly. Either you're going to see success or you're going to see failure. First of all I want you to think of some things here. Now what is your financial goal. I want you to think about that for just a second. What is your financial goal and a lot of the times this is what the answer is. Do you know. Did you answer with secure diff. Did you answer with comfortable. Or did you answer with Rich. You know think about those things. Those words that I just described there for a second. What is your financial goal is your financial goal to be secure where you think it's like you know I'm upset. You know I'm I'm OK. You know things are you know I've got things my college kids college taking care of and stuff. I think I can retire you know as it to be comfortable where you're just kind of getting by day by day you know the bills are paid. You know you don't got people not going to your calling on your phone knock on your door asking to pay these bills. You know you're comfortable things. You know maybe it's paycheck to paycheck but bills are getting paid. Or are you just want plain wanting to be rich where you know that you've got money all the time for no matter what you can do. A lot of extra things. You know what is it that your financial goal is. It's very important to have that you understand this bear in mind that a goal is different from a wish. You know we can wish to be secure comfortable or rich. All we want but we've got to have certain goals in place you know describing how we're going to get rich. Each one of these different aspects of our life you know if it's security we've got to have a goal set in place that we can follow and have you know pattern set up that we can follow that we're able to use and to get reach our goals and to be able to see that we're actually reaching these goals. You may wish to be rich but that doesn't mean that you've ever taken any practical steps to make it come true. So just because you know we all have those dreams where I'm like man I would love to be filthy rich. I would love to you know just make so much money that I never had another worry. But that doesn't mean we're going to make it there. That doesn't mean we're ever going to take any practical steps to make it come true. If you want to get there you've got to have some practical steps set in place and you've got to take action on those. If you've ever earned enough money to put some aside like most people you've probably invested it with the eye towards security since you can't imagine yourself ever getting rich. Most people if you ask them they're saying I'll probably never be rich. It's not meant for me. You know that's for other people. I would just like to be able to be secure. You know if you've ever earned enough money to put some aside like most people you've probably invested it with that eye towards security you know and that's you know that's fine. But if you really want to be rich you can be. You just have got to have the proper mindset for it. Robert Kiyosaki says My rich dad said all of us have the power of choice. I choose to be rich and I make that choice every day. So if that's something that we choose we're going to have to you know we've got to choose that in our mind. You know we have to wake up to the fact that I want to be rich and I when I wake up in the morning I choose to be rich. I choose to take action to make this happen for me. We have to make this choice every single day of our life. Being wealthy is a mindset. Money is a critical part of wealth. And anyone who tells you it is it just doesn't have any period. You know a lot of people you'll go up to was talked to about money and they were like. I don't need it. You know it's you know it's not really that important to me. You know if people are telling you that you know that they just don't care about money they just don't have any period. Important as it is though it's only part of the wealth and deep down inside you know this or at least suspect this is true. So you know we look at money as wealth but there's more to it than that it's more than just having money. If all it takes to be wealthy is money then ask yourself this why is it that lottery winners almost always end up right back where they started. If you take a average person that wins a lottery let's say they were barely living paycheck to paycheck. They won a million dollars. It's not very long before they find themselves right back at that same place of living paycheck to paycheck. Why isn't it because they don't understand the whole equation. They didn't understand how to invest with that money. They didn't have the right mindset to to own that much money so they ended up right back at the same place because they ended up they manage things the same way they always had being wealthy is a mindset. And it includes creating wealth in your finances as well isn't the four other major areas of your life and we'll discuss those in a minute. But being wealthy is a mindset. You know it's not just having money. It's about having the proper mindset to go along with it to be able to handle it our thoughts driver behaviors. Now if you're thinking that you want to start down the path to financial freedom there's something that needs to happen first. You must first understand how the rich think about money and understand this. Rich people think about money differently than poor people do and how it different from the poor and middle class way of thinking. Regardless of how much money you make you'll end up right back where you started. If you don't change your thoughts about the money. And that's why those that win lotteries end up right back to the same place. They didn't change their thoughts about the money. They ended up you know maybe they were living paycheck to paycheck. They had a lot of bills overdue. They won all this money and the first thing they did was think I'm going to get out of debt now I'm going to pay off all of these bills. I'm just gonna get rid of all these bills and you know pretty soon they instead of investing it properly. They ended up doing the same thing with it that they did with the money that they had before they paid off bills with it. They know they found himself spending it money on things that they really didn't need and developing more bills and more debt and stuff than that they were paying that off and they didn't understand how to handle it properly. You need to change your habits if you want to start down that path of financial freedom and actually get there. You've got to change your habits. Don't let the old habits get the best of you and your finances how you handle your finances when you're poor. If you don't change those habits you're going to handle money when you have it the same exact way and you're never going to be able to reach that place of financial freedom that you're looking for. I'm not interested in money. What this really means is you're not interested in making the life transforming changes necessary to pulling up your stubborn roots to move beyond job security and told toward financial freedom. How many times has anybody you know come up to you and said you know how would you like to you know just be rich. Well your mind can't conceive that part because it's never been there before and you say that's not what life is all about. You know life is not just about money which it isn't. You know there's so much more involved in it. But what you're really saying you're finding the first excuse it comes to your head what you really say is that you know what I don't believe that I'm going to ever get there and I'm not willing to make life transforming changes necessary that to help me get to that place. So what's going to happen is you're just going to continue to make those excuses and you're not going to ever reach that financial freedom. You need to think it. If I'm telling you if you need to if you want to get that financial freedom you need to start thinking it. You need to start learning it. So basically you have to start getting that right mindset. You have to start learning how to handle your finances and how to get to that place and you need to do it. Once you have those goals set in place you've got to learn. You know basically learn it think it and then you've got to take action on them and actually make some things happen your goals remember are set up with action steps. That's called doing it you know. Action steps require action. So how to achieve your financial financial goals you need to understand the difference between these. First of all you need to understand the difference between job security financial security and financial freedom and I want to stop and think about that. Second what do those three things mean to you. What does job security mean to you. What does financial security mean to you. What is financial freedom. Well first of all job security is when you know basically when you're going. You've got that job. You go there every single day you've been going there for years whatever you're maybe living paycheck to paycheck but the bills are paid. You know you've you know maybe sometimes a few relate but you feel that that job is secure. You know it's not really going anywhere. Financial security is basically where we're a step farther than that than the job security. Not much difference but a little bit different in the fact that you know you're you feel that you're probably set for retirement maybe you're not going to be living high but you're you'll make it. Your kids can go to college you know. You know things are set in place for the future for you that you feel now financial freedom is basically where you are just plain set and no matter what happens you know that you're going to be able to generate the income that you need to live. You don't have to worry about things you do it. You know all you could do the extra things you've taken vacations whatever you know that you're never going to have another worry again. Now there's a difference between the three of them the first two you're not in charge of those they. Somebody could come along and yank those out from underneath you at any time. The difference with financial freedom is that yes you you can still lose it you can lose everything you got but you have the know how and you know how to build yourself right back up again to that same place. So even if somebody come along or wiped you totally out you know that you can build yourself back up and do it again. That's called Financial Freedom. Now how many people believe that job security means financial security. You know a lot of people believe that. But do they still believe this after they lose their jobs and can't find a new one. They thought their job was secure for life and all of sudden it was ripped out from right out from underneath them. Do they still believe in job security. Probably not. My guess now before you change your life you need to change your mind. If you've even have the slightest hope of actual financial freedom then you have to understand that self awareness is critical. You have got to become aware of your mindset right now that current mindset you've got to become aware of it before you can begin to change it. You have to be aware of everything that is going on in your mind and into your mind. So you've got to be very conscious about listening to what's going on inside of your head. You've got to be very conscious and paid attention to what other people are putting into your mind the things that are here that you're hearing. You know those that you're hanging around what are they saying. What. You know what is their life is their life filled with negativity. You've got to distance yourself from that. You've got to be aware of everything that's going on inside it into your mind. Now this takes work on your part because your thoughts and beliefs are deeply ingrained to the point that you may not even be well aware of how much they've shaped your financial woes. Most people are not even aware that they have a mindset a mindset problem. You know this goes fact when you're when you're trying to sell a mindset course to somebody that is you know just bought a product or whatever. You know it's not going to be their first product that they buy unless they're you know aware of what their mindset is. You know most people are going to go you know I don't need a mind set course you know I'm excited I'm ready to go you know I'm I'm ready to really pile this thing and make some money here. And pretty soon two or three weeks later and they're not getting good results and they're like wow man I didn't realize how much time this is going to take or life just begins to happen around them. And you know the time that they thought they were going to have you know isn't there they're you know they forgot their kids you know that while I still got kids but they were all excited when they were read that sales page. They were ready to go they were pumped and all of a sudden you know everything. It's just like back to where it was before. And that's not going to be a good place. It's going to take work on your part to be able to make this work. You've if you want to change your mindset it's going to take some hard work on your part. You know we're giving our mind traffic or my chatter a great deal of power. Our thoughts just like the picture has it I thought have power. We have many different voices in our head and they have a lot in common. All of this traffic tends to shout at us rather than speak words that are coming to us. You know we've got it's you know I why I call it mine traffic we've got all this stuff just go on every single you know tons of different directions inside of our head. You know it's all sorts of different voices. You know maybe some of it's good some of it's you know negativity you know. But what everything's just kind of go in there and a lot of times it's giving us bad advice. You know a lot of times we start doing something and we always said to hear ourselves going. I remember the last time you tried this you know it didn't really work very good for you did it. You know it's probably not going to work this time either maybe you oughta just kind of rethink this again you know. You know so it starts giving us bad advice and a lot of times it's because we are going off past experience those past experience are mindsets building up defenses to protect us. Now sometimes all the voices want to talk at the same time. That's where confusion comes in. You know where you're just you're you're trying one thing and you hear this other voice and then you hear another voice so we hear that there's another one going on here and pretty soon you're just like oh I can't take this anymore. You need to stop and you just give up. We've got to overcome this. We're giving our mind a great deal of power. We've got to reclaim this power that our mind is taking over we become paralyzed by our self-consciousness like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. You've seen that deer out there on the road when you're all said he hits those lights and it just kind of freezes is like whoa you know. And that's what's happening to us. We become paralyzed by our self-consciousness. You know all those thoughts running through our head and stuff and pretty soon we're just like stop there we don't know what way to turn. We don't know what way to you know what we should be doing next and we're just frozen there and you know we find ourselves just you know eventually just be just quitting you know like that deer it's frozen there pretty soon. You know it's just. It's hit by the oncoming car because it didn't know which direction to turn. It was just frightened what we become is determined by the thought forms we surround ourselves with negative mind chatter is a filter that ensures that he bends conditions et cetera will perpetuate our negative emotions. We've been talking about this you know those when we put negative thoughts into our mind or if our mind is already filled with these negative thoughts would we go start up new events or new conditions or whatever come in our mind begins to start protecting us. And it starts bringing out all the negativity of our past experiences. And you know it just continues this you know perpetuating this negative emotions and stuff that's going on. So you know all of a sudden you know we hear ourself said Remember what happened last time and then we're like yeah that's right. And I forget it. You know I'm just I'm going to try this this time and it just it this kind of process just this pattern just keeps repeating itself over and over and over it never ends unless we're able to get rid of the negative mind chatter and replace it with strong positive not just the opposite will happen if we focus our thoughts on joy happiness or courage. You know if we if we're thinking about those fears were dwelling on the negativity of fear you know we're never gonna get any worse but if we start thinking about facing that fear beating that fear you know taking on getting that courage and stuff we start thinking of what our life is going to be like when we reach that financial security of financial freedom itself. We started thinking about the joy that we're going to have the happiness in our family and our life. You know our spirits our happiness and our spirituality is that we start focusing if we focus our thoughts on the good things you know the opposite is going to happen when we start taking on a new situation our minds get to try to remind us of that negative we're going to say no. That was that's in the past that happened to say you know this is going to be different. You know this time you know what I make it happen. You know the financial freedom that I'm going to have that I'm going to face that you know the vacations that I'm going to be taking. You know the you know how my family's going to feel about me and stuff. Those kind of good thoughts start to overtaking so and overpowering that negativity that's been going on in our life this type of mind chatter will start giving you the power you need to live the life and life of success and happiness that you deserve to live. And I want you to really want to drive that last part. Hold there. You deserve to live in. You deserve it. Too many people do not feel that they even deserve that kind of life. You know they feel that you know this is just who I am. This is who I was meant to be. I've just got to live with it. That's hogwash. You deserve to live in financial freedom. You deserve to live in that power you deserve to live in that greatness that you were created to live in. We're having conversations in our heads all the time. We've got to stop avoiding or accepting the negative voice in your head what we think we will become if you continue with the negativity. That's what your life is going to be centered around is negativity. When you when other people are positive you're going to be trying to feed them with negative thoughts your mind's going to always be being fed with it. Now in the absence of other information our mind sometimes fills themselves with worries doubts or fears and our minds are constantly looking for the worst case scenario. And you know this to be true. You know if in the absence of information in our minds that we don't understand something you know our mind starts taking over and it begins to start filling up with weird worries doubts that are going to be able to do it. Fears of what you know what could happen or whatever. You know it's you know a lot of people even have that fear of success is like why and what would happen if I actually did become successful you know would I be able to handle it. You know we're like a journal running a route on a wheel in its cage feet working furiously but not getting anywhere is like the Journal our minds love to be busy. Well we've gotta control this busyness. We've got to stop the negativity and we've got to get the information that we need that we can get rid of. To help us get rid of these for these worries and these doubts and these fears our minds get busy with a sort of self-conscious brainstorming and I think this pattern originates in childhood. As children we always face new situations and we risk embarrassment or injury if we didn't if we didn't respond skillfully or how others felt we should have responded. How many times have you responded to a situation just because you felt that that others expected you to respond that way and so that's how you did it. You know as children you know we're faced with new situations and you know if we don't do things the right way you know we faced embarrassment or even injury and stuff and that's not a good feeling. So we start building up defenses in our mind from this early age. You know once we face what we what we've been embarrassed or we've been hurt you know our minds are trying to help us avoid these patterns of stuff. So if we you know if we bet embarrassed before when we tried something the next time our minds going to say wait a minute stop. Think about this for a minute the last time you tried something crazy like this. Think of the embarrassment. So we go Oh that's right. Never mind I'm not going to try this. You know when if we would have just put our foot forward you know that could have said what we really needed at that point if we just stepped out of that comfort zone and face those fears and face that risk it risk that embarrassment or whatever. You know that could have been it. But our mind says wait a minute. Stop think about the last time or always you know it seems like we're always going off past experiences the voice that starts off warning us about potential danger becomes hyper vigilant and is always looking for dangers or ways to protect you against these feelings of failures or embarrassment. Sometimes it sees it when it's not actually there. So it's a lot of times of dangers and stuff that are there they're really not even there. But our mind is trying to protect us from it it's warning us it's like we start to go do something our minds go off. Babe babe you know what warning. You know you'll stop think about what you do it is stuff you know you don't want to be embarrassed again. You don't want to fail again remember how you felt last time you failed. You know in a lot of times that danger is not even there. So we become mentally vigilant about how we can protect ourselves from feelings of embarrassment or failures because we don't like to be a bit embarrassed. We don't like to fail. So we just try to protect ourselves in any way we can and our mind just starts working overtime to do that for us. You know but think of it this way you know if you try something and you fail is it really failure or is failure really failing to try in the first place. You know this is this is kind of what it's like. You know you've got this great idea you're ready to go and all of a sudden all of these people start shouting it to your ear you know you start to think that they're going to think that you are a total loser you can't do that. You actually think that you're somebody that can succeed. You know and a lot of times this is going on inside your own mind you know where you you start thinking these things yourself is like man. Who am I. Do I think that I can actually succeed at this or you start to that remember the last time I tried to do that or other people are saying this to you you're going to totally embarrass yourself if you do that you know what's up with that. Who do you think you are to try something like that you're in way over your head now. What would you do if you asked actually succeeded anyways. Do you really think you are qualified. Isn't it like you. It isn't like you're the expert you know and that's a big win a lot of people are going to you know I'm not even an expert in my niche so how am I going to make this work. You know immediately our mind starts working. Other people are feeding this negativity into us and this is what we hear loud and clear so what happens. We go oh what was I thinking. I can't do this. You know a lot of times it's like you know maybe our spouse is like man you've been doing this for so long. Do you actually think you're ever going to be able to make money at this. You know you need to just stop. You just need to give up at this. This isn't something that you're meant to do. And after a while it's just it's just like that. Guys thank you there it's like man. What was I thinking. There's I can't do this. Everybody else is right. What's your excuse. Maybe it's I can't give up a regular paycheck maybe it's a. You want me to lose all my money. Don't you. I don't have any money to invest. I tried that before. It'll never work. I'm not smart enough to do something like that. Come on you know my husband would never go for that. All bad. I've tried that before. My wife would never understand if I tried to do something like that again. Now what would my friends say if I fail again. You know they they watch me fail before what are they going to say. If they see me fail again you know I'm young I've still got plenty of time I'm not going to worry about it now. Or just the opposite. That's too late for me now you know. And if I'm in my 60s 70s you know I should've done this when I was younger and stuff it's too late now or just I can't do that or I was bored with a computer attached to my ability. Cord. I hear this from a lot of people all the time it's like you know my kids this is fine for them because they were basically attached with an umbilical cord computer to their billable cord. It's easier for the younger generation than it is for me. Well you know all of these things. Maybe there's some validity some to some of these things but they're just excuses of what they keep us from actually taking action. So what is the excuse that you have that is keeping you from the success that you so desire so how do we bring this my traffic under control. We've been talking about you know the damage that it causes. What can we do to bring it under control. We have to begin with. To create a new belief that includes using conscious. And remember that conscious controlled attention as the basis for keeping your mind chatter under control. We really have to begin listening and thinking very consciously of what is going on inside. We've got to be conscious controlled attend to we have got to bring this to attention. Pain precedes change. You've heard it before. People don't change unless and until they experience enough pain with the way things are. Some say that's the gift of pain. So you've got to basically go to. To be able to change you've got to get to you to that place where you have experienced enough pain so that you are ready for the change that it's going to take because it's going to take some work. So if you've had enough pain if you've experienced enough pain then you're going to be ready to move forward. Only then do we say hey enough already. Only then do we begin to look for ways and figure out how to think feel and act in a different direction. Here's a couple examples. A person doesn't stop eating cookies until the pain of having thunder thighs or being are living with the overweight and the health problems. Being overweight is worse than the pain of not doubting the Orioles. So when we get past the pain of like Man I can't have the Oreo and stuff and you know we get past that. You know it becomes worse. You know just being overweight then saying I can't have the Oreo then we're ready to change. A man doesn't quit his job until the pain of working for his magical boss which means who is wildly disordered or insane is greater than the idea of living out of a cardboard box and all that be a cut of a painful situation to be living out of a cardboard box and you're not going to quit your job until the pain of working for that boss that DNA job is enough for you to say I've had enough. I need a change I need something different. We needed internal support system. First of all take a deep breath and just a breath take a deep breath calm yourself down let your mind become clear and remember this is going to be a conscious effort. Would you feel yourself getting out of control your mind filling up with the negativity. Take a deep breath calm yourself down and let your mind become clear. Just stop thinking about things. Now remember the thoughts are just thoughts and worries are just worries. They're not reality yet. That's all they are. They're just thoughts and worries at the moment they're not reality yet. Think of creating a turtle supporter who sits at the committee table. I'd like your critic who's been sitting there all this time who spends all of his time looking for ways that you're screwing up. This is going to be a voice of encouragement. So when you hear the negativity you gotta have you. Think of that. The turtle supporters said they're gonna wait a minute stop just stop. You know you've been here before. You know what to do. You know. Don't listen to those other guys. Don't listen to those other voices and stuff. You've gotta make this has gotta be a conscious effort. You've gotta have like you know get this internal supporter that and it's basically going to be you controlling it every time you hear the negativity. You've gotta counteract it with something positive begin to use a firm affirmations or sayings that you could say in the face of your negative mind chatter to counteract it like I could do this. So you might say you can't do this. Yes I can't. I could do this. Maybe I don't. I don't understand it right now but I'll figure it out. I'll be able to get this done. I am good enough. You know a lot of times that voices like that you're not good enough to do this. You know this just not you. Yes it is. I'm good enough to do this. I'm going to make it happen. God don't make no junk. You know my life is worth you know. You know I have this financial freedom. My life is you know is worth to have good things going on in it. You know you've got to start saying well instead of I can't do this well how can I make this work or I will find a way to get it done. What if we take all that energy used by the mind for just chattering away about what it was or about the fears of the moment and focus all that energy into being what we were created to be and do which is delivered greatness. Remember that sign where it says which way did we look at. Do we see the success or failure. If we really focus all that mind chatter and stuff and focus from the negativity and start focusing on what we were created to be and do. The failure is going to be crossed out we're not even going to see that direction. All we're going to see is success ahead you've got to be forgiving of yourself first of all let me tell you right now as you start doing this you're going to slip up a few times you're going to go back to those old ways. I mean they've been ingrained in you for a long time now controlling the negative mind chatter is going to take time and you're going to slip up along the way. What happens however is this the more you work toward a positive mindset the more you will be able to sustain it. So the more that you consciously put the effort to taking care of this problem the more you're going to be able to sustain it stop feeding the negative negative mind chatter and positive becomes your mindset reinforce your positive thoughts with a reward. This is very very important. Now the size of the reward is not the focus here. What you're trying to do is to reward yourself for your daily accomplishments for motivation and encouragement. This is just like with your goal setting every time you reach a goal you should reward yourself every time you hear yourself give yourself a positive every time you hear yourself give yourself a positive thought over top of a negative one. You need to reward yourself. You need to give yourself and at a boy a job well done. It doesn't matter what you do to reward yourself you know if it's treat yourself to ice cream take go out to eat or whatever. Just give yourself a pat on the back. Does it matter. Recognize that you overcame that negativity with something positive. Watch your language especially with yourself the next time you trip up or make a mistake. Do your best to listen and really take notice of what you're saying to yourself. Do you find yourself beating yourself up like gee I'm an idiot. Why do I always do that. You know we've got to stop that. You've got to turn that around itself. You know enough of the idiot stuff you know enough of why the world why I always do this like you know change it. It's like well that didn't work out so well so let me try this again. I mean you know let's look at do maybe do this a little bit differently because you know everybody said at work must work so we're gonna get it. We're gonna get a go. We got to figure out a way you know maybe you hear yourself. Why is it that every time I try something I seem to fail. You've got to stop that. You know it's just that you did maybe try it in the right way whatever is going on in there stop beating yourself up all the time you're going to trip up and make mistakes. Just do the best and listen and really take notice of what you're saying to yourself There's no shame in failing older and failing to try. When you hear this kind of self talk stop right in the middle of your verbal abuse. Pretend that you're talking to a good friend who had just made the same mistake. Now think about this. What would you say to that friend if you had a friend that just made a big mistake. They're beating themselves up to something you're sitting there. What would you say to them. You'd probably say something more like this. Hey you know it's OK. You did the best that you could. Now it's time to pick yourself up and try again. There's no shame in failing. Failing only failing to try. Now that's something that you would probably say to your friend. Now what needs to happen is would you you mess up or you make a mistake. You need to be saying this to you. You need to have people in your life that are saying this to you. So you've got to have supporters you've got. You have to be your number one supporter. You know it's like well did the best that I could. Didn't work out but I got to pick myself back up and I'm going to try this again. You know I didn't fail because I gave it a try the ability to take risks is built and how you rebound from your mistakes. If we can't rebound from our mistakes we're going to stop taking risks. Life is about taking risk if we want to really get ahead there's some risk that we've gotta take it if we're never you know if we just never can rebound from those mistakes we're never going to find ourselves being able to pick ourself back up and try and do it again. You know we're gonna just say the next time a risk comes to you say nope can't do this. No more risks surround yourself with positive people get rid of the negativity. Truth. Either your relationships are truly supporting you or they are not the relationships you have in your life are supporting you or they're not. Do not let others hold you down with all their doubts and expectations. You have more strength and potential than anyone could possible possibly imagine. Now what is taught by experience to put a premium on those few who can truly appreciate you for what you are. That was a statement by Gail Godwin. You have so much strength and potential that anybody can even possibly know you were you were created to live it greatness. It's there you've gotta bring it out and you've got to be living how you were meant to live. We were not meant to live around you know having this poor miserable life and live in a poverty itself. We were met. We were created for greatness. We need to live in that. You know we've we've got to get the people in our life that are willing to see that it is a believe in us and speak the positivity into our life you become who you spend time with. If you know this is true. Think about the people that you spend that you spend your time with. You know if you were to you know let's say you were you know this really great person everybody sees you as is really good person and you changed and you started hanging around gangsters you know different people that were you know if they were doing drugs or whatever and you know you've everybody seen you hanging around with them maybe you never even did anything wrong hanging around these people. What are other people going to think about you they're going to think you're just like them. Because we are who we spend time with. There's never been a more important moment in your lifetime than now to take an inventory of the people you surround yourself with. You need to get to a place where you can meet connect and create long standing relationships with harmonically minded people with people who have and are going to continue to accomplish amazing things. One of the best places that you could do is find off life events that are in your niche and start hanging around. These people start meeting with them connecting with them. Maybe it's the people in your circle they hold webinars and stuff where you can get online for encouragement you know maybe Q and A's or whatever you need to start getting to a place where you can start meeting a connecting and creating relationships with the people that like you want to become. These are the types of relationships that are going to encourage and serve you as opposed to those relationships that ultimately get you know wears off if people are filling your head with negativity. They're not going to get you anywhere. You need to fill those your life with those relationships that are going to encourage and serve you you know get to a place where you know you've got other people that are speaking the positive into your life get inside the minds of these people who prosper no matter what's going on around them and to learn the strategies to their success. You've seen it before where it just seems like no matter what they do they just can't fail. You know you need to get inside of their mind find out what's going on around them and inside of them and learn the strategies to their success if they're successful what they're doing works and you need to figure that out and more than that you need to figure out their mindset and really figure out what makes them tick. And you need to become like that. Ask for support from others. Listen carefully to the message of those around you. Are they delivering a positive or a negative message to you really listen to the people that are around you. If you really make a conscious effort at this I think you're going to be surprised at what people are actually saying. You're going to notice that there's so much negativity going on in your life and you're good to go. No wonder no wonder I can't ever get anywheres you know because this is this is who I'm hanging around. Don't be afraid to tell those around you what you're striving for and ask for their support. A lot of people just plain don't understand what you're trying to do. Make sure that you explain it to them as clearly as possible. Show them your goals. Show them what you're trying to do. Ask for them to support you through it. You know said you know tell them you know I'm not going be able reach this if you're going to continue with this negativity and if you're going to continue with it and not support me through this you know I'm just going to have to remove you from my life. You know if it's your spouse some must hate court get a divorce and get rid of other stuff. But you've just got to understand that you've got to stop listening to what's going on. And you've got to remove yourself from those situations surrounding yourself with positive people will help you fight off the inner chatter that is negative and the limit and that limits your success. So when you start hanging around positive people you might have this negativity going on and you're going to they're going to hear you saying this these words and the positive people are going to start feeling your inner chatter with positive thoughts. They're going to say wait a minute stop. You know you're a great person you're awesome you're going to be able to do this. You know why I have faith in you. You need to really start believing in yourself. If they hear you the negativity they'll start filling your life with the positive. Find a mentor or coach. Yes you can create a future filled with happiness and contentment and all areas of your life financially relation daily mentally physically and spiritually. You know you can create a future filled with happiness and contentment in all areas of your life. Most people have all the nuts and bolts they need. You know it's all there you're all set up for it. After the difference between the people who achieved this level of total happiness and wealth and those who fall short is simply a lack of direction a helping hand from a mentor or coach somebody that's been there they've done that they've got the right mindset and they can help you to help make the changes that you need. Now think about it doesn't it simply make sense that you can achieve a whole lot more in your life if you could take advantage of the knowledge experience and success of someone who was bed there and done that. Now remember we said without the you know the proper knowledge itself that's when the worries and the fears and stuff all create you know start getting created and sneak in on us and stuff. Well does it make sense that if you can hang around the people with the knowledge and experience of the success you know they feather they've done that that it's going to start rubbing off on you and you're going to start learning it from them. You can't make money at excuses at the same time. My entire life changed the moment I gave myself permission to succeed and that is the honest truth. I already had every excuse in the book of why I wasn't being successful even after I found some success I still had excuses of why I wasn't going to be able to go any further than what I was. I finally gave myself permission to make money instead of more excuses. And here I am today sitting here coaching and mentoring you mentoring others other people because I finally gave myself permission to make money instead of more excuses stop waiting for others to give you permission I'm giving you permission right now but it doesn't it's not going to start with that it's going to start with you giving your self permission right now to achieve the success that you desire. If that's financial freedom Give yourself permission to reach that goal you have unlimited potential inside of you right now. So many people that I meet feel they are so unworthy they don't see the value that they have to provide to others. You know they just see their life as really holding no value at all. I'm here to tell you that you have on limited potential inside of you right now. Bring it out give yourself that permission that you need to start moving forward. Give yourself that permission that you need to check start changing that mindset the way that it's thinking now and start changing it to a millionaire mindset no matter what's going on in the world. You have a choice as to what you're going to create in your life. Remember if you if you want to be rich you have to wake up every morning and say I choose today to be rich I choose today to do the things that are going to help me become rich I choose today to help me to do the things that are going to help me reach that financial freedom in my own life no matter what's going on I don't care what's going on in your life right now you might be without a job. You might be you know have somebody with you that doesn't believe in you or whatever. I don't care what's going on in your life. You have a choice as to what you're going to create with the rest of your life and that rest of your life starts right this second. What are you going to choose to do with it leave excuses to the old you. It's time to really discover the authentic you. You need to start dropping your defenses and face life as you are you are who you are. You know there's word you know that you're not going to be no different. You know there's some things that you can change but you are who you are. You've got different strengths you've got different weaknesses. You need to start you know maybe some of the weaknesses you have to develop a little bit. Or maybe you just have to let other people handle that that do that. You don't have that strength that compliments your weaknesses but you are who you are. Either you're really stepping up to the plate or you're going to be backing down. Today you can either step up to the plate or you can back back down like you've done so many times before. I'd say it's time to step up to the plate. Get into that batter's box and let's go for the home run. Give yourself permission to succeed and make money without any limitations whatsoever. Don't put limitations. Don't sit there and say well if you know as long as you know if I make enough money to do this no forget that. Make money without limitations. Give yourself that permission give up all the impulses you have to quit right now. And believe in yourself either you truly believe in yourself or you don't. It's as simple as that. I don't need to go any farther with that. Either you truly believe in yourself or you don't. What would you dare to dream if you knew that anything was possible. Maybe just buy your dream home send your children to college city school they choose not to just the community or whatever to any school they choose. Impact global issues like homeless and poverty go into business for yourself. Maybe you would retire early. Maybe you take a year off from work and travel around the world. What is it that you would dare to dream if you knew that anything was possible. I'm here to tell you it's possible. Give yourself permission and go for it. Now I want you to come closer and pay attention because most of the truly successful people are not any smarter than you. They're not any more gifted than you. Maybe they have different strengths than you do but they have weaknesses too. They're not any luckier than you and they don't work any harder than you. Here is the secret. The reason they have what they have is because they have a different mindset than what you have. Now imagine for a moment this is your life fulfilling and complete in every single area every direction you look. You're firing on all cylinders and in complete harmony financially physically mentally spiritually and relationships. What would that be worth to you. To me it would be immeasurable. Well let me tell you a secret contrary to popular belief. It's not that hard to achieve. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves. It's going to take some work on your part. Trust me you've got to be able to just roll up their sleeves and get yourself moving because knowledge without action is a total waste of time. I can give you all the training you can read all the books you can go to all the webinars seminars whatever that you want and get all the knowledge you want but without taking action on the knowledge that you learn it's a total waste of your time to even show up to the training. It's a total waste of your time to even get the knowledge. The bottom line is this the right mindset will help you create amazing results in your life. In fact I absolutely guarantee you you get the right mindset and I guarantee you you're going to see yourself creating some amazing results in your life. It's going to take some commitment and it's going to take some work on your part. I know you hate that word work but it's going to take some work on your part. If you just want to sit on your duff and listen that nothing is going to happen for you. Now how is your mindset right now. Can you or can't you. You're the one that's in control began fresh with a new way of thinking I can get it done. I will get it done. And most important I will find a way. If you say that you can't. You are absolutely right. You can't. You need to stop right now concentrating on all the things you can't do or your weaknesses and start focusing on what you are strong in and the virtues that you hold so dear. If you expect if you accept this voice that keeps saying I can't and keeps setting you up for failure before you even start to achieve the success you desire and deserve. So basically if you accept this voice that keeps saying I can't You're gonna be setting yourself up for failure and you're going to continue to set yourself up for failure. Over and over and over and you're never going to achieve that success that you desire. And again I say and deserve Why do you want financial success. Ask. You're going to have to ask yourself two important questions. The first one is Why do you want financial success and what is the reward of your success. You need to understand why you want it and what is the reward that you're going to be rewarded when you get this success. The second question you need to know is what are the consequences if you fail. What kind of consequences are there going to be if you fail. If you fail at this are you going to basically lose everything that you have now. So maybe you're sitting out sitting at that point right now where if you try this you possibly have the chance of gaining that financial freedom and keeping your house. Getting your kids to college whatever. But if you don't nobody's going to college you're losing that whole but whatever. If you're at that point where you need to ask yourself what happens if I succeed. What happens if I fail. What are those consequences of each that the rewards pain precedes change remember that you don't change unless they've experienced enough pain with the way things are. Only then do we say hey enough already. Only then do we begin to look for ways to figure out how to think feel and act in a diff in a different direction. I ask you again. Have you had enough yet. If not well continue onto your ways. But if you had enough. It's time for change because pain precedes change my wish for you is that you create a million dollars and that also you create a million dollar lifestyle in the process. What's a million dollar lifestyle. Having financial abundance with ultimate peace of mind. Truly connected relationships optimum health and fitness and a spiritual connect connection beyond description. To me that sounds pretty awesome right there. Think about that for a second. You know that's a million dollar lifestyle. This is the kind of wealth that you deserve. Then and only then you can truly say that you're wealthy. Are you with me on this you know. That's what I think about those things up there. The ultimate peace of mind. Truly connected relationships optimum health and fitness. You know and you stop and think about as well what's health and fitness got to do with it. Well you get all excited about something and also your health goes down hill. What happens then. You know your spiritual connection you know all of these things. Think about those things for a minute. You know living a life or all of these are firing on the you know the right cylinders and it's just every life is going great. You know this is when you truly could say that you're wealthy. It isn't just about the money. It's when everything is work together. And yes the money is there and you've reached that financial freedom. You see you can go after just the money and you might get rich but does that guarantee you will be wealthy. I guess I'm pretty sure that you believe that that's not the case. You've got to have the million dollar to have that million dollar lifestyle. You gotta have not only a million dollars but you've got to have the right mindset. Also you need more than that. You need a million dollar lifestyle it's not just about the money it's you need that million dollar lifestyle that we just described. Up top.