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English [Auto] The joint venture partner discovering the win win situation and how to move your name from the shadows to the spotlight. It's time to get your name out of the shadows and into the spotlight with the rest of them. So in the one of the great things about a joint venture partner is this is a win win situation not just for the joint venture partner but for you also not just for you but for also the joint venture partner. It just does not get any better than this. Now when we start talking about joint venture partners most people have have a picture of what a joint venture partner should be in their head. From the way that they were taught and most people do not teach the whole the whole picture they just basically teach what we're gonna be talking about here very in the very first few slides. What is a joint venture partnership. Basically it's a master sales force is what it can be. And this is what we're basically taught is that it's a master sales force. It is one of the most biggest most powerful methods of driving traffic to your website to makes and to make sales if it is done right. But a joint venture partnership is so much more than just having a master sales force. Joint ventures or JD are one of the most powerful techniques you can employ to get your niche business up and running. So if you're having problems getting your niche business up and running you better start thinking about getting joint venture partners and not just to sell your product when it's complete. You need to get joint ventures from the planning stage all the way through. If they are done right. Joint ventures can help you start making money faster than any other method you can use online. And the reason for this is because a lot of people struggle and they're trying to do it alone. And we we hear things all the time was like Well I just cannot do the technical stuff if only I had somebody else to do it. Well that only somebody else is it called a joint venture. You know we they can be used for so many different thing and it's powerful and it will help you get up and running faster than any other method that's out there because you now have somebody that is helping you do the work helping you get make sales just it's just such a powerful method all the way around. It's simple math you can. And I want you to really think about this for a minute because a lot of people get caught up on I don't want to have to pay somebody else all the time I don't want a partner to have to pay but I want you to think about something very it's really easy to figure out my mind anyways. It's simple math. You make 100 percent of what you manage to sell. And I want you to think right now how much you've actually been managing to sell right now. You can have 100 percent of that if you want to continue to go the direction that you're at and continue to do it by yourself or you can have 50 percent of what a bunch of people can sell. Now just think about that if you were to really go out in and you buy your product together you had your thirty seven dollar e-book whatever you went out and made ten sales let's say you struggle and you finally made ten sale. You're excited you made some sales you made three hundred and seventy dollars it's yours to keep. You don't have to split it with anybody. But what if you had just two or three joint venture partners who are promoting that product to their list and instead of that hundreds sales or that 10 sales. What if you made a hundred sales and you gave away 50 percent of that. You still would have the income from 50 of those sales over top of 10 you know and they probably did it in a whole lot less time within just a matter of a day or so. And you know on the day that you launched it or whatever and that's just you know you do the math. Which one do you prefer to do it by yourself and make 100 percent of what you made it to sell or 50 percent a bunch. What a bunch of people can sell for you a joint venture and really get this part a joint venture is a joint and you notice I got capitalized italicized underlined everything it's a joint venture that means that there's it's a partnership that you guys are doing it to gather everybody is working toward a common goal. It's not just you doing all the work and then you paying J.V. partners and set up a joint venture is a true venture where it where everybody comes together and works toward the same common goal and gets amazing results also on that you don't want you don't want to go into it thinking that you're joint venture partner is going to be doing it all for you either so because a lot of times that's not even that's not even going to be close to the case. Now if you're not sure what a joint venture is let me explain it. Here's how it works in a very simplistic form and this is how we are taught to do joint ventures a has a product which he wants to get to the market so that you you have your product you want to get it out to the market b has a list which targets just the right market for A's product so B is going to be your joint venture partner. They have a list they b they have their products maybe they don't if they've got a list. My guess is they've got products but they have a list. You have a product a finds no B and sets up a joint venture with b b promotes A's product to his list A and B both share the profits from sales of the product. It's a win win arrangement for both of them. Now remember when we were talking about it they're just the last slide you get 50 percent of what the joint ventures arrangement makes. Or 100 percent of what you do yourself. So basically you have your product you're looking for somebody that's got a list which targets just the right market for your product. A lot of people get that part of it wrong. Also they I don't I can't tell you how many offers I have gotten in the email and how many times I've heard other marketers say you know talk about the emails that they've got where people will approach them that they sound like they got a really great product. But the problem of it is for that marketer to promote that it's not going to work because it doesn't. It's not specifically targeted toward their list. Maybe it's closely related but not specifically targeted in a lot of the times. It might be just a simple fact that that marketer doesn't really go that direction maybe they're really known for something you know all they do is webinar they've never done anything with a software product. Maybe their market would be great for that software product but they're not known for promoting software products to their list their list knows them as maybe not the most technical person really don't really ever talk a lot about software so that marketer is going to have a little bit harder time. If you were to promote our approach him to say hey I got this great software product for you to promote to your list. Well that might fit his target market but it's not something that his list is going to accept from him because he's not known for that. So if he tells you you know you know that I'm just not going to be able to promote that. Not that it's a good product. Not a good product or whatever. My list is just not going to accept this from me personally. You know that you've got to take that into consideration too. So if somebody tells you know that they're not going to be able to do that you know they they've usually got a good reason for it. So all right you can leverage resources the magic word here is leverage. You've got to leverage your time and resources with fellow marketers to improve yourself and to maximize your success. If if you're trying to do this all by yourself you're going to find out very quickly that you have very limited time and it seems like you're running out of time all of the time your bills are coming due and you're still not getting anything done. You're trying your hardest at life keeps happening you're just plain run out of time at the end of the day. And it seems like you never get any place. It doesn't seem like you have all the resources in place to be ale to get this. Well you've got fellow marketers out there that are willing to help if you approach them right. They're willing to help you. They've got the resources they've got time maybe they've got a staff of people that can help or what you know whatever it is set in place you need to leverage this time and the thing of it is is that you've got skills that you can also use to leverage as leverage is stuff to be able to say listen I can do this for you if you can do this for me. And so you guys you know that helps you to get things done faster and move things along quickly so that you can get those products out there get them launched and start making some real income online instead of struggling at all by yourself and getting nothing done and getting nowhere. Most marketers miss out on a huge chunk of available profits by not doing enough joint ventures. And that's just the plain simple truth. If you do not do enough joint ventures you're missing out on a lot of available profits that are sitting out there. You're always many people are going about this just leaving so much money on the table that is there to be made. And basically they end up basically saying Man I'm just not able to do this there's just no money I'm just not seeing it. I don't know how everybody else do does it but I'm not able to do this. And you're right. You're not able to do this but together with a team with joint venture partners you'll be able to get this done and you're going to find out that there's a lot of profit out there to be made if through joint venture partnerships. It's the easiest way to leverage resources you wouldn't otherwise have the skills that you don't have. Other people have them. They're looking for you just like you're looking for them. There's probably two reasons why joint ventures are not used fully. These are the fear of work and what I mean by that is the fear of the work that it's going to take to actually get a joint venture partner. A lot of people this scares them to death. It's like and especially once they get started at it because I'm going to tell you finding joint venture partners no matter what anybody has ever told you is not going to be the easiest thing that you've ever done. But you need to do it. You need to be persistent and continue after it because it's where everything comes together. There's a fit for a lot of people though they've got a fear of all the work that is going to take to get him in there and the fear of failure that they're never going to find him especially if they get two or three no's in a row right away. They're like Oh man I'm just not able to find him it's like you know so it's you know it all starts working together and it starts getting into your mind that it's like man I'm just going to be to do this. It's just not working out for me. But I want you to know you've failed in the first place by having this kind of a mindset if you've got the mindset where you're afraid of the work that it's going to take to put in in fear of failure you've already failed. So you know you might still just you might well get over that mindset right now start believing that you're going to succeed at this and understand it's going to take some work. It's going to take some effort on your part to be able to get this to happen for you and you're going to get some knows you're going to get a lot of no's. Trust me you are. I still get nose. I tell people no all the time. So make sure that you really understand this going in that it's going to be a lot of work on your part. Well I'm not here to preach. I do want to emphasize no marketer out there is ever an island. You're not by yourself. You're not stranded on some desert island like a lot of people think they are right now trying to do this alone. If you are I guess all I can tell you is that you really need to start listening to what's being taught or you just need to continue down that path and you continue to stay on that little island until you wake up to the fact that you're not going to be able to do this all alone and you understand that you're going to need partners even if it means that you're going to start splitting profits 50/50. Because I learned a long time ago that I couldn't do it by myself. I tried and I tried and I tried for six months and I started going backwards and things were not a pretty sight. And I want to emphasize to you right now you're not on an island all by yourself. If you are you need to get off of that island. You need to put up send up some flyers or whatever for the rescue ship to come after you and get you onto a place where you can start doing some joint venture partners the joint venture as part of your product or planning stage. This is where you need to really start thinking joint venture it's not just getting somebody to sell your product in the end stage. That's the very end. Yes you need to do that. It's critical to get joint venture partners for your launches but you need to include joint venture partners as part of your product or planning stage. From the very beginning most people think a joint venture needs to have. I have a product. You have a list. You promote my product but joint ventures are so much more than that. If you do them right bringing you joint are your potential J.V. partners as part of the project is huge. Your J.V. partners now have a vested interest in your success not just selling just another product. Someone wants me to pitch in that's way the way most joint venture partners start being tried to be formed. Is somebody sending an email or contacting some of say hey I got a product can you sell this thing. You know they're trying to trying to make basically sell their product to the joint venture partner to get them to actually promote this. So if you bring your J.V. partners in from the very beginning the planning stage you know basically working with working with people is one of the most effective ways that you can start getting your products done. You know basically the way that you're going to be approaching these guys is as work on that ego trip. It's like wow I've been seeing what you've been doing and I'm kind of working on something that I really think that I could use your help on. And you know this is what I've got doing. Give them as much detail as possible and saying I think you're the person I would really like to include in this product in this product that I'm doing and as a partner or whatever in it you know I would I would be willing to split the profits with you that I make 50 50. You know if I if I can get you in there asking people's advice you know maybe you've got some ideas and a joint you you do a joint venture partner just to get advice in the planning stages of this to get people's you know their input on your product to make it a better product. This starts giving other people a vested interest in your success. And when they do when you go to do that launch you're going to get a better Yes when you've got other people that have a vested interest in making sure that that product is out there and selling well maybe part of the planning or the product stage is doing interviews with those J.B. partners bringing them in as part of the product and part of the planning stage. Integrate your potential J.V. partners somewhere in the process before the launch process. Maybe they're going to be doing a webinar trainings for you maybe it's after your launch but you've already contacted them and it's going to be in their vested interest to get as many people to buy this product because they're going to be teaching some of the trainings itself afterwards after the launch joint venture business partnerships. Now this is a little bit different. This is actually forming a partnership in your business where maybe you have somebody else where there's two of you that are partnering together to join your to form a business or a company called a joint venture partnership or joint venture businesses with another marketer where you basically you're saying I would like you to become part of my business to you know 50 50 whatever we make we're going to have this together because this allows you to have more more skills involved and other resources. Your relationship is based on both partners working together from their strengths. You find a partner who complements your skill set relationships is based on both partners working from their strengths and that's important. It's not using the weaknesses that you have. You you find partners that complement your skill sets. So if you've got some weaknesses out there you're joint venture partner or your business partner that you're finding should complement those where maybe those are his Those are his strengths. If you can't do the tech skills your business partner is somebody that maybe is really up to date on their tech skills they're on top of it. Maybe you can do trainings well and they can't you know whatever it is you work from. There's each of you is working within your strengths and you complement each other's skill sets now here's some things that you really need to be prepared for when you're doing joint venture business partnerships. First of all this is a big one you would not even think of this when you get started. Until you do the first big check that you write out to your partner you're sitting here watching the money come in and you're like Wow. Let's look at this. You know things are going great. And Alison it's time to pay up. And the business partner you've got a 50 50 split. Maybe you had other partner J.B. partners that you've paid them their commission. Now it's time the profits for you to split it with your business partner. I remember the first time that I did this. Remember this money wouldn't have been possible without your partner when it goes to write that big check out to your partner for his for his cut. Remember you would not have had most of that money if it would not been for your partner's stuff. Maybe they helped you get all your web sites up that you would not have been able to get up if. Or you would have been months and months trying to figure it all out. Maybe they're doing some of the training whatever it is that allowed you to get to the point where you're at. Be careful about letting resentment creep in just because you are paying your partner a large amount of moneys. And don't be tempted to rationalize and skim off a tiny percentage here or there. It's just not going to work. It's going to cause a lot of hardships and a lot of bad feelings. Do not be tempted to sit there and go Well I think I did more work than my partner so I should be able to just take a little percentage more so instead of 50/50 and I was going into my bank account it's never going to really know. So you know this is the way why does you need to have it set up so everybody's knowing what's going on that you know they don't have to be you know knowing what's in your bank account stuff like that but they're able to see the sales that coming in. So keep everybody honest stuff because you know what. When you go to write those big checks out a lot of people aren't really emotionally prepared for that and they're thinking wow this money is coming and not paying my bills and all of a sudden it's like whoops I forgot about my partner create a formal agreement and I'm not going to give you any legal advice here but I would you know look into maybe find a lawyer to write up an agreement for you if nothing else at the very least if you do nothing else. Create an agreement in an email send it to each other and make sure you print it off sign your signatures whatever send them back to each other whatever that if at the very least if you're not going to use a lawyer whatever but make sure that you have a formal agreement set up of some kind that states who is going to get what what's and you know what's happening in the business and what everybody shares are going to be you know really really do the best that you can to have some kind of a formal agreement to help keep the peace and help keep things running smoothly building or bundling products together is another way to do joint ventures. Building or bundling products or offers is a very very effective strategy. If the joint venture. Products or your product is a non competing one complements your product and fits your market too then it can be bundled with yours to create an entirely new and separate offering. So maybe you've just got let's say you've been taught that you're gonna create a product you've got to create this wonderful e-book where you've done it you've created this wonderful e-book but now you want to add some more. You've got a partner that maybe can take that e-book and do a training video series out of that e-book where maybe where you can't so that they've they've got it. Or maybe they've got a product already that has that's basically training videos on what you're teaching in your e-book. You could join your products together and create a bigger product with more value. So it's basically bundling your products together and and then offering as one of one big product. You can also add bonus offers for extra added value is another way to joint venture where it's like where your your you add a product as a bonus offer to theirs. Basically it's kind of the same thing as bundling together only maybe you offer them as like a fast action bonus bonus for their product launch or something like that. Another way that you can do maybe you have that e-book or whatever and you get your joint venture partners to do interviews to add into your product. So building or bundling products together is a great way where you join up with somebody else that you're going to go together and you're going to build your products or if you have products that are that are complimented each other very well not competing products you're not going to want to have the same kind of you know if if you know let's say I have a trainee training product list building I'm not going to go want to go look for somebody else has got another training product on this building and that's going to you know basically I guess we can bundle up together and send them out and they're like Well I'd like this guy's training better than this guys in Wired know why are they all together here. They need to be complimented. So maybe if I had a list building you know a great thing would be I need traffic to build my list so somebody else has a traffic product that I could use it complements it might very well so we bundle them together joint venture for services a lot of people just call this freelancing. It's also joint of way to do a joint venture where basically maybe just you're just getting other people. Joint ventures just to do certain things or you're doing certain things for their business. Think of all the money producing tasks that you don't have time to do or you do not have the skills for. Find a partner who complement your skill set and is doing work according to their strengths. You do not want to go out find a bunch of people that have to start doing some partnerships with and stuff that for you. Let's say you wanted to. You want to find somebody do your copywriting where you want to make sure that person is skilled in copywriting to be able to do that. You know a lot of the times and we find it that's one of those that are hard to really find the people that are skilled in that area. So it's like well maybe you're a little bit better than I am. So you go for it or whatever so but look for people that compliment your skill set different things you can find people to help do our copywriting where you bring on partners that are going to you know because they've got copywriting skills that they're going to be able to do the sales copy or writing emails to J.B. partners to get them to promote or to writing follow up messages. You know you would bring somebody like that on if that's what you're not skilled at maybe for blogging for getting traffic or just getting building your credibility you're not good at that. So you bring up partners that would help you with your blogging your article marketing video marketing tech skills. Knowing that you're not going to be ale to get this done unless you get that website up you're not able to do it so you bring up of joint look for joint ventures that you're going to be able to bring in to help you set up the Web site. So their job is to set up the Web sites provide coaching or training if that's not your thing programming. A lot of times it take a lot of our products and things take a programmer. Maybe it's just somebody that's good at finding joint venture partners for you. So what you bring in them bring them into your ad you know basically into your business or into your product planning stuff and their job is just to find joint venture partners. There are so many things that you can use joint ventures for in their services and stuff you need to leverage these things. The attitude that you've got to go in looking at this is not just hey can you come and do this for me. You go into it first as what can I do for you first offer these your skills that you have to a joint venture partner saying hey I see that you're doing this I'm Ike I'm very good at article marketing or I'm very good at setting up web skills good web of could you use my help. And then what you're doing is you're building a relationship with that person and you began to you know build a stronger relationship and pretty soon you're helping each other you know because they're returning the the favor that you know the law of rep rep reality is basically where they're looking it's like wow he just did this for me what can I do for you now. You'll find that that works over and over and over again if you go into it looking how can I help you. First look for opportunities. Always be looking for opportunities to do joint venture partnerships. Here's just an example that that I put down here the next time you read any book that is explaining some kind of tedious process that would normally take hours to complete. You sit there and simply think of a way to automate that process or to make it easier so maybe you got some programming skills maybe your mind works differently than mind where you can sit down and look at that e-book and you was like wow you know that would take a long time to be able to get that all together and you see this done all the time in a lot of these are from joint venture partners where there where a partner will see something it's like you know if you would do this and you know I've got this program or I could develop this program that would totally automate this process or really make it a lot simpler for you to you know to help make it simpler for your customers. This is a joint venture partner. Think of a service that complements the process explained in the e-book so maybe it's you reading that e-book and you're basically seeing that maybe they're talking about how to set up a Web site but you understand that there's a lot of people that are not going to be able to set up these Web sites. So you develop it you share your system you've got made or you're going to have made even if you got the idea and you can't figure out how to get it made. You can get a programmer or maybe your joint venture partner that you're looking to do a partnership with has programmers already that they could set. You know if they're like see that the idea's good like hey I've got somebody that can already do this for us soul man let's do this thing you'll see it all the time where you'll have a system that's out there that's setup to automate it and a lot of times it's because somebody approached somebody saying you know what this could be easier let's do it this way. You'll be surprised on what you can come up with if you really stop and think of things you might not be able to really do it yourself but you can come up with the process of how you think it should work. Most of the time if you get that information to a programmer they can come up with how it's going to work. Next you're going to approach the person who wrote the book ask if they would like to joint venture at a product that automates their process most of the time they're going to say You betcha. Anything to make it easier for my customers. Then you can sell it to his or her list or your list and make some easy profits. All right let's get into finding joint venture partners we understand that they can be used for many many many things. The problem of it is is actually coming up with a joint venture partner and finding them. You know that is probably the worst a lot of you know I need a joint venture partner. Yes it would be easier with a joint venture partner. I understand that but how do I find them. How am I going to get them. All right take an organized and structure approach to finding your potential J.B. partnership. You need a plan. You need to be organized with this because understand that these relationships that you're about to build you want them to be long term. So when you start getting contact information and you start getting this you want to be writing this down and you want to be keeping track of it for further use because once you go through the work and you find the J.V. partnership you want to start building a relationship with that person. You want to keep it a continued relationship so you don't have to go through this process every single time. And you want to continue to build this. You know what maybe you find three or four joint venture partners the first time and the next time you still have those three or four maybe they've recommended some other ones and you've went through and you found three or four more the next time. So you want to keep track of this collect as much information as you can them and call later in a spreadsheet. And if you can't just do a spreadsheet. I don't care if it's a piece of paper that you have a phone file whatever you whatever you can do your skill set whatever makes it easier for you. Keep this information in a place where you can find it open a notepad whatever it takes to so that you know where this information is when you need it. Here's what you're going to be looking for. You're going to be looking for contact information. Their names their email if you can find it. Telephone. And when we go to e-mail I want you to even be thinking of support. That's because a lot of times that's all you're going to find as a support desk. Telephone numbers if you can find them physical mailing addresses if you can find them etc. Whatever you can find as contact information on your joint venture partners you're going to get it and write it down. You're going to find a web site you are L's with a brief description of their site and product. Don't just find you know don't just go look for you know your domain dot com and write that thing down. Actually go to that site check out the site make sure it's an existing site still that it's not down there. You know maybe that marketers not doing anything anymore. So when you find somebody go check out the site make sure it's everything's working looks good. Everything is looking professional. Right a brief description on your you know with underneath the contact information you're going to have you know contact information. Web site you are L brief description. Maybe it's a you know whatever their site is on this building. Dog Training whatever it is they sell dog products whatever it is and you're going to have and you're also going to be including the products that you can find of this person that you're this potential J.B. the different products that they have. Now there's a reason that you're going to be doing all of this. And I'll explain that just a minute. But find out about their Web sites and their products. Interesting facts. This is something that is really really important for you to be remembering. I just shared one of them tonight. But when you can find out people's birthdays you should be writing it down if you understand when people got married to their anniversaries. Write it down if you know their likes or their dislikes or you find them. Write them down. Maybe you will know the hobbies that they they like to do. Write that down on that card or whatever spreadsheet wherever you do it as well. Because these are going to come very very very handy. Let's say you know when somebody is birthday is in this just this happen to me already today. But think about it when you've got one that when that market His birthday comes up you know when their birthday is you've got it set up for some kind of alert to lure you. You send out a card just send out a physical card not a e mail although that's great too or whatever but send out a physical card to that person maybe you know what some of their likes or dislikes and you want to send him a small gift or whatever. You know that that's really going to show you know when that physical thing shows up on the doorstep they pay attention to that and they're like wow that person remembered my birthday. That's pretty cool. People like to be remembered on their other birthdays and their anniversaries. You know it's it's not any fun even though sometimes we get to age is where we're like I wish people would forget our my birthday and stuff that's not the case. Nobody likes to be forgot on their birthday. They like to be remembered some of the things that there was. I can tell you a story where got a jayvee partner just because I happened to come across some information on his Andover wedding anniversary date and I happened to know mention him I was trying to get him as a joint venture partner was not getting very far and I sent out a card that hey I want to wish you a happy anniversary to see you know that's coming up here in a couple days. So wanted to wish you and your wife a very happy birthday or anniversary and stuff and you know that's all I did. And the thing of it is he's he said a email back to me and it just is like you know he's I've noticed that you were sending me to him. I just haven't had time to look at him I want to apologize I didn't mean to. No I'm not saying no I wasn't putting up. I just haven't had time but I wanted to let you know that you know thank you for that anniversary wish. It really meant a lot. And you know let's set up a time. So you know basically so we could talk about what you know what your proposal is here. And so those kind of things it really sticks in other people's minds and you really want to pay attention to interesting facts. Where can you find those interesting facts. A lot of time you can find him in profiles like Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn wherever you they've got a profile. Put up a lot of times they'll have their birthdays they'll put their anniversaries sometimes up put their children's name and their birthdays and those kind of things you know a lot of times you can tell by what somebody is doing a training webinar or something like that and they go to their screen and you see something about their you know maybe a one of their something that they like as all plastered all over the screen or whatever you get an idea of something that they like I'll be paying attention when when these things are happening and make sure that your market these things down because they will come in very handy. No you should also keep track of what your competitors are doing when you find these niche marketing listings. And this is what we're talking about with when you're looking at their sites and their products. Also find out beach just keeping track of in mental notes of what they're doing how often if you're out get on their list which is another great way to get information get on their list because you'll learn all sorts of interesting facts. You know you can start finding out how they send out e-mails how they're you know what kind of products they've got a different facts about them keep track of them because this is a great way to learn about your competitors and how you can compete with them and add extra value and complement what they're already doing. All right. The approach to the gatekeeper of the list once you've collected a decent sized list of potential J joint venture partners it's time to make contact. This is very important. Most people do this completely wrong. They don't do it intentionally. They don't do it out of meanness or anything else. They just don't know it. But once you've collected a decent sized list and I'm saying a decent sized list I'm stocking try to find at least 30 joint venture partners the names and contacts. That should be pretty easy. Some niches maybe it's not quite as easy to find or whatever but all of them you can find. Joint venture partners in any niche that I can think of. But now it's time to make contact with them. First make sure you're approaching the right J.B. partners with the right target market because if you don't approach the right ones you're going to get a know it it's really not going to do you any good to do a joint venture partner. Now you can't use other people in other niches as joint venture partners let's say you're the make money and somebody else is in dog trading but they're very skilled at maybe you know setting up Web sites or you know very technical. Sure you can do a joint venture that way. But if you're looking for them to promote products you want to make sure that they have the right list for your product the right targeted marketing market only contact marketers who sell products aimed at your niche market and therefore have an email or customer list of people who may have an interest in your products and services. So one of the things that you're looking for that we've talked before is you're looking for somebody with a list somebody that they can send out a product recommendation to to promote to your product good ways to find out as you're going to be contact contacting people that you find that are list building they've got squeeze pages out there they've got list building going on and stuff that's a very good clue that they've probably got some kind of a list building efforts going on. The approach is key and it must be you oriented and I'm not saying it's all about you I'm saying you need to make it all about the potential joint venture partner. You need to make it about how can I help you think about building a relationship before you ever ask anything from them. A lot of people will cold contact somebody just say hey I've got this great product it's going to do you wonder say can you do this. That's not the right way to go. Make sure that you're looking for ways that you can complement their business and to help them out if you make it about how can I help you. You're going to get a lot farther ahead. And I see a lot of people that will do this right and when they do it. I mean make such an impression in my mind and I've I've even made an impression in other people's minds by being a just offering my services to them and helping them out when I see maybe that they were struggling with something I was like You know I'm skilled at that I can approach that person and say you know what I see you're kind of struggling here a little bit you know not to criticize what you got going on here and stuff. But what if you did it this way and I could really help you out here or I have a product that really would help you out here and really add some extra value to yours. Would you be interested in me helping you out a little bit. You know you start building that relationship and you'll notice you've never asked them to do anything for you yet but I understand you want to get that out there you that product out there and get that thing going and stuff. So you don't figure you got time to help somebody else out first though. But I want you to keep this in the back of your mind helping other people first is huge. All right. Different ways to contact your joint venture partner contact by phone. The phone is far more powerful communication tool than ever before one of the reason is email is such a popular thing nowadays it's just so easy to send out an e-mail that a lot of people do not even think about picking up the phone and communicating with other people on it anymore. But the thing of it is is that it's you know we've got everybody's got cell phones it's like you can get in touch with somebody almost immediately anytime that you want. Usually you can find phone numbers that you can get in touch with if not phone is it going to be the best one if you can't find that phone number. But most of the time you can find some kind of a phone number. It provides instant contact. It can really build value relationships and trust. Maybe it's picking up a phone and saying Hey I was at your Web site and nice seeing that your Web site was down or you're having some problems. I just wanted to let you know that what was going on. And if you need ever need any help in that area you know maybe mentioned what kind of skills that you can do or you know I've seen that you know I was doing a search for some articles out there and I really haven't been find any. Do you do at home. Article marketing you know a lot of times they'll say Well yeah I try but that's just something I don't have a lot of time for. Well I kind of could help you out here and maybe write some articles for you and get them blasted out there for you just to kind of help you drive some traffic and you know you're just building a relationship with that person. Your first phone call should be directed personal. You know just get right to the point. It's not you know a lot of times they don't got time to just you know sit around and talk about you know how everything's going if they get into the families or whatever. Go for it but you need to keep it personal. It's like you know it's like Hey there Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so you know this is a B direct get to the point of what's going on you know don't sit there and try to take up their whole day and sit there and tell them all about your family and all about your hobbies and everything else direct and personal. Be specific about numbers if you're going to get into your products talking about products before you get going on building these relationships. Be specific about numbers commitments dates and times so if you're getting into. I've got this product and I would like you to consider promoting it to list make sure you have numbers and as many specifics as you possibly can because they're going to start asking you questions. Now they could possibly just brush you right off and say you know can we do this some other time. I don't got time right now. You honor that and you know work at your work at it again about getting no contact him with another day. But if they say yes I would like to hear about it and they start asking questions you better have specific answers for them maybe you don't know conversions or things like that but make sure that you can be able to show them what kind of things like split testing or something like that that you have in place that you're going to be there to make sure that the conversions are better after your launch get started. If they're down contact by snail mail forget the old e-mail. We're talking about just a few minutes ago about setting birthday cards and things like that. What about if you were to send out a little package to them maybe it included your product if it's a physical product or maybe you know their interests you know some of their likes maybe you know that that person is just a talk you know a big chocolate fiend they just love chocolate maybe you sent them a box of chocolate instead of just set it in a little brown paper bag you put that in a nice FedEx package because what happens it gets there and they're like wow FedEx package you know what's this maybe they want a contest they're thinking or whatever from another J.B. partner or they're expecting something that you know may. What I order whatever they're going to open that thing. FedEx packages even getting cards things like that usually get noticed and opened up even even your bills you know things like that they get thrown on the desk but eventually they've got to get opened up. So make sure it doesn't look like it's just some kind of junk mail or whatever come in. So I've heard of marketers you know getting chocolate roses and different things and they'll be talking about you know how they sat there and they ate that chocolate and stuff and then they felt guilty it's like wow this guy just sent me all this chocolate and everything else. Now I just sat there and ate it. I feel guilty now and I just feel like I have to promote forum. So you know things like that you know just be think and be unique. Think you know as we're saying down there at the end be unique be something do something different than other people are doing. Setting out a snail mail piece can have a dramatic effect on the results that you get. The Internet is a marketing tool but it's not your entire business. Everybody tries to do everything on the Internet but think about some things off line once in a while because that's going to sometimes has some one of the biggest effects that you're in your. That's what you're looking for is those dramatic defects know your joint venture partner when you're I mean you've just got to get to know them you've got to do your research because it's going to help you when you're sending something out to know what's going to have the best the most effect on that when they maybe open up that piece of mail maybe you found out their hobbies and maybe you or maybe you find out they collect something and you found something that that would be a great piece of their collection. So you sent it to them you know just saying hey I noticed that you collect these and I ran across this. You know I thought I would send this out. You know that goes a long way to say wow that person's you know it a little bit about me. He's doing his homework he understands who I am in I'm going to pay attention to this little this person because you know they they're they're doing different things. They're a little bit unique. The other ones that are just promote and promote to me all the time saying can you do this this this and this contacting by e-mail your e-mail should contain your name your Web site address and your business proposal in that business proposal proposals should be very detailed. So let them know who you are. Don't make them sit there and gas or trying to look at the e-mails and everything else. Make sure they know who you are. Start right out not wait until you sign up and say hey this is so-and-so here's my business my business is this my here's my web web site address. Feel free to check it out and see because a lot of times what happens here is they go to your Web site address to look to see what kind of professionalism you got going on. Or maybe they can learn a little bit about you ahead of time to find out if you look like somebody they want to do business with. And here's my proposal. This is what I've got to do. You know I would like to offer you and you need to focus on benefits of what it's going to do. Honestly say how doing a joint venture partnership can benefit them and their subscribers not on the features of the product itself. And don't focus on you focus on them how it's going to benefit them and their subscribers. If you can benefit their subscribers in some way maybe you have maybe it's a free product that you just want to offer to them for their list. It's like hey I've got this offer I'd like to give you it's totally free for you to give to your list. Maybe you're gonna be doing some list building with it or whatever but it's just free for them to give to their list you know. But you need to state what the benefits are provide as much real profit related information as you can. And remember to be honest don't sit there and just put a bunch of hype into it and say man you're going to make all that tons and tons of money. Be as honest as you possibly can. And how much real profit related information. You know real numbers we're talking. So you know if if you know conversions already provide that kind of stuff so you can give them an idea of what kind of profit they're actually going to be making if you can if they're going to not just hey you're going to make a bunch of money a boatload of money and stuff. You know if you if you send this out because they don't know that you really don't know that because first of all you you know you'd really don't know them as well as you probably should yet. So you're really not sure on that. So a lot of times they're first thing they're going to do is like you know they're going to read something like that going. You don't have a clue what I'm going to do. You don't have a clue how you know how responsive my list is. Yeah I got a good target list but I haven't done nothing with them for six months and they're not even responsive so how do you figure I'm going to make a boatload of money and stuff and right away they're deleting yard there because you haven't done your homework. You don't really know the real profit related information and the information that you needed to approach them with. They may not respond to your first e-mail. Make sure you follow up with a phone call if possible. Maybe it's a fax if you got their fax number you send them a fax. A lot of times a fax would come through. It's sitting there and you're like oh what's this. You know you open it up and you read it or postal mail just because you do not get a response to your first e-mail even if it's a first phone call maybe it's a fax whatever you use that first method. Try something different or follow up with it even if you make contact. A lot of times you're going to say you know could you can you do a follow up with me a little bit later remind me of this because right now I've just I don't have the time or you know I'm kind of booked up right now so always be remember in the follow up what not to do. Hey Big J. By J.B. partner I know you may not know me but I have this killer product that is amazing and I know it will make you a lot of money when you promote it to your huge list. Delete is what's gonna happen to that. And you know a lot of people will laugh at this like go on who in the world would do something like this. A lot of times it's got a little bit more detail than this but a lot of times this is what actually comes through. You know a lot of times they'll you know it's like hey I know you're a big big time marketer out there and yet you don't know me. I've been on your list for so long and stuff. But you probably don't know who I am and which is telling. Putting in my mind is like Oh you don't think I pay attention to my list and know who they're on there what you know. You just got to be careful what you're what you're saying because you can blow it from the very start point if you do not do it right. Don't just go out there and just if at all possible build that relationship first before you ever ask anything persistence will win the day follow through is important like we just talked about your first email or letter may not get read your initial phone call may not get returned rejections are inevitable but keep plugging away at your list. If you've started looking for J.B. partners yet you understand about rejection. If not if you have not started looking for J.B. partners yet you're thinking about it you're getting to that place or when you do get to this point. If you do not understand that what rejection is you soon will. Trust me on this. If you're if you're a person who does not like rejections get used to being sad for a while because it's you're going to get a lot of rejections but you need to understand that you need to keep plugging away at this because in building that list of your joint venture partners for no however you're planning on doing joint venture partners building that list. Keep plugging away at it. Be persistent but not annoying. Present yourself professionally you always want to present yourself as professionally as you possibly can. And there's a difference between being persistent but not annoying. A lot of people they just hold you over and over is like hey did you see the e-mail I sent you. I didn't get any response from you and stuff and I just wanted to make sure you did well that marketers probably busy if they're doing anything important online making some money or running a good business they're probably busy and a lot of times they might not have seen it. Maybe it went to a support desk. It hasn't got to them yet or whatever got lost in spam if it was an email or whatever they might not have seen it. And it's great to follow up with them just to check in on things but don't sit there being annoying. Don't be a pest you know. Think about how for those of you that might have children or something how that you know a child where you've told them no once or you have told them you know maybe or later whatever and they just keep getting after you until you finally just want to explode. Well that's the same way in this in this kind of business. If you're in get to the point of annoyance they're probably going to let you know about it and you probably lost any chance of ever having that person as a joint venture partner. Don't let yourself get discouraged keep herself motivated and keep organized. The motivation part once you start getting rejections is hard sometimes. But you've got to stay motivated because there's going to be that day when you get that first yes that you're going to say finally I did it. You're going to be so excited and you're going to finally believe that it's possible to get more and you're going to go at it again. You're going to. Well I contacted 30 people and got one yes. Well I guess I'll contact 30 more people and hopefully get maybe more of this time. But if I get one more. Well at least I got two more than I ever had. Once you find a joint venture partner you can continue making those phone calls and sending out those e-mail offers just because you get a list if you're working toward a goal of 30 and you reach that 30. Don't stop. Continue making phone calls. Continue sending out e-mails. Continue building that joint venture partner list of potential partners and stuff. Maybe you keep them. Maybe they've got certain skills in there. They can't help you right now but they would love to work with you in the future. You've got that list that's ready to go. So it's like hey you know I contact you once before and you said maybe at a future date and I've got this project and stuff that I would really like you to think about because you know from what we talked about before this would be really great. What are the things you need to understand is once you get this list you need to continue to keep this relationship open. Don't just put them on a list and forget about them because they're going to forget about you especially if they weren't able to help you out right then and there they're going to you're going to have to keep reminding them and keep looking for ways to help them throughout that until they get to a point where they're actually able to help you where to find joint venture partners you know how to you know what you need. You know how to approach them but where do you find them. Identify potential joint venture partners is relatively easy online. This is the easy part is actually locating them. There's so many places that you can locate joint venture partners. The first we want to talk about is the probably one of the simplest google or a search engine whatever search engine strategy or use it or whatever. Basically search for your keywords and paid and non paid listings. So basically you're typing in the keywords that you're looking for keywords. You notice is important part of your business you type in those let's say your dog training or make money online whatever you're doing whatever nature and you type those keywords in and you start searching for people that have products out there or Web sites that come up there and you're going to start looking for the Web site owners is who you're looking for find contact information on at least 30 joint venture partners partner possibilities. Understand they're not your joint venture partners yet they're just possibilities that 30 is just a number. Don't worry. Don't sit there. Well I have to have 30 or whatever maybe it's 40 50 maybe it's 10. Whatever you can find the contact information that we talked about earlier click on the Web site linking it find more information on their Web sites. So basically what you sometimes you can find the names just doing the search that way a lot of times you're going to want to click on those Web site linking and it's going to take you to their Web sites where you'll usually find some kind of contact information if that person is anybody that you should be doing business with you'll find their contact information. So click on the linking and look for contact information. Another option is to find contact information from a Web site by running the Web site through who is dot net. That's going to tell you who owns that domain. And unless they have a private set to private which most people don't but a lot of people a lot of them are starting to. But most people do not have it set to private. They want people to contact them. So look at who is not net and look for the contact information of the person that owns the Web site easy to newsletter directories y newsletter directories. This is where you're going to find the newsletter owners who have opted list with thousands of subscribers. Sometimes maybe not thousands. But who cares. Thousands of subscribers waiting to read your offer and buy your products and services so the people that have newsletters out there they usually have subscribers you have to subscribe to their newsletters. They have a list of people that would be interested if you're looking in the right niche the right target a market ready to buy your offers and services by the newsletter owners who have opted list with thousands of subscribers with a fine newsletter owners that target any niche now the thing that you gotta worry about that you got. The reason I put that any niche is that you've got to understand that a lot of these marketers out there and stuff just because they're in a different niche doesn't mean that they don't have the skill sets that you can use in your own business. You're not going to want to use some of them for you know going out and basically promoting your products but you can get them to maybe do different skill sets so that but another thing of it is is that you can find newsletter owners that target almost any niche that's out there. It's just I mean if you're in a certain niche just type in you know the newsletter that you know newsletter directory in that niche and you're probably going to find newsletters out there in that you're going to be able to use so here's what you do. Go to Google type in newsletter directories and here's a search that I did just typed in newsletter directories. Here's what I came up with. Just a few of the ones that we came up with. We had a Top 10 newsletter directories you know all sorts of them that we get that we can click our free newsletter directories. Another thing you can do is type in free newsletter directories and you'll get get some more easy to news maybe you put an easy to newsletter directories because that's and that's another great you know thing to use here. So basically we picked one of them that we found on there. We went to the top 10. We found easy listing dot com what you would do here is click on the category related to your niche. So basically click on the category. That's that's close closely related to your niche that you possibly can. So let's say for example you were in the health niche you see that there's 15 different easing directories there. So you're going to click on the health niche it's going to take you to different different links that you can go to different directories where you're going to be able to find different Web sites that have different easier ins or newsletters. So let's we choose one of the easy topics. Let's pick the fitness alert topic down there. You say what that one looks kind of interesting. So you're going to click on that it's going to take you to the Web site when you get there. You see you got the back issues you could be checking out those back issues to find out you know maybe things going on to learn about different issues that they've had and you know talking about their products and services but also you're going to see that you can subscribe to the fitness a letter newsletter you've got to have the functional fitness fax home page so that you could go check out their home page find out what's all about. You could subscribe to their newsletter so you can start following this marketer start to know your competition a little bit but understand down here you've got about the author so you can go down to here and you can find out a little bit about the author maybe they're given birth dates maybe they're given some of the things that they do they're talking about their business whatever they've got going on and sometimes they go into major detail sometimes a little bit they've got to contact me very important thing for you to be getting all you noticed down there the copyright they've got another Web site address down there probably the same one that's it takes you the home page but if not you've got another possibility down there so you can find all sorts of different information just by doing some research out there article directory is going to work kind of the same way you're going to find contact information in the resource box and contact the articles author easy articles is a great place you don't need to go out to all the article directories out there just do one or two them start with that if you want to after you start doing that maybe you want to spread out your reach out to different article directories take the polite route contact the people whose articles you've linked to from your Web site to ask you know basically have links to your web to your article you know I loved your article I really got a great some great information to really help my following and stuff is it OK with you that I've linked to this article Well of course it is they've got that article they want it to go viral. But the thing of it is as most people do not ever contact them and say Is this OK you start putting your name in front of them at this point where you're just by being polite and asking it because it's something that most people don't do it's something unique. This gives a great opening to possibly friendly discussion and exchange of ideas if not something more tangible like a partnership becomes you know this starts opening up and building a relationship. It starts two way communication you getting a contact with them you it opens up the door for you just to basically you know say hey you know I've really enjoy what you're doing. You know you start building on that ego and you know really talking about you know what. You know make sure you don't go Hey yeah you got a lot of great stuff out there you know really like it. Oh yeah. What would you like about it. Well you didn't do some research to find out what they got. They're going to go aha. You're after something so make sure you've done your research and you if you like their stuff you know what their stuff is all about. So if they ask you those kind of thing they start talking to you about it you know how to start engaging this conversation and how to make yourself sound professional and intelligent you know pretty soon that's going to lead to exchange of ideas because they might say hey well what are you doing. Well this what I'm doing you know I'm just kind of you know maybe maybe you're at a point where you know my problem right now is doing this and you know that's why I was kind of searching for some help and you know found your Web site. You know it's just thought you know this opens up a door and this is what you want to do is open up doors to relationships. Basically you'd go to easy articles dot com and you're going to find that they're going to have a lot of different categories. You're gonna be able to click on these categories and they're going to open up tuned to a lot of subcategories that you can choose from once you get in there and you've done your you find some articles that you're interested in you're going to be looking for the resource box at the bottom of the article you're going to go through read the articles and at the bottom you're going to find the resource box it's going to kind of look a lot like this. It's not going to be all boxed in it's usually just the information here it's going to be a Web site address maybe you know they're going to talk a little bit about themselves and there's a couple of things that you can do here. Step one you want to click on their links what you're doing is you're looking for contact information. You're also looking to make sure that they've got things like squeeze pages set up that they're actually list building. Believe it or not people actually put articles out there and never list build from them. They never send them for and require any kind of action. So make sure that they've got list building set up because you're looking for people with lists remember. The second thing that you want to do is very at the bottom you're going to see where the article source and it's usually going to be talking about using article the expert in give the name of the experts. So you first of all you're going to have a name you're going to click on that link. Now this isn't going to happen on all of them but when you click on that link in this case it did step three. You're going to click on extended author bio. This is where it's going to tell you about when you click on this article source. Right here it will say view it'll say the you know that person's the author's name. Extended author bio If so a lot of times they will not have an extended author bio. But if they do this is going to be a place where you can click on what's going to happen here. Usually they're going to have several different Web sites you can check out they might have contact information. They're going to tell you a little bit a bigger bio you know a little bit more about them. Very important for you to go there so not only are you looking for their Web sites to look but look for this extended author bio. That's a place that a lot of people don't think about looking in a lot of people are not going to have that when you click on that on this link. It's not going to have their extended author joint venture brokers in your niche in this might not be in every niche in the make money online the internet marketing. It's big. There's joint venture brokers out there joint joint venture brokers are networkers specially trained to find the right partners to make a product or service launch as successful as possible. They have a network of business people that they can recommend. So basically they have a network of people already that they can recommend to be joint ventures with you have experience with brokering numerous joint venture deals so they know what they're doing their experience they know how to approach people they know how to get the yes already they know what to look for in a successful promotional material so basically they're going to take a look at your Web site and they're going to be able to critique it and give used different pointers on what you could do better to help your Web site. So basically say well your copy really is not something that's going to be very enticing to very many of the people in my network. So maybe we could get somebody to do a little bit better copy for you. And I know just the person that can do that you know they know what to look for they know what their joint venture partners are looking for that they're networking with already. Yes they usually require a certain percentage of the proceeds so maybe they're going to take five or 10 percent of your total you know total sales or maybe it's just the profit from the profit or whatever. But remember how much would you be making if you were doing it all yourself. Now you might not find joint venture products or brokers in every niche but there are joint venture partners out there that have ventured into other niches and that are going to be able to help you out as well J.V. network sites and this is the I am niche I really do not know any any other ones they could possibly be out there. I have never really looked for them but in the joint venture niche you can go to J.B. alert dot com. This is member exclusive. You have to be invited or you have to basically write them and let them know why you should be able to get in there. J.B. notify a pro on the site you'll be able to connect with other marketers find advice and ask questions. J.V. dash network dot com and this site you can post your joint venture offers and see what other marketers have posted. Go to these places especially in the I am niche. Make sure that you get involved with them. Get yourself noticed on these sites and the thing that I want you to understand is that you don't even have to have everything ready right now. Just start getting noticed on these places. We're going to be talking here about forums in just a second. And this is something that's very very important. You don't need to wait until everything's ready. You don't need to wait for your product to be ready remember. You want to involve people from the very beginning of it but you need to start building your credibility so start getting to the forums. Now a lot of you you'll teach forums marketing and teaching the advantages of using the forums or stuff and a lot of people say well I'm not going to use them yet because I'm not ready for that. You're ready for things like this now because you need to start getting your name out there. You need to be started being seen. Start helping people that are looking for help alter even if it's asking simple questions that people are asking. Look for ways to start helping. Now do not wait until you're ready to go out find joint venture partners and then have to do it because then you're going to be longer yet start doing these things. Now looking for ways to help in getting your name out there and getting on the radar of joint ventures basically with forums there's no advertising cost and you can be on the frontline of new opportunities simply by scanning forums in your niche. Just do a search on search engines for your niche plus the forums to find forums that discuss topics on products that you have. Get to know the heavy hitters in the forums it's really easy to see them there on there all the time they're in there all the time. This is the same as places like Twitter or Facebook they're on there all the time there. You can you really see them they've got a big following really get to know these guys and be following them and watching them. Your first step is to be seen providing value to the forum build your credibility. Find ways to help find ways to provide value. This is the most important part in the relationship. Testimonials when you go into sales pages you can go to find testimonials on there to get contact information and find joint ventures a rarely used strategy is to go to other Web sites and contact everyone who is left left a testimonial. So maybe you find their name there. Maybe you just do a google search on their name and see what comes up and see what kind of contact information you can find. Lot of times they'll have a Web site there. The link might not be working but they'll at least have a Web site that you can go check out give testimonials for other products so you are seen by potential J.B. partners. So let's say you know some got a product launch coming out. They've got a product or maybe you've bought an a product that you really love. You send that person a testimonial. Now get this this is this is big. You've just bought a product you've been on there trainings whatever it is that you there you send that person a testimonial letting them know what an awesome job they're doing and giving them a testimonial because a lot of the times you're the marketers will use those testimonials on their sales pages and this is getting you seen because remember there is a lot of other people that are going to be looking for joint ventures through testimonials. They're going to see your name and start contacting you. This is huge. Get your name out there any way that you can. Other ways you can do is ask for referrals from other joint venture partners. This is a huge way. You've left a testimonial you've got you know on the page maybe you've contacted some of these marketers and you've got some them to actually talk to you maybe you've got a yes. Find out if they can give you any other referrals because remember they're in the target and marketed that you're looking at already social networks. Check out social sites like Twitter dot com Facebook LinkedIn etc.. Start Following any marketers that you can find in your niche read marketers profiles to get contact information and all those nice juicy little details that you can find. Build relationships with potential J.V. partners as you reply back to their post. This is one of the greatest things about social networking. I am not a big person about selling products through social networks. I don't have a lot of results with social networking I'm not into it. A lot of people can get the results that they're looking. I am not I don't like that for. But when it comes to building relationships and doing research on other marketers when you go to Twitter dot com if you notice everybody on Twitter dot com as far as I'm concerned thinks that they're an expert. They're out there trying to be seen like you are so you know they're looking for people. So say hey you know they're out there say look at me here I am. You know I'm a big marketer. Facebook you know a lot of times a big the same kind of things. But a lot of times on these things a lot of people go I get tired about hearing how they did so and so all they do is talk about their family and this and that and everything else I want to hear about their marketing stuff like that. Well we talked about earlier about their birthdays anniversaries things like that. It's like a today's my birthday I did this or you notice other people saying hey happy birthday to so-and-so or whatever. Oh good clue to write that down. But what you need to do is build relationships. Blogs look for marketers with niche related blogs. Blog about them and their blog and also post relevant comments that would get you noticed on their blogs. So not only are you going to promote comments on their blogs about their posts you also could blog about them and their blogs so maybe you've you know you want to do a you're making a good impression on them so on your blog you talk about certain market maybe you do a marketer profile type post every every week or once a month or whatever marker of the month where you blog about them and their sites and what they in their products and stuff. Always remember if you're talking about their products put affiliate links in look for the about pages on their blogs. So you'll find out more details look for list building methods in place so if they have methods to list build on their blog. Great to find that kind of stuff out because you know that they're probably list building site up to any list that they have so that you can start finding out more about your competitors and what they're doing and how they're doing it. Don't overlook small list owners we always talk about finding them with the big list. There are a lot of small lists out there. People who have 200 300 400 even thousand readers who are very responsive and the thing that you really need to think about is maybe right now you don't have a big list that you're going to be able to leverage to be able to say hey you promote for me and I'll promote back to my list and stuff. Maybe you don't have a list yet or maybe your list is very small in this range because these are some of them that are probably going to say yes because they're looking for other people to help them as well but also a lot of times they have a very tight knit community with their people and they really know their people and their list is very responsive. Those people can create tremendous results for you because they spread your message virally and very very quickly for you so never count out the small list owners get recommended by other J.B. partners we can have talked about that successful joint venturing does not hinge upon who you know or does often hinge upon who you know excuse me get into the inner circles often joint ventures are landed when you are recommended by a friend of your target J.V. partner. Most of us have a circle of trusted friends. We have people that we have grown to know like and trust and that's who we prefer look. Working with. The reason is is because we know their products we know we trust them and it's just easier to not have to build those other relationships with other people that maybe aren't going to do you so well or whatever so you know and when it comes to promoting their products and stuff we don't know the product. So it's kind of hard to promote them not knowing exactly what they've got. And when we know we've got that circle of friends that we know put out good products and so you'll notice a lot of times marketers promote the same people's products over and over again and really don't branch out is because they know that person they know the products in there they're usually a good fit for their market. Often we make decisions based upon the recommendations of those we know so get into these are inner circles and get those joint venture partners and start to get them to recommend you to their partners because a lot of times we'll make a decision just based on somebody else's recommendation that does not mean that you need to break into your desired joint venture circle part or that does mean that you need that you may need to break into your desired joint venture partners inner circle. You might have to break into it and get in there do whatever you can to get inside of there. They're not closed. They might seem like it but it might take a little bit of work a little bit of effort but you need to do whatever you can to get inside of those inner circles. A 10 live seminar events get out and meet people. The number one way to create a joint venture partnership certainly is meeting people live in person. There's no better way to form real partnerships and relationships than the face to face meeting. This is where the deals and relationships are made. I have heard marketer after marketer after marketers say I got ahead. The moment I attended a live event I found my joint venture partners. I started my networking and things really kicked into gear when I got out and I met people real J. Joint venture partners. Ships are formed when it actually when it actually breaks from the business to Hey let's go have a burger or a drink together. That's where relationships are formed and this is where you walk up to something that you've been that you're networking with or you want to get to know it's like hey I'd like to talk to you a little bit could I you know take you down to the local burger joint or to the restaurant in the hotel that the events at or wherever you're at and you know can I buy you a burger or a drink whatever. This is where real relationships are formed. You start you get out of that business atmosphere and you start getting more one on one and you start getting a little bit more personal in the relationship. Really take a take over. Remember if you go into live events have a business card with you that you can hand out with your information your contact information because a lot of times I'll meet people and it's like man who was that person I was interested what they had and I don't remember the they don't have their information didn't get it wrote down or anything in my mind went blank and I want to get in contact with them and I don't know if you know I got to go do all the research and everything else. Take a business card. Hand them out seminar speakers are always being introduced by the host as I first met this speaker at a seminar and one right after another it continues. You may look at it as a good old boys club but the perception that everybody is upset about is that it's a closed club and it is not by any means anybody can be part of this group. Everybody is welcome to get to know us. We're very accessible but you have to do the initiating of the relationship. We're not just going to do it for you and this is where the problem starts. So many people will attend a live event. They'll go home I didn't get anything out of that man. The marketers none of them would talk to me or anything else is like well what did you know. Who did you approach why didn't approach any of them. But they went to come up to me and talk to me you'd think they'd be interested in what I got. Well you know their minds are going 100 different direction about maybe what they got to speak on or they've had you know hundreds of people coming up to them one right after another and you know basically you know they're not going to go around initiating a lot of conversation. Sometimes some of the marketers will but not all the time. It's up to you to go initiate the relationship. We highly recommend that you go to seminars get to know other marketers and swap business cards and not just other marketers you can be getting begin networking with the other people that are there attending the event with you because you gonna to find out that a lot of people are trying to do the same thing as you are. They're stuck in different places that you could help them or they can help you. It's very important when you go to live seminars that you go there you network properly you get you know you just get out there and start building their relationships with other marketers and with other people that are just like you in the same place. Because this is where joint ventures really begin to happen. It's so much harder to tell somebody know when they're standing there face to face in front of you asking you something get your picture taken with gurus get a pick picture with absolutely everyone that you can meet at an event and then say Can I have your email so I can send you a copy. What a great way to get and basically contact information a lot of times are just because a here's a here's one of my cards you know which is going to have a whole lot more information than you were asking for. Get a picture with everybody that you can possibly get. Not only can you use it for you know for you know saying you know I got Can I send you a copy as picture. But you can use it as credibility saying look at who I'm associated with on your Web sites and your blogs maybe you put up a picture you're on that blog and you talk about that person that you met gives you great content to write about. Maybe it was one of the speakers and you write a blog post on what they talked about how awesome it was. Then let that person know that you know you did that blog post and to go you know send them a link and let them build their ego up send back a physical copy of the picture remember to sign it put your information on the back of that thing get their information if you possibly can to send them a physical copy frame it for them even put it on your Facebook tag the picture with their name on it you know write about that person on your Facebook you know put it put the picture up there right about the pick the person you met how awesome they were the things that you learned is up and then remember to tag them so it goes to their profile so that they see them this is a reminder that the potential joint venture partner as to who you are because a lot of times you meet a lot of people there and it's very easy to forget the people that you met but it's up to you to start. And once you start initiating that relationship to continue that relationship with that person not just go home and say well I met him. Now what you need to continue that relationship. Let them know what a great time you had and how awesome they were. Let them know what you learned from them. Do a blog post with your picture that you got and send the guru a link to the post. Remember it's all about their ego tips to help you build a good solid joint venture partnerships and what to offer when you're just starting out. A lot of people don't think they have much to offer when they first start out with joint ventures. But everybody's got something to offer. Give your something to somebody else and give it without reservation. Say first. What can I possibly do for this person to make their life better. Everybody needs more time and if you've got something that can offer more time to that potential joint venture partner to make their life better and easier that's going to go a long way so always look give that something that you have to somebody else. The person is just starting out with no knowledge no list no nothing has time energy maybe money maybe products maybe ideas maybe just the fact that you can run for coffee but. But everybody can do something. So maybe you're at an event and you just go get coffee for that person to start to get you know buy him something. Just take it to him you know whatever that you have to do to get yourself noticed. You all have something that you can give and start even if it's just time. Just some of your energy maybe it's not money maybe you don't have products maybe you've got an idea that you can run by somebody that you know that be a potential partner to partner on that idea building relationships with joint venture partners value the relationship. We're back to the know you like you and trust you if you build a good solid relationship. The part about I've got a product I've got a commission etc. is just a no brainer when you've got that relationship going then it's then it's fine to contact your joint venture partners and because you've got that relationship you're going to get the yeses when you say hey I've got another product for you promote and here's the commission you're going to get. They already know what to expect from you. You might have a six or seven figure deal with a joint venture partner but the partnership could actually be worth more money over time. So work to keep it strong. Keep that partnership strong that relationship building and strong. A lot of people will drop those joint venture partners after the first time it will not continue to build upon them. You might have had a six figure launch but think of how much more that joint venture partner could be worth to you over time cold contacting potential J.V. partners may result in I don't know you I don't know what you stand for and I don't know if I like you. I don't know if I can trust you. All of these things are missing because you don't have a relationship yet focus all of your attention on helping the people you want to work with. You need to be 100 percent focused on how you can help the person you are approaching the law of reciprocity requires that when someone does you a favor that you seek ways to reciprocate. Learn to deliberately tap into this law by doing nice things for others particularly J.V. partners. That's not diabolical it's not this big diabolical plan that's engineering a yes. Look at it this that way of doing things nice for others and expecting things back. You know that's not just this big scheme of like I'm going to do things nice and because I'm going to get other things back but that's how it works and that's how it is. If you've been in life very long you understand that already that doing things others may not always get some result but a lot of times it's going to get you going to get you better results and not doing things. It's not about your product it's about how something you know something you've learned something you can learn something you can do something you can figure out how to do can help somebody else. Maybe it's proofreading and editing editing e-books creating campaigns your videos submitting to YouTube or them. So maybe it's not just that you see that they don't have articles or camp page videos out there whatever on YouTube or whatever you can create them and do the submitting for them to help them drive traffic. Why would you want to help somebody else drive traffic to their sites because it's getting you node noticed and it's going to get you a yes in the long run. Maybe it's doing graphics for them. Maybe it's where you just say hey I seen this site I made these cool graphics for you I just thought I'd share them with you. They're yours free to use if you want to. No strings attached. Just thought I'd offer them. Maybe it's helping them with support if you notice there supports bad instead of griping and complaining about it say hey is there something I can do to help you with your support I know maybe you're behind or whatever. I think I could really do a great job there. Find what you can do research your potential joint venture partners you've got to do your homework. Joint venture partners are looking for this. Don't go to somebody when you don't know the first thing about them. Do your research on the people you want to bring your organization into your organizations and do joint ventures with. It's absolutely critical if you go to somebody knowing nothing about them. You're going to get found out and you're not going to get the yes that you're looking for. Do your homework. Your teacher is telling you to do your homework. This is one time that you do not want to skip your homework read their books listen to their C.D. Read their bios read their profiles on social sites read their sales copy. Check out what kind of products they have. Follow them on places like Twitter Facebook etc. to learn their likes and dislikes. Find out everything you possibly can get to know who they are focused on trust. You need to build the trust factor. If a dog bites you you trust that dog you trust that if you stick your hand out again it's going to bite you again probably some joint ventures do exactly what they say when they say they're going to do it. Some of them don't. Some people have different standards or styles of business too and you need to know this and they need to know that they can trust you when they get going into this so work on the trust factor. Focus on trust be reliable when you say you're going to do something. Make sure that you absolutely do it so they know that they're gonna be able to trust you. Do what you say you're going to do. Be sincere and build relationships. Live by the principle that basic courtesy and sincerity is a must in any relationship especially with your joint venture partners. Be sincere be courteous be honest be honest. Trust breeds trust. Build a relationship to last a lifetime as opposed to a one time partnership joint venture partners are not looking for the one hit wonder that comes out launch of the product and they're never seen again. They want. They're looking for that person to build a long term relationship with. Think about just creating a friendship with somebody. Do you want that friendship to last a little while and then be done with. No that's that's not a happy occasion. That's not something that we want to build upon. Make sure that you build a relationship that are going to last. Show that joint venture partner that you're here to stick around. You've got your back end marketing set up there's going to be a long term relationship in place. Focus on adding value. This goes toward your credibility. Do you have something of true value that will actually benefit the joint venture partners customers. Do you have a product for example that will actually show your J.B. partners customers how to do something solve a problem for them or will give them an opportunity to save money or time or whatever your particular offer is. If the joint venture partners customers are happy that reflects well on both partners both you and your joint venture partner have a quality product. One of the biggest problems I see is people coming to a potential J.B. partner with products of nothing more than rehash products. I'm not talking about you can't have people our products and stuff but I'm saying you need to make sure that you don't go out there and get that e-book that's been out there five million times. Everybody's promoted the same e-book five million times they haven't changed the thing one bit or you've got this big this product where you know you've just went out you've grabbed a couple of e-books and that have been out there forever and you wrote another e-book on these two. You have a quality product. It's not all rehashed because J.B. partners really care what their subscribers are going to think and if they've already sent this stuff out why are they going to want to send it out again. Give J.V. partners a copy of the product to review make sure that you give your JD partners a complimentary copy of your product whether it's a forty seven dollars to ninety seven or a two thousand dollar product. Don't try to say well I have a massive physical product but I've converted it to flash. So here is a digital version of it always send the physical product make sure it's a complimentary don't make them buy it. There's nothing worse than approaching your J.V. partners saying hey if you want a look at the product here's the link go buy it. People don't read and print 300 page PDX that are given to them. If it you know make it as easy as possible make sure you send them send these especially a physical product. So you're J.B. partner can do an honest review of your product. You want him to do the very best he can when you get him to say yes. When you when they promote it you want them to do a good job they need to know what your product is. Customer Support concerns. If I'm a jayvee partner I see potential problems. I want to make sure there's an infrastructure in place that's going to be able to handle any concerns. Make sure you have these things in place as such as refund issues make sure you can show how you're going to take care of them. Make sure you're gonna show how you're going to take care of tech support if there's gonna be. If it's a technical product things that my subscribers may have problems with with your product or service makes sure that you got things in place to show that you're going to be able take care of them. Very often I'll see a product that's a really good product but I'm not sure that there's enough support for it in place that's actually going to help my customer and I'm going to probably end up doing a lot of the support good converting sales copy. You have a great product. Your Web sites completing you've tested the sales of the product to make sure that your sales that are converts Web site visitors into customers before you approach J.V. partners make sure that you've got good converting copy that your sales copy is good. It's ready to go at least be able to show they have measures in place to help get the best conversions possible so you can say Hey I got split testing I've got different versions of this here's both of them. If one's not working we're gonna be doing some split testing. I'm going to be on top of this to make sure that I get the best conversions for you make sure that you got some good sales copy show your J.B. partners the sales copy thing J.V. partners not competitors. Any competitor can turn into your best joint venture ally and strongest salesperson if you know what to do. Your job is simply to find out how you can complement what they do rather than compete head to head with them first see what the majority of people in your marketplace are selling promoting or offering. They're all doing virtually the same things. Find out what it is and how you can complement what they're doing. Think about how you can help them and their customers get more of what they want. So the things that they're selling see what you can do to get their customers more of what they're looking for. Wrap your product or service in a way that your new Alley Cat Allies can not only make more money or more sales but also make their customers even happier. So even think of the packaging that you're doing be unique and irresistible. Be Different give them something others are not offering. This is like your product create creating we've been talking what makes you different. Learn the great importance of packaging irresistible offers you have to be that irresistible offer your products have to be that irresistible offer even for joint venture partners you have to show them you're irresistible offer. Treat them like a customer. Create irresistible deals to get the joint ventures going provide a host of benefits and be responsive to them if they're asking you questions. Respond back to them. Everyone enjoys being treated well especially value joint venture partners. At the end of the day everyone's who's doing joint ventures is simply saying OK. How much is this going to make for me based on the other opportunities I have. Why would I do this one over another one you've got to understand that this potential J.B. partner is getting a lot of people trying to contact him to do joint debut partners. What is makes you unique above everybody else that is going to make that J.B. sit partner say I'm going to work with you instead of all the rest of them that have contacted me today in summary what J.V. partners are looking for from you is somebody that's going to take action and produce results. If you say something that you're going to do make sure that you do it. They're looking for you to take the action that you say that you're going to do. They're looking for you to be an actual partnership. It's a joint venture remember they're looking for you to produce results. They're doing it going to do their best to produce results and they're looking for you from you the same things. If you don't presume produce results the J.V. dies right there on the vine. Now this might not happen right away but if you get known for somebody that does not produce results word of mouth is going to spread in your J.B. partners are going to start dying on the vine. What happens over and over again is that we talk about it. We think about it. We learn about it. We get caught up with it. We buy all the packages and then we never do a simple thing with it. We've we've basically learned all about joint venture partners and there's so much more that could be taught about this. But we've learned a lot tonight. Take what you've learned and actually do something with it use it. There's a lot of information that you got that you can get started with right now no matter what you're where you're at within your business. You don't just get all caught up with everything going on and getting this information overload and stuff start implementing some of these things you know don't just be one of those person that takes all of this stuff and never does a single thing with it. Once we get through the process of actually doing something then you can duplicate that again and again. So once you realize you can do this you're gonna be able to duplicate this over and over again you understand that when you finally get those results you understand it's possible to go get more results. And it motivates you. It just gets that momentum going and you find yourself duplicating this thing over and over again and it gets more exciting as your list of J.B. partners grows. It's the same thing as joint venture relationships and the one of the biggest things research may be time consuming but your end goal is to make great money through J.V. efforts so your time will be spent very wisely. Make sure that you do your research. The teachers telling you right now to do their homework once again make sure that you do it properly and you take what you've learned and implement them and maybe not everything that we've talked about here tonight but make sure that you implement these things that we've been teaching and get out there and just start doing them. It's possible for you to do this. Yes it's going to take some work on your part. It might take a lot of work but is it worth it in the end when you start seeing the sales come in. Yes it is. Know that from firsthand experience.