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English [Auto] Affiliate marketing survival Part 3. We're going to be talking about finding our affiliate products to promote. I first we to time a little bit about selecting an affiliate program to promote we've kind of covered this little bit before but we're going to go over it a little bit again. There are many factors to consider when selecting an affiliate program to promote. Here's just some of the features that you should be looking for when deciding on what affiliate products to promote. And this is not by any means the complete list. This is going to really give you a good look at the things that you should be looking for when you are selecting an affiliate program. First of all it's got to have relevance promote programs that can complement the theme of your sites or your niche. You know things you have to realize that their visitors are already interested in the subject of of our sites that this gives you the advantage of an easier sales conversion when you are looking at affiliate programs and the products that you promote. Make sure that it has relevance. Make sure that it goes along with what you are selling what your sites are like. You know your products maybe make sure that it complements what you have going on already. Quality and stability. There's a huge quantity of affiliate products out there. Don't settle for a program that is sloppy just to have a product to promote. There's many many sloppy programs out there. There's some products that just really are not up to par. Make sure that you look for a good reputable company that are stable asked to speak to existing affiliates. You know you have the right you know contact the affiliates that have been that are promoting these products and say hey you know what's your experience with this with this company with this product that you've been promoting. I'll make sure that full contact details are provided so that you can get in touch with the product owners the site owners if if need be you know if they're not you know available you know these are things that you might want to stay away from but look for good programs that have good quality as far as the products and stability that you know it's a lot of times you'll hear about these product owners that come out with great products here for a while and gone and you don't ever hear from them again but look for ones that are good quality good stability commissions. Now as far as commissions percentages go look for products that you will earn a minimum commission of 20 dollars that's just you know to me that's the breaking point of what you know makes you know that it's makes it worthwhile for you to promote. Now this is not nothing that is really set in stone. You know whatever your needs are take a look at that. You know this is what I'm suggesting now in order to achieve maximum profits. I recommend that you aim for commissions at the 50 to 100 percent level. And yes there are products out there that will offer commissions at 100 percent level. Usually those ones are going to be a lower end product and they're going to have a back end product that maybe you're not going to get a commission on. Maybe it's just 100 percent. A lot of times you'll see PLO packages that will offer you to basically a 100 percent commission right to your pay pal or whatever it's going to be for you to promote that and they have a back end with other products that they're going to be. You will not be getting paid commissions on but look for the 50 percent to 100 percent a lot of good ones you're going to find 60 to 75 percent range. That would be my recommendation now. High end products would usually be lower commissions 25 to 50 percent. Now this is OK when you're talking you know of a five hundred dollar product and it's a 50 50 percent. So you're getting two hundred fifty dollars or 25 percent. You know you're still making really good commissions it's worth your time to promote you know. So make sure that you know if it's a high end product that you check out the commissions as well but if you're getting a lower commission it still is going to make it really worthwhile for you to promote make sure that you understand when you're as far as commissions whether you're getting you know if it's just a like a 30 day type thing or is just this product or if you actually get it like a lifetime commission where your customers that you said to them I cook it to you for life. So what. No matter what else they buy from the product or you still will get a commission on that. There are products out there a lot of times it's just a one product where you promote that product. And after that you know it's just cooked it for that product look for residual commissions where you will where it's a recurring income and you will get a commission on that reoccurring you know a lot of times these are only going to be at a lower end Commission to audit you know some nights maybe 10 20 30 percent of the commission some of them you will find that are going to be up to 50 or 60 percent but usually a little bit lower when it comes to residual but that's OK. You know the product owners do it all the work here you're just continually getting paid you know every single month that that person stays in that program. No one commissions are paid you know as it is after the 30 day warranty you know guarantee of the product is at a 60 day if if it's like click bait. It's going to be every two weeks. So make sure that you understand when your commissions are going to be paid make sure there's there's a good affiliate support. The best companies to work with provide plenty of support. You will find a lot of companies out there that are still have good products but they do not have really any affiliate support. And if you're brand new to Internet marketing brand new to affiliate marketing then this is really something that you should be concerned about. Do they have support for you so that if you've got questions and or problems of self that you can get a hold of somebody and get the help that you need. Do they have promotional materials available if you're brand new and you don't understand how to create the promotional materials. Do they have them available. Know do they have Sample ads banners logos you know whatever. You know that they can supply you to make your job easier. Do they offer advice about maximizing maximizing sales provided you know a lot of the companies if they're really on top of things they will give you advice and how you can maximize your sales as an affiliate you know they'll give you the techniques that are working you know they'll say hey this e-mail here you know it's something as simple as this e-mail right here is the one that is converting the highest you know they're going to give you advice and how to maximize your affiliate sales. Do they have statistics on things like click through sales and earnings you know these things should be provided an updated regularly you know just because it says you know these are the statistics doesn't mean that that's what they are currently. So you know do they have up to date statistics are you able to get your questions answered in a reasonable period of time test out their support you know a good reasonable period of time is to me is 24 hours you know not be reasonable if a product orders that a middle of a major launch you know his support is going to be generally heavier and they may be a little behind. So be reasonable when somebody is doing a product launch. You know we get our shorts had and not kind of a weird we send in a support ticket and we're like man. I didn't hear back from you within the hour. You know what's up with this. Well when you've got a product launch going on a lot of things can happen you get caught up in them and you know your support sometimes gets a little bit behind you know hopefully that you know that person has got things under control they've planned for this but unexpected things happen. So you know be reasonable. All right. Selecting that affiliate program to promote we're going to continue on with this. Be picky about what you promote. Take the time to be sure that everything you recommend is of legitimate value. Don't just take it for what the sales pages or you know affiliates check out the products that you're promoting make sure that the value that it's saying is there is actually there before you promote you think about the credibility that you are striving to get. You're working hard for that credibility and you start promoting things that you know what you where you're recommending a certain value and it's not there. That's coming back on you. So be picky about what you promote be honest when making your recommendation. Nothing will turn people away more quickly than a blatant attempt to fill them full of hype and hot air. Jesse you can make a few quick bucks. Think about when somebody recommends you something you're looking for honesty as well. You're looking to buy things from people that you know like and trust. So you make sure that you develop that kind of a relationship with those that you're promoting to take time to go through the product ahead of time to know exactly what you're promoting the ad that it is exactly worth of value you're trying to sell someone on. Ed and I agree to go further than that and say that the value is even more than what that you know the sales page of the product is you know saying that it is. Especially if it's if it's a marketer that you do not know very well and you're not familiar with the quality of products they deliver. If you do not know the marketer really check out the product. Make sure that it is what it says it is. After a while you gotta learn to trust certain marketers you're going to know that their products are always good and you know then you know you can kind of go on based on the trust that you have of that marketer. But when you first start now you do. You don't know those marketers make sure that you know what you're promoting you shouldn't be selling what you do not believe in. And the fact is that personal testimonials will do a lot to boost your sales when you're promoting products. The people that you're promoting to they will be able to tell whether or not you actually believe in what you're promoting. They'll see right through you if you're just trying to promote some for that fast buck and that you don't even really believe in it or know what's going on. If you do not believe in it do not even try to sell it just because somebody says hey you can make a lot of money with this or so marketers say you know saying hey promote this for me and I'll promote for you you know make sure you believe in it. If what you're promoting all right determining factors of affiliate products to sell we're gonna get in to finding those affiliate products common questions asked by affiliate marketers are these what products should I sell as an affiliate and what affiliate products are hot selling. Plain and simple research is the only solution here. I've been telling you enough times the research that you put into your marketing is very very important. You need to know when it comes down to the products to sell what other wants of the target and market that you're that you're looking for products it you know what are their wants what are their needs and what are the value drivers. Now we're going to go into all three of these and covered each of these individual all the needs are the basic reasons a person is looking for a product or the service. You don't see it you need to know what their needs are. What are those basic reasons that a person is looking for the product or service you know. What are the problems that they're looking to have solved there what what's the determining dimensions among many choices. So you know when there's many choices that fits the needs then they're going to start looking toward those determining dimensions which are the ones they're going to be. It's like OK you know out of all of these you know this fills kind of the what not only my needs but those things that I also want. So it's a little bit extra for the value drivers are the values or the intangibles associated with the product or service. They're actually part of the wants but your value drivers will become extremely important when products or services are not differentiated from other similar products being offered. So when you're when that when that customer comes and they it's actually they see all these products that are very similar. There's really not a lot to differentiate them for they're really going to start looking for those value drivers are those the values that are associated with that product or service you know that it's going to help you know basically it's going to be part of those wants like we're talking about here but these are going to be extremely important when there's not a lot of differentiation All right. Finding products to promote the following are three excellent places to find products that you can become an affiliate for click bait. Dot com page dot com dot com and CB engine dot com which is actually click make engine which I like to use to look for click bank products. We're going to go into those three in just a second. Some other places to consider reviewing would be. Click to sell shares sale. Dot com Now one thing with Amazon you're not going to make a lot of commissions with unless you sell a large quantity of items. Commission Junction or S.J. dot com are some other places for you to consider reviewing but we're going to go into quickly those three that we were just talking about above all right. The first was going to be the Click Bank marketplace. First of all you get to go to you're going to go to Click Bank dot com and you get this going to be the home page you're gonna see affiliates and vendors you're going to be an affiliate where you're going to find just like it says tens of thousand of digital products to promote online. And this is where you're going to sign up you're basically going to just basic click on that sign up right there and you're going to be taken to the page where you can sign up to click here to get started as an affiliate. It's going to tell you basically how it works it'll take you through this step by step program that you process that you need to do you can follow the whole process. It's really easy if you're already an affiliate you can log in here and get affiliate help you know hop at Biller hop like shield also driven things just go in and check out the site all right once you click sign up is going to take you to a sign up form it's going to show you the required fields that you have to fill out you know make sure that each one of those are filled out or it's not going to let you basically sign if you wanted to hear to receive target account specific promotions click that a lot of people probably choose not to do so they're not getting extra things to their inbox. All right once that's filled out you're going to have their client contract read this go over it make sure that you understand it it's got other privacy policies legal notices you know all the different things that legally that you need to understand once you've read it if you agree click this and click the Submit button. All right. Now once you get once you get signed up you're going to be getting directed to your e-mail box that you use to sign up with and you're going to be looking for this notify. Click bait dot com confirmation code is what you gonna be looking for so you're going to go to the inbox of the email that you used. Once you get in there. It's going to have a link that you're going to need to click on right there. Also it's got your confirmation code number right there. This was blocked out. You don't need to know that one but you need to grab that makes sure that you got it just copy and paste it and that's your confirmation code. You're going to click on this link right here. It's going to give you specific directions. You know make sure you copy the confirmation code and click the following link to complete the account sign up. Once you click it you're going to be taken to this page where you will add that confirmation code right here and here you're going to add this image. You know if it's unreadable you can click here but this is the image you're going to put in here and then you're going to click on finish. Now you're going to be still on this page where it's going to give you your account nickname and your password. And here's where you gonna click to continue this the sign up is complete you're going to click here to continue. Now you're going to be taken to this page here where you going to add in your account nickname and your password and click log in once logged in. It's going to show you is this is a brand new account. It's going to have your name up here. You're your name here and it's going to show you anything. You know once you start making money it will show you here the current week. You know daily sales and stuff that will be here and you can click on each one of these things and then it'll give you different options up here like to see what kind of paycheck you're going to be getting. Things like that. This is things you need to go and just just check out on your own. But what we're worried about right now we're going to go to the marketplace because we're going to be looking for some products here all right. We get into the marketplace you're going to notice that there's some different statistics and stuff we're going to quickly go over those. Then we're going to get into finding some products you're going to see some different statistics and initial dollar sale. You know this The average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale of this product. A one time up sell purchases are often considered you know initial sales. Now this number is going to take into account refunds charge backs and sales tax. You know it takes it takes into account all of these things but this is the initial the sale the average amount that the affiliate earns for each sale of this product. The average rebuild total this number is only shown if the vendor offers reoccurring billing product so there's no reoccurring. You're not going to see this number. This number shows the average amount an affiliate makes and all of the Rebuild sales you know in a note that this number. Does it include the initial sale amount. So it doesn't include this. It's just the average rebuilt average sale dollar sale for one time purchases. This number is the same as this initial sale up here. It's the same as the initial sale. If the vendor offers reoccurring billing products it equals the average total at the initial sale plus are rebuilds divided by the number of initial sales. So that's going to be both of these together divided by the number of initial sales you know to put it simply for every new purchase of this product. This amount is the average you'd make in total over the life of a new customer. However this is just an average this amount is not guaranteed everybody's results are going to be different from affiliate to affiliate. The average percent of sale this number shows the average commission rate earned for all sales of a vendor's products including one time purchases rebuilds add up sales purchases. Now since the vendors can offer different commission rates for different types of products this number may not exactly match the commission rate that you earn on a given sale. But this basically is the number shows the average commission rate earned for all sales of vendor products. The average percent of rebuild is the number is only shown that the vendor offers reoccurring billing products. It shows the average commission rate earned only on rebuilds. So this is showing the commission rate earned only on the rebuilds. So if they have a you know the maybe the front end is a 50 percent commission and the rebuild you've get a 20 percent commission gravity the grab which is short for gravity. This number represents a unique calculation by click bait that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned the commission by promoting this product over the past twelve weeks most recent tracks transactions are given a higher value. This number could give you an idea of what products are hot at that moment. So usually the higher the gravity and stuff it's the old these products are the ones that are hot right now in terms of being promoted by many affiliates and making a good number of sales. However high gravity can also indicate that there will be a lot of competition in promoting this product. Usually if a product is just launched and there's a lot of affiliates lot of J.V. partners promoting it it's going to have a high gravity beats making a lot of sales it's hot right now. But right at that time there's probably a lot of competition so you need to be prepared. You need to be you know go in with a differentiation strategy of how you're going to be able to compete with all of those affiliates that are out there now. Let's talk about the high gravity just a little bit. It basically indicates that there are many affiliates actively selling the product the higher the gravity score the more affiliates are selling the product. This tells me that the product is in demand and it's selling well. So that is a good that's a plus. These products are getting a lot of buzz on the Internet and in the forums. So there's a lot of people searching for these products. One thing you want to do is with high these high gravity is go into the forums find out what people are actually saying about the products because this is going to be a lot of the people that bought the products already and they're going to be giving their viewpoints. Trust me on these products. And you know you're going to find out the good scoop and the bad scoop and what's you know if the products really got that kind of value that they're saying. But basically there's a lot of people are talking about it. The buzz represents free advertising. There's a good likelihood that I can sell the product. You can get a clear picture of how it is selling and the peoples feelings and opinion about the product so make sure that you go into these forums and check out what people are saying because it's really important to find out what people's feelings are in their opinions about their product. The downside to selling high gravity products high gravity also means lots of competition to be successful these types of products you have to market aggressively. So if you're just beginning you don't have much of a list whatever you better be really prepared to do some aggressive marketing with a high gravity product. So these might not be the best ones for you to pick out of at that time unless you're really prepared for it. Also the sales page of the pit or the pitch page. You're gonna want to check that out view the pitch page to help you learn more about the product and get ideas on how to promote it such as what keywords people might search for. So you go through the sales page and start looking for different keywords that are associated with that product that you might be able to start using. Also you can fight off the benefits that you get highlighted promotions or like if you were to do a review blog or something like that. You can start looking at for some of the benefits of that because usually the benefits are clearly laid out in a good written sales page. Look for product with good sales page to market as an affiliate. Is there a good strong and catchy headline check these things out. Look at that headline. Does it catch your attention if it does chances are it's going to be catching other people's attention. Does it make you want to continue reading. Is the sales page text or is it a video sales page it or is it just a plain text or does it have video to help with conversions. Maybe it's just a video sales page. It's sales page clean and easy to navigate. You know make sure that it's a nice clean sales page that well laid out stuff. As you're going through it that there's just not a bunch of flashy stuff all over it. And make sure it's a nice easy page to navigate. Does it have good valid solid legitimate testimonials from real people. We're not sitting here talking about you know all these big markers all these big numbers that they're throwing around us up is a good valid solid legitimate testimonials from real people. You know what are they saying about the market or the product the stuff you know take that and I'd take that into more consideration especially with the FTC rules you know you have to you have to be really be careful any ways on what you're actually putting in those testimonials yourself so be you know look at the testimonials do they look like they're from real people at honest good opinions of stuff that they're talking about the value of the product. Is there a good strong clear to action call to action at the bottom when it's time to hit that by now button does it sales pay to have leaks that will rob your commissions and we're going to go over those. All right. Look for sales page leaks and these what we're talking about when I'm talking about sales page leaks as an affiliate you want the visitor to read through the sales page and hit the order button with you getting credit for the sales. Now there's a number of reasons why this does not happen. Maybe somebody shows up to that sales page through your affiliate link but you don't get credited with the sale or the sale doesn't actually happen and here's why link to an affiliate site up page. A lot of times you'll see out of on a page you'll see member log in or affiliate sign up. Now this is great to have because you can get other affiliates on board to start promoting it but you know things like click bait products especially if they can sign up as an affiliate of that page. They can go sign up for the affiliate get there by through their own click make I.D. and you know basically they're doing nothing more than stealing your commissions. So basically you know look that's actually a leak. It's not a bad one but it's a it's potential that somebody could just sign up for that and use their own affiliate link. A lot of times you know that's not allowed and you won't be you won't be credited for that. But usually you know a lot of times neither are you product owner offers multiple payment options. Now sometimes this is OK but other times you might see that you know it might be a click bait product. You get to the sales page and they say but oh wait if you don't have you know if you don't want to buy that you could also use PayPal and if they don't have that setup to make sure that it's you're you know going to be attractive your affiliate link you're going to be missing out on it if they chose the PayPal instead of you know going through the click bank I.D. the product you're promoting is just one of many unrelated products on a page. You know that's a put off for potential customers so you shopped at that sales page and there's many unrelated products on that page or you know even when you're talking about the product itself and you go through the bonuses don't make any sense. They're not even related to what the product is or you know different things that are you know get some distracted and stuff like a squeeze page on it or something. So be careful about the you know make sure that there's no unrelated products on that page because it's something it's just gonna be a total put off for the customer or they're going to get it's not going to be easy to navigate they're not going to understand what they're trying to do. This is going to be confusion and they're going to end up leaving and you miss out. There are many external links which distract the visitor from reaching the order page so maybe they're signing up for something for free before they get to the order page. So they're thinking that was it they sign up for that. It takes them off away from the sales page maybe there's you know different links that at the bottom of the pages that are talking about contact information and stuff like that but when they click on them it opens it up in the same page and to sort of take them to a separate page that they can close back out and still end up on the sales page. So make sure to check out the links on the sales page that you know that would distract the visitor from reaching that order page that you know links that open up in the same page that end up closing out that page though they can't get back to it. Make sure all you check out these things the product owner captures your commissions. Now there are offers to join a mailing list or claim a free report. So a lot of times they can get on that you you go down the sales page you'll say hey sign up for this free report. Well they do that and they leave the sales page and a lot of times you know they're sent there. Take it into the you know the product owners product funnel now starting out with their free product. Well through the follow up they end up promoting that product that you were just trying to promote and you know they end up you know using different legs or just the regular link. No you're not getting any commission. Now on occasion you're going to end you may run across unscrupulous product owners that may follow up and make the sale via his own link. So really check this thing these kind of things out make sure that you're checking that sales page out to make sure that you're going to be getting the commissions that you deserve. All right. We're going to go to click back just a second here. Now we're signed up we're in here we're all logged in and we're promoting products at the marketplace going to promote products over here you're going to see on the left the categories that are here you can choose the you know you can choose a category. Let's let's do like the e business here. Also in the underneath you can have subcategories can choose like affiliate marketing and you will see the different products that are associated with those in these categories or you could type in find products if you know the product name or keywords or you could type affiliate know affiliate marketing it up here you know you could type in affiliate marketing up here and then you're going to search. Basically it's going to probably take you the same thing and you just start looking through the products you know check out the average sales 32 eighty six for the sale you know you go down here see you see the stats you see the gravity. This is a pretty high gravity. This is probably a current promotion going on here. You know we can start you know look at these here's the categories that it was under. You could just start looking through all of these. Take a good look at it. When you find one of them that you know maybe like rapid income creator or something you know we want to go check out the sales page all right. Nice video showing up you know it doesn't look too bad. So make sure that you go in through here and you just check it out. You know through the things that we were talking about to make sure that this is something that is a good product for you to promote with a good sales page. See here there right. They're going to be capturing those you know trying to capture them if they decide to leave so make sure that you can you know check out you know everything that's involved in it. All right. If you decide that you're going to promote it let's say we're going to promote this first one you're basically you're going to click promote. You've decided everything you're going to have your nickname. That's just the test account that we set up here for it. And what you're going to do is create now here's your affiliate link. This is what you're going to be using to promote the product you would be adding this link to your into your emails whatever you can take it to something like bit dot l y or something like that to have it shortened if you wish. If you have maybe like a blog or maybe a page that you're using. Let me make sure that I extend this over here just a second. You know this this here is your h t AML code. You see your link that's in there. But basically what you would do is you could take that and you could copy and paste that into your h t AML code. Right. Let's. Let's say you've got a blog review going on. You could talk about product that you're promoting or whatever add in there when you're getting ready to tell them to click here. You would paste this code in there. Basically all they're going to see is the click here. But you're going. It's going to go to through your affiliate link. When they do it you would use that in your h t email code. So if you're doing it on a blog you do have to make sure that you're in your h t email editor on that or a web page that you've got into your hcm L code wherever you would like to add that the words click here. That's where you would use their All right. Go back to our PowerPoint here. All right C.B. engine find the click bait. Marketplace products. I like CB engine for looking for click bank products. I I'd like a better than click bait give given the marketplace. Just because this gives me so many different options that I can use and we're going to go to click the CB engine right now and we'll kind of take a look at that and show you around in there a little bit. All right here we are at CB engine and I really like this place for trying to find Click Bank products and stuff. So we're here. We've got a we're going to log in here quick all right. We're logged in. And as you can see that you can get the pro membership for a single non-recurring price at thirty nine ninety five four for a year and also allow you a lifetime membership for a fifth or four fifty seven dollars as long as CB engine is around. So and I recommend doing that as just a one time payment you can get a free account. But I don't recommend that you can't use all the features but you know there's enough that you can work with to find some products with you can start out with just a free 15 day trial as you see here. That's what we're working with here for this test 1. But when you go in here you know you're the best way to do it is to go for the pro membership because there's so many different advantages that you can find. Here's you know it shows you how to find you know finding products you can go for different categories here that they have the subcategories you can rank them the top one to one hundred keywords that you want to use to search for products you can look in you know use those keywords in the title of the click make idea anything there. You know the pays more than you know 50 percent commission maybe or Or you know 30 dollars that you're looking forward to pay. You can do the you know the rank here ordered by the rank gravity refund you know whatever you want to choose there. So basically once you do when you make all your decisions you to search there. But there's you know there's just so many different things with click bank with CB engine that are so cool you can bookmark different products that you're that you're interesting and that you're currently promoting or maybe you're not ready to promote it at this time but you come across a really good product that you want to promote maybe in the next week or so you can you can basically bookmark that and put it in different you know different folders and stuff so you can add folders. See here I created a folder for the affiliate you know affiliate products but you can add a new folder. So basically you can put maybe you like you wanted to find products and traffic you add add you know just add it when you find them you basically just drag them into your you know you can bookmark them and put them into your different folders that you have you know you can down here to give you the list of your folders that you have. You can go inside of them and you know look at the products right now there's nothing in here but you would show you a list of the products that you've bookmark for you to use later. I mean it's just it's just a really really neat place to come in and look for products that you're that we're trying to find so you know over here it's got some of the top gravity products and stuff that you have so it's like if you wanted to you know you can check out some of these products here you've got you know all the different statistics the vendor I.D. the refund rate not available. This is a fairly new product that looks like you know the gravity gravity's falling a little bit but it's pretty hot. Basically it's probably on a promotion right now and maybe just starting to come off and less affiliates are promoting right now but it gives you all the statistics here. You know there's Ninety one percent of the sales have been out by referred by affiliates 60 percent commission. You know there's thirty three dollars and eight cents on there. You're earning you know 20 24. This is after click bank fees and stuff that are coming out. So it's basically giving you the information that you need. You can visit the Web site make sure that we're looking at the pages to find out what's going on you know a nice video sales page looks good look for leaks in the pages. The things that you're looking for you know he's got a nice catchy headline. Is the video good quality you know things like that. It's just just a neat tool that you can use to really further Your search and click bait market click bait. Marketplace products. So that CB engine. All right. We're going to go back to our PowerPoint here. Next one is pay dot com dot com. This is another really nice place to come and find products. Basically you're going to be need a pay pal account. You're going to be paid through paypal on these. And basically when you get there when you get all signed up you're going to go inside and we're going to be going to promote products and we're going to go from the marketplace and you're gonna be taken to this page right here where again it's going to show you the categories of it's going to show you all the subcategories that you can check in. It'll show you keywords and you can see I typed in make money online for this example here and then you're going to click search down here it's got product categories it's show you the top sellers it's got you know the different categories and stuff that they have. Business to business computing and internet of things that you can use. So once you you know if you. The best way I'd like to do is if I know the product name or maybe like I know the product owner I can type their name and find their products or keywords and stuff. Type in and click search and once I do you're going to be taken to a page is going to show the different results that came up from the search. You know here's one to call the profit monster. Forty nine ninety five for the sales little a little bit about it to make money online by filing easy step by step videos. So it's going to be a video one pay 70 percent commission you can down here is going to have different things for you to do. You can see more information on the product. Here's to promote it. Visit the sales page you can view the vendor's profile. You can contact the vendor shows you the of the API switch over here this is the affiliate power score in this score is calculated on a daily basis. It's depends on a number of factors such as the number of sales the total refunds and affiliate earnings with special emphasis put a number of unique affiliates making sales over the last 150 days with recent transactions having more relevance. So basically this is going to kind of like your click bait gravity here with this is your affiliate power score. So basically you're going to be taken to this page you can look through search the different products that came up within from your search and you can start checking out some of the different pages once you get you know once you choose one you can go you'll be able to go in and to promote the product and you'll be able to you know it'll give you your link your affiliate link that you can use. Once again you can take that to something like tiny U.R.L. or bet that l y or something to shorten that link if you want. It'll give you the tools. A lot of times you're going to find that tools are not provided but it if it's got tools that are provided they'll be listed. There'll be more underneath here yet. But basically that's you know basically promoting those products and stuff. All right. Here we are at Pei dot com. Here's kind of that page it we're showing a little while ago and the PowerPoint. Here's the profit monster. So basically you're going to be able to you know check out these the information about this product. You can see more information. Really not a lot here see you can find out you know here's where you're going to be promoting it. You can visit the sales page. Here's the sales page. Now this one here the sales page here it's not really doing anything for me first of all I got this little annoyance over here we're going to close out first. I just got a lot of extra there. First of all he's got something to list Bill and this thing going to keep coming back here. You know he's trying to he's going to be trying to list build which good for him but right away you're like OK maybe it's nothing for sale sign it in here. Where's it take me I don't know. There's just a lot of distractions going on here different you know. It's not a very pleasing look and sales page. I'm sorry if it's yours. Another you know here we again another free option. You know am I actually going to be buying something as I go through here. OK. Now we're not looking too bad once we got down here. Now OK. We do got some of them for sale. So you know there's too many choices and make it dizzy. Here's a second. But you know the rest of the sales page really is not to me it's not that pleasing. So I'd probably stay away from this one. So you know you might want to go you know try out another one you know maybe profiting from PLO are whatever visit the sales page there. That's a much better looking sales page looks like we're gonna get a video popping up just a little bit better again that got a list building here. But it's not just everything jumping out at you. This is a little bit better. I'd probably go with something like this. Come down here and click on the promo and it's going to take me to the page that we've shown you where the you would get your affiliate link and the affiliate tools. You know that again you visit sales page vendors profile contact and the power score affiliate power score and that's that's the page that you take if you decide to promote it. It's going to give you your affiliate I.D. and all the tools that you would be using. So that is basically paid at com. Another great place for you to be check it out to try to find your products. So in summary successful affiliates like I've told you many the other couple times in any affiliate program simply don't sit there and wait for money to come in. Why. Because there is money and simply sitting and waiting if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing. If you want to continue to grow your affiliate checks you've got to do something and that involves going and researching and looking for just the right product for you to be promoting. Don't just settle for anything. Make sure that the products that you that you choose fit your target in marketing and that they have the value that they actually say that they have. Make sure that you believe in that product that you trust the product and that you know without a shadow of a doubt that when you promote it that that customer that potential customer is going to get the value that they're expecting from you.