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English [Auto] Welcome to the yoga for beginners morning your team will begin in a traditional seating position on HRmax is uncomfortable you're welcome to sit on top of Polster or a stack of cushions place your hands on your knees breathing in and out through your nose while your heart forward. Lift your chin up big inhale exhale around your spine tuck your chin keep your chops inhale belly pulls forward chin lifts heart opens exhale to round your spine tucking your chin one more time in how open heart pulls forward. Chin up exhale to around. Keep your chest chin down. And come back to center and reach your hands up past your sides your fingertips barely touch the ground. And reach your left arm up and overhead as the right palm flattens down on the ground leg in hand. How to switch sides. Left hand comes down to the ground right arm reaches up and overhead in Hong except to switch sides right hand comes down left arm which is high. Big breath in. X how to switch in how right arm reaches up and over X how switch in his left arm up and over X how switch in his right side and release him back to center. And for a gentle twist to the right take your left hand to your right knee and your right hand behind you. Sit up tall and gently twist to your shoulders turn through your chin even your gaze as if you were looking for someone behind you. Things come back to center. Switch sides. Right hand to your left knee. Let your left hand behind you eat your breath in and out through your nose as you turn over your left shoulder and come back to center. Unravel your legs and take your feet flat on the Mount in front of you knees bent and your hands behind you finger pointing towards your heels and just lift up through your heart into a gentle back and you should feel an opening through your shoulders even down your arms. Then release them into your hands and knees into a tabletop position so your shoulders are stacked over your hands hips stacked over your knees for a gentle calf stretch extend your right leg straight behind you with the toes touching the ground drive through your heel and switch sides. Lower your right knee back down and extend your left leg straight driving through your heel toes still touching the mat. And lower your left knee back down to set up for downward facing dog walker forward just a couple extra inches curl your toes under and reach your hips high in a generous Venda both knees to help lengthen out your spine as you press your chest towards your thighs and you're always welcome to take the modifications on screen. If you are in Downward Facing Dog try paddling out your legs spending one knee and then the other to help warm up your hamstrings. Make sure that your fingers are fanned out wide so your weight is distributed evenly through your whole hand. Then separate your feet distance and walk your hands towards the back of your mouth. Hang heavy in a deep forward fold again with a generous bend and both knees to help release your lower back. Relax your neck relax your shoulders soften your jaw let your head hang heavy and feel your breath travel up and down your spine. Lawyer navel in engaging your lower abs and with your knees bent chin tucked slowly unroll all the way up to standing once you come all the way up shrug your shoulders up to your ears and down your back. Just a couple of times as if you were unwinding and take your hands to your head is for some big hip circles. Shift your hips over to the left and push your hips back behind you as you lean forward. Shift your hips to the right and then out in front of you to just continue moving your hips in a circular motion as big or as little as fast or as slow as you'd like to go. And switch direction come back to center and reach your arms up from mountain shoulder saw. But stand tall in the crown of your head ache in how as you exhale hinge your hips lead with your heart as you come all the way down. And the moment your spine starts rounding and your knees so you can fold even deeper for halfway left. Bring your hands up to your thighs and your heart forward as you roll your shoulder blades together behind you lifting up only half way or even a little bit higher. If your hamstrings are tight and forward fall soft knees that hangs heavy in-house stand up arms up mountain pose exhale forward hold lead with your heart and your knees head hangs heavy at the bottom. Inhale a half halfway left hands on your thighs heart pushes forward exhale forward fall. Soft knees fold the inhale mountain post stand up arms up exhale fold and your knees I'm all the way down. Now this time just halfway left big breath in. Slide your hands up your thighs and as you breathe out and down onto your hands and knees into a table top position from your table top. Reach your right arm up to the ceiling. Take a big breath in. Exhale. Thread the needle thread your right arm all the way through till you come to lie down on your right shoulder right temple rest down on the mat. Reason to your upper back. On your next inhale thread the needle reach your right arm high exhale back the table top inhale reach your left arm up to the ceiling exhale thread the needle come all the way through left shoulder down left temple down next to inhale reach your left arm Heidy thread the needle and come back to table top or a child's pose. Separate your knees is why is comfortable usually Matt essence. It goes together behind you soften your hips down towards your heels extend your arms out in front of you but let your shoulders relax. Like your forehead rest on the mat or even on stack Fest's take a few deep breaths to completely relax. And that's it for our morning yoga routine. Thank you for joining me today. Have a wonderful day. And don't forget to check out the yoga for beginners playlist for more routines like this. See you next time.