Asana Lesson 1: Breathe and Posture + Sun Salutation

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Lesson 1: Breathe and Posture + Sun Salutation

Let’s look at how we breathe and how we stand and let’s learn together the traditional Hatha Sun Salutation, the Surya Namaskar, a series of postures performed with the breath in a single, graceful flow that builds strength and increases flexibility.

On days when you think you have no time for yoga, try and do one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation, you will feel the difference!

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English [Auto] Now I must say this is just a for my yoga. And welcome to your first 100 class allow our Yoga Foundation course. So first of all we're going to take a couple of deep breaths because we want to center and we want to arrive into this space. So a couple of the ogee breath through the nose into the chest and all the way to your brain. So let's bring together and you already feel different. The breath is such a powerful tool. So I want to explain you a little bit about the yoga breath we are breathing into our belly. But what does this mean. We're using our diaphragm that is this muscle that divides the ribcage from the I'm not abnormal. OK cavity. So when we are breathing we open the belly. So it becomes like a balloon and this means that the diaphragm is pushed down so that the lungs can expand when we breathe out. We drained the belly even squeezing the diaphragm up squeezing the lungs and helping expel the air. So this is very important to detox ify the body and also just relax. So let's take one more breath together into the belly and out and you can experience these. Every time we do this we are going to start our class with the first spores that these Schaffhausen for Shavelson eyes the corpse spores and for me this is very important because it's when you stop that you actually feel what's going on. So some people think oh you're just doing nothing or just lying down. But when you stop that you feel it. And remember that you are your own guru. I'm here just to facilitate or so really check with your body every time we go to the polls as if that's right for you. So joining us now. We're going to lay down on the floor and simply drop to the ground and read into the brain as explained before so through your nostrils into the chest into the belly and then squeezing the belly down squeezing the diaphragm up out of your mouth or nose. It's up to you and let yourself be on the floor in the moment. The brass is just relaxing a body relaxing your mind. If you still have lots of thoughts into your mind you can count the breath so we can count up to four as we inhale and then out maybe four five six if you do anything to your mind no need to talk. Just focus on the rhythm and counting. You lie and you not notice all the sensation in the body as you relax more and more with each breath. These are like waves cleansing the body and the mind from the day from the top and then from the belly and the breath around your whole body. Bit by bit from the valley and the breath down my legs down my feet. Down my toes and I start creating awareness of that part of my body because we just use our body all the time but we don't really pay attention to it only when it hurts or when there's some tension. But here we want to focus on the positive so focus on what you have on that amazing body you have. And if you want to connect the movement you can wiggle or shake a little bit still keep on breathing keep feeling your toes you see your legs enjoy the stillness if you prefer and go up to your hips. Not if your hips are like to rough them a bit side to side. If you want and these also massages your lower back gently to the ground not lower back and your hips. So we're scanning the body here and noticing how we are before starting the practice and then going up by an inch versus a brown field of our breath in the spine even more. You can take a deep inhale and the belly goes up like a balloon and then deep this time seeing the bottom down so that you stretch the spine to the ground lengthening on the floor. Again the breath in and then down curling the upper level if that's easy for you. You can also do that with knees up and maybe you feel easier. So if I'm my hands here you will see that my back flattens to the side of the. And then as he let her come Maxine that if your lower back is a bit tense just with straight leg on the floor you can keep the knees up like that through shots and then going up up up each vertebra not just your internal organs blether internal organs. Remember we are focusing on gratitude. So we're focusing on being grateful for our body first. The body is the temple spirit ignites the breath and open the chest. And I even lift my skull off the floor just like sand a bit more and then drop objects they open the palms relax the shoulders one more. Brad because you're in the bracket who wants to help you get in the mood and moving the head side to side. Massaging the back of the head or and stop and enjoy the stillness for a couple of breath as you bring the bread up to the crown and out of the crown. So throughout this whole process of shut up sinner Maybe you have not then my eyes are closed. And this is also very important because as we close the eyes we can focus in war. We're not distracted. So take another couple of breaths through the whole of your body nudging this gentle wind from the toes all the way up legs torso chest and out of the Crown sending any leftover thoughts away. Sinking the belly one more time to me and the next day seal we start stretching. Our family just walk up and you can do any movement you like any free movement. For example I like to rotate my wrists and ankles just to all the joints are very good rotations for joints. I like to hold onto one recent open one side and the other. Sometimes I feel like taking the knees up and doing like a little twist. So anything that your body is requesting to really listening body and mind together Union. When you're ready to take your knees up and down and have them take back diked because we love our bargain. We aim increasing the knees. The knees love your nose. I think Diakite then with these back your head Seroquel side to side massaging you can also do a couple of rotations of the on giving you options here. You just not this and see what's needed at the moment. These massages area we're backing the ground so you can stop and drop Remy's out just surrendering into this pose and then do some rotations for the Heat's opening and closing. Always with your bracket so every time you you do this you can do what's right for you in that moment. Now we play the hands and then it and we see if it's possible to rock up and creating a little bit of energy into the body. Rucking such as it once we can reach for your big toe and play just like a child would do connect and do our inner child. And then coming up to me always adjusting your shirt if that's me and something nice and tall and easy cross-legged. So for any reason this is not comfortable for you. You can also you know release the legs every now and then shake. Or you can have a couple of blocks under your knees to help you or a block underneath your the edge of your buttocks so that you lift you up. But I try I try not to use any props so that I can do yoga anywhere without thinking any props. So let's get nice and the feel your sitting bones take the flesh away from your buttocks so that you connect with the ground and you feel supported and you feel grounded. Take a nice deep breath through the nose into chest and belly belly expand. And then we do a four you only practice time bringing breath all the way up to the plate. So inhale belly chest and NFZ and open your eyes and you can focus now on anything else that you feel grateful for. So think of something about today or this week or anything else in your life that you're grateful for. And we take one more breath and we really seeing that poured into every cell OK. So with this lovely feeling of gratitude we are going to chant all come together. People feel a bit silly sometimes chanting because in our society we need to control our voice our emotions. So connecting to our voice sometimes feels a bit weird but we want to connect here. So we want to try things out. So please chat with me and you feel the voice vibrating into your body. This is what AUM is is a lovely vibration and that vibration will accompany you through your practice. So to chant on we take a nice deep breath through the nose always all the way to the belly and exhale ones. And then again we chant inhaling Oh on with this vibration for a couple of moment healing the whole body and when you're ready. OK. And just to let you know all is not all but these are who and the blend together and the sound that sound a little bit like all bodies out. That's the region. OK good. So let's now crisscross the other way and we can do this at any point. Exactly now just to remind you that we need to change the legs because we feel that one leg normally and we're going to do some Lobley next treacherous because the neck is connected to the spine. So by stretching the neck we stretch the whole spine. First of all we need to take the chin a little bit back onto the neck. Why do we do this especially in the modern age. We tend to protrude the head that our head like this and the head becomes really heavy onto the neck. So we want to counteract and bring a little bit back so the ear is on top of your shoulder and from this position we exhale the chin down. So the neck is still straight exit fully relax here feel the whole spine long and the weight of the head. You can not this is stretching your spine gently. You can do little movements like the side to feel these even deeper and less tall unless there are big rotations with a breath. So always the movement is connected to the breath and you're about to a couple in each direction. And if you need more you can also do more rotation. Isn't there enough that you can almost do anywhere. So don't forget to include them into your day. Yoga is not that hour on the mat. Once a week. Yoga is every day. You can put little droplets of your arm around her thing in know no total tool. Now I tell you a secret you have energy into your hands. Are all energy anyway so we hands and we create and stimulate bees and so we become healers. Actually we are we don't even have the time we have to remember. So with this warm healing hands we heal any part of the body that will stand. So I felt in my neck a little bit and I placed my hands there and trust that I'm healing and attention is releasing. I can also have a little massage of that part or just hold the hands steady feels better then I create more energy and I give myself. I was like oh my gosh. Because I feel that intention of loving myself into every practice so I cover my eyes. First of all letting go of expectations of control and having that intention to all and possibilities massaging my clothes is really refreshing especially if you work on computers. This is really good for your eyes massaging all around the sinuses if you want with around the eye sockets and just go around the nose as well down here and you can also include a little bit your head your scarf around your years. Any place that feels he needs a little bit of attention a little bit of love you can massage. You can do so much for ourselves. We can help ourselves a lot. Look it's my shoulders with a scalpel and any bits and bobs that you feel drawn to. For example if your tummy feels he needs a little bit of Laub clockwise rotations are really good. And then placing hands on top of the knees. We start going in the radiation. These are the patients really he's the whole upper back and the hips. And you feel this movement like water flowing. So there's no resistance to become rich through all directions with Brad when you see it. You see that again maybe a change interlock my legs one more time and we're going to focus on the shoulders and on top of the shoulder. Big rotation. So these we are preparing the body for this and we're asking body permission oiling the joints the just in both directions round the back. So now ready to come up on our force and so I like to do these little rocking and rolling to come up on to your force. But for some reason this doesn't work for you you can just come up on your fours in your own way. Now my hands are under my shoulders so I can support my shoulders and my knees are on their my hips. So make sure that there is a space in between your knees and then they're supporting your hips correct. Just suggesting a little bit here. So I find my perfect pose. And from here I go into free Freemans. Mean you can shake you know make some big circles or just foil. What works for getting into cat and cows. So as you say you push the ground away and suck the belly in. You drop the head then this is cool. And then as you inhale opposite stretch head and hips and you do this to remove your breath at the sink at inhaling and continue to your own speed. You can go and areason deep and slow or you can experience a little bit of speed. This is more like a clean practice to bring the energy up to the spot so close try should like you might feel a tiny bit dizzy but just the effect of energy. And then stretch powerfully into contacts in fairly fairly early start moving side to side keeping that stretch going. So sitting back onto the heels and flocked to mother. Now I want to give you a couple of tips. If the forehead doesn't touch the ground you can please your hands like an elbow you can pull them like these or even like this. He carries it out a little bit achy you can use a pillow just here to seat or even two pillows if you need to ease them. So let's go back to the rest. So this Paul again feels you're not actually you you're up to all the back opening the lower back especially landing the spine does surrendering to the ground. You have a friend that can come in with a little bit of pressure on to your back as well. That's really really seen from the back. It's one more burn and then I look up and when I want to go in this forward on to my belly and onto the mat. So again let me just come here for that I'm comfortable. My legs squeezed together and my hands come to the side. So we're going to we're going to do Bojangles. Center for COBRA poles and this is a big four poster to sending your spine massager abdominals and is actually therapeutic for us. So if you're in the practice use every day. So we put the hands up by our chest and we take the elbows in. So because it's a cobra so it doesn't have any wings. OK. So try to really squeeze these elbows in and ultimately pushes your shoulders down and you squeeze the legs together because again those knee doesn't even lay the cheese on the floor and saying hey I lift up and then I can just breathe here. Or you can go up and down as we practice in my yoga and my yoga we do dynamical breath. So try that if you like inhaling up squeeze sitting down knees and counting down and I feel you're back working. So your hands are just the support they're not pushing up like this. You have to the heads here to support you and you can even think you know OK just think pressure for that. And then from here we're going to lift up and slowly fall back back back back back back back into time. So Chuckles you a to relax relaxing completely. Well who moments before had been told to go home. When we die so we dressed in child pose like a little ball of energy. Child pauses also called my last summer in Sanskrit the national language so egressed for a moment. Not the thing that changes from cold ground onto the back and when you're ready to rumble. If the rebirth of the spine is strong then that comes up just how you feel. Open your eyes and really go on to your next post. That is done dog. Adam slothfulness so was a bit difficult to pronounce. This for me but I try tucking the toes and hands powerfully into the floor. Feel your hair on your under your shoulders and we lift up the hips and start walking. So what do I go into walking the dog. Will I call the walking dog. First ask me to release the legs the muscles we need to release next before we get into the static posture so you can even dance upside down one bit that do anything that these nerves at this point for you. Then again I like to lift up on clothes before I get into the food so I get a full stretch of my legs and are as old as they are. I'd bring my heels down for your food. So bring your heels as close to the ground as they get and try to keep the legs free but if you can't pull my pre-ban of bunnies is OK. So those pooches have too harsh. The body permission little by little it will open. So let's get the football. Their hands are powerfully Inka the floor and feel this energy line coming out of the ground into your arms and out of your hips shooting up and then some beats another energy lines shooting down from the hips into their heels and you enjoy this two energy lands you enjoy me. I think if it'd be funny of course that is very effective. Your heart is working in a different way. You have people blood and also a nice way to stop thinking of the so you can stay here as long as you want. Some people use what is called an alarm. We learn about plinker on but basically narrowing the top and growing like the wings of the sun. The sun only gets you relaxed and strong. So if you're ready for a little challenge we can go come to plan. If not come down with the news and to sit back and you can shake your hands you can shake your wrists if you don't practice yoga or maybe your wrist feel a little bit achy. So kiss it send love and then we go back in. So if you instead want to the go swathing from down the all we can take a step back let me shift the tiny victims in the map so that and more Center. So shift once that and to now bring the weight onto your wrists powerfully engaging your core core is so important to keep a healthy spine. Now some people just drop the hips ladies. This is Deryn good because he's putting some pressure onto the back and we don't want that at all. No no no lifting up to one life. If this is too harsh you can just have your hips a tiny bit higher but never too low. OK so let's get back into plank and pressing the floor away engage in the core powerfully. Get strong here. One more BRACHT and a smile. And then come down the knees and back start to massage your wrists to and we are trying to learn one more post sliding forward as we did for co-brand we go into mascaras said the Crocodile just to rest. We put one hand on top of the other and your face on top and separate the light inks you can really you can really use the lower back and take a moment to notice again the changes of the practice. So you feel the effect of down dog. And those are all Cobram of the effects these will do. So strands and your back your shoulders your legs stretching your leg. There are so many benefits also just being upside down. What's on the other side more. And now we don't want to fall asleep of course the week the way you played the hand by your thigh slowly version around here be yourself off the ground and then start folding back as we did before. But this time bring in the big toes together so fluttering even more to the floor. Coming back news room reacting to your dog. You can go up the lakes if allowed. Then get into the bar. Then walking slowly. So was your hands. I liked it because it gets my hands on a satchel we flip their hands and we walk right on top of the head and you can bend the knees as much as you need to walk all the way not maybe up to the wrist getting a wrist and eyeglasses with the toes. And from here you can get into a lovely of a powerful fold by send them into your hands and try and straighten the knees dropping the hand exclusively to the belly half checking your belly in pain and then releasing very soon is very simple reverse to burrow to standing all the way up against the neck and head. Last So come up to steadying yourself a shake like this just to get into my body from fettling and then I want to connect to my feet so the feet are under your hips like train tracks parallel. And we start walking to feel the feet to the ground. Waking up the muscles in your feet a little bit of balancing as well. And on the heels of bouncing and these routes to down to the ground and to remind you to stay off and into your joints especially your knees and your heart because that's where we're really strong when we let go. We're so so here we keep the knees soft and we want to do little adjustments to encourage spinal lantern to show you from this angle. We keep the knees off. If you feel that they go in you can push your legs a lot out. You know there's no movement that you can see but I'm pushing through the legs out where knees are sore. Now I want to do a little shift a little part of the panel is more movement but this movement lengthens the spine reduces the curve here and ultimately brings you an openness to the chest. So you know this before I was like wait now I'm like this. And you feel that you are pulled upwards to experience this for a moment and that one alignment piece that chain as we said at the beginning we push it back to have you're on top of your shoulder and you just close your eyes and feel it you feel connected to the ground supported by Mother Nature and also connected to the skies to the universe through the crown of your head. There is this lovely collection you bring into the valley now centering yourself feeling powerful about sauf and tadasana means mountain mountain pose. You can imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain breathing in beautiful oxygen sun shining onto your face. Take a moment here for yourself. On top of the world feel that gratitude is still flowing through every cell when you're ready you can. And we getting to the central. So we start some sort of mission by bringing the hands together Union and thumbs into the chest to feel the connection with the heart. And the first two cents imitation we do I really slow so we can get into each pose and then we start going a little bit faster with the breath. If you can of course listen to everybody. So we go to the top of our market feet either as before inhaling up stretch this time exiting down folding dangling we dangle here when we go slow to give. These are put into the body. Can hold you. And then we place their hands down so that fingers and toes in one line. And this is the place where our hands will be out. Take a nice big step with the left and the left knee comes down and then you look up opening the side strong into your flanks and breathing enjoy the plank. Your core strength your power down knees actually the back like we did into cow and keep the elbows in. Trying to place the chest and cheek on the ground here. This is called Ashtown appose because these eight places that our bodies touching the ground we slide in one liner and in pickle. Remember COBRA. So a was in in of the two. To the dog and think these energy lines that were took out a couple of bread here. You want to walk quick but you can. And then my going for work. We want to get in between the ends. No we're not attached to the results. We are trying our best. Without getting hung up on there was also taking the left foot for engaging your core so that you can enjoy the journey then please the food way lands and plays the other knee down so I didn't land in between my hands. That's fine I can take the hand and help the foot up all the way up looking up up in the underside. He then is the other foot forward and slowly up ravelling and standing in each one or we were vertebras much their hands and all the buildings exited down and Fossa the star in Haiti right. And read and exit down. So we've been getting down now we're going slow but then when we go faster with the forehead so that we can slide directly into COBRA in his room exhaling down the right foot to make it the down exit and jumping rubble. So these are our two sons and they slow and we try faster. Of course if you need to go slow you follow your own rhythm in his exit down and bring planks and sales down. He could accelerate down or you heard the exit right. He ended up stretching continue exits down. Right. And tell us exactly dying people strolling through the polls is now down. All right. So if you need more time to get here take it and email upsurges and continue as many times as you wish. So the sounds of the nation is also a practice you can do on its own in the morning or you would have to do a little bit of your life and then have time for our food practice. It has the brand the pull this together and there is a handy PTF in our course that you can take and use by there. If you just want to practice concentration great. So finish with your son so they like to shake again. I'll bet just not are feeding my baby and then separate the feed and place the hands onto my hips to release the lovely rotation through the hips or maybe just because they really see a bit and then stretching side lifting up and down and again. And there's some stuff and down and down and a couple of twists in chest x we have a thing you can do it for as many times as you like. Then the then we come to the top of the marks and we start wobbling down placing the whole spine on time Mobile Mobile to the ground you can see that rock a couple times and relax for a moment in time to feel the energy flowing into your body your life force and again feel that gratitude of being alive to the fact of your practice for all your breath. Stretching fully when you're ready. We do a little bit of core so that you help your back be healthy. We put the hands on top of the pelvis and we try and get into the back on the boat both from here. But step by step to first will lift the leg and the head and chest engage our core if that's OK. Squeeze the legs together lift the leg a little bit. This really is powerful and she knew the RASC come down take a breath. Then we try again maybe to go a bit higher than me and only if lifting lifting lifting lifting lifting mistakenly or both trying to keep a straight spine as much as you can. If your knees need to be back by then by any chance then you mean help yourself sitting down and if you feel like a little play and if you have a friend around that wants a little bit of you'll go with you. We can try this sports in partners. So I had my friend here and is going to stick with me. Hello. How are you feeling. Great. So we see face to face and we put our toes in touch and we see as straight as we can to get in the bed together holding the wrist and we're ready to go straightening one leg at a time we flip the with the flute and the other one with me. Oh good try to straighten your legs a little bit more. Good good good. As much as I can and we smile here because a lot of fun to practice together. And kids love it. So you want to show your child as well. This is really cool. And then slowly down let's see if we control each others moment. Ah well done. Thank you very much. So this is our playfulness for the day and we're going to continue it some time now. Keep that feeling of playfulness with you as we say together. Thank you Paolo. So it's great to share energy with a friend to feel a connection that way as well. And now we come over south for I am Pryor is the Braque techniques or breath control. Some people say that it's not just about the breath. So we're going to explore it a bit more what Priamus really means. First of all let's take a nice comfortable sitting position taking that flesh away from your sitting bones feeling nice and tall so that you can be feeling comfortable just relax. And I tell you a bit more of what prana actually is. So proneness not just the BRAF price the life force. That force that make things align. It's like spirit. It's the breath of life if you want to say that way. And these are techniques that make you feel the yoga poses but also the whole of your life in a different way. There are different techniques and there are energizing Priam and cooling Priam. And also there are three steps into Briain that is insulation insulation and also retention. So when we hold the breath. So some people say the real primary arm is in retention because when we are retained a breath we increase the levels of CO2 in the blood. And that creates a different state of awareness. But in this course we are not actually practicing retention because I think it's interesting to feel the floor breath first before you do any retention. And anyway if you do any pranayama on any higher level is better to be fooled by a properly trained teacher. So let's explore our breath let's explore our life worse. First of all we practice yoga brag that are already familiar with. So into the belly and and it doesn't take that long for you to feel the differences we have not so ready. When you breathe consciously you feel more present you feel more alive and you're actively detoxifying your body. And now we learn a technique that is called couple of. Some people say that this is not just the person I am or not at all apparently but is Atlantic thickening. I believe it is both because it's the BRAF but it's also an English size with the belly to detoxify activity. So what we're doing we're using the belly muscles to push the belly in and exhale forcefully the breath out. And then as we inhale as we elect to these muscles of all that inhale comes in automatically. So it shows you how it's done. So we inhale and then we basically are not inhaling. You're just letting it happen by you exiting forcefully. If that helps you can put the hand on your belly to feel the movement of the belly. We're not pushing in with the hand we're just not dissing if our brain moves. And if not you're encouraged to do so you will get that feeling that sensation as you practice. So let's break this together a round of 30 if you can. If it's too much you do less. So let's take three long breaths first. And how. And then the third brass with Star the so you know there's when you get the last one and give it an extra pushing and then you release and your theory you stop and wait. So you can do three rounds of 30 if you like and cut out the couple Labaki means shine scal because it pushes all the energy up any cleanses your low your frontal lobe so that you can think clearly you can feel refreshed. And of course it cleanses also your nasal passages so maybe keep a couple of a handkerchief handy to blow your nose if you need. So that is great. And then the next time we're going to practice ease with Jai. Did I say you can use during the assonance to get more strained and to get more energy into the poses. Jai is also a very calming breath because it's Lent in the exeat and when we do that we connect to the parasympathetic nervous system. That is what makes Knox so Jaie. Again it is a matter of feeling it and practicing it. And the more you practice you feel you think to your throat you narrow the throat so that you make a narrower passage. And these will automatically create that lovely sound like the waves of the sea and it would sound something like these. And you notice that you calm right down straightaway going to it for as long as you lie. But also a couple of minutes that are fine in your brain using your older poses. So what about been using the morning to cleanse the toxify or even leaving. And you can use to argue or not practice. So try and also relax your mind. So you get into meditation. And as we mentioned we're going to look at different techniques of meditation still active. And today we just start with some Cialis because we want to explore being still we normally always do something move around. So exploring stillness is very interesting. What I liked to do is to crisscross the other way so I can reset my sitting position keeping that calmness of practicing and I am tall and high focus on my breath so I try to engage with the thoughts and just listen to the breath. When you sit still your mind wants to engage. So if you focus on the breath that will help if you focus on counting that will help. Or you can focus on a sound maybe on a special word or a name or name of your loved one. You can focus on anything you like that makes your mind a little bit simpler. And of course you will catch yourself thinking about other things and you simply with patients refocus on what your chosen object is whether is the mantra toward the breath. So this try to do these together and sit together quite mean for three minutes only meditation doesn't have to take forever. It can just be like flushing condition. That's what I do in my classes and to my day Frush patients. A couple of minutes here a couple of minutes there really changes your day. So let's be still together for three. Two and a couple of deep breaths. So when you are in stillness like peace listen some inspiration I call the universe of ideas and ideas you might feel something different that not as before. So it's nice to find this little space for you into each day three minutes of meditation so slowly we get from meditation to relaxation and try not to lose the focus. Try not to open the eyes moving very slowly. We go back and Chavous now I have to turn around if you are on your market in a different way you're They they trying to move as slow as you can and let yourself be welcomed by the ground. Finishing our practice we try relaxation. Others say it's a very important step to feel all the changes of the practice and to integrate this changes so never never skip it. Connect to your breath Moleski your bright bright line for a method that rattles you one more time as we wrap cucumber wreathing golden light through the whole of your body. That's what is at the beginning. I'm feeling the ground portion Reutter whole body one more time. Awareness of higher awareness of relaxation. You know of course you can say here again as long as you like your time can even go into a little sleep and when you are ready for something some deep breaths stretching out one more time rock side to side. Be gentle easing again yourself and your body for the practice walking up and down when you're ready. Nine together to remind you of your new let's say stay together and on the stay means that loans goodbye is a great word to start and close by really means I see the light and we're all light. The light just needs you is everyone. I think a nice nice stay.