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Yoga for Sciatica - SarahBethYoga

Relieve & prevent Sciatica flares with Relaxing, Gentle and Invigorating Yoga Routines for all levels.

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  • Relieve & prevent Sciatic pain in the lower back, hips and legs
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English [Auto] Hey guys it's Sarabeth and for this relaxing up the wall routine for say Attica all you'll need is a blank space on the wall about the science you're a man in possibly a folded blanket or pillow if you're feeling stiff was here if you need to. Otherwise let's begin to get up the wall you'll need to sit with one side of your body flush against the wall. Extend your opposite arm out to support you as you pivot onto your back and swing your legs up the wall. Once you get there you can use your elbows to walk your hips in closer but it's totally fine if you choose to have a couple of inches between the wall and your hips especially if you're feeling tight in your hamstrings and lower back area. Another option to modify is a slight pillow or a folded blanket underneath your hips for a little more support. Just take what works for you at any point in this routine so with your legs extending straight up the wall rest your hands in your lap on the ground by your sides or reaching overhead gently close your eyes and relax what you can control so that over time everything else can soften. This is a very relaxing long holding position so let go of whatever you don't need right now whether it's clenching your jaw or thinking about something outside of this moment. Just settle your awareness on the sensation you feel within this posture the next posture is a figure for up the wall. Lift your hips up to place your right ankle on your left knee and lower your hips down and to go deeper and your left knee a little to drag your left foot down the wall. Doing this will wedge your right ankle in closer to you increasing the stretch of your right hip joint. Compare formis you need to keep your right knee tracking open so that helps. Use your right hand to gently pushed it open and away from you. This way you'll actually target the performance and habits ever just too much. Just back off find a place that's comfortable for you to Rustan a place where you can still breathe smooth and the gently release your right foot back up the wall and let's switch sides take your left ankle to your right knee and with your left knee tracking open away from the body find a similar starting position that you took on the other side. Since your body is wedged into place you just focus on relaxing and creating a smooth calming bra. Release your left leg back up the wall and wiggle out your thighs here. And with both legs up the wall allow them to fall open. Supported by the wall. Now this can be really intense so you're allowed to use your hands to assess or just take it as slow as you'd like to go. The goal is to find a place where you can rest totally relax in overtime. You may be able to go a little bit deeper as your body softens so gently close your eyes and shift your awareness to your breath. In and out through your nose notice how your belly rises and falls and how your whole body softens with each exhale. Very mindfully use your hands to assess as you bend both knees and pull them towards you slightly so you can bring the soles of your feet together for butterfly legs draw your heels down towards your hips and rest your hands on your belly on the ground by your sides or overhead and if this position isn't serving you right now just pull your knees into your chest. Feet flat on the wall or a full when PPOs up the wall. Wherever you are come back to that place of total relaxation come back to your Smoots calming breath relax stay here for as long as you like or at least for a few more minutes when you're done. Open the links underneath this video for more information about yoga. Her say Attica including a couple other yoga routines for sciatica that I've created. Enjoy your time spent. Well I'll see you next time.