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Xamarin Android Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase

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English [Auto] So is so far so good. We've come a long way in that. All right. So one wants to do it is to finalize everything you have in log in and register. So what we want to do here now is we want to add a clique event to this next year is such that when we click it will go to the registration page where we keep the one on reception page. We'll come back to log in page. All right. So when we do that we know that we done we logging in registry. So guys let just go ahead and do that. OK. So it's the first thing to do is to go to logging XM or file and we'll have to add an 80 so we need to add an idea to these things. OK so let me change our team so that we see it very well. OK not registered. Click to register. OK. And we need to increase the margin to 10. OK so the I.D. is under 19 and I'm going to I.D. let's call it click to register. So we actually need to do the same thing for the wanting the register. Page scroll down OK so we need you supposed to change the test here. Right. So let's go to string the Maximo and call these cliques logging road changes this really standing ready to logging OK. So now let's go back to our register layouts and we need to add an I.D. what I do will be key to logging we change the tests to come from key logging right so that's that. So the next thing we need to do is to connect base to our registration and logging activities respectively. OK. So we had a voter registration activity allowed to define a new TextView. So in our registration activity we need to define a new day's view. All right. So let's do that. So qualities click to log in test. OK so less connected to the one we have you know a design file. So you know say linked to logging test. We'll be able to days you find view by Hades resource. Ida they'll keep you logging. So now let's add a click event handler for this particular act as you. So to do that. We say click to log in tax. Don't click so we now have. So we now have a click event handler for that. OK. So what we're going to do is we're going to see start activity logging activity and we're going to end this and we're going to end this activity by saying finish. So it's so simple guys. So in the same vein let's go to our logging activity. We need to define a new. So we need to define new tags for you. Right. Quietly click to register click to register tests. So let's head down here connected. OK. And grab a reference event. So so we can now say click so fine view by Heidi resource. Heidi. That's click to register test. OK so less and click event handler. So now we have a click event handler. So you're going to say stacked TvT type of registration activity. So guys I think I have a misspelling here. You guys you're spot on me. All right so that's that. OK. So we just need to do it is to run days and see how you looks. OK so our app is deploying. All right. Good. So let's click here. Ben will you start already clicks or logging so guys is the experience that we want to have. So when the user is not registered you can just click to log in and when he comes to log in he's really saying and just click and go back. There is such a simple experience. So guys we've come so far and I hope you enjoyed seeing in this class.