Starting a New Project and AVD

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In this lesson, we will start a new project, set our simulator and also change the theme to
For this development, we will be working with nexus 4 as a simulator and interface design

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome to this first actual programming lesson in this lesson they're going to set up our project and do the initial settings to do that. And then I go to Visual Studio or you could use zumba in the studio exactly identically if you want to I'm going to say file a new solution or my new solution is going to be an Android application I'm going to call it maybe groceries droid and maybe place it somewhere that. In this case I have a fall on my desktop. So that's that. Once you create your solution there is a chance that it will give you a little warning about a few licenses that you have. Like set if that shows up just accept all the licenses and now you have a solution with all the fights that make a very basic Android application. So let's see what we have in these files and what we have to change. The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to go to lay out and I'm going to go to main and once it's loaded I'm going to look at the device that is being used on that team. So devices nexus for I'm going to keep that on. I'm going to go with that theme and I'm going to choose a theme that is called team the whole light. That's no action bar. So Team holo lights. No I mean why is this one. Which is it has a white tiger on that it doesn't have the action board up there. So I'm going to head OK on that. So now our designer has been said to a certain set of things such as the device on the team. Now you have to do that for our emulator or some Lego up here go to manage Google emulators on in here. On it you can either create a new one or edit an existing one or duplicate one. What I'm going to show you my settings so indeed that I choose a device to be next for. I set the target to be a level 24 that's quite important simply because a lot of the frameworks that we use throughout this development they work only with level 24 and a. You can of course use other libraries that can work with lower light levels but for the sake of simplicity I'm sticking to 24. Throughout this development I don't have a skin and I'm using the horse to make sure my simulator runs a little faster. So these are all the things that you need. Nexus for IPA 24. The other most important ones are now that we have those two a quick run of our prickish the very first time that you load an emulator it might take a little while. So what I should oppose that we do and wait for it to appear. You could actually do the same thing and unposed this window and wait for your emulator to show up. So neither my emulator was loaded up. I can see a few things and hit one of them is that my bike is still black is not keyholder like you have to change that's one of the some initial Bawden that we have to get through it. So to change that back on you have to set the same team in your Android manifest. As well. So then what I do is I'm going to go ahead to properties open the Android manifest and in this section that is asking for application team here. I'm going to say at android I'm looking for a side on this. I have team seem hollow that the light thoughts no action bars. So that's something you have to do. So if you read on or not we should see it out onto the rerun. You can either go ahead and say reinstall it without debugging that I have a Hartke for it or you can't just stop your run and redo is why this is loading. I might mention that if you want to change any of the hots keys you can just go to preferences on search for key bindings on whether you can change any of the keys if you want to. That is for changing the shortcuts on everything. So once my application loads up we should be able to see excellent and white mike on that by then it is still up there and that's perfectly fine. Another thing that I want to show you in our manifest is that our target version is actually 24 26 is not what we expected to be. So you've been actually since both of these to 24. So I'm going to say minimal version for Android is 24 and the target version is also 24 so I make sure everything is exactly the way that we want it to be. So that's about that for this lesson. If you want you can just go to your main x amount and delete this. Why then just press delete. That's something we were going to do. Just remember if you delete it then you have to remove some stuff from your main activity as well. Because now it's going to give you an error about this fallen but I'm not going to do any of this right now. You're going to do them in our next lesson when we design our interface so let's keep it up to here on in the next lesson. I will design the interface for our very first.