How to customize your theme in WordPress

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The great thing about WordPress themes is that they are often very customizable. Here we'll look at the customization process.

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Setup A WordPress Website on GoDaddy - From Start To Finish

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  • Setup WordPress On GoDaddy with no previous experience.
  • Select and build out a theme that will make your site look awesome.
  • Use plugins to customize the way your site works and functions for your users.
  • Configure all the settings to make your site look and act exactly the way you want.
  • Use GoDaddy's cpanel to take control of your Website installation.
  • Use FTP and Web Disk to upload files to your server if you need to.
  • Use GoDaddy's Installatron to install and setup WordPress quickly and easily.
English [Auto] So once you've picked your theme then you get to customize it. And I'm going to show you this enigma theme. If you look over here on the left hand side under appearances if you go to theme options you can see here you know while they're like get Negm pro you know. And what for. But if you if you go in there you can kind of see they have general settings like social media. There's all these different things you can upload your logo. You know you can do all kinds of different things. There's social media options so you can enable it you can put in your email your contact number and so forth background. So you can choose a different background image or color. It just goes on and on. Now I'm not going to spend much more time than this on customizing a theme simply because there are so many themes and they all customize slightly differently. OK. So that is kind of where I'm going to leave that at this point. Now that being said if you if we go down the road and you're like oh sage I really want to use this theme. Can we talk about how to customize it. I would be happy to do that. But for this at this point I just want you to know that you can go into appearance go to your themes and a lot of times there's theme options. We're going to be talking about menus and that sort of thing down the road but that I think is where we're going to leave that. You can also hand edit all the files in a theme. Also I'm not going to get into that either at this point unless down the road you say hey say I'd really like to know how to do X Y or Z. And then we can kind of address it then. So you know I'm happy to add things as this you know as things go along. But this is what I want to know here. The takeaway is you can find your themes. You can pick a theme you can customize your theme and make it your own. OK. And we'll leave it we'll leave the customisation there.