What is PHP?

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Lecture description

In this lesson we learn the PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" and runs before the HTML for a web page is generated.  PHP runs a lot in WordPress and can be used outside of WordPress as well to build sites and applications.

PHP Review:

  • PHP is a programming language
  • It runs on the server before HTML is sent to the browser
  • PHP is used quite a lot in WordPress itself and in WordPress Development
  • PHP can also be used outside of WordPress in other applications and web sites

Next up we practice writing some PHP.

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English [Auto] Welcome in this video we're going to learn a bit more about p now ph p as a server side programming language ph P stands for PH P hypertext preprocessor. This means that ph P runs before the H team L or Hypertext Markup Language is served to a page. This means that our ph P is processed on the server running our Web site. Whether that is locally or with a hosting company once the PDP is executed HVM pages are created that are served to the browser. This explains why when you look at many of the PH files and wordpress you will see DML mixed in with it often is used to build parts of pages or entire pages themselves in wordpress although WordPress itself is built largely with PH p p p can also be used as a web development language in other applications and web sites. However much of what we will look at in this section MPP for Wordpress includes code and coding styles that is fairly unique for Wordpress and may look slightly different in other environments. Now just to quickly review what weve learned about P.H. piece so far. It is a programming language. It runs on the server before a team is sent to the browser. It powers much of Wordpress but it can also be used outside of Wordpress as well. Now this is a pretty basic introduction to what is ph p. So in the next video we'll take a look at beginning to write some basic ph P.