What is a Domain?

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In this lecture you will learn what is a Domain Name.

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English [Auto] In this video you will understand what a domain name is and what's the difference between a domain name and a hosting service. Okay. So basically the domain name is the address of the website that you are using that you are looking for. For example if we open Google and we type news we can see here the domain name is for example CNN dot com is a domain name yahoo dot com is another one BBC that com seen at dot com. So all these are the many domain names Amazon dot dot com Google dot com. This is the address of the Web site you are looking for. OK. So in order to understand even better what are the main ease we can use an analogy. Let's say we are looking for the Miami International Airport. And the address of the airport is this one is twenty one hundred Norway's 40 second avenue Miami Florida. That's the address. Okay. So this is the key land of the domain name. So in order to find a web site you need to type in the address bar here the domain name. And this is the address. So if you want to go to the Miami International Airport you can put on your G.P.S. this address and you will arrive here. But the main thing for this video that you need to understand right now is that the domain name is simply the address that you type here on the top is you then your domain name can be your name dot com or dot met or dot org or your company name dot com or any other keyword that you have. Dot com dot net dot or or any other section and we will see that in the next videos in the next video. Right now you will learn using GoDaddy and another strategies I have I can give you you will learn how you can register your domain name dot com for one dollar or less. OK. So basically you can see here that the dot com is twelve ninety nine dot club 999 dot U.S. three ninety nine dot org seven ninety nine. And we have different domains. So in these in the next videos you will learn how you can have your domain your own your own domain name very very cheap for one dollar or less sometimes 150 or something like that for one year. So you pay once and it will last you for one whole year and take the next video and we will start registering your domain right now. See you there.