The 10 Laws of Wisdom

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This is where we will go into the first five laws for a Wisdom Warrior and how to use them.  Here is a list of the first 5 laws

  • Wisdom law number one is having faith in the Triune God (Father, Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and reading the Bible). 
  • Wisdom Warrior law number two is doing our best to keep the 10 commandments by using the help of God 
  • Wisdom Warrior law number three is praying for wisdom for ourselves and others including our enemies. 
  • Wisdom Warrior law number four is being good stewards of our gifts, talents, and money.
  • Wisdom Warrior law number five is straight from a Bible Passage. "Wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere." James 3:17

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Wisdom Warriors 10 Laws To Empower Men For Christian Living

A course for men that want to live, love, and leave a Christ Centered Legacy. It is focused on the 10 Laws of Wisdom.

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  • Define the 10 Laws of Wisdom
  • Understand what the Bible says about Wisdom
  • Practice Wisdom in daily lives
  • Explain how Jesus practiced Wisdom and is WISDOM
  • Create a logical assessment of wisdom shown by biblical people in the old and new testaments
  • Ulitlize challenges and devoltionals to apply in your daily lives
  • Memorize, recite or create prayers that revolve around wisdom from the Bible
  • Apply wisdom in relationships, health, fitness, family, leadership and more
English [Auto] Welcome to wisdom warriors. I'm so glad that I'm able to do this for you and I'm able to help and serve and hopefully help you with wisdom as it pertains to the Biblical knowledge of wisdom and what that means. Not the worldly knowledge of wisdom or what the world thinks is wise but what the Bible says is wisdom wisdom warriors is a global movement for men that want to live love and leave a Christ centered legacy. It is focused on being wise in God's eyes. It is dedicated to the ten laws of wisdom. Now I've created the ten laws of wisdom but they're based upon the Bible. So wisdom is faith in the Triune God. And reading the Bible Proverbs 9 verse 10 says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. So what it's saying there is we cannot have wisdom and knowledge unless we have faith in the Lord and we know the Lord. So looking at the two passages here the next pass is that we want to look at is first Corinthians 3 Verse 19 for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight as it is written He catches the wise in their craftiness. So what that tells me and I think what though what the Bible's trying to say here what God's trying to say here is somebody can seem wise to us but they really don't have God in their heart. And guess what. God notices that God knows that God is the one that gets to decide. So he catches the wise in their craftiness so they may appear wise but they're actually being very crafty with it and they're trying to use it for their own gain for their own selfish desires. The fear of the Lord is understanding his power to simply looking outside and understanding this did not happen by chance. I know some say that it was chance but do they believe it. Most people know it is not random as we know from the Bible. The fool says in their heart there is no God. So what I'm saying there is so understanding God is where we derive wisdom and then people that say well there is no God and I'm talking specifically here about creation versus evolution. And I know a lot of people say evolution is fact and I do believe our earth is evolving. However I do believe in creation I think that science and religion can go together very well. If there's a background in the Bible and there is faith and let's face it everyone has faith in something whether it's science whether they themselves whether it's a god whether it's agnostic whether it's you know even the atheist has some kind of faith in that there is no God. They have a faith they have. They have faith in science. They have a belief system of that. So the first is in their heart there is no God. The second passage is really interested me. Corinthians 3:19 first Corinthians trinities for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight. It is written He catches the wise in craftiness. So what do people say just be good and God will take you to heaven. The problem with that that I see is that who is the judge of that. Does society make that decision. Of course not God gets to make that decision. And personally I think the Bible is clear only those who believe only those that believe in God can do God good in God's eyes. Humans can be fooled but God cannot. And I want to leave you with this before we move on. His faith in Jesus makes someone more wise than the best rocket scientist ever now. There's a difference between being book smart and having intellect and wisdom. There are lots of people that are wise that might not have a ton of intellect and there are people that are intellectually very very smart but aren't necessarily wise. And that's what I'm trying to say here and that's what I'm portraying to you. Wisdom is doing our best to keep the Ten Commandments using the help of God soul. You notice here the wording is very interesting. I made sure that I put doing our best because it is my belief that we can not keep the Ten Commandments completely because it says that we are supposed to do it in thought words and deeds. And I don't know about you but thoughts can always go in the wrong direction and I believe that that is our sinful human nature. I think we can snap out of it. I think we can we can do those we can do what God wants and we can keep the Ten Commandments. And let's go into we can keep the Ten Commandments to the best of our ability with the help of God. But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom and continues in it not forgetting what they have heard but doing it they will be blessed in what they do. Building up the passage we can only keep the law with the Holy Spirit. Faith in Jesus also. We will sin but our prayer is to keep his commandments and for wisdom to know the law. It is a daily battle to do this but God is on our side. Finally the father only sees our perfection when we sin because of Jesus. So basically what I'm saying here is first we need the gospel message. I mean we need to know our sin first but that after we have the gospel message we can consistently pray and work at keeping the Ten Commandments to the best of our ability with the help of God because it's not really us that's able to do it. It's God through us as a Christian and we know that we cannot earn heaven through any good works we do good works as a sign of our faith. It is wise to study understand get support and do our best to keep God's commandments. This is not out of pride but of love for him who died and rose from the dead. I leave you with this passage and rich in theological wisdom. So what I'm saying here is you know if you go back to the basics of theology sin entered the world. So it's called original sin and that's in opposition to perfection in opposition to God. So what happened is before that we were able to keep. And I think there was only one real commandment to not eat of the fruit. And we did so we fell into sin. Now we cannot be perfect until we die and go to heaven. However we can strive for perfection with the help of God. And that's what I'm saying here and we could go into a whole bible study that could last forever just on maybe not forever but you know what I mean for a long time just based upon this one theological truth is that we cannot in heaven but we can go ahead and work with the Holy Spirit through us to keep those ten commandments so I think it's great to know the Ten Commandments and to do our best to practice them. So we're going out here. So I find this law at work although I want to do good evil is right there with me for my inner being I delight in God's law. But I see another law at work in me waging war against the law of my mind in making a prisoner of laws that work within me what a wretched man I am who'll rescue me from this body this subject to death. Thanks be to God who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord. So again it basically is is going and repeating what I just what I had said before and that's that we cannot keep the law. Who will rescue me. Jesus Christ our Lord and knowledge of him is one of our one of our laws of wisdom being a wisdom warrior another law is wisdom is praying for wisdom for ourselves and others including our enemies. So that's very challenging. Let's look at an example. Solomon is a prominent example of asking for wisdom as a ruler and a leader. And if you know the story of Solomon I'll briefly go into it. But basically he was given kind of a mythological genie wish and but it wasn't mythological it was real it was from God and because he chose wanting to be a wise and great ruler look at what happened. He was blessed with knowledge wisdom but more so over he was blessed with riches earthly riches and spiritual riches. So I think it's very prudent that we are part of this group and then we consistently and constantly pray for wisdom in all of our relationships in everything that we do in our businesses in our careers in our jobs in all of these things. It's not easy to remember to pray and then act upon it but it is something that I think is a very good thing to do. Now one thing that can very easily tempt our hearts is to do this and then but really our motivation is to maybe make more money or have something that's prideful. So my prayer and my hope is that you will pray for wisdom because it's what God wants for us. And I'm talking about spiritual wisdom here. It says In first case 3 11 to 14 and God said to him because you have asked this and have not asked for yourself long life or riches life. But if Ask your self understand discern what is right behold I now do according to your word. Behold I give you a wise and discerning mind so that none like you has been before you and not like you shall rise after you. I give you also what you have not asked both riches and honor so that no other king shall compare with you all your days and if you walk in my ways keep you in my statutes and my commandments as your father David walked. Then I will lengthen your days so going into the passages we see that he gives him a wise and discerning mind. But he also gives him both riches and honor and he says that non-A like you shall rise after you so no matter how hard we try. There will be nobody as wise as number one Jesus. Number two Solomon. However it is my prayer that I can get as close as possible and I hope that your prayer as well as long as it can it's not for the riches and honor it's because you want to be wise in God's eyes. James 4:59 if any of you lacks wisdom let him ask God who gives generously to all without approach and it will be given him. So again that's my prayer for you and I hope that that's your prayer for this group and we can all pray that people develop more wisdom and ultimately wisdom is having faith in Jesus Christ as their savior. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders. Make the most of every opportunity let your conversation be always full of grace. Season with salt so that you may know how to answer every one. So there's lots of debate on the law versus the Gospel when it comes to relationships new relationships old relationships. Now I definitely believe that Christians need the law. However we need to check our hearts for pointing out the law to other Christians and non-Christians as well. What's our motivation behind it. I am not a big fan of coming Pete coming after and everybody's different and this is just my choice. I believe that it's the right choice for me and I believe that God is in my heart when I do this. It is my choice not to go after people with their sins because I think it is God's the one that gets to decide. But it can turn people away. However it does say that we are to let people know about Jesus and part of that is knowing that their sinful human beings if were if everybody was perfect we would need a Savior. I hope that makes sense. I hope this passage is one you'll pray on and you will you will have the Holy Spirit and in God in you when you have your relationships when you are out there speaking to people and in the leadership roles in society that you that you have wisdom is being good stewards of our gifts talents and money. So they're all Qaeda related but they're all different as well. Some people can have. I mean we all have different gifts and talents and we all have different roles and careers and opportunities and what we want to do is one thing that I and I probably even taken to extreme is I want to be the best that I can be for God and at times though I have to check my motivation behind that. For me this is one of the biggest challenges I think to the parable of the talents the man that buried his talent. Though he was doing a good thing so he thought. Another point is that the Bible has over 2000 2000 passages about money and you can go ahead and check that out at your own leisure. As it pertains to the truth the truth is we are to be good steward of these things. So one of the reasons that I bring this up is there's something in Christianity that's called Prosperity Gospel and we have to be very cautious because I do not feel that people that are wealthy or more spiritual are more Christian. I do not people feel that people that are poor are less spiritual are less Christian. However I do feel that it is this it is can be sinful or it can be wrong to not be good stewards of our money of our talents of our ability. And to not do the things that God wants us to be doing. So being a good steward of what we do have is really the key and the Bible does say much that is given much much respected much that is given and if you can't take care of a little how can you take care of a lot. We understand that all we have is God's and that we have a responsibility to manage it. We will be held accountable and we are to do our best with the help of the Holy Spirit. Finally the greatest gift he has given us is wisdom. And when I say the greatest gift that has given us as wisdom I mean it is the truth about Christ's death and resurrection for our sins so we can be in heaven and get the ultimate reward which is heaven. Until then my prayer is that we can maximize our abilities for him. Now I think a lot of people that are that see Christians think that its all about being good and better and all this stuff and thats not the wise thing thats not the truth. The truth is is that we are so joyous and happy that we have heaven given to us that we will do our best. Again back to keeping the commandments. Wisdom comes from heaven is first of all pure peace loving considerate submissive full of mercy and good fruit and partial and sincere. This law is the only one that I use the direct Bible passage because I thought it was soul full of what wisdom is. So first of all it comes from heaven. What does that mean. It comes from Jesus it comes from God the Triune God. It is first of all pure so and you know only you know and God when those motives have been pure and sometimes you may not even know you may think they're pure and they're really not then peace loving Yes. So I believe in peace loving. However there are some times where peace is just not an option so you have a moral dilemma and moral dilemmas are a whole nother topic but basically a moral dilemma is war. Is there are times that war is necessary. I believe so considerate submissive full of mercy and good fruit impartial and sincere as you can see the law is a direct passage from the Bible full of mercy and good fruit that means good works full of mercy means that we are more merciful to others impartial and sincere impartial means that not showing favoritism sincere is again from the heart and from God from heaven. I choose this specific past because it has a specific traits of wisdom lumped together. Peace loving is something we all can hope for and pray for. And again I was talking about this in today's world. I wish people could actually protest in peace and I wish that anger would cease. Basically I love peace and wisdom warrior loves it as well. However we do live in a broken world back to Adam and Even sinful human nature. Unfortunately that's just not the case. But we have to do our best to pray for peace and wish for peace and be peace loving considerate means thinking of other people and being kind to them even when kindness might not be the best option. However sometimes being kind means doing what's best for the other person and helping them and sometimes that means being tough on people in a good way. So you know we've heard of tough love good fruit means doing good works which the Lord has predestined us all to do. And I'm not going to go with the doctrine of predestination because that's a whole new thing. But just remember good fruit means doing good works which the Lord has predestined us to do beforehand. Whichever adjective is your favorite and what will you do today to be a wisdom warrior.