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Windows Server 2016 Administration

Windows Server 2016: Nano Server, Server Core, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Hyper-V, WDS, WSUS, NLB and more.

10:24:30 of on-demand video • Updated December 2020

  • Install Windows Server 2016 as a Desktop Experience Server, Server Core and as a Nano Server
  • Manage users and computers using Active DIrectory
  • Configure computers using Group Policy
  • Manage DNS
  • Understand Powershell
  • Create and manage Virtual Machines using Hyper-V
  • Implement a DHCP infrastructure
  • Deploy operating systems using Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  • Backup and Restore Windows Server 2016
  • Implement Data Deduplication to reduce storage
  • Monitor Windows Server performance using built-in tools
  • Install and manage Windows Software Update Service (WSUS)
English [Auto] If you want to follow along with the things that I do in the course you can set up your own lab. You can do that using hyper v or you can use virtual box. You can find the setup videos on my Web site RTL networking dot com slash demo. I did not want to bog the course down with additional videos that are more than 45 minutes in length of just how to set up the lab environment. So I'd move that to my own Web site. So if you want to check that out you can just go to that artist's networking dot com slash demo on the site which you'll find will be demo videos that cover how to download the server operating system how to install hyper v on your own computer and how to install the operating system itself. I also have basically the same for virtual box how to download the operating system how to download and install virtual box how to assure the operating system in virtual box I show the IP configuration that I use in both and I also have a demo video that walks through how to install Active Directory if you want to set up your own domain controller so feel free to watch any of those demo videos and you can set up an environment similar to what I actually use in the course. If you want to get some hands on experience.