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English [Auto] So before we delve real deep into ex-CEO I want to go over the fundamentals of SCA so search engine optimization starts with keywords you need to figure out first what are your top five keywords or keyword phrases you want to rank for. So a lot of my clients come to me with 10 20 30 keyword ideas but remember it's better to rank on page 1 of Google search for a single keyword than it is to rank on page five for nine keywords. So if you have no idea what your keyword is go out and analyze your competition first using the Google Keyword planner tool. So once you're logged into your Google ad words this is a free add on to any G-mail click Tools keyword planner. Then we want to click search for new keywords using a phrase Web site or category. If you know your keyword you want to test great input it. But let's start with our landing page. I know I'm competing with. So I want to put Mazdak comms Web site scroll down. Let's get ideas and then we click keyword ideas. Scroll down. OK so keyword scraped from this landing page include search engine optimization tips. There's a thousand monthly searches but looking at this high there is a lot of people competing for this ad on Google ad words. That's what this column is about. Add words competition and you can see it's a pretty high bid. So if I ever wanted to rank so if I ever want to get adverts for this this is going to be very expensive. Same for this one. Search Engine Optimization companies $27 a bid that's a pretty expensive click. So this is something to consider. But just looking at this I can at least start my keyword research and see what I want to rank for. So the term search engine optimization 22000 a month this has nice search volume. This would be a good word to include in an article eventually but do I want this as my initial home page name. Probably not because there's a lot of competition in adverts words for it and I relate that directly to page competition because it makes sense. There's a lot of people competing for the ad or for the highest ad rank and they're willing to pay this much. There's obviously a lot of people with this keyword on their Web site and trying to rank for it. So what I like to do is click competition rank buy low and then find a nice balance of low competition but higher average monthly searches mas local. So we keep scrolling. So let's go to our next. So this is the first one that kind of looks interesting to me. Obviously still a pretty expensive cost per click but there's low competition that's low. Ad where it's competition there's not many paper like advertisers competing for this word. So from my experience this is directly related to web sites using this term as well but to confirm this I take this keyword over to two other pieces of software and put it into noble Samurai and I'll put it into long tail keywords pro then I can see the actual competition on that keyword and see if it's worth ranking for it. But as I see it with this free software provided by Google outwards the key word planner that's pretty decent search volume. It's pretty targeted towards what I'm looking for. I am selling a class on SEO information so I could convert it into a book and then target these specific five hundred ninety people that are specifically looking for an NCO book. So an interesting angle but make sure to play around and try to get at least five keywords that you want to rank for that are relevant to your brand or product or search. So once we have these keywords we need to know how to use them properly to create search engine optimize content. So before writing an article you want to think about which where do you want to focus on when you create that post or a page or article. It should be a minimum of 300 words. Google really frowns on anything shorter because how much content can you actually get out there that isn't just an advertisement. In under 300 words. So as a general rule of thumb try to type your keyword search term into about one or two percent of your total text. So in an article of 300 words you should mention your search terms three to six times. But this is another area Google has really cracked down on in the past people would saturate their articles with keywords and it would just look so spammy but it would rank their sites high because there were so many occurrences of that keyword. But this is the new rule Google's going for more at that 1 to 2 percent of your text using the actual keyword or very similar forms of that keyword. Next take advantage of anchor text by internally linking to other content on your own web site. So remember this is hyperlinking a search keyword right within your post. My example I gave to you. Course inby is the number one source for top rated online courses online courses is just going to be a link to another page on my own website so I'm taking advantage of anchor text and showing Google that my web site is correlated to that keyword. Another important thing. Use photos in your posts and make sure when you upload those photos to add an alt tag for your specific keyword. So in the actual coding Here's an example. I uploaded a photo of a librarian but the article title is what is N.C.O.. I want to input that the all tag are what the text will show for this HVM l image is what is SBO. And that's my specific keyword for the article as well. Finally you want to use paragraphs in your post to not only break up the content but also allow for H-2 heading titles throughout the post. So below is an actual image of a WordPress post so you can see I can change the heading title to H2 and this is another element that Google's algorithm looks at. So this is a great place to not only Plantae keyword but also varying forms of that keyword.