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Here are Will's top five tips for getting better wedding photos. Throughout this course you will get hundreds of other tips - but these are ones that Will thinks are most important!

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English So before we get started I just want to let you guys know what i'm about to share with you and all the videos that are following up. I've been based on my experiences so these things have worked for me, they may not work for others. Really being a wedding photographer is about you feeling comfortable and trying things out and making sure they work for you. I'm going to impart my experience and give you everything that I know based on what I do. There's a million ways to do things but this is just one window into the way I've done things that have been successful at it. So let me give you the top five tips that you should be keeping in mind throughout this entire lesson. Number one: Prepare. You should be prepared for everything and that goes from equipment to locations, to schedule, to contracts and we'll cover all this stuff. But all this all these things you should be prepared for because that's going to let you focus on your art and being a good photographer. Number two: You need to stay calm and relax. I know that wedding days can go nuts so if you are the one rock and you are the pivotal thing in a wedding, It can go really well and you have to not stress out your couple, again we'll talk more about this later but staying calm and relax will allow you to be an artist and also allow you to make good business decisions on the wedding day and before. Number three: Knowing your compositions and your personal style. It's crucially important as not only a wedding photographer but as an entrepreneur and someone who's starting their own business based off their art that you shoot as an individual. So understand the compositions that you take and understand the style that you are going to present yourself to the world because it's super important that you separate yourself from anyone else in any business not just as an artist. Number four: Focus on specifics. Weddings can get really big and really general but the things that separate each wedding from anyone elses is the type of ring they have. The little tiny details and specifics that make that day special to that couple. Anyone can look the same, it's what you bring from your eye on these specifics that will make it look even better for the couple. And we'll get more into that as we talk about exactly how to shoot. Number five is what I call: Next shot confidence. The big thing here is that a wedding will move very quickly and you need to keep moving on. The thing is at weddings is there's a structure right? and the coordinator of the planner whomever maybe you, needs to keep on schedule. You need to be confident in your photos that you can then move on to the next one. So have confidence and go to the next shot. Once you feel like you capture that shot, move on. So I would keep that in the back your mind as you learn and hear about how we are going to take photos and weddings, because that'll keep you moving and will keep you confident and as long as you are confident you feel comfortable your photography and your art will excel and it will be amazing. So you just got to keep that confidence up. So those are my five tips for taking better wedding photos. We are going to get into the details and the nitty and gritty of all of that, just kind of keep those in the back your head as you hear me talking about and how show you all these different examples of what I was thinking when I was shooting things. I'll keep referring back to when I was calm you know when I was focusing on specifics. So those are my five tips. Let's get going.