Section Intro: What is WordPress?

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Free, open source tool built with PHP and MySQL! Good thing we learned those things eh? It's the most popular blogging platform and Content Management System that's loved by mommy bloggers and hardcore handsome developers the world over.

There are two flavours of WordPress – and

The former is for the bloggers out there who just want to quickly set up a blog with no technical savvy whatsoever. The latter is where we are going to be hanging out.

I'm gonna keep things light in this section to give your brainbits a rest, but I'm gonna give you a great opportunity to go all out with WordPress when we wrap up this section.

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English [Auto] What is WordPress while we're pressed up with a capital W a capital P is a free and open source tool that is built in Peach Creek and my skew up. Good thing we learned those things right. It's the most popular blogging platform and content management system. Love the world over by mommy bloggers and Henson developers. There are two flavors of Wordpress WordPress dot com and wordpress dot org or press dot com is a place where bloggers go to quickly set up a WordPress blog with no technical savvy whatsoever and were pressed up org is where all the geeky coder developers hang out to build custom sites and applications to utilize the platform. So we're going to be hanging out with press dot org. I'm going to try and keep things light and fluffy in the section to give your brain bits a rest from all the hard core coding in programming that we've been doing so far. But I'll be sure to give you an opportunity to further extend your hard core WordPress development skills. Once we wrap up the section so let's jump in.