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Watercolor-Learn to paint Fruits & Vegetable in 3 easy steps

Watercolor Painting - Learn to draw and paint Fruits & Vegetables in 3 easy and effective steps

04:01:37 of on-demand video • Updated March 2019

How to draw Fruits and Vegetables easily and effectively in 3 easy steps
How to do sketching before applying the paint.
Identify true colors of Fruits and Vegetables.
Primary colors and mixing techniques.
Master the skill of Light and Shades while painting.
How and when to apply different color tones.
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Elephants. No I'm going to draw grapes. Bunch of Grapes and that was collected. So let's start with the skate first guess who are vivid and numbly to make some rounds. To desert the branches of the grapes so I'm not going into much detail so this is a bunch of grapes. No one to them that the leaves is animating some leaves the skate is almost ready. So our second technique is to identify the colors for the grapes. What I'm going to use primarily Violet I'll be using I'll be mixing the colors with red and blue are in some some of the darker the SLV using blue and for the highlight I will use white. I will keep the paper wet as this and for the leaves I'll be using light cream and some blue welding. So let's start the bending let's start the gallery in my palette if they can French ultimately in blue. This is lead have diluted with water so I'll be mixing the French and dominion and rate to create a violet tone and I'll be using some blue blue tone also for the delicate area. So for the lips I'd be using said Green. There's a step green. So let's start. So I'm assuming that the light is coming from this site. Okay so let's do the building no so let's mix red with French Dominion Blue to create the right tone. So this is the tone I'll be applying for the grapes and I'll be taking some. Also leave for the day. Good idea. Speak blue. Yes. And for the leaves we're taking the SAP green. So let's apply the color. No. So this is the violet color scheme. You can make some later on it. That's the latest coming from this site. Remember you have to maintain the fluidity of the colors. You should have enough water in your dress too. This is the highlighted the A.C. geared foodies who is at the highly the latest deadly coming on this site. So I am keeping it as white. You should have enough color in the brush that we can play with the pattern and the color will mix properly so you can see like sometimes I am using blue French and ultramodern blue statically and sometimes you using the violet pencil that will give the variety of the color and that will be it be both soothing to the eyes in some areas and just keeping the paper wait for the highlight. See this is the highly so the grip switches at the bottom. You can play some good doing because it's far from the light of the might see some duck for the grapes. It's very easy like just a play the colors the violet and sometimes the French all the million blue so each individual grapes you have to paint like that so then the engine is bending you should be loving it and it should enjoy it. So don't feel bad if it is misstep. If something happens to as you can see as the fruit like the grapes are around I'm actually applying the brush in the wrong way like this way things up then this turns to a business the mining's picks up your SO THE that are almost ready. Then I will bend the branches. See these are the branches. I will bend with green and brown for the branches so when you were being late very detailed or to find but you have to always close like up the past like these it to the distance. And when you are doing the larger idea you can hold in the middle or at the top like this too is a lake. They find what does that practice. So what is going through some branches. Then I will bend the leaves for the lips what I am doing. I am using the SAP cream and then mixing the SAP green with brown Sienna. This is the Black Sea and as a brown make sure you have enough water. It should be diluted enough so that you can run the breast modeling stick. The paint gives you a deep play the painter what is visible in the fruits. There is a pattern for the leaves. So this is the grape leaves SAP Batman and the shape. You can see I play some yellow this could be. Given that they give the qualities some interviews with the leaves another leaves here for this one. I would think so Lupron and I would mix it with 17 takes a multimillion here a little bit careful with the canapes so this green color doesn't come to the. With that there's some blue gray is really known as a good thing. The latest coming from this site. So what does she do what is she. Whatever he was and he used the red fled brush. Number six. This is this is what I'm using for the shape who said I'm thinking you use somebody that's been mixing it up too much blue so that the big thing. Thank you guys.