Sing “Yeah” (Blues Descend)

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  • Sing “Yeah” (Blues Descend @ 50 BPM) (1x)

  • Sing “Yeah” (Blues Descend @ 70 BPM) (1x)

  • 30-Second Break

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English Alright. Here's another one of my favorite exercises... it's the blues descend exercise, we're gonna sing it with Yeah at 50 BPM. Remember say it with attitude yeah. Or sing it with attitude. And don't say or sing. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. It's got attitude, it's bright, you can see my face. I've got the attitude face that goes along with it ...that comes along with it naturally if you have good attitude. Makes sense right? All right I'm going to come in around 20 seconds - this one starts with the highest note as well, so good breath and good support before that first note comes out of your mouth you got to feel that lower abdominal support. All right here we go. Good work. Good job. good breathing - good breaths here In between each one, and good support. Again don't kill yourself, don't let the tension creep up all the way up your body. It's lower abdominal and pushing like a downward push feeling. Let's stick with yeah on the blues decend exercise but we're going to pump it up to 70 BPM here so it's gonna go quicker. Make sure you breathe quick, make sure you get good support, and in general besides this, keep your body loose OK. You see me do this often. I'm just reminding myself to not get tight - it's so easy to just get your whole body tight when you're trying to sing higher. Alright I'm coming in around twenty five seconds. Here we go. All right. Good job. Quick breaths in between there - good support. Don't push it too high or I just sing as high as you're comfortable. Do your best. Keep that attitude face. Keep the vibe, keep the energy going as much as you can here. And let's move on to the next one.